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Wednesday, 21 March 2018



The above is an image of Theresa May talking about the UK Government’s Housing Plans in terms as if that is a “British” issue. 

However the key point to remember is that housing is not an issue which the British Government has any legal competence to deal with in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.  It is only in England where the British Government has direct rule over England and we English are not properly represented by our own Government that they have any jurisdiction over housing. 

It is thus not surprising that the vast programme of house building that this Government is proposing is to be built only in England.  The English will not be properly asked about this and the members of the Government who are imposing it, although they can still calls themselves members of the Conservative Party, the leadership of it has in fact abandoned traditional Conservatives and traditional values in favour of globalism, multi-culturalism and diversity. 

It is for this reason that housing is being deceitfully represented as a domestically generated need, whereas in fact the primary generator of housing need is the vast wave of immigration that we have had, primarily into England.  This has led to at least 12 million immigrants coming to England in the last 20 years. 

Although some people have left, often to escape the consequences of mass immigration, nevertheless it does mean that, if the Government's targets are to be met, a new Greater London is to be built on England’s “green and pleasant land” without any proper consultation with the English Nation as a whole. 

Fake news or what?

Below is the report of what she says:-

'Do your duty to Britain', Theresa May tells property developers in major speech on 'restoring dream' of home-ownership

Prime Minister to pledge to 'rewrite planning laws' and force private housebuilders to 'step up and do their bit' as she attempts to place housing at heart of policy agenda

Theresa May to tell property developers to 'do your duty to Britain' in major speech on restoring 'home-ownership dream'

Theresa May will announce plans to penalise property developers who do not build homes quickly enough, as she uses a major speech to warn housebuilders they must “do their duty to Britain”.

The Prime Minister will criticise developers who profit from building expensive properties rather than the quantities of new homes the country needs, telling them it is time to “step up do your bit”.

She will vow to “rewrite the laws on planning” in order to help more people get on the housing ladder.

The Government will also adopt a tougher approach to local councils, including setting targets on how many homes each authority needs to plan for.

Key workers such as nurses, teachers and firefighters should be the priority for affordable homes, Ms May will say, and local authorities will be given powers to implement this.

The speech marks another strand of Ms May’s attempt to flesh out a domestic policy agenda that goes beyond Brexit. Last month she delivered a keynote education speech promising to review how universities are funded.

However, opponents said the “feeble” changes had already been announced in the Government’s housing white paper, published last year.
They are also likely to demand the Government make more funding available or allow councils to borrow more to invest in housing. Town halls have long insisted that restrictions on their ability to borrow to fund new homes is the biggest barrier to housebuilding.

Questions are also likely to be raised over the future of Starter Homes – one of the Government’s flagship policies for boosting home-ownership. The Independent revealed late last year that not a single one of the properties, which will be sold to first-time buyers at a discount, has yet been built.

Accepting the failings of current housing policy, Ms May will say “for decades this country has failed to build enough of the right homes in the right places”.
She will once again place housing at the heart of her agenda, saying: “We cannot bring about the kind of society I want to see unless we tackle one of the biggest barriers to social mobility we face today: the national housing crisis.”
The Prime Minister has previously said she will make tackling the housing crisis her “personal mission”.

Speaking at a planning conference in London, she will argue that “in much of the country, housing is so unaffordable that millions of people who would reasonably expect to buy their own home are unable to do so” because the “failure to match demand with supply really began to push prices upwards”, and also drove up rents.

“The result is a vicious circle from which most people can only escape with help from the bank of Mum and Dad. If you’re not lucky enough to have such support, the door to home-ownership is all too often locked and barred,” she will say.

Recounting her own experience of buying a home, she will add: “I still vividly remember the first home I shared with my husband, Philip. Not only our pictures on the walls and our books on the shelves, but the security that came from knowing we couldn’t be asked to move on at short notice.’ 

“And because we had that security, because we had a place to go back to, it was that much easier to play an active role in our community. To share in the common purpose of a free society.”

“That is what this country should be about – not just having a roof over your head but having a stake in your community and its future.”

Flagship government housing plan fails to deliver a single home in three years
Ms May will take a tougher line against private developers, criticising the “perverse incentive” that allows property executives to profit from building expensive homes rather than greater numbers of affordable ones.

