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Tuesday, 2 January 2018



Just before Christmas we had the revolting spectacle of the British State’s name being misused in the UN to back a resolution led by various Islamic states attacking both Israel and the United States over the movement of the US Embassy from Israel’s old capital Tel Aviv to its current capital Jerusalem.

The capital of Israel has legally been Jerusalem since 1980 and is where its Parliament, the Knesset, and its Government’s ministries etc. are all to be found. Jerusalem was captured by the Israelis in 1967, i.e. longer ago than many of the UN “Nations” have existed.

You might think that any sensible Western Government would long since have recognised that fact and had their embassies in Jerusalem. You would of course be right that any sensible Western Government would have done so! In fact, of course, there are all too few sensible Western Governments.

The main policy of Theresa May’s Government, so far as I can see on almost all levels is appeasement (appeasement of Remainers, appeasement of the EU, appeasement of Islamists etc. etc.).

In this case appeasement of the strong brand of anti-Semitism which is deeply imbedded into Islam dating back to the Hadith’s of Muhammad’s attacks and atrocities against Jews.

In appeasing Muslim opinion in this way Theresa May’s Government may have badly damaged our Nation’s diplomatic interests in maintaining both good relations with Israel and the United States of America.

Melanie Phillips has written a very good article in the Daily Mail, albeit more from her Zionist point of view than from the point of view of the interests of our Nation.

Here is her article:-

The UN theatre of hatred

"Many people are understandably baffled by the recent UN vote condemning President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Since such a vote has zero practical effect, they ask, what was the point of it?

Well indeed. As the American ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said in her barnstorming response, America will still be moving its embassy to Jerusalem regardless of the UN’s opinion.

The resolution didn’t need to have any practical import. It was merely part of the UN’s theatre of hatred, the malevolent campaign it has waged for decades against Israel and Israel alone as a result of the preponderance of tyrannies, dictatorships, kleptocracies and genocidal antisemitic regimes that make up what’s called called the UN’s “non-aligned block” and which are united in their desire that Israel should be wiped off the map.

So egregious is this hypocrisy in singling out Israel, the sole democracy and upholder of human rights in the region while ignoring the brutal and murderous record of those tyrannies, dictatorships, kleptocracies and genocidal antisemitic regimes, that even a CNN correspondent has been moved to call this out. Jake Tapper tweeted: “Among the 128 countries that voted in favor of the UN resolution condemning the US decision to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem were “some countries with some rather questionable records of their own”.

You don’t say. The shocking thing is that so many democratic nations voted alongside these tyrannies: nations such as Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, most disappointingly India and, most sickening (to me, anyway), the UK.

Britain, the historic cradle of liberty and democracy and which once fought to defend freedom, has now made common cause with China, Iran, Libya, North Korea and Russia in their joint aim of denying the right of the Jewish people to declare, in accordance with law and history, the capital city of their own country, a right the UK and these other states would deny to no other people or state. What a disgrace.

What on earth did the UN think it was doing? What does Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May think she’s doing? Does nobody in the British government have a clue about upholding international law or sovereignty? For the real point about this UN vote was that, on this occasion, the principal target wasn’t actually Israel. It was America, and its sovereign right to govern itself. The UN was telling the United States it was not entitled to conduct its own foreign policy in the way it thinks fit.

As Brook Goldstein of the Lawfare Project has observed, this contravenes the UN’s own charter:

“Article 2(7) of the UN Charter is crystal clear: ‘Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.’ Today’s General Assembly resolution is therefore extralegal and transparently political.

“The UN was built on the principle of respect for the sovereignty of member states (known legally as complementarity), with full awareness that independent nations of the world must make policy decisions in the best interests of their domestic constituencies. The moment the institution begins to attack that very sovereignty is the moment the UN loses all credibility, authority and international deference.”

That’s why most significant part of Nikki Haley’s response was where she said this:

“The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the General Assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation. We will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world’s largest contribution to the United Nations. And we will remember it when so many countries come calling on us, as they so often do, to pay even more and to use our influence for their benefit.”

For decades, the UN’s malicious double standard in repeatedly singling out Israel for condemnation has constituted the negation of its foundational ideals of global justice and peace. The UN has become instead the world’s principal engine of institutionalised Jew-hatred. Now it has crossed another line altogether. The Jerusalem vote could just be the point at which a US President finally decides that America’s tolerance towards the malign global incubus that the UN has become is now at an end.”

The original can be found here >>> The UN theatre of hatred |

What do you think?


  1. I have been deciding as to whether I should leave the "English Democrats" or not. This article has made the decision very easy for me. Expect my resignation in the near future.

    1. This your prerogative, of course. However, it would be helpful to know the underlying grievances that have led to your decision and what, in this article, tipped the scales.

