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Sunday, 12 February 2017



The BBC’s Freedom of Information specialist, Mr Martin Rosenbaum, has published an article which I produce below, in which he claims that the data shows that the poorer, less well-educated, or elderly “white” population voted more heavily for Leave than for Remain in the EU Referendum.

Although he does quote briefly Dominic Cummings who was the internet and data focussed campaign director of Vote Leave. Dominic Cummings says the better educated are more prone to irrational political opinions because they are more driven by fashion and by group mentality.

In effect Mr Rosenbaum dismisses this view since it does not suit his or the BBC’s agenda to acknowledge that in today’s England the better educated have been subjected to a more longer and more sustained effort to convert them to ensure that they emerge as left, liberal internationalists and far more likely to support the EU’s transnational statist agenda.

Mr Rosenbaum also ignores those analysts who have talked about “Clacton man” as being of the sort that he has characterising as Leave voters and also “Crawley man” who has higher education qualifications and is an aspirational, striving middle class person.

In my view however the most glaring failure of the article is so very typical of the BBC group mentality. This is over the question of what he calls “ethnicity”. The first point to make is that he has clearly made no effort to understand what the law means by the word “ethnicity”. This has been set out now for decades, clarified in the Mandla – v – Dowell-Lee [1983] UKHC7 case in the House of Lords Appeal Court, which in effect ruled that ethnicity was limited to self-identified sub-sets of a national racial group i.e. that Sikhs without any of their Sikh specific clothes or styles or equipment were indistinguishable from other North Indians, but because of their cultural markers and self-identification were an identifiable sub-set of North India and therefore an “Ethnicity”.

On this legal basis the English, for example, are an identifiable sub-set of British and therefore an ethnicity.

The English have also been specifically accepted by courts as a national identity, national origin, nationality and as a racial group.

Despite this long established legal position, Mr Rosenbaum uses the word ethnicity in a context which shows he has virtually nothing in the way of a definition behind the word except that they are perhaps non-“White”.

This leads him to the absurd position of talking about “Asian” as if they were all the same. So it is a monochrome world in which he cannot tell the difference between a Sikh, a Muslim, a Hindu, an Indian, a Pakistani, a Bangladeshi, a Gujarati, a Tamil etc! Nor does it seem that Mr Rosenbaum is able to tell the difference between the English, the Scottish or the Welsh. This leads him to ignore one of the key findings of the Ashcroft polls which was that of the top 30 Leave voting local authorities, 100% - that is every single one of them – were constituencies which had the highest proportion of people who responded to the 2011 Census stating that they were “English only”.

Isn’t it interesting and certainly typical of the BBC that its group think mentality even now still makes it impossible for it to understand or accept that the English had by and large and very sensibly realised that the EU was and is an enemy of “the very idea of England”?

So no Mr Rosenbaum. The English are not poor, stupid or uneducated, they are merely people who care for England and didn’t want to see England broken up into EU “Regions” and overwhelmed by unrestricted mass immigration from other parts of the EU. Also they don’t want or to be made to pay for the poor and economically failing parts of the EU - when we have got enough problems that need to be fixed before we can think about dealing with other people’s problems!

Here is the article:-

Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum

The BBC has obtained a more localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June.

This information provides much greater depth and detail in explaining the pattern of how the UK voted. The key findings are:

The data confirms previous indications that local results were strongly associated with the educational attainment of voters - populations with lower qualifications were significantly more likely to vote Leave. (The data for this analysis comes from one in nine wards)

The level of education had a higher correlation with the voting pattern than any other major demographic measure from the census

The age of voters was also important, with older electorates more likely to choose Leave

Ethnicity was crucial in some places, with ethnic minority areas generally more likely to back Remain. However this varied, and in parts of London some Asian populations were more likely to support Leave

The combination of education, age and ethnicity accounts for the large majority of the variation in votes between different places

Across the country and in many council districts we can point out stark contrasts between localities which most favoured Leave or Remain

There was a broad pattern in several urban areas of deprived, predominantly white, housing estates towards the urban periphery voting Leave, while inner cities with high numbers of ethnic minorities and/or students voted Remain

Around 270 locations can be identified where the local outcome was in the opposite direction to the broader official counting area, including parts of Scotland which backed Leave and a Cornwall constituency which voted Remain

Postal voters appear narrowly more likely to have backed Remain than those who voted in a polling station

The national picture


A statistical analysis of the data obtained for over a thousand individual local government wards confirms how the strength of the local Leave vote was strongly associated with lower educational qualifications.

