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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Regionalisation exposed by the CEP as a devious EU tactic to destabilise the UK

Regionalisation exposed by the CEP as a devious EU tactic to destabilise the UK (& England!)
Many thanks to the Campaign for an English Parliament for this intel:-

"Many initial responses to hearing that there is a Yorkshire independence movement and a Yorkshire Party is to pour scorn on the idea as being fiscally irresponsible or plainly unworkable. This is because it is obvious that without the British government’s subsidies Yorkshire Services wouldn't function properly.

However, to simply dismiss these two organisations that have the same Liberal Democrat leadership is to underestimate the manipulation and the devious actions of the EU in supporting a new sounding name for the old EU Regionalisation project for Britain and for England.

First it is important for any patriots to realise that the EU is supporting the Yorkshire Party as it belongs to an EU umbrella organisation, called the European Free Alliance (EFA). That EU organisation gathers together 45 “Progressive nationalist, regionalist and autonomist” parties throughout Europe. This grouping can only be conceived as an EU attempt to break-up and digest those nations that the regionalist organisations work within. This is because the EU supports the Regionalisation agenda because it makes resistance to their EU federalism agenda difficult if the nation state is fighting on two fronts. (the EU commission and EU supporting regionalist voices within).

The structure in Catalonia and Spain is a good example showing how devious the EU truly is:- The EU has openly distanced itself from those Catalonian parties that have called for full independence but it fails to mention that some of these parties are also included in their EU, European Free Alliance organisation. In effect, they are funded encouraging Regionalisation behind the scenes but are publicly slapping down independence. That is because the regionalist within the nation state is an EU regionalist patsy!

Once you accept that Regionalisation is all about pushing the EU Federalist agenda then you realise that The Yorkshire Party is not about benefiting the people of Yorkshire but about promoting EU federalism. This makes the Yorkshire party dangerous because it is about creating internal divisions and arguments within England and the UK whilst the British Government are engaged in full Brexit negotiations.

The British Government is weakened by the Regionalist pro-EU parties of the SNP and Plaid Cymru but now the EUs promoting a Regionalist political party within England that is for continuing to stay in the EU.,

This is not new and any person should be able to see the 4 EU stages that have and are being attempted to create destabilise the UK:-

(1) Under the Blair Labour government the EU promoted regionalisation of the UK and of England but the idea failed to gain any momentum in England and they lost at the ballot box in the North East of England. (You only need to look at the EU zealot, Tony Blair's current EU stance to realise what his regionalist agenda was not about better governance. It was about destabilising the UK for EU advantage by creating a Welsh Assembly, a Scottish Parliament, and a Northern Irish Assembly and English Regional Assembly*).

(2) Thus with Tony Blair’s help the EU had been successful in creating an unbalanced constitutional situation. Having created Regional Parliaments that could challenge the British government, the EU began to focus more on England. They started to support the term 'Localism' which really meant Regionalisation of England. If you break England up into EU Regions then you really have created an internal political and constitutional crisis for the UK.

Initially, it was Mebyon Kernow, the Cornish nationalists getting far more pro-EU media exposure than the actual support for their party would have commanded and now it's the turn of the Yorkshire Party to be promoted. ;

(3) Now we need to look forward to 2018, having helped establish the idea that Yorkshire can stand alone as a Region within the EU, they could allow the Yorkshire party to push for their own parliament with more fiscal autonomy and claim that Yorkshire doesn't have any connection with the south of England and that the British Government has no more right to speak for them than for Scotland.

(4) Then Yorkshire Party will demand the same powers as Scotland and it's own independence referendum which states it wants to remain in the EU!

To fully corroborate the Regionalist agenda it is worth noting that the Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold, was previously a liberal Democrat Councillor and Parliamentary candidate and he also worked as a Policy and Communications Director for the European Parliament between 2001 -2012. Mr Arnold was involved in establishing the “Yorkshire Independence Movement” and is its Vice Chairman as well as becoming the Yorkshire Party’s as its leader. Also added to this is Nigel Sollitt’s comments as, The Yorkshire Independence Movement’s Chairman, states that their aim is:- 'a Yorkshire empowered to make her own decisions and determine her own destiny'.

