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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Predicting Theresa May's Irish Brexit predicament in an interview to EBN on the 1st December 2017.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats predicted May's Irish Brexit predicament in an interview to EBN on the 1st December 2017.

Have a look at this video. As you can see I predicted May's Irish Brexit predicament in an interview to EBN on the 1st December 2017. 

If I could see it why couldn't she? She has the benefit of the funding and apparatus of the UK state behind her! 

The old saying that comes to mind is:- "There's none so blind as those that will not see"!


  1. A good watch, on the whole. However it would be only a small step for the "Politically Correct" to equate your suggestion that civil unrest would be the consequence of the scuppering of "Brexit", with incitement. This was precisely the line taken with the banning of "England Worth Fighting For" in which there is no specific "call to arms". We cannot afford to feed the Politically Correct with pretexts upon which to denounce us.

  2. Bravo Robin for your very courageous stand on Brexit!
    The outstanding interview was a reminder to everyone,not least the Gov't,as to how serious the ED and its members and supporters invest in the democratic process.
    After all,we are not called the English DEMOCRATS for nothing!
    Democracy and all the ideo/political/constitutional contractual processes therein,serve as supreme governing context,wherein all of us participate in good faith.
    We participate in expectation that democratic outcomes will be fully respected and implemented in a decisive fashion by our elected ministers.
    Not so it would seem,given the outrageous antics of ministers assigned the task of completing the democratic assignments demanded off them by 17 Million Voters-Brexiteers,most of them English.
    I think it would be fair to say,that never in recent history has the will of the voters been so insulted/disrespected by those handling the Brexit process.
    The process,now some twenty(20) months old and still ongoing, makes the daily news,esp in the Daily Express,which has made a point of exposing what is turning out to be farcical fiasco that insults the intelligence!Foolery of this magnitude has not been seen since medieval times and the festive celebration known as the 'Feast of Fools'(Book,Author-Harvey Cox)!

    This is continued in the following comment:--

  3. Continuing from above comment:--
    Unlike then,the present 'Feast of Fools' is an inverse version of what was supposed to be,strictly the entitlement of the public.The then politically incorrect populists who were allowed one day each year, to let the Authorities know exactly what they thought of them,without fear of retribution.
    Present day however,certainly since 23rd June 2016 the Authorities have hijacked-stolen the once exclusive entitlement of the populists and have taken the 'Feast of Fools for themselves.
    Crucial to them is the entitlement to mock us with deliberate political foolery and obfuscation-WITHOUT FEAR OF RETRIBUTION- i.e CIVIL UNREST-EVEN OUTRIGHT REVOLUTION by us!!
    This intentional foolery by our supposed political representatives,presents as nothing less than an exercise in cynical provocation,the character of which is seen by most Democrats as incendiary! Sufficient enough to warrant/justify Civil Unrest?-?
    Therefore I fully support Robins relative moderation on this one!
    Says Bill from Harold Hill.

  4. Thank you Clive for your Bravo comment Re;-'Political Correctness'.Unlike you I do not consider the powers that be,to be "Politically Correct" rather see them as 'Politically INCORRECT' It is they that need correcting not us! With masses of evidence at our disposal to prove their ongoing incorrect stance,we should see them as the inciters rather than ourselves!

    Says Bill from Harold Hill.