Wards where the population had fewer qualifications tended to have a higher Leave vote, as shown in the chart. If the proportion of the local electorate with a degree or similar qualification was one percentage point lower, then on average the leave vote was higher by nearly one percentage point.

Using ward-level data means we can compare voting figures in this way to the local demographic information collected in the 2011 census. Of the main census statistics, this is the one with the greatest association with how people voted.

In statistical terms the level of educational qualifications explains about two-thirds of the variation in the results between different wards.

The correlation is strong, whether based on assessing graduate and equivalent qualifications or lower-level ones.

This ward-by-ward analysis covers 1,070 individual wards in England and Wales whose boundaries had not changed since the 2011 census, about one in nine of the UK's wards. We had very little ward-level data from Scotland, and none from Northern Ireland.

It should be noted, however, that many ward counts also included some postal votes from across the counting area, and therefore some variation between wards will have been masked by the random allocation of postal votes for counting. This makes the results less accurate geographically, but we can still use the information to explore broad national and local patterns.


Adding age as a second factor significantly helps to further explain voting patterns. Older populations were more likely to vote Leave. Education and age combined account for nearly 80% of the voting variation between wards.


Ethnicity is a smaller factor, but one which also contributed to the results. Adding that in means that now 83% of the variation in the vote between wards is explained. White populations were generally more pro-Leave, and ethnic minorities less so. However, there were some interesting differences between London and elsewhere.

The ethnic dimension is particularly interesting when examining the outliers on the graph that compares the Leave vote to levels of education.

wards in Birmingham illustrate the pattern of ethnic minority populations being more likely to support Remain.

There are numerous wards towards the bottom left of the graph where electorates with lower educational qualifications nevertheless produced low Leave and high Remain votes. This is where the link between low qualifications and Leave voting breaks down.

It turns out that these exceptional wards have high ethnic minority populations, particularly in Birmingham and Haringey in north London.

In contrast, there are virtually no dramatic outliers on the other side of the line, where comparatively highly educated populations voted Leave. Only one point on the graph stands out - this is Osterley and Spring Grove in Hounslow, west London, a mainly ethnic minority ward which had a Leave vote of 63%. While this figure does include some postal votes, they are not nearly enough to explain away this unusual outcome.

In fact, in Ealing and Hounslow, west London boroughs with many voters of Asian origin, the ethnic correlation was in the other direction to the national picture: a higher number of Asian voters was associated with a higher Leave vote.


This powerful link to educational attainment could stem from the lower qualified tending to feel less confident about their prospects and ability to compete for work in a competitive globalised economy with high levels of migration.

On the other hand some commentators see it as primarily reflecting a "culture war" or "values conflict", rather than issues of economics and inequality. Research shows that non-graduates tend to take less liberal positions than graduates on a range of social issues from immigration and multi-culturalism to the death penalty.

The former campaign director of Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, argues that the better educated are more prone to holding irrational political opinions because they are more driven by fashion and a group mentality.

Of course this assessment does not imply that Leave voters were almost all poorly educated and old, and Remain voters well educated and young. The Leave side obviously attracted support from many middle class professionals, graduates and younger people. Otherwise it couldn't have won.

While there was undoubtedly a lot of voting which cut across these criteria, the point of this analysis is to explore how different social groups most probably voted - and it is clear that education, age and ethnicity were crucial influences.

After these three key factors are taken into account, adding in further demographic measures from the census does little to increase the explanation of UK-wide voting patterns.

However, this does not reflect the distinctively more pro-Remain voting in Scotland, since we are short of Scottish data at this geographical level. It is clear as well that in a few specific locations high student numbers were also very relevant.

To a certain extent, using the level of educational qualifications as a measure combines both class and age factors, with working class and older adults both tending to be less well qualified.

But the association between education and the voting results is stronger than the association between social or occupational class and the results. This is still true after taking the age of the local population into account.

This suggests that voters with lower qualifications were more likely to back Leave than the better qualified, even when they were in the same social or occupational class.

The existence of a significant connection between Leave voting and lower educational qualifications had already been suggested by analysis of the published referendum results from the official counting areas.

The data we have obtained strengthens this conclusion, because voting patterns can now be compared to social statistics from the 2011 census at a much more detailed geographical level than by the earlier studies.

