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Friday, 15 June 2012

Ed Miliband Dismisses English Parliament

You might think that such a comment from any leader of the Labour Party sounds like the classic 'non-news' story:- “Dog Bites man”! But click here and read the story >>>

Then consider where this shows that the English Parliament Cause is on Mahatma Gandhi’s famous scale of steps towards political victory? Gandhi said:- “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Our route is through the electoral system and there is no magic bullet that will enable a short cut. We need hard work and plenty of volunteers to stand! That is the one and only path that is within our power to progress. It is also the only path that has led to us getting any coverage at all by the media, almost all of which hate the very idea of us and of English nationalism. So please help in whatever way you can!


  1. Labour or Liebour as we refer to them, used to say there is no appetite for an English Parliament and so we will not persue it, the appetite is now greater percentage wise than it was for a call for a Scottish Parlaiemnt and certainly far above Wales. So there is no excuse for there to not be an English Parliament, unless it's based on Labours, emotional grounds, bad policy and loss of support or it outright racial discrimination of the English in favour of every one else. I susspect all three. Labour is Anti English and Anti England.

    1. Labour have suddenly realised that they are losing the support of the English/British working classes, their traditional supporters, because of their wooing of the third world masses they have imported as voting fodder or in line with international Marxism which ousted traditional Labour in the 1970s. So surprise, surprise, Ed the Red from Poland announces today that he has given Sir Robin Trickett ( a good name for somebody working for the lying Marxist scum that constitute today's Labour Party ) the job of re-engaging with their traditional voter base. If they have any sense the working classes will tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine but they won't as a donkey would get their red rosette. Cynical and slippery but what can we expect from a millionaire communist ( if that isn't a contradiction in terms ) who not only has no idea of how the working classes think but of how the English think and for whom the English anyhow, as the third world masses they have brought here, are just pawns in their Marxist revolution. This reminds me of a Marxist Oxford don I once knew whose education had been at Marlborough Public School and Oxford. I wish I had asked him if he had ever met a member of the working class.

  2. Mr Miliband will not countenence an English parliament lest the beast awakes. He knows that the English march towards the sound of gunfire and he will do all in his power to prevent thhe possibility of being on the receiving end of English nationalism.

    When the wheel turns there will be no hiding place.

  3. I have just read Simon Heffer's article on Enoch Powell and the comments that followed it. I believe that Mr Heffer may share common ancestry with Ed Milliband but how different is his attitude towards England and the English. Many of the comments muse on how different our situation might now be if Powell rather than Heath had become prime minister. I have read that Heath saw Powell's speech in 1968 as an ideal opportunity to get rid of Powell as a threat to his own leadership. Had Powell won then mass immigration would have been reversed and it would have been accepted that Powell was right in his assessment of the unworkability of a multicultural society. As I have posted elsewhere he told Heffer that a nation is a community of people of the same genetic and cultural origins. It was Powell who brought in West Indian nurses and Indian doctors but he was probably one of the few if not the only politician to realise the error of his ways once he saw the consequences for his fellow Britons and to attempt to reverse it. Had he been prime minister then we would never have ended up belonging to the EU and certainly not the euro which, if politicians on the continent had heeded his words as long ago as the early 1970s would never have seen the light of day. We would have remained independent and homogeneous unbothered by having to cope with constant accusations of racism and the millions that is poured away trying to make a multicultural/multiracial society work, which it never will. I have just read that Rodney King, who has just been found dead, spoke recently of certain progress made in the USA with regards to racism but it is still rife. Bear in mind that Africans have been there for 300 years and still the situation is unresolved, as Powell pointed out. Powell was also cynical with regard to the actions of our American cousins and rightly so, who he saw as going around the world starting unnecessary wars. Heath is now villified by even the young Ed West and his Telegraph blog for the prime minister who imposed internationalism on a country that only wanted nationalism (as most countries do, I see they are trying to get the Germans to stop waving their country's flag during Euro 2012). Heath cited his experiences in the War as the reason behind his internationalism but Powell actually helped plan the Battle of El Alamein and reached an entirely different conclusion. Powell could have saved us from the nightmare that Heath has inflicted upon us and which his successors have only served to prolong. Although Powell undoubtedly had Welsh blood in his vains his destruction was little different from that of Harold Godwinson, a man who had a strong sense of the English, their history and their importance in the world but who was brought down by the greedy, the self-seeking and the stupid. He was a genius but only inasmuch as he was capable of applying the same logic, common sense and ability to foresee the ultimate consequences of political policies as the ordinary man in the street; a quality little shared by the plutocrats of the Conservative party or Labour's marxists, let alone the middle class do-gooding Liberal Democrats.