She will suggest a company’s past record of delivering affordable housing should be taken into account when it bids for planning permission for new properties.  

She is expected to say: “The bonuses paid to the heads of some of our biggest developers are based not on the number of homes they build but on their profits or share price.

“In a market where lower supply equals higher prices that creates a perverse incentive, one that does not encourage them to build the homes we need.

“I want to see planning permissions going to people who are actually going to build houses, not just sit on land and watch its value rise.”

The Prime Minister will also point out that developers have failed to build thousands of homes that have been given planning permission, warning that “the gap between permissions granted and homes built is still too large”.

Analysis by the Local Government Association (LGA) earlier this year revealed 420,000 homes that received planning permission last year are still waiting to be built.  

Calling on private housebuilders to “step up and do their bit”, Ms May will say: “I expect developers to do their duty to Britain and build the homes our country needs.”

Sajid Javid, the Housing Secretary, has already hinted the Government is considering giving councils “use it or lose it” powers to take land away from developers who are refusing to build homes on sites they own.

Ms May will also criticise David Cameron’s legacy, saying her predecessor had presided over “a great and welcome increase in the number of planning permissions granted” but not “a corresponding rise in the number of homes being built”.

Budget 2017: Hammond commits £ 44bn to housing and commits to delivering 300,000 net additional homes per year by mid 2020’s

Although the Prime Minister will announce that 80 proposals from the Government’s housing white paper will be implemented, housing insiders will be watching closely to see what type of housing the Government will prioritise and whether any new funding will be made available.

Since 2012, the Conservatives have prioritised the more expensive “affordable housing” over social housing, leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of the cheapest homes.

Ms May is also likely to face calls to reverse some of the provisions of the Housing and Planning Act 2016, which forced councils to sell off social homes and extended the controversial Right to Buy to housing association tenants. The scheme is another leading cause of the fall in the number of low-cost homes.

John Healey, Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, said: “The Prime Minister should be embarrassed to be fronting up these feeble measures first announced a year ago. After eight years of failure on housing it’s clear her Government has got no plan to fix the housing crisis.

“Since 2010, home-ownership has fallen to a 30-year low, rough sleeping has more than doubled, and deep cuts to housing investment have led to the lowest number of new social rented homes built since records began.

“This housing crisis is made in Downing Street. It’s time the Tories changed course, and backed Labour’s long-term plan to build the genuinely affordable homes the country needs.”

The Prime Minister was also warned by Conservative peer Lord Porter, who chairs the LGA, that planning changes would be largely meaningless without new funding.
He wrote on Twitter: “If we want more houses, we have to build them, not plan them.

“The [Housing Department] need to push back against [the Treasury] or the nonsense will go on and nothing will change. Less homes built next year than there were this year.

Ms May will insist that building on green belt land is not the answer to tackling the housing crisis. She will instead announce new protections for woodland and coastlines.


  1. Robin, they keep trying to blame the natives for living too long and causing the housing shortage. However, there is anecdotal evidence that once you get over 70 then the policy is "do not ressuscitate" as you are no longer econmically useful as opposed to all those healthy young men pouring in from the Maghreb and elsewhere.

    We all know that the housing shortage is down to mass immigration. I was shocked by the figure of 20m in the last 20 years. Do you have a figure for the last 73 years? I expect that Migration Watch could provide it. It could be 30m or higher. The population in 1951, the year in which I was born, was 50m. So it must now be between 70 and 80m and we are being lied to. Interested to hear Ken Livingstone say the other day that the establishment have lied to him all his life. The question I have is whether Salisbury is just another lie.

    Anyhow, back to housing. As I have said before, the native English are trapped between Labour's international, open borders, we are all humans, socialism and the greed of the nasty party ( Tories ) who want a permanent housing shortage to make the developers rich and have their money pouring into the Tory Party, along with that of criminal Russian oligarchs booted out of Russia by Putin ( well said Mr Corbyn ).

    Have just seen on teletext that Oxfordshire, where I used to live, is going to have to take another 250,000 houses. The protesters against building on green belt land in Banbury were pushed aside as Mr Javid tells us that we need more houses - for his erstwhile compatriots and others. Enoch was right about the tail wagging the dog i.e. immigrants telling the natives what they must do.