The BBC analysis is also consistent with opinion polling (for example, from Lord Ashcroft, Ipsos Mori and YouGov) that tried to identify the characteristics of Leave and Remain voters.

Local patterns

The data we have collected can be used to illustrate the sort of places where the Leave and Remain camps did particularly well: it is hard to imagine a more glaring social contrast than that between the deprived, poorly educated housing estates of Brambles and Thorntree in Middlesbrough, and the privileged elite colleges of Market ward in central Cambridge.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that most of the voting figures mentioned below also include some postal votes, so they should be treated as approximate rather than precise. It is also important to note that the examples are limited to the places for which we were able to obtain localised information, which was only a minority of areas. The rest of the country may well contain even starker instances.

Leave strongholds

Of the 1,283 individual wards for which we have data, the highest Leave vote was 82.5% in Brambles and Thorntree, a section of east Middlesbrough with many social problems. Ward boundaries have changed since the 2011 census, but in that survey the Thorntree part of the area had the lowest proportion of people with a degree or similar qualification of anywhere in England and Wales, at only 5%. And according to Middlesbrough council, the figure for the current Brambles and Thorntree ward is even lower, at just 4%.

Second highest was 80.3% in Waterlees Village, a poor locality within Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. This area has seen a major influx of East European migrants who have been doing low-paid work in nearby food processing factories and farms, with tensions between them and British residents.

Other wards with available data which had the strongest Leave votes were congregated in Middlesbrough, Canvey Island in Essex, Skegness in coastal Lincolnshire, and Havering in east London.

Remain strongholds

The highest Remain vote was 87.8% in Market ward in central Cambridge, an area with numerous colleges and a high student population, in a city which was strongly pro-Remain.

This was followed by Ashley ward (85.6%) in central Bristol, a district featuring ethnic diversity, gentrification and alternative culture.

Next highest was Northumberland Park (85.0%) in Haringey, north London, which has a substantial black population.

Other wards with available data which had the strongest Remain votes were generally located in Cambridge, Bristol and the multi-ethnic London boroughs of Haringey and Lambeth.

In the middle

The count for Ashburton in Croydon, south London, split 50-50 exactly, with both Leave and Remain getting 3,885 votes, but that did include some postal ballots.

Nationally representative

As for being nearest to the overall result, the combined count of Tulketh and University, neighbouring wards near the centre of Preston, was 51.92% for leave, very close to the UK wide figure of 51.89%. The individual ward of Barnwood in Gloucester had Leave at 51.94%. Both figures however contain some postal votes.

Given that a few councils provided even more detailed data down to the level of polling districts, it is possible to identify some very small localities that were nicely representative of the national picture.

The 527 voters in the neighbouring districts of Kirk Langley and Mackworth in Amber Valley in Derbyshire, whose two ballot boxes were counted together, produced a leave proportion of 51.99%. And this figure is not contaminated by any postal votes.

So journalists (or anyone else for that matter) who seek a microcosm of the UK should perhaps visit the Mundy Arms pub in Mackworth, the location for that district's polling station.

Similarly, the 427 voters in the combined neighbouring polling districts of Chiddingstone Hoath and Hever Four Elms to the south of Sevenoaks in Kent delivered a leave vote of 51.6% (again, without any postal votes).

Switching areas

The data obtained points to 269 areas of various sizes (wards, clusters of wards or constituencies) which had a different Leave/Remain outcome compared to the official counting area of which they were part.

This consists of 150 areas which backed Remain but were part of Leave-voting counting areas; and 119 in the other direction.

The detailed information therefore gives us an understanding of how the electorate voted which is more variegated than the officially published results.

Scotlandvoted to Remain - but some wards backed Leave, analysis shows

Every one of Scotland's 32 counting areas came down on the Remain side. Yet, despite the fact that most Scottish councils did not give us much detailed information, we can nevertheless identify a few smaller parts of the country which actually backed Leave.

A cluster of six wards in the Banff and Buchan area in north Aberdeenshire had a strong Leave majority of 61%. There is much local discontent within the fishing industry of this coastal district about the EU's common fisheries policy.

An Taobh Siar agus Nis, a ward at the northern end of the Isle of Lewis in Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles), also voted Leave, if very narrowly.