    1. Miliband in particular, and 'Labour' will face some very determined opposition when the next election comes. Our once English working town has been destroyed by his party and is now suffering the final indignity of being flooded by foreigners who enjoy the benefits but face no cost.

      Any racism charges will be rebutted with the record of his tribe and their attitude to race and nation.

      Which British infantry regiment has he committed his sons to, seeing he is so keen on sending so many other real British mothers' sons to their death and mutillation?

  4. Mr Miliband appears to be fooling himself. (Not hard, that.)He can't fool us, though. To use his own (now over-used) expression, he just doesn't get it. With a parliament in three out of the four components of the so-called "United" Kingdom, it is plain WRONG that the the fourth component, (and the largest,) England, doesn't. Still, we all know that the British political elite won't do the right thing, just because it's the right thing to do. They have to believe that there'll be shed-loads of votes in it for them, or that they'll lose shed-loads of votes, if they don't.
    Clive, Weston-super-Mare.

  5. The Germans think the Greek problem has been sorted out and "Europe is marching to Germany's tune now". That is what Adolf thought about Greece and the Greeks have never forgotten. As far as I understand it, the conservative pro-austerity party just beat the left-wing/communist anti-austerity party. In France the latter has won seeking a different route out of the mess. After the war Greece was riven by civil war between left and right. Have the Germans done it again and is history about to repeat itself. What will the Germans do then? send the panzers in or heed Enoch Powell's wise words and admit that it ain't going to work. All we know is that the banking and the European political elites have managed to reduce proud European nations to basket cases for reasons of political dogma or political or financial self-interest. By the way, did you know that Enoch Powell right to the end predicted civil war here? Presumably this will come when the English are approaching a minority within two generations, if not before.

  6. Cheer up folks it looks as if the anti-globalist, anti-globalisation, anti-one world backlash may be on its way and nationalism, national identity etc on their way back. I listened to a piece last night on the radio about China. As we might have guessed with its now enormous gap between the rolls royce owning rich and impoverished peasants, trouble is brewing there. The Chinese have now decided that they have tried Marxism, that failed, they have tried capitalism and that has failed and so they are going back to the Chinese way. I am not sure if that means a return to the emperor and his mandarins or what. Apparently a statue of Confucius appeared in Tian An Men Square and then disappeared again, a symbol of the old pre-western China. All this is seen as being anti-globalisation and a re-assertion of national identity. However, reference was also made to the reaction to the Diamond Jubilee here as being anti-globalist, a re-assertion of British solidarity if not nationalism. Whereas Europe and America have experienced international migration, China has only experienced internal migration (yes and we know why) but they don't seem to like that either. Couple this with the spat between the Eurozone and the USA in Mexico. The Eurozone crisis now threatens to bring down the whole world economy (even China is seeing a recession) so Obama, frontman for New York's bankers and financiers (let's not forget it was Clinton and Brown who deregulated the banks), is blaming the EU. The Maoist Marxist Barroso retorted that it was America's fault as they started the financial crisis. I don't know if they are trying to pretend that they are at loggerheads rather than working together in the great globalist/globalizing experiment but our answer should be that they, the political and financial elites on both sides of the Atlantic have brought the world to the brink with their one world New World Order and using the rest of us as their pawns for reasons of power, financial or political for themselves. And all without an ounce of a democratic mandate. My father said that China would save the world because of their four thousand years of civilisation. It still find this hard to believe because of their immense cruelty but let's hope he was right and they are about to do so.

    1. We live in hope or die in despair. The Greeks have just voted for annhillation by debt fostered by 'left wing nationalists', with the full backing of the moneylenders no doubt.

      Don't get too excited.

  7. The English Democrats seems interesting and the case must be for full English Independence and not merely an English Parliament. The last thing most English people would probably want is more politicians.

    The English Parliament ought to be Westminister. The smooth talking PR gurus, careerists and liars could be purged in this way. And an English Party ought to be for Patriotism as opposed to nationalism.

