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Monday, 9 April 2018



On Bank Holiday Monday the Daily Telegraph ran a story entitled “Half of expert voices on BBC will be female by next year”.  

The article appears below but in it the bonkers Lord Hall of Birkenhead (driven mad by obsessive International Leftism and Multi-Culturalism!) announced that he was ordering that there should be a target by April 2019 to have an equal number of male and female expert contributors. 

So the outcome of this is that we Licence Fee/Tax payers are to get female contributors, even where all the best experts on a topic are male! 

In other words from then on anybody still watching the BBC needs to be very aware that any female expert that they produce may well have been selected, not because she is any good at her area of alleged “expertise”, but simply because she is female. 

As if to support my point the article states, no doubt based on the press release by the BBC itself, that the BBC’s “gender quota is … aimed at increasing the opportunities for women on air.  It follows a series of measures including the creation of a “Women’s expert database” to make it easier to book female contributors, and more than a hundred people (sic!) have so far taken part in the “Expert women media training scheme”.” 

Needless to say bringing in women expert witnesses is not to affect programmes ““which already have a focus on gender”, such as Woman’s Hour”!

I would be very interested to know whether equivalent rules are to be applied to the BBC’s Asian Network.  In particular it would be amusing to see the contortions which the politically correct apologists for the BBC will be put to to explain why they haven’t got a 50/50 gender balance of Sharia Law experts. 

Naturally pointing out such issues and being at all critical of them is a breach of the UK Government's “fundamental British values” which insists upon acceptance of multi-culturalism and also of all its madnesses (and of its opposition to many traditional English values) as a pre-condition of acceptability!

What do you think?

Here is the article:-

“BBC pledges to have 50:50 gender split of expert voices by April next year

The BBC is to insist half of the expert voices heard on news and current affairs programmes are women by next year, it has been announced.
The broadcaster has set a 50:50 gender quota after it came under pressure over its treatment of female staff.
By April 2019, the corporation aims to have an equal number of male and female expert contributors to topical shows, as it increases the number of women on air.
Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the director-general, said the target would “help transform the range of expert voices across the BBC”.
Director of news  Fran Unsworth said change must move “further and faster”, pledging the organisation will produce a report to be accountable on its progress.
Earlier this year, the BBC faced accusations of being a “good old boy’s network” after allegations of its treatment of female broadcasters  including Carrie Gracie.
The gender quota is now aimed at increasing the opportunities for women on air, ensuring a range of voices are heard.
It follows a series of measures including, in 2013, the creation of a “women’s expert database” to make it easier for programme-makers to find and book female contributors for television and radio.
More than 100 people have so far taken part in an “expert women” scheme, for free media training sessions to boost confidence and performance.
The quota relates only to contributing “experts”, brought in to give insight and opinion on topical stories.
It does not include “the relevant minister, official, or organisational representative appropriate” to that news story, meaning those responsible for whatever has happened remain accountable regardless of gender.
It also rules out programmes “which already have a focus on gender”, such as Woman’s Hour, which “would not be expected to achieve a 50:50 balance because of the very nature of the programme’s editorial remit”.
Since last year, select programmes have trialled a grassroots 50:50 project, with Outside Source, a show simulcast on the BBC News Channel and BBC World News, reaching the target within three months of paying close attention to guests’ gender.
The BBC said the success of the 50:50 challenge has led to other teams to follow suit. The One Show and BBC News at Six and Ten are the latest of more than 80 programmes to sign up.
The corporation claimed “many programmes have seen uplift in gender balance since recording their figures”, with The Andrew Marr show on BBC One and Radio 4’s File on 4 each seeing a rise in expert female contributors and reporters. The former has seen an increase from 42 per cent in December to 52 per cent in February.
Lord Hall said:  “This is a fantastic project that is already driving change. The results from programmes that have taken it up have been remarkable.
“Adopting it more widely will help transform the range of expert voices across the BBC.”
Fran Unsworth, BBC Director of News, added: “We are starting to see a real transformation across the BBC. But we want to go further and faster.  
“The success already delivered demonstrates the desire and commitment of BBC teams to lead the way on this important issue.
“That’s why, the BBC is now setting the challenge of all programmes – on both radio and TV – that use expert contributors, to meet a 50/50 split of contributors by April 2019.
“The BBC will produce report on the progress at that time.  We can and are delivering change.
“The BBC is happy to share its experience of this project with other broadcasters and news organisations who might want to adopt a similar approach.”


