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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tony Blair, the ghost of 'Prime Minister’s Past', comes out of the cupboard to frighten us over Brexit!

Tony Blair, the ghost of 'Prime Minister’s Past', comes out of the cupboard to frighten us over Brexit!

I was interested in the coverage over last weekend of Tony Blair’s foray in the Brexit debate. All the commentators and papers seem to be reporting that he is very much “yesterday’s man” and that nobody was listening to what he had to say. I thought that was an interesting deflection from the likely purpose of his intervention.

The first thing that we need to bear in mind and accept about Tony Blair is that he remains one of the slickest British political operators of recent times. The idea that he has completely lost his touch at his age is frankly incredible.

So what was he trying to achieve? Well for a start the “people” that he was calling on to “rise up” were not you or I. He was, no doubt, focussed on supporting his old friends Peter Mandelson and Peter Hains and the motley crew of Europhile/Remainiac Lords to “rise up” and use their undemocratic position in the Upper Chamber of our legislature to block the democratic vote.

This is of course exactly the sort of thing that so-called “liberal democracy” is all about, whereby the institutions of the State have a role in preventing “we the People” from getting our way on anything which the British Political Establishment doesn’t think we ought to get our way on. This is normally done behind closed doors with an orchestrated effort by the mainstream media to bamboozle us in to thinking that it is done as a result of a mass demand, rather than just because of a small gang of elitists.

Given the decisive EU referendum result, that covert option is not open to Remainers.

Blair would have been well aware of this and has put himself up to be the “scapegoat” and “whipping boy” for those of us who do not like what he was saying, whilst at the same time emboldening the Remainers opposition in the House of Lords.

It is an often ignored part of politics that by standing up for what you believe in, you do embolden others to do the same. This works just as well for those of us in “insurgent” parties as for those in the Establishment.

I firmly believe that Blair’s behaviour is better explained by a calculated effort to take the flack and thus embolden more of a protractive Remainers’ battle in the House of Lords than would otherwise have happened.

We will have to see over the course of the next few weeks how effective that call has been!


  1. Tony Blair is not a 'Slick Politician'. As a now infamous Fabian and Zionist, he is an accepted member of the Global Elite.His personal political CV shows him to be a Warmonger and a Nation wrecker, liar and probable psychopath?

    To suggest Tony Blair's involvement in anything can embolden people is profoundly shocking! Given his horrendous track record, I would have thought him to be a walking, talking,extreme provocation,worthy of nothing less than our utter contempt!

    What the hell is it with politicians or political pundits and wannabes, that they can still hold this treacherous liar in esteem?

  2. In the Stoke by election, the anti-English Ukip wrapped itself in the English flag.
    There is a vacancy for a genuine nationalist party. Now that Ukip is on the slide, will the English Democrats step up to the mark?

    1. To be fair to Paul Nuttall, he at least supports the creation of an English Parliament with English First Minister, so if I lived in Stoke I would have voted for him.

      We saw the dog whistle happen politics again - UKIP was accused of being anti Islam so the Muslim vote turned out to vote for arch Anglophobe Snell.

      So Labour got a poor 7000 votes, UKIP and Tories 5500 each. So the anti Labour vote split itself up and allowed the Kalergist Snell hold the seat with the Islamic vote holding up the Labour vote.

      Democracy doesn't work in multi ethic states so if we are live alongside with other races and cultures we have to accept the end of democracy and totalitarian rule.

      What is happening is Labour voters are switching to the Tories and not UKIP because the Tories are seen as the lesser evil of the two. Many real Tories are switching to UKIP in order to support real conservative values. The Labour Party will just keep on drifting further towards more and more multiculturalism, Islamic inspired anti Semitism but importantly more Anglophobia and anti white racism.

      We need to vote tactically to remove the anglophobic jihadists at all costs.


  3. Whoopsie! Sadiq Khan, the hitherto impeccably PC Mayor of London is in trouble with certain left-wing circles for daring to suggest Scottish nationalism (the cuddly-wuddly, right-on PC nationalism so beloved of the Guardian) might be - you guessed it - racist! Yes, Mayor Khan is in trouble for applying the same standards to Scot Nats as is usually applied to their English counterparts.

    Mr Khan needs to learn to be a bit more of a hypocrite. He needs re-educating I think.

    1. Mr Khan knows that a borderless, multiculturalised Europe will give Islam the chance to sweep all before it. By the way, I have just learnt that it was not the Poles who stopped the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna but the Hungarians. Orban knows this and will resist them again. That so aware of his NWO backers, Southampton imam Mo Ansar has spelled it out; the non-white population will double by the end of the century and they need lebensraum and are going to turn Europe and North America into the third world to achieve this. He says the European population is stagnant; that is why we have a better standard of living than Pakistan. I will not be watching Channel 4's upcoming programme "Exceedingly British Muslims". I saw a man on a trailer say that they prefer British culture to that of Pakistan. Then why not introduce it to Pakistan, as Enoch Powell said?; rather than turning Britain into Pakistan. He may prefer British culture but many of his compatriots may not. And don't miss a rare chance to see the inside of Birmingham's central mosque!

  4. In 2007 I cheered the SNP victory over Labour however having seen the actions of the SNP I must admit that the SNP are equally as bad as Labour.

    The problem we have in England are the unpatriotic trio of Islamic jihadist Labour, European Unionist Liberal Democrats and Goldman Sachs Tory Party.

    It would have been better if Paul Nuttall won Stoke rather than the Tories winning Copeland.

    Labour voters are switching to the Tories if they are anti EU while europhiles are moving to the Lib Dems. All that is left IP N Labour are the islamists, jihadists and black supremacists.

    No one UKIP, EDP, BNP are allowed to sit in Westminster, the powers that be simply will not allow it at any cost. And Carswell is a plant inside UKIP.

    Perhaps Scottish independence will be the final blow to the multicultural enforcement state known as the UK.


  5. Is the CPS bent? There must be plenty of potential for a riveting article on THAT subject.

    - but it's a pussy pass for Bahar "#killallwhitemen" Mustafa; no prosecution still (nor ever will be)


    Durham University Law School Professor Thom "Brooks".
    Hint of "Welby" about him in the chops department

    Does he also agree with Alan Dershowitz that interrogations would be assisted by pushing needles under the fingernails of prisoners?

    "They bill you to kill you".