    Better would be a Movement for English Independence aligned with an associated The English Patriotic Democrats Party. There are reasons I have for being sceptical of the EDP.

    Firstly, it cannot come across as a uniquely English version of UKIP.This is how some members come across. Any former BNP members must be ruthlessly purged. There is no "British Nation". It's a dynastic union of states.

    Secondly the sentiments voiced by the Mayor of Doncaster are hardly beyond shrill and nasty :"He has also pledged to end and reverse town twinning as a waste of money, joking that he would use his two words of German to tell a visiting delegation Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye)".

    Thirdly, the commitment to the environment in the manifesto is contradicted by the Mayor of Doncaster's unintelligent opinion "He also insists he is "not conned by global warming"and has described climate change as "a scam".

    Fact based science is nothing to be "conned" by. The EDP makes itself appear John Bullish, reactionary, stupid, blinkered and severed from reality when statements that could appear from a leading Party member. It turns off intelligent people.

    It's sad here are some decent ideas here in the EDP. It has to come across as less Daily Mail and appeal to the thinking Englishman also. Fielding a candidate some years back working for The Daily Star equates to "populism" in the negative sense.

    New Labour would be decimated by English Independence and would have to return to its old roots in the Unions, William Morris and the tradition of English radicalism strecthing back to the Levellers and Diggers.

    The English right could become a High Tory Party influenced by John Ruskin, Samuel Johnson and the Liberal Democrats merely The Liberal Party once more not a fake yellow branded bunch of opportunists.

    Popular Patriotism and not nationalism nor populism is the way forward. The English democracy could be reinvigorated and not stunted and retarded as it is at present

    Far too much St George fetishism comes across as like something JG Ballard was satirising in Kingdom Come where the brandishing of St George flags connected with sports wear and Essex Boy style consumerism leads to Fascism.

    Real politics is about civilised contention and not with overdone symbolism, where England, like the Union Jack, becomes a branding device. The EDP needs to tone down the populism or else it seems a bit creepy to be honest.

    I'm prepared to vote the EDP but I'm not entirely convinced it is the right English Party needed. Another version might need to be created if this one should fail or turn unpleasant.

    1. Global warming apologists and lack of intelligence are conditions usually closely linked in my experience.

      How many scientists are there that are not sponsored by the state, one way or another?

      He who pays the piper calls the tune.

      How can anyone make a rational, intelligent assessment of said science from media reports?

      The earth has warmed and cooled many times without the interference of man many times and will continue to do so when we have gone.

      We might not have helped but we won't stop the Indians and Chinese wanting cars and fridges.

      As for carbon, each time a volcano erupts it coughs up more carbon in one night than man has done from the beginning of human history to last night.

      AGW is a convenient ruse to screw taxes from the west and destroy its industry.

      Oh and when has real politics ever been about civilised contention, is that the bit before or after the wars.

      As for fascism, can you differentiate between that and national socialism or are you just accepting the branding that decades of media conditioning has marketed as abrand that those who accept without discernment then use willy nilly to clamp down on any dissent from the narrative.