In conclusion, by not discouraging Regionalism, the British government is sleepwalking into the same problems that Spain now has with Catalonia but with the major difference being that the British government is about to start negotiations to leave the EU, Spain isn't. The Spanish Government must therefore seem as an enemy of the EU whereas the British Government is.

Regionalisation is a process that the EU uses to promote its Federalist policy, if English Regionalism is encouraged then “dissolution” of the UK will occur. This puts the EU Regionalist party, Yorkshire party in direct opposition to the British government and the British State itself as well as in opposition to the continuance of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!"


  1. CEP is a fine organisation with a lofty aim - self government for England. However it is also pro-UK and needs to realise that "Britain" and "the UK" are both anti-England. Eddie Bone has hinted at this in an article about English independence which appeared here, some months ago.
    Regionalisation is not, as suggested above, about de-stabilising the UK. It is about destroying England - nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Being of Yorkshire parentage, I can understand how Yorkshire people feel aggrieved at the London- centric nature of English politics and economics but this is not the answer. As you say, it is no doubt, part of the EU regionalisation plan. But why should they be pushing this after the Brexit vote when no doubt many from Yorkshire, perhaps the majority, voted to leave the EU? Could it be that they are still going to try and fudge Brexit? I have signed a petition which has garnered over 200,000 signatures for parliament to discuss our immediate withdrawal from the EU. Don't hold your breath that anything will come of it.

    However, we must realise that the break-up of the United Kingdom would never have come about had we not had mass immigration. When those of us in the North look to the south-west of England, say, then there is no longer a carpet of Englishness rolling down to the coves of Cornwall. Instead, the English are in pockets here and there through the industrial North-west and the West Midlands, interspersed by those from the global south and the Indian sub-continent in particular. Peter Dawson's Devon Glorious Devon is now just an echo of another time, like the song Rose of England.

    The Scottish National Party wants to give the vote to refugees in an attempt to collect as many pro-independence votes as possible. This is what Blair did at the end of the last century and what French politicians did with the Arabs, bring them in as grateful voting fodder. At the same time, the SNP would not allow Scottish soldiers overseas to vote in the last referendum as they knew they would vote against independence.

    What do we do against the ideogically driven Left who would submerge Europe and North America under immigrants from the global south and big business who wants to use immigrants to enrich them through cheap labour and a housing shortage? They are still talking about joining Oxford to Cambridge through ribbon development. We must realise that few of the political elites really care about their countries' natives. Martin Schulz of the SDP wants the United States of Europe and to allow in the families of refugees already in Germany.

    I have just heard an interesting comment from Ronald Reagan - ultimately judged unfit to be president in a way that they are trying to do with Trump. He said that when fascism comes to America then it will come in the form of liberalism. He could have said to the West as much the same thing has happened in Western Europe. Hillary's aim was to join up the EU with NAFTA in what she said would be a free trade area but would be a liberal fascist empire. And behind the Left are big business and the banks. An example of such liberal fascism is the admission by Tim Farron - a clueless man who wanted to let in all the "children" from Calais' jungle - that he was forced to say he approved of gay sex for fear of the consequences if he had obeyed his conscience.

    And now, we learn that the new BBC production of Les Miserables is to have an actor of African descent playing one of Victor Hugo's characters. Challenge this if you dare or you will be felled by Marxist liberal fascism's great weapon, the scream of "RACISM" even though it seems that only whites can be racist as they are not allowed to play black men but the reverse is needed to counter white racism.