And at a smaller geographical level, in Shetland the 567 voters in the combined polling districts of Whalsay and South Unst had an extremely high Leave vote of 81%. The island of Whalsay is a fishing community, where EU rules have been controversial and in 2012 numerous skippers were heavily fined for major breaches of fishing quotas.


Ealing and Hounslow are neighbouring multi-ethnic boroughs in the west of London with large Asian populations, where - in contrast to the national picture - non-white ethnicity was associated with voting Leave, particularly in Ealing. Both boroughs shared a varied internal pattern of prosperous largely white areas voting strongly Remain, poorer largely white areas preferring Leave, and the Asian areas tending to be more evenly split.

Ealing voted 60% Remain, with Southfield ward hitting 76%, but in contrast the Southall wards which are over 90% ethnic minority were close to 50-50.

In Hounslow the richer wards in Chiswick in the east of the area voted heavily Remain (73%), but the poorer largely white wards at the opposite western end in Feltham and Bedfont voted Leave (64-66%). Osterley and Spring Grove was also 63% Leave, the highest Leave vote in any individual ward in the UK with a non-white majority for which we have data.

The south London borough of Bromley narrowly voted Remain. Those parts which did not do so by a significant margin were the Cray Valley wards, largely poor white working class areas; and Biggin Hill and Darwin wards, locations to the south which contain more open countryside and lie outside the built-up commuter belt.

In Croydon in south London, places which voted Leave by substantial amounts were New Addington and Fieldway, neighbouring wards with large council estates.

Other areas

Beyond the areas with the strongest backing for Leave and Remain, examining the detailed breakdown of votes in various places gives greater insight into the pattern of support for the two sides - as can be seen from the following examples.

In several places (for example, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Portsmouth) there was a strong contrast between the Leave-voting populations of large, rundown, predominantly white, housing estates in the urban periphery, versus Remain-voting populations in inner city areas with large numbers of ethnic minorities and sometimes students.

Birmingham had several wards with large Remain votes, although the city as a whole narrowly voted Leave. These pro-Remain wards tended to be the more highly educated, better off localities, or minority ethnic areas which strongly backed Remain despite low levels of educational qualifications. I have written about this before.

In Blackburn with Darwen, Bastwell ward had the highest Remain vote at 65%, compared to only 44% in the area as a whole. This ward has an ethnic minority proportion of over 90%. Other Blackburn wards which voted Remain were also ones with high minority populations.

Bradford voted to Leave (54%), but the area included some starkly contrasting places which went over 60% Remain: the prosperous, genteel, spa town of Ilkley, and strongly ethnic minority wards in the city, such as Manningham and Toller.

Bristol voted strongly Remain on the whole (62%), but there were some striking exceptions, particularly the large, deprived, mainly white estates to the south of the city. Hartcliffe and Withywood backed Leave at 67%. Similar neighbouring wards (Hengrove and Whitchurch Park, Filwood, Bishopsworth and Stockwood) also voted Leave, as did the more industrial area of Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston to the north west of the city.

As a county Cornwall voted to Leave. But one of its six parliamentary constituencies, Truro and Falmouth, voted 53% to Remain, possibly linked to a significant student population.

In Lincoln, which voted 57% to Leave, Carholme ward stands out as very different - it voted 63% to Remain. This ward includes Lincoln University, and 43% of the residents are students

Middlesbrough voted 65% to Leave. As already noted, it had several wards with extremely high leave votes of over 75%. But one ward, Linthorpe, voted very narrowly to Remain - a comparatively well-to-do inner suburb which includes an art college; and another ward, Central, which contains Teesside University, nearly did.

Mole Valley in Surrey exhibited a dramatic contrast between two neighbouring districts with very different demographics and housing. The highest Remain vote was in the very prosperous location of Dorking South, which voted 63% Remain, but the neighbouring ward of Holmwoods, dominated by large estates on the edge of the town of Dorking, voted 57% Leave, the area's highest Leave vote.

Nottingham voted narrowly to Leave, but the inner city ward of Radford and Park voted 68% Remain. This has both a comparatively high proportion of ethnic minorities and considerable numbers of students from two nearby universities. There was a lot of variation within the area. Bulwell - a market town to the north of the city with many social problems - voted 69% Leave

There was also a high Leave vote in the housing estate locations of the Clifton wards in the south of Nottingham.