  8. I am not sure how you can have patriotism without nationalism. What the one world globalizing elites and their Marxist useful idiots are creating is a borderless world of rootless consumers with no sense of country, race or belonging. Let's hope the Chinese do save us from them. 40 years of Marxist euro-phobic education has ensured that even our own have no interest in their own history or European history in general as they have been made to equate it with only one thing, the white "supremacism" of European empires. We are wicked come and beat us to death, please. Did you know the Japanese wanted to destroy the British Empire because they actually thought they were superior? Contrast the Diamond Jubilee with the Olympic Games. The Diamond Jubilee turned out to be the ethnic English celebrating their identity and history under their monarch and ultimately under a Christian God as they used to, much to the annoyance of the BBC; but perhaps for the last time. The Olympics, if the passing of the torch through my county is anything to go by is all about celebrating our wonderful multicultural diversity. My county, still one of the most English in the country, had the county council's diversity officer, ethnically non-European, excitedly telling us there were 30 different cultures here. You must prove that your part of the country is anything but 100% ethnic English. Enoch was right, those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. I have never witnessed a more childish and foolish set of people in my life. Opinion makers in Europe seem to be obsessed with more primitive cultures. Well so was Rousseau until he discovered how savage they were as we are witnessing here on a day-to-day basis. London was chosen we are told because it is now a world city i.e. it belongs to everybody and nobody and certainly no longer to the English. The same will go for the whole of England in the next 50 years if things don't change. And who gave any politican the right to take our capital city away from the English and give it to all and sundry in the first place? No, an English parliament should not be in London it should be in Winchester. London has been handed over to foreign colonisation. How different the London Olympics will be from those in Peking, no multiculturalism there but sheer uniracial national pride. Perhaps it is apt that Rio is the next port of call as London will be like Rio in a few decades, one of the most crime-ridden cities in the world. What is the big deal about being multicultural? And don't cite South Africa which will have collapsed into poverty and anarchy in the not too distant future. No wonder Enoch Powell, a brilliant man steeped in the classical world ended up in total despair. Turning to Greece, as I saw the torch I thought of Ancient Greece and how they gave civilisation to the western world. And now they are a basket case being squeezed in the palm of the greedy plutocratic megalomaniacs of New York and their affiliates world-wide. If you have tears prepare to shed them now for European Christian Civilisation is going down the pan to be replaced by what? Judging from the sponsorship circus which preceded the torch, a world bowing down at the altar of Coca Cola. Already the English are losing their taste to the lowest common denominator culture that is that of the United States. I read somewhere that pluralist societies always sink down to the lowest common denoninator. European civilisation was the most advanced the world has ever known; but that appears to have been its great crime.

  9. "I am not sure how you can have patriotism without nationalism".

    The point, presumably, that the EDP is called so is that is stresses the democratic deficit connected with the New Labour regime's programme of devolution, one designed to give these New Elites more power.

    The reason it is the EDP and not the ENP ( English National Party )stresses the difference, perhaps, between patriotism as defence and nationalism as more aggressive, collectivist and potentially violent.

    In any case, England does do nationalism very well and it would be a shame if the passion to see one's own nation gave way to a mere hostility to other European nations. Which isn't seen in the emigration statistics.

    As London is the English and UK Capital it's obvious the Olympics was going to be staged there. It is now a "World City" and has pretensions to be the Eternal City of a Globalised Empire of Finance.

    If London's status as a British City was destroyed by anything, it was the Thatcherite policies of deregulation, neoliberal obsession with deregulating and, by extension, transforming the capital during the 1990s.

    The Commonwealth Immigration of the 1960s came mostly from former domains of the British Empire and so "Britishness" was not so much of a problem as Powell feared back in 1968.

    The migration trends under New Labour really gave meaning to the concept of "globalisation". A predominant finance sector and the need for cheap immigrant labour to service a debt ridden and decadent consumer economy took root.

    The problem with London is that is now appears and feels as though a transient transatlantic hub, a post modern version of Orwell's Oceania on Airstrip One with a population of atomised individuals with little in common.

    It's when an identity is under threat that people start obsessing about it and this is happening everywhere: the cause is global neoliberal economics as much as international Marxists who've "sold out" to gain power.

    The New Elites are a consequence of the way London has become a city with a settled population and one becoming more like Sao Paolo. The cause has been primarily neoliberal economics with liberal-left politics being promoted by it.

  10. @Anonymous Part II

    One question the EDL will have to address is London: it has its own Assembly. I've talked about this on my own blog. London really is ever more like an independent city state, like Singapore or Hong Kong. I left it for Reading.

    It's essential if England is not to become Airstrip One for other cities to be revived, manufacturing restored and education not devalued so as to provide the need to take already educated labour on the cheap.

    This has to depend on rejecting the outdated Thatcherite model of economics in the 1980s that destroyed communities (especially in mining)within a few years and left whole swathes of England deindustrialised wastelands.

    The Americanisation of Britain and England took off in the 1980s and was unsuitable for a small set of states on a rainy set of small isles off north west Europe. It was neoliberalism and money power that destroyed the country.

    It saw a decade of the Great Car Economy, lack of investment in public transport, and the environmental blighting of the environment with colossal motorways, shopping malls and more legoland housing estates.

    At some stage the realisation is going to have to come: diagnose the source of England's decay and decline ( despite the fake credit bubble consumer economy of New Labour )as being due to monetary greed and stupidity.

    That is something patriots from across the political spectrum could agree on before pushing for English sovereignty. As for London not being the capital, it's hard to see where else it could be.