  2. Perhaps we ought to ask Trump to confirm that London is in fact the capital of England.

  3. Peter Hitchens wrote in the Daily Mail just over a year ago: " . . . this country has crawled so deep into the pocket of Saudi Arabia that it cannot find its way out."

    He who pays the piper calls the tune!

  4. Israel does of course have the right to exist and have Jerusalem as its capital if it so wishes. It is not up to the Arabs how Israel governs itself. There are many Jews who openly hate Israel and support the Muslims against their co religionists in Israel. The self loathing disease is very powerful and dangerous.

    All nationalists have to back Israel on this one, otherwise we are being hypocritical.


  5. Seems I am following the views of blogger number 1 but have no intention of leaving the English Democrats. There is a theory that the First World War was engineered to get rid of the Tsars, an impediment to the one world government plan for the previous one hundred years and that World War 2 was engineered to facilitate the creation of the State of Israel. The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzel said that it may be necessary to sacrifice a few branches of Jews to achieve that aim.

    Nobody ever consulted the Palistinians about the Balfour Declaration, they were just brushed aside. Indeed, when the Ottoman Empire was defeated the British and the French and no doubt the Americans moved in to carve it up for oil and Zionism. Indeed this has been the story of Western intervention in the Middle East ever since, to secure the oilfields and the cuckoo in the nest that is Israel. I suggest that you read Christopher Story's "Solving 9/11" for which he has had to flee the US. The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers was carried out to suit their new purchaser a New York property developer who needed a bit of destruction capitalism to realise his asset. Israelis were told not to turn up for work that day. In addition, the "terror attack" had been planned by Mossad for 20 years in order to create a new Pearl Harbor to get the Yanks to fight a war on terror which was really aimed at the mineral wealth of Afghanistan and destroying Israel's enemies. And now Bibi is telling the Iranians to rise up and bring down their government so that Israel and Iran can be friends i.e. so that Israel can control the whole region from Iran to Saudi ( already in Israel's pocket).

    Netanyahu is a 100% psychopath, in fact I call him Bibi the Devil. So the Romans turfed the Jews out of Israel and so they lost their capital. Much the same thing happened to the Aborigines of Australia and the Native Americans of North America but whiy aren't the same people demanding that they get their lands back? The reason that Zionists believe that Jerusalem is their eternal capital is that they believe that they are God's chosen people which gullible bible bashers in the Mid-west seem to believe. To me this is no different from Hitler's master race. Indeed the term Zionist fascism has been used.

    On another point, Liam Fox wants us to join TPP after Brexit. So expect a flood of Philipino's in exchange for Poles. Still at least they are mostly catholic, unlike the Pakistanis and Indians. Just to show that none of the psychopaths who rule is really care about England or the English, Sir Digby Jones recently said that East European migrants are good for the economy as they force down wages. But now we have gone one better as the opinion now is that robots would be even cheaper. So perhaps that signals end of the mass influx of cheap labour. Personally, I think this is wrong way round and that our political and business leaders should be replaced by algorythms. We would save a fortune and probaby get more impartial and sensible and beneficial leadership. Perhaps the same could happen for the chief exec of our local hospital who gets £250,000 per annum. Replace him by an algorythm and there would no longer be a need to pay hospital parking charges. This must be the way forward.

    1. I do agree with you on many points here. Yes we had no right to implement the Balfour Declaration of 1917 but there's another twist to the story. It is the communist bankers who wanted to create the state of Israel as it is today. The Jews lost Israel because they rejected Christ so Israel is indeed their ancestral homeland (well sepherdic Jews at least). The Palestinians who we are told have been robbed from their lands are not indigenous to Palestine, the lands they claim are theirs. They are mostly of Jordanian and Saudi Arabian origin anyway, not Israeli origin that would entitle them to Palestine. I have been called a Zionist for pointing this out but it is a truth that we must accept. Israel is for Jews well at least until they repent their sins and return to God Almighty. Israel does not belong to the Arabs, Turks or anyone else.

      Likewise England belongs to no one else but the indigenous English.

      We need to stop listening to pro Arab guff spouted by leftists and the BBC and be consistent.


    2. Sorry that should have been Christopher Bollyn who wrote Solving 9/11 and then he and his family had to flee the US for Europe.

  6. +1 @Anonymous4 January 2018 at 15:29

    I thought there was in law the principle nemo dat quod non habet. Obviously that didn't apply in the case of "gifting" Israel to its (largely) new occupants (just as it seems not to apply to interest-bearing credit masquerading as money in our broken system).
    If the Rothschilds much-vaunted wealth were as awesome as it's made out to be, why didn't they just pay off / buy out the Palestinians and save 70 years of genocide and war?

  7. I agree with blogger one, Jews are not the friends of the English and support the British state to keep them in power, they hate the Germanic folks and Germany, Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands and Denmark, Sweden and Norway know this. I agree with David Duke's view on Palestine. If you are truly a party for the English you would retract this view.