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Thursday, 25 June 2020

What the multi-culturalist British Establishment don’t want you to know about the Reading Jihadi attack

What the multi-culturalist British Establishment don’t want you to know about the Reading Jihadi attack

On the evening of Saturday, 20th June shortly before 7.00 p.m. reports started to come out that there had been a stabbing attack at the end of a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration in Forbury Gardens in Reading, Berkshire - in the heart of England. 

Sure enough the usual “Coulter’s Law” (“the longer it takes the news media to identify a mass shooter (in the United States) the less likely it is to be a white male”) applied to the reporting.  We were told nothing about the ethnicity, nor the religion of the attacker, nor about what he was shouting as he cut the throats of his victims. 

So far as I could see all the Mainstream Media were initially claiming that there was no “terror” motive.  For the BBC at least this denial continued until about midday on Sunday. 

Curiously in between we had had a flurry of calls by Leftists including the Leader and the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner, not to share any videos or information about what had happened.

Whilst we are used to the Left telling us that Islamist Jihadi attacks are now “part and parcel of living in a modern city” (Sadiq Khan), what we are not so used to is the Left trying to dampen down the story. 

So it looked as if there might be more to this story than usual. 

One thing that occurred to me that it might be that the Left were worried that this attack might take the media focus of their neo-Maoists “Black Lives Matter” Cultural Revolution and that they were trying to minimise the impact on that campaign. 

But the sheer extent, of the effort to dampen down social media reporting of what had happened, suggested that there might be a further motive.  More of that later.

In the meanwhile it came out that just as Coulter’s Law would have expected the perpetrator was a young, male, Muslim, Libyan “refugee” with, so far as one could tell, little education or skill that would be likely to be of any use in the job market in a developed country, like England.  He also has too much of a violent and criminal history.
Here is what the Independent said about him:- 

Libyan national Khairi Saadallah named as suspect

The suspect arrested over a terror attack that left three victims dead in Reading is a Libyan national called Khairi Saadallah, The Independent understands.

Saadallah, 25, was jailed last year for assaulting an emergency worker and has a lengthy criminal history, our home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden reports.

In court proceedings last August, over the assault of a judge who was sentencing him for previous offences, his address was given as Basingstoke Road in Reading.

That is the address of the suspect’s home, which was searched by heavily-armed counter terror officers on Saturday night.

Neighbours at the flat block in Whitley, just under two miles from the scene of the mass stabbing, believed he had been recently released from prison”.

Evidently he has all too much Islamism in his world view too!

The questions that arise for both Labour and for the Conservative British Establishment parties is of course why they have been allowing unskilled, illegal immigrants from war torn Muslim countries to come here, to live off our benefits, and to be housed in our social housing, whilst our own peoples' benefits and social housing opportunities are being cut?  Also why wasn't such an undesirable violent offender not deported after serving his sentence for his first conviction?   

Then of course we have had another display of the, now all too familiar, selective, dishonest and biased reporting by the “Main Stream Media”.

In this particular case we also have an explanation, in the identity of the victims, for why Labour and the Left (and their enablers) became so unusually hysterical about trying to close down reporting. 

It turns out that there had been a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration in that park which had recently finished and that the group that were attacked had, not only been in attendance at that demonstration, but were leading Leftists within Labour’s multi-culturalist Rainbow Alliance, in this case for the LGBTQ+ falange. 

Indeed the first victim’s identity which was disclosed was that of a local politics teacher, Mr James Furlong who had also been a local leading campaigner for 'Refugees Welcome'. 

So it seems as if a representative of Labour's refugee “community”, who is also a member of their “Muslim Community” had been repeatedly plunging his knife into leading representatives of the gay “community” who had been active within the “Black Lives Matter” neo-Maoist group! 

No wonder when they are trying to smash our “Four Olds” (“Old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas”), that the Neo-Maoist’s should be so alarmed over part of the Rainbow Alliance attacking another part and of diverting attention away from them and on to a real problem of multi-culuralism!

Also I do wonder what all the Establishment figures meant by saying that they will learn lessons from this incident.  Any ideas?  Any suggestions? (Even facetious ones!).


  1. I dont think it surprises us Robin. Thanks for putting up but it aint half gloomy

  2. Thank you for this informative post, Robin

  3. There iis a dangerous mix of life styles of the Left which will not coexist.

  4. You forgot Islam in the lables.

  5. When I saw a photo of the murdered history teacher I immediately thought that his brand of history teaching wouldn't include positive teaching of traditional English history.

  6. The Left are starting to implode now,their campaigns are colliding which gives us a chance to turn things round.

  7. Lessons to be learned? I think they meant that they'd do a better job of trying to cover it up next time....

  8. As you already know yourself, the mainstream media, as well as those in positions of power, don't care for the normal rule of law.

  9. It's not shocking, it's perfectly predictable once you grasp the role of the security services is to make the world safe for usurers while the rest of us can hang.

    Here's another reason:

    The people who want open borders happen to control the political parties through the control of financial largesse. Examining "Practical Idealism" by Coudenhove-Kalergi (translation now on it seems they have an interest there too.

    We live in a plutocracy and have done so since at least late Saxon times.

  10. This country is in dire need of change we need a goverment led by the English Democrats that will get rid of these people and look after our own first.

  11. Is this what "being hoist by his own petard" looks like?