    It's predominance is ( and has always been ) something complained about from Defoe to William Cobbett ( The Infernal Wen )A lot of the resentment towards London comes from the fact it seems detached from England.

    Yet as an economic powerhouse England would be impoverished in the absurd situation of it being some kind of Hong Kong with semi-autonmous powers: this is effectively what has happened.

    The question is whether London will retain its role in the world: it is not like Rome, the Eternal City, and it could within the next 20 years fall into barbarianism, chaos, ethnic enmity and collapse.

    Commerce civilises. Yet the sheer poverty of the environment in whole swathes of London,the transience and sense of meaningless drift has bred psychopathological potential for terrorism and ethnic hatred.

    Whole pockets of private affluence vie with those of decay and no amout of feel good multicultural soundbite mongering can conceal the reality that whole parts of London have become segregated ghettos.

    The only identity that transcends this is militant revolutionary Islamism. It's universalist and holds "the West" responsible for the destruction of "the Muslim World".

  11. Anonymous Part III

    Islamism ( note : not Islam as a religion ) offers a means to rationalise resentment, an identity of opposition and greivance against a West made to feel guilty about its imperialism in the past.

    ( This is despite thye long history of Islamic Empires practicising Imperialism and Slavery )

    Islamism also provides new bonds of membership that England simply does not supply: decades of bad education, excessive migration in the 1990s and under New Labour and the outdated UN Resolution on asylum have ensured that.

    The real need is to resolve the potential for conflict and stave off collapse by more intelligent government policies and reasserting sovereignty is one way of doing that.

    For as global heating brings in more migrants from vast areas of the world too hot to live in, the need will be to "protect and survive". The earth will not end. Only many millions of people outside Europe.

    This is an appalling prospect. Many could die in England: effective flood protection is needed for East Anglia and London. European states have to co-operate to stem the flow of migrants or the lifeboats will sink with the ship.

    To that extent, the EDP needs to take global heating and energy alternatives seriously: they are both interconnected and overdependence upon oil leads to a catastrophic need to intervene in dangerous Islamic lands.

    The West, and Britain in particular, is saddled with a dangerous attitude in its leading political elites of both greed for resources and a shallow post Christian humanist guilt, that it must "solve" global problems.

    To preserve England will need it to simply take defensive policies of protect and survive.

    1. I will never regret or feel ashamed about the fact that Europe became the bastion of Christianity after it had been driven out of North Africa, Asia Minor and the Middle East by conversion at the point of the sword Islam. What is now difficult is that we still have a guilt which is not post Christian but Christian which means that we must extend our help, love and compassion to those less fortunate than ourselves. On the television yesterday we were told that another famine is looming in Africa and yet those involved never match their breeding patterns to the resources or potential lack of resources available. I once spoke to somebody who had once gone out to help in Africa and suggested that if we had not send continuous shiploads of aid the problem would have solved itself over time but being Christian we could not do so, even though the leaders of these people are probably as rich as Cresus. In like measure Christian Aid has recently asked us to dig deep into our pockets for the starving of India, whilst their government has nuclea weapons, a space programme and missiles aimed at China and there are many Indian billionaires. But we are prisoners of our own Christian conscience. As for oil, I had always suspected that the so-called Arab Spring was never a spontaneous occurrence but had been orchestrated from elsewhere. I had thought it might be the first step to extend the EU and nascent one world state into the Middle East and North Africa. It may well be and to ensure that the oil companies have useful idiots in those areas.
      All I know is that evil is in the ascendancy on a vast and global scale and good men now robbed of the last vestige of democracy, seem unable to do anything about it. They have us all by the short and........

  12. Have just come across a book in the library about Alfred the Great the title of which refers to the burning of the cakes. When I was at primary school nearly 60 years ago we covered major incidents in English/British history and I remember we even did a little play about Alfred and the cakes. Anybody born prior to 1970 would have known the story; but the author pointed out that few English know the story these days. Nowadays, of course, primary schools cover the Chinese New Year, Eid, Diwali, a secular Christmas and Easter without the bunnies if you are lucky. In one to two generations they have successfully wiped out the teaching of our own history in primary schools and hence obliterated our national identity in favour or those whose origins lie thousands of miles from our shores. I await the day when Hamo Thorneycroft's statue of Alfred in Winchester is taken down to create a traffic island as being irrelevant to modern multicultural Britain.