  3. England is made up of counties not regions that is just a fact as the map shows Yorkshire is England's largest county every Yorkshireman/women will tell you that. Yorkshire independence movement is a nonsense they like winning the county cricket championship to much. It sounds like an idea drummed up by some liberals to try & stay in the EU that fails to acknowledge that the historic county of Yorkshire voted Brexit.Just like us lot across the border in the historic county of Lincolnshire.
    So nothing for your party to worry about but do you organise your party on the lines of the historic English counties? If not you should bet you like the other parties play the EU game of organising on the basis of these Euro Regions?

    1. There are Yorkshire Ridings Societies who want to rrstore Yorkshire back to its pre 1974 boundaries. Likewise there is a campaign for Real Lancashire who want Liverpool and Manchester back as well as handing Saddleworth and Slaidburn back to Yorkshire.

      In the North East, Newcastle, Tynemouth and North Shields were taken out of Northumberland, while Gateshead, South Shields, Darlington, Stockton and Sunderland were removed from County Durham.

      It is a terrible mess that has caused anger for decades but more worryingly deprived County Durham and Northumberland of their main revenue generating cities, hence the extreme poverty we see now.


  4. If Yorkshire First was genuine the very first demand they would have made would be the abolishing of the Local Government Act (1972). They should be demanding that Saddleworth, Sedbergh, Slaidburn and Bowes are returned back to Yorkshire from Manchester, Cumbria, Lancashire and Durham respectively. They would normally demand that Yorkshire returns to its original three Ridings, North, West and East with fake counties like South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire being abolished. The fact that they do neither is proof that are fake.


    1. I'm from Lancashire. My county was one of those pillaged by the aforesaid Act. Bits of it were torn off to create the artificial "counties" of Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cumbria. My adopted county of Somerset was also raped by that Act, with bits of it being added to bits of Gloucestershire to create another artificial "county" called Avon. Avon no longer exists but those torn off bits are now called "North Somerset", "Bath and North-East Somerset" and "South Gloucestershire". The restoration of our original forty Counties, (the only Regionalisation that we need,) has, along with the destruction by reasoned argument of Political Correctness to rise to the top of our policy agenda.
      (the Somerset Scouser)

    2. Hi Clive,

      Yes I agree the 1972 Local Government Act must go following BREXIT otherwise the Balkanisation of England remains in tact.

      I am a North Easterner but have ancestors from Preston Lancashire.

      What has happened to our natural local boundaries I'd nothing short of war crimes. The new authorities have almost unlimited power to do what they want - they are really mini statelets ready to be cut off from England.


  5. Robin!
    As the leader of ED,I have one question to put to you-"What are you doing and where are you going with ED?"
    Some of the articles you have presented here over the last twelve months,like this your latest,suggest to me at least that you take an urgent reality check!
    Let's start with this totally irrelevant piece about-The EU Regionalisation Tactic to destabilise the UK and specifically England. Really!!
    In case you havn't noticed, a Globalist instigated Colonization Map is being turned into a living reality and is being, literally superimposed throughout and upon the 40 Traditional Counties of England.
    This Colonialist map contains ever expanding areas of either mixed or exclusive non-White communities.These very noticeable,even dramatic changes to the topography of England present as Globalist designed 'Manifest Destiny'.A new Reality!These facts on the ground are taking precedent!Traditional Maps are fast becoming irrelevant-meaningless.
    The ED should concern themselves more with the this de facto- Globalist territorial carve up of the UK-England into Quasi Sovereign Areas in their own right e.g London,or worse NO GO areas for White people, as found in France-Sweden,so on.Come on Robin waken up!Says Bill from Harold Hill.

  6. Why not form a Forty County Sovereignty Committee to remove the 1972 Local Government Act cross party it was a Heath Heseltine inspired unheppen nonsense & years were spent fighting it in England's two largest Counties Yorkshire & Lincolnshire which had Humberside imposed on them eventually resulting in its removal in 1996. But it lives on in the term Yorkshire & Humber Region. The only way to do this is make sure the 1972 Local Government Act is repealed.