  1. I think: "White Genocide".

  2. Whilst the policy described above is probably inspired by their embarrassment at the pay differential issue, it does not preclude the Beeb from recruiting women with sufficient expertise to comment on matters in the news. It is over the top to suggest that they have "abandoned the selection of experts by qualification". All British broadcasters are steeped in political correctness, not just the BBC. My suspicion is that those who draw their daggers and point them at the BBC, do so because the subscribe to Sky and resent paying the license fee on top of the on to of their exorbitant subscription. For my part, I have no wish to subscribe to Sky and consider my £13-a-month subscription to the Beeb to be excellent value.

  3. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren't loading correctly.
    I'm not sure why but I thinkk its a linking issue.
    I've tried it in two different browsers and both sow the same results.

  4. Churchill as far back as 1920 warned about the dangers of (Jewish) Bolshevism. He said that the Bolsheviks were trying the destroy western civilisation using a combination of 'arrested development', 'envious malevolence' and 'impossible equality'. The sooner we throw this equality nonsense out the better, but we need lots and lots of money to fight the cases in the Courts.


  5. #SRAInsight
    Wanda Goldwag and Paul Philip

    That's another instance of function creep, a captive audience, and a highly select membership. Just like the BBC in fact.

  6. I am in favour of sexual equality but it creates the same problems as with racial equality, finding enough people who are experts in the particular field. There has been an uproar in America over the appointment of a white woman as the curator of a museum of black history or was it culture or was it art? The answer came back that she was the best in her field. As a black commented, time was when all the experts had to be white. And now they are saying that certain posts have to be filled by blacks, whether or not they qualify.

    Of course, when I was a child we had no such problems in this country regarding racial equality. I was interested to see that the government now wishes to deport children of the "Windrush" generation who came here as illegal immigrants. This presumably means blacks in their 60s and 70s. You may sign the current petition against this should you so wish.

    The 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech occurs at the end of next week I believe. So far I have heard no mention of it; but perhaps others have. So I googled it and all I came up with demonstrations and events designed to say that Enoch got it all wrong. I believe there is to be a massive "anti-racist" turn-out in London.

    Most of us know that Enoch did not get it wrong and that we are now weighed down by a sense of tension and friction that we never knew in the 1950s or even 60s. And we hear that because of black on black gun and knife crime, London now has a higher murder rate than New York. And we still live with a heightened state of alert with regard to islamist terrorism. And Doreen Lawrence is still seeking the imprisonment of another of the murderers of her son. Wherever mass immigration from the third world has occurred in Europe the crime rate has soared. This is why Viktor Orban has been returned to power in Hungary with his pledge of defending Hungary.

    However, I suspect that you would have great difficulty finding any programmes or articles that support this viewpoint, except perhaps from erstwhile Marxist Peter Hitchens. And anybody who dares to say it risks being charged with a hate crime and if they were to turn up to the big demo in London being battered to a pulp by Antifa.

    We were never asked if we wanted to give up our freedom and our country in this way and neither have we been given the chance to voice our opposition to what has happened to us. I just caught something in a paper of a few months ago about the prediction that the non-white population of the UK will be a third by 2051. So what will the proportion be for England - a half perhaps? At that rate, whites and certainly the native English will be in a minority long before the end of the century. How can this be right? Hopefully, the spirit of Enoch is not dead but just sleeping and I will see common sense prevail before I join him. I am sure his opponents will claim that is on the hobs of hell.

  7. The BBC intents to air (voiced by an actor) the "Rivers of Blood" speech in its entirety on Saturday, (Radio 4). Needless to say,the Politically Correct don't like it. The reckon it's an "incitement to racial hatred". The Beeb say the broadcast is "in order to assess it fully". Credit where it's due, I suggest.