Oldham voted to Leave at 61%, but Werneth, the city ward with the highest ethnic minority population, voted Remain (57%). Other wards with high minority populations also voted Remain.

central wards in Oxford had high Remain votes

In Oxford the cluster of polling districts which included Blackbird Leys and other deprived estates on the southern edge of the city voted to Leave at 51%. In contrast the central areas containing colleges, university buildings and student accommodation voted to Remain at over 80%.

Plymouth voted 60% Leave, but Drake ward which includes the university had the city's highest Remain vote at 56%.

Portsmouth was another place with wide variation. Paulsgrove ward, with its large estate on the edge of the city, had the highest Leave vote at 70%, whereas at the other end of the spectrum Central Southsea, an inner city ward and student area, voted 57% Remain.

Rochdale voted 60% Leave. The place which bucked this trend by voting 59% Remain, Milkstone and Deeplish, was the most predominantly ethnic minority ward. Central Rochdale had the second highest Remain vote and is the other ward that is mainly not white.

Walsall voted strongly Leave (68%). The only ward which voted Remain, Paddock, is both a comparatively prosperous and multi-ethnic locality.

The most local data

A few councils released their data at remarkably localised levels, down even to individual polling districts (ie ballot boxes) in the case of Blackburn with Darwen and Bracknell Forest, or clusters of two/three/four districts, in the case of Amber Valley, Brentwood, Sevenoaks, Shetland, South Oxfordshire, and Tewkesbury.

This provides very local and specific data, in some cases just for neighbourhoods of hundreds of voters.

At its most detailed this reveals that the 110 people who cast their votes in the ballot box at St. Alban's Primary School in central Blackburn split 56-52 in favour of Remain, with two spoilt papers.

It also discloses stark contrasts in some neighbouring locations. The 953 people who voted at Little Harwood community centre in north Blackburn had a Leave vote of only 31%, while the 336 electors who voted in the neighbouring ballot box at Roe Lee Park primary school produced a Leave percentage over twice as high, at 64%.

Postal votes

The very detailed data we obtained also provides some rare evidence on the views of postal compared to non-postal voters. Campaign strategists have often deliberated on whether the two groups vote differently and should be given separate targeted messages.

Most places mixed boxes of postal and non-postal votes for counting, so generally it's not possible to draw comparative conclusions. However there were a few exceptions which recorded them separately, or included a very small number of non-postal votes with the postals.

These figures indicate that postal voters were narrowly less likely to back Leave than voters in polling stations. Data covering five counting areas with about 260,000 votes shows that in these places the roughly one in five electors who voted by post backed Leave at 55.4%, one percentage point lower than the local non-postal support for Leave of 56.4%.

The counting areas involved are Amber Valley, East Cambridgeshire, Gwynedd, Hyndburn and North Warwickshire.

The data

Since the referendum the BBC has been trying to get the most detailed, localised voting data we could from each of the counting areas. This was a major data collection exercise carried out by my colleague George Greenwood.

We managed to obtain voting figures broken down into smaller geographical units for 178 of the 399 referendum counting areas (380 councils in England, Wales and Scotland, with a separate tally in Gibraltar, while in Northern Irelandresults were issued for the 18 constituencies).

This varied between data for individual local government wards, wards grouped into clusters, and constituency level data. In a few cases the results supplied were even more localised than ward level. Overall the extra data covers a wide range of different areas and kinds of councils across the UK.

Electoral returning officers are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act, so releasing the information was up to the discretion of councils. While some were very willing, in other cases it required a lot of persistence and persuasion.

Some councils could not supply any detailed data because they mixed all ballot boxes prior to counting; some did possess more local figures but simply refused to disclose them to us. Others did provide data, but the combinations in which ballot boxes were mixed before counting were too complex to fit ward boundaries neatly.

A few places such as Birmingham released their ward by ward data following the referendum on their own initiative, but in most cases the information had to be obtained by us requesting it directly, and sometimes repeatedly, from the authority.

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  1. I is more a case of being cowed and schooled than educated, particularly with regard to the humanities.

  2. We the older generation know what it was like not to be dictated by the likes of the EU, we have seen first hand the difference to self rule and it is a better outlook for our nation.

  3. That the BBC should be privatised is long overdue. The BBC is liberal / left biased, anti right, anti Brexit, pro immigrant, pro EU, pro homosexual self serving bunch of overpaid leftists we can do without. The highest paid female is Clare Baldwin !! This is the person who attended the Olympics representing the BBC with another woman she introduced as her husband. Only one of many sexual deviants at the BBC.
    Time to close the BBC in it's present form. We will then see how many of these overpaid nonentities can get employment in the open market.