    The problem is what the hell do with do about it? We all know that vicar's daighter May is now a banker's wife and so has succombed to the root of all evil. Personally, I realised she is quite capable of lying through her teeth on the day when she said "Brexit means Brexit". I don't trust the woman as far as I could throw her; even though I doubt if I could lift her now! As the much reviled Lady Jane Birdwood said, they will unite Marxism with money power. Interested to see Max Keiser on RT tell us what we already know that the bankers have complete control over us. The Greeks are rioting because their houses are being repossessed by foreign banks.

  2. Sorry, I think I misread that, it is 12m in the last 20 years which must make it 20m since the War if not more.

  3. The demand for housing as a result of mass immigration is also responsible for the huge house-price inflation that has happened in England over the last twenty or thirty years. In Wales, which has largely been unaffected by mass immigration, prices are significantly lower than in England. By way of illustration, someone I know sold a two-bedroomed flat, here in Weston and bought a two-bedroomed house in Pontypool with several thousand pounds of cash to spare. The root of the problem is high demand not low supply.
    Try telling that to the "Politically Correct" (a term of derision, Bill!). During the 2015 election campaign, I heard Margaret Hodge and a UKIPper on a Radio programme. the UKIPper made the same point as I have regading the high demand for housing pushing up prices and citing mass immigration as the cause. Hodge accused him of "blaming immigrants for everything". His attempts to reaffirm that he was blaming immigraTION and not immigraNTS were shouted down.

    1. He shouldn't have taken on Margaret Hodge as her Oppenheim parents or grandparents came from Egypt and she waged the Battle of Barking to ensure that the cockneys were pushed even further out of London and deeper into Essex and replaced by people from the third world. They will tell you about ethnic cleansing in connection with Kosovo but never about the ethnic English being pushed almost totally out of their capital.

      I was amused to see the government in their anti-Russian hysteria say that Russia is as great a threat to the English as Jihadi terrorism. The greatest threat to the English over the last 70 plus years has been our own politicians and they show know sign of stopping until we are extinct.

      Still the BBC World Service is now going to counter Russian "propaganda" by beefing up the World Service and using the "trusted" BBC tell the world what is really going on as well as going into schools so the poor confused kids can be taught to recognise nasty foreign fake news. This is the same unbiased impartial BBC who were accused of bias over Brexit and as for Syria, well its just a joke. They get all their info not down on the ground but from a little anti-Assad man in a council house in Coventry.

  4. Nothing to do with housing, everything to do with anti-England discrimination. I've just red on the Beeb's "red-button" news that Bowel cancer screening is available in Scotland from age 50. In England, it's 60. George Alagiah, their news reader got screened too late.

  5. The media is lying about Corbyn being anti-semitic when he is a Jew himself he is anti-Zionist. Globalism is making a slow wipeout of the Anglo-Saxon folk in England. Unfortunately Stephen Sackur works for the anti-English BBC.

  6. The greatest fake news is what is going on with regard to the Skripal poisoning and Russia. It is obviously another false flag to stir up Russophobia but as Ambassador Yakovenko has just said, a poll in this country revealed that 68% believed that the truth would never come out. This is the same with the Litvinieno poisoning which his father said was carried out by the CIA and of course our government has classified all the documents. So many lies during my lifetime, including the moon landing, which could not have happened because the astronauths would never have survived the radiation of the Van Allen Belt unscathed. NASA was asked how they did it in 1969 but are still trying to work out how to get through the belt now. He said, fumbling around, that the 1969 technology had been lost!

    Their great fear was that people will go to Russia for the world cup this summer and peace would break out. No more NATO jobs, no more military industrial complex and arms sales. It has always been US policy and the policy of those who own this country as well as, according to Ken O' Keefe the USA, to make sure that Europe and Russia never become one and that there is peace from Valentia Island to Vladivostock. But so many people now no longer believe the mass media, especially the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, that they can no longer control us and manipulate as we did in times past when they told us our enemies lay just over the horizon.


    Labour anti-Semitism? It's all theatre pour encourager les Goyim.
    Meantime, the "Conservatives" remain focused on getting a White War Three started with Russia.

    We have no representation.