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Friday, 5 January 2018



My wife and I were lucky enough to be invited to a private tour of 10 Downing Street. It turned out to be a very interesting visit.

Although of course I am interested in politics and history and, in particular, anything that relates to England, I have never really thought about wanting to go to see around 10 Downing Street. That might be lack of imagination on my part. From the front door it looks very much like the sort of 18th Century house that you can see in many of the more expensive parts of Central London.

It may also be that I am old enough to have often walked through Downing Street before it was cordoned off by a ring of steel security fences and armed police. I also delivered a 25,000 signature petition calling for an English Parliament to door of 10 Downing Street on the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union. I therefore thought that it was a nice, fairly grand Georgian terraced Townhouse. One of the things that was interesting was to find that that wasn’t really true.

Although at the front it looks like it is, the fact is that there is a very substantial house behind that façade, with a sizeable high-walled garden set out in such a way to make you feel the impression of a very spacious garden. Indeed if you are on the terrace of No. 10 looking out over the garden you also are going to be able to look out over St James’ Park and it seems like you are almost in a parklike setting.

The other thing about No. 10 is that there are a series of very nice and very grand rooms which would be worth visiting even it was simply a National Trust country house.

But what makes No. 10 particularly interesting is the fact that it has been the power-house of British politics ever since the idea of a Prime or First Minister came into existence under Sir Robert Walpole whose portrait hangs in many of the rooms.

What this means is that in going around No. 10 Downing Street you are in the very space occupied by some of the most famous political figures in British history, almost ever since the Act of Union in 1707 itself.

So by having the opportunity to sit in the Prime Minister’s chair in the Cabinet Room, I wasn’t only sitting in the chair given by Queen Victoria to Disraeli and which has been occupied by every Prime Minister since, but I was also, for example, in the space where William Pitt the Younger was sitting when he got the news that Nelson had destroyed the French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar!


  1. Hello Robin!
    A nice visit to the home of the public face of government,being as it is, the subordinate authority to the executive and absolute authority,namely the Elite directed 'Shadow Government'.
    Here are the names of some of the key organisations that are actually in charge of GB.
    1)Board of Deputies of British Jews.
    2)Israeli Embassy (Mossad)
    3)American Embassy (CIA)
    4)Strategic Horizons Office (s) C/O-Both the Home and Foreign Offices ( Mi6/Mi5-Mossad-CIA)
    All these named organisations are working overtime to make sure that the Prime Ministers Chair will be occupied by a Moslem around 2040 or there about's.
    Did you picture that when you sat down?

  2. Robin!
    Enough of the 'May Dreams Come True' wishful thinking!
    Answer this question "Having seen the mixed responses to the 'Its O'K to be White' Meme, is it O'K to be English?
    If your answer is yes to this question.Which I am right to assume would be the case. Then why hasn't the ED promoted such a Meme? Why?
    Could it be that you are frightened by the prospect of the Civic Verse Ethno Nationalist debate being reignited, with the challenging questions for the ED members arising from the same. Questions like "Is it O'K to be English if your not ethnically English?" and if you are ethnically English "Is it O'K to be English?"
    Up to present, those who are ethnically English and expressed the reality of their actual factual status in a, I am We are O'K fashion, have been classed as racists!Which begs the crucial ultimate question "Is it O'K for the English to be English,or is it only non ethnics that have that entitlement?"-says Bill from Harold Hill!

  3. Conkers to Bonkers!
    The author of the first comment about the role of the 'Strategic Horizons Unit'could have done a better job by including the word 'conditions'The SHU was created specifically for the purpose of installing a security and affirmation strategy, that would provide the sorts of conditions that would be advantageous to certain selected and "protected" communities,to encourage their participation in the political process.As such, it it is not only possible but probable, that given the demographic forecasts for 2040/50 a Muslim could well become prime minister.
    As recent as 2005, I heard pundits use the word bonkers,when it was suggested that the newly elected MP for Tooting a Mr Sadiq Khan could become Lord Mayor of London.Bonkers indeed.