  4. MPs still think the general public are stupid, too:

    'Told you'.

  5. To those of us born in the early 1950s, this is a very distressing read. I wonder what Churchill who, as Krishnan Guru-Murthy took pleasure in repeating to his grandson, Nicholas Soames, said "Keep Britain White", would make of it? I am pleased that President Trump has retrieved his bust from the attic where Obama had shoved it and given it back its prime position in the White House. You and I are both very well educated men, Robin, so why are we bucking the trend? I am a member of a German conversation group. I possibly have less money than most of the group. There were only two of us who had voted Brexit, the other had relations in Hartlepool. The shock of the others in the group when we revealed what we had done was immense. Yes, they were all well educated; but to me it is all like the Emperor's new clothes syndrome. They are all terrified of breaking away from, as you say, Robin, group think. They think that to be liberal and internationalist is the only position to hold if you have scraped a degree. How does this tally with the brilliant intellect of the likes of Enoch Powell? As my wife says, the very well educated mostly don't have much common sense. The sad thing is that the ordinary English working man and woman, who have been the chief victims of the globalism of the arrogant and stupid liberal so called educated elites, do have and are not afraid to show that they have given the luxury of a secret ballot. I have decided that those who have been lucky to be educated to degree standard have also acquired a degree of arrogance and snobbery which makes them feel themselves better than those who haven't whilst reserving the right to dictate to the latter and control the country to their detriment.

    However, I have also decided that the really bright complete the circle, and reach a point where they can share the common sense of the broad working masses. It is distressing that the so-called educated have swallowed unworkable and destructive ideologies whilst being incapable of taking into account the human nature that would ensure that such ideologies failed. This is especially true on the Left where any form of Marxism has been shown to come unstuck because it fails to acknowledge human nature. The Russians had communism imposed on them and were forced to endure it until it had lasted its course. Russia now refuses to go along with the one world internationalist agenda. This is why such a massive attack is being launched against her. Those, like the EU elites, who refuse to abandon the goal of world federalism accuse Russia Today of spreading anti-EU and anti-globalist propaganda but all Russia is doing is to capture the opinions of the mass of Europeans ignored by the elites. The EU and other globalists blame Russia for what is going on but if these blind ideologues actually talked to their electorates and listened to the people they would learn that the real enemy of the people is not Russia but the elites themselves who refuse to accept that their world vision is over and the people are determined to confine it to the history books.

  6. Jon Bercow has just made a state visit to Israel, his ancestral or spiritual home whose Jewish inhabitants have to undergo a dna test to make sure they are 100% kosher Jewish before being allowed to settle there. And yet Mr Bercow tells us that he voted Remain and that he is against "nationalism" and presumably the natives of England. Presumably he is in favour of nationalism for Zionist Jews but not for the English.

    We learnt yesterday that NATO when it came into existence undertook to preserve Europe's freedom, culture and civilisation. During the time that it has been around, the EU and the liberal internationalist establishment have destroyed all of these. The EU is a dictatorship in which to question the liberal internationalist agenda and the Coudenhove Kalergi plan makes you a Neo-nazi and a hate preacher and liable to be imprisoned. Europe's white Christian culture is on the verge of collapse through mass immigration from the global south. In fact, Trump advisor, Steve Bannon has said that Judaeo Christian civilisation is in crisis. But NATO is too busy portraying white Christian Russia as the enemy rather than worrying that they have eschewed the reasons for which they were set up.

    As for Bannon, with the deep state in America and Europe labelling anybody who wants to make peace with Russia and China rather than fight a war with them as Hillary Clinton would have done, as a Russian agent, his days, like those of Mike Flynn are now numbered. And now Macron, the French presidential candidate backed by the establishment and the Rothschilds is claiming that Russia has hacked into its computers as well. This is all to discredit Marine le Pen who told an interviewer that the Russians never did invade Crimea but were stationed there already under an agreement with Kiev. These enemies of the people who are peddling anti-Russian hysteria have one aim, to ensure that it is business as usual where war and rumours of war are concerned as so many in the West's establishment are cashing in on it as the bankers and arms manufacturers have for at least two hundred years. The Rothschilds were payrolling and arming both sides in the Napoleonic Wars.

