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Monday, 18 November 2019

English Democrats in the General Election

English Democrats in the General Election

In the run up to this General Election we were all being repeatedly assured by Nigel Farage that his Brexit Party Ltd was going to stand in every seat. With nominations due to close on Thursday, it was fundamentally too late to get candidates lined up when he announced it on Monday, 11th  that he was not going to stand his Party in any of the seats that the Conservatives won last time - even where the Conservative who got elected was a Remainer! 

Nigel Farage had, at a stroke, created a situation that is simply infuriating!  He has, yet again, clearly not thought through what he is doing and has flounced when challenged, rather than given a considered and sensible strategic response. 

Those of us who support Brexit should have been able to ensure that electors in any constituency where their sitting MP was a Remoaning Remainiac had a pro-Brexit patriot on their ballot papers to enable Leave voters to get rid of their Remainer MP.  Instead in many of the seats that Nigel Farage has now stood down in, there won’t be any patriotic Leave supporting candidate. 

If we had known that Farage was not going to stick to his announced policy, the English Democrats would have worked hard to try to make sure that we did stand against the worst offending Remainers representing Leave voting seats.  As it is we have only five candidates standing, albeit all of those are standing against Remainers and doing so in Brexit supporting seats. 

I am standing against Theresa May’s former special advisor and loyalist Alex Burghart. 

Frank Calladine is standing against Ed Miliband in Doncaster North. 

Antonio Vittellio has joined us from UKIP to stand in Buckingham

I am pleased that “Daddy Dragon”, Graham Moore, is standing in the strongly Leave constituency of Bexleyheath & Crayford.  Even his Returning Officer pointed out he was the only Brexiteer and patriot standing!

But I am most delighted that we have been able to stand against the awful Anna Soubry in Broxtowe and have put up against her the blogger “Based Amy” (Amy Mura) who is currently being pursued through the court’s by the wretched Soubry because she dared to call her a traitor!  The old saying is  that “the truth hurts”!

As quoted by Professor David Starkey in my last blog, it is difficult to think of any other word to describe Soubry and the other Remainiacs except as traitors.  What they were doing was treason when they were actively conspiring to try and betray our county and country’s national interest to the EU and they also betrayed what they promised to do in the previous General Election.

I do hope if you live in the five constituencies in which we are standing you will support English Democrats’ candidates.  If you live near enough to any of them to be able to do so, please do make contact to help with leafleting and, if you can, the cost of standing.  All donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied to the Cause!


  1. Nigel Farage has proven to be a TRAITOR full of fine speeches, helping the Globalists herd us into a ONE-PARTY COMMUNIST STATE. First he boasted that he had single-handedly destroyed Nick Griffin's patriotic British National Party because they wanted to repatriate Third World Parasites and save Britain from Weaponised Immigration. Nick Griffin had also been warning about Muslim Rape Gangs for years. Then Farage & Aaron Banks tried to manoeuvre a Muslim Trojan Horse to replace him as UKIP leader. Then he destroyed UKIP because leader Gerard Batten supported Tommy Robinson and thousands of working class British children gang-raped by Muslims. Now he has just destroyed the Brexit Party, deliberately to scupper Brexit, by waiting until only a few days before the close of candidate registration to block his own candidates, to prevent them from standing as independents, and prevent true patriot parties like the English Democrats from fielding candidates.

    He is trying to force people to vote for the Tories = the Boris-Treason May Surrender Treaty, enslaving us to the EU forever, and handing over our entire Armed Forces, security and intelligence services to a foreign power. Only two days ago, Nigel was saying the Boris-May deal was "LIPSTICK ON A PIG". Now he's telling us to vote for it!! In 2016 he said he deserved a peerage, and now he's been offered his Globalist reward, though he loudly claims to have turned it down. Watch him be knighted in a few years time, when everyone has forgotten and we are permanently under the control of either Islam or Communist Russia.

    When all the political parties are bent on violating the democratic will of the people,
    when there is NO ONE TO VOTE FOR because they all have the same agenda, what do you call that? A ONE-PARTY COMMUNIST STATE.

    1. Interested to know why ED are fielding a candidate in Buckingham where the Conservative hopeful claims he is firmly behind Brexit.

    2. If the Tory candidate for Buckingham backs the Boris=Treason May Fake Deal, then of course he is NOT "firmly behind Brexit", but firmly behind "Brexit in Name Only".

    3. "Thousands of working class British children" It happened in England not Scotland or Wales!

  2. "...He has, yet again, clearly not thought through what he is doing and has flounced when challenged..."

    On the contrary, I think he knew *exactly* what he was doing: delivering BRINO. Just as he delivered a knock-out blow to the only political party in the last 20 years standing up for the rights of the indigenous British, the BNP (R.I.P.).

    By his action he will have facilitated TORY Remainiac traitors being re-elected for their perfidy and lies, since their constituency in most cases will not vote for Jezza the self-loathing (?) part-Jew

    1. You are completely right. You are also right about Corbyn, whose surname is derived from the Hebrew "Qurban" for "sacrifice", and whose fake anti-Semitism is just Theatre for the Peasants.

      Even more shocking is that Nigel Farage is also Jewish, his surname derived from "Yareach", Hebrew for "moon", from his German Jewish immigrant ancestors, though his wiki entry tries to hide it by falsely calling it "Huguenot".

      It is becoming harder & harder to find any UK politician who is not either Jewish or sponsored by Jews, such as the Third World Invaders. Why?

    2. Rights of the indigenous "British"? Only England has been infected not Scotland or Wales.

    3. +1 but any "UK" politician? You mean any politician in England! Our current monarchy from Hanover have Ashkenazi blood!


  4. Good luck to yourself Mr,Tilbrook & all of the other English Democrats , GOD , Family , Nation .

  5. Good luck to yourself Mr,Tilbrook & all the other English Democrat Candidates , GOD , Family , Nation