  7. A report issued from a security conference in Munich has concluded that the "West" has ceded its position of power and influence to other areas of the globe, some of which may be authoritarian rather than "liberal and democratic".

    Perhaps if the West or Europeans had stuck to nationalism and protecting their own borders and native populations rather than espousing internationalist liberalism and all the tenets of the Frankfurt School of Marxism, especially that with aimed to destroy national identity through mass immigration, then it would still be strong and capable of giving a moral lead. The West has destroyed itself for the enrichment of the few and for the infantile ideology of the so-called educated elite, to the detriment of the many who never opted to nor were given the chance to oppose the path that their leaders had chosen for them. The irony is that the West itself is now authoritarian or Marxist fascist, talking endlessly of freedom and democracy but denying both to those in their countries who just wanted the right to live with their own peoples and "cultures" on their home soil. The BBC's brainwashing agenda as it continues to lead the West on its down the road to self-immolation is becoming so blatant that it is laughable. Watching "Further back in time" last night, the reason for their choosing a family in which the mother was Jewish became obvious when they reached 1936. It was so they could blast the multicultural horn again by making great play of the Battle of Cable Street and Jewish culture. This was underlined by the appearance at their front door immediately afterwards of Ainsley Harriot of "afro-Caribbean heritage". They must think that we were born yesterday. But it is because we have known another older England that we can see through it. Those who were born yesterday cannot see that they are being manipulated into accepting their own destruction.

    But there is an interesting and perhaps decisive event on the horizon. It is rumoured that 1m ex-pats are seeking to come home after Brexit. Will they be treated as refugees and excluded or only allowed in in penny numbers? And if they are allowed back in then how are social services, housing service and the NHS to cope with more aging English? Globalism assumed that people would forever wander from country to country like cattle on the range. But they never thought out what would happen if or when globalism came to and end and it was time for everybody to return home.

  8. The organization 'Hope not Hate' has just recently published its latest annual special report into extremism in Britain and Europe.The title of this report is 'State of HATE 2017'.

    The English Democrats (page22) are one amongst many of the so called "Right Wing HATE groups " identified in the report.

    Robin! Question!-"Do you intend to obtain a copy of this freely available report, with the possibility of giving your opinion on its content?"

    Is it not time the English Democrats,either on its own, or along with other likewise organizations, produced an annual report exposing the hard extreme left,which would include 'Hope not Hate'.

    1. Hope not Hate is probably now on its way out as the West rejects the world-wide federalist Marxist superstate infantile people like them have tried to impose on us. The Marxist BBC made a laughable attempt to perpetuate it in their documentary against Russian football hooligans last night. They tried to link the hooligans to the Russian state. The BBC is funded by the EU and I sense the hand of the government in this documentary as well. The internationalist and globalist elites have met their Waterloo with Brexit and Trump and populist parties on the Continent and they are determined to paint anybody who is opposed to globalism as a Russian agent. Trump has shown that we can all live together in peace and he is determined to prove it but that would be a disaster for the armaments industry and firms like Google who make a fortune off providing governments with the means to spy on their own peoples because they have destroyed the old homogeneous nation states and introduced extremism. It is obvious now that they are aiming to take the World Cup away from Russia next year. The last thing they want is for people from all over the world to go to Russia and discover that Russians are not all like Ivan the Terrible (just another 16th century psychopath like Henry the Eighth) but are amongst the most warm, friendly and hospitable people on the planet. I was struck by the fact that you could not tell the Russians and the English apart, adding to the theory by Bede that the Scythians from the Russian Steppes were amongst the first people from the East to settle in these Islands. And Enoch Powell said that Russia and England are natural allies. But like Jack Straw's English, the Russians are are a potentially violent people! The Russians now feel themselves under massive attack in much the same way the English did in the 1970s before they were forced into silence. Hence, the same outburst of football hooliganism. The Russians took their lead from the English and obviously think more of them than our better behaved continental cousins.

      And now we hear that the institutionally racist Metropolitan Police Force taser more black and mixed race people than white, whilst France is in turmoil because of a police attack on a black immigrant and America continues to be torn apart by white/ethnic minority tensions and police "aggression". All point to the fact that the Marxist multicultural experiment is in melt-down.

      And there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. The Danish People's part, have, quite rightly, been condemned for putting fake plane tickets through the doors of migrants inviting them to fly home. Iben Thranholm and the always chipper Southampton imam Mo Ansar locked horns over this one on RT.

      Mo in his usual show of colonist arrogance asked why Europeans should expect Europe to remain white and Christian. The European population is stagnant ( or rather Europeans have chose to limit their families to achieve a decent standard of living and protect the planet ) whilst Mo told us that the populations of China, Africa and the Middle East are going to double before the end of the century. I thought that India and his probable ancestral home of Pakistan were going to do the same. So much like the colonial Europeans and the Native Americans, Mo is telling the Native Europeans to step aside and provide lebensraum for the overbreeding global south. Europe is the most fertile continent on the planet and can undoubtedly feed itself should the need arise. But Mo obviously thinks that all those fertile acres should be built over - especially here as those "children" who have returned to Calais expect - so that they can abandon their own countries instead of looking at why Europe is so successful
      ( colonialism is long gone ) and turn their own continents into replicas of Europe, firstly by visiting the doctor's for some much needed advice about contraception!!

  9. Tony Blair has incited the people to rise up against Brexit. As has been pointed out, he is asking them to go against democracy; but then he never really believed in that, merely doing what the NWO paid him to do or blackmailed him into doing.

    I suggest that the people rise up against Tony Blair - a poll shows that 14% support him and 75% oppose him on everything. He should then be hauled physically before the bar of the House of Commons as Southend mp David Amess suggested and tried for Iraq and then slung in clink for the rest of his natural - or unnatural - life. The NWO seem to want to start a civil war everywhere in the white world so why should we not resort to the tactics that were used against Charles the First. According to what I have been told, Hillary and Obama and no doubt George Soros are working full-time to get Trump removed and/or start a civil war of the Left on his supporters in the US.

    1. I do believe you. The so called left wants to start civil wars in the west. No doubt the mosques are full of weapons. However when push comes to shove I don't think the left have the bottle or the stomach for a real fight, but perhaps they know their days are numbered anyway.

      Many Muslims have told us that they would leave as soon as a left right civil war starts, and we thought they claimed to be warriors. A Muslim told me their strategy was to leave the west as soon as the left right civil war starts, then come back after the war is over and claim everything for themselves.

      So who is really behind inciting civil war? Islamists? Leftists? NWO? Or are they all the same?

      The patriotic non left are angry and probably the most determined and capable of the two sides, but we lack the weapons.

      The left may start with most ruthlessness, but very quickly the patriotic non leftist side will gain the upper hand. The leftists will in the heat of battle realise that they are not up for it and want peace.

      The leftists like afro Asiatics are experts at deception, infiltration and subversion, but it is only now that we have seen them for what they are - white hating afro Asian supremacists.

      The left will lose big time and the Muslims will stay out much to the annoyance of the left.


  10. In reply to Anon 17 Feb 2017 15:36, specifically with regard to the opening sentence, which I will quote,highlighting those areas I disagree with in capitols.
    "Hope not Hate is probably now on its way out as the WEST REJECTS the world wide federalist Marxist superstate INFANTILE PEOPLE like them HAVE TRIED to impose on us" Unquote.
    Leaving the WEST REJECTS to last,I will begin with INFANTILE PEOPLE. INFANTILE!!-REALLY!! Are you being serious? I have no idea where you live but where I live Hope not Hate is anything but infantile.I know this as FACT!! I personally,have been at the receiving end of both their and other Extremist Hard Left harassment,violence, psychological break ins and property damage since 2007.Hope not Hate is led and backed up by some very serious dangerous ADULTS! Adults, that include, by the way,nationals of countries other than GB.
    "HAVE TRIED to impose on us"-TRIED !! REALLY!! They have not TRIED ! They damn well HAVE IMPOSED IT ON US ! That is why we are in this appalling mess!That begs the question as to when, if ever, will we make a proper pushback against these Nation Destroyers?
    Finally, to suggest that that the WEST REJECTS the world wide federalist Marxist superstate is rather premature is it not, given the current anti Brexit, Trump backlash by the psychopathic Globalists and their myriad of proxies that include of course Hope not Hate.The rejection process has only just started.The English Democrats need to be at the forefront of a great and effective pushback against the insufferable Extreme Left!

    1. By infantile I meant that they lack all adult logic. They exist in what I call a dog whistle world where certain buzz words send them into a frenzy of hate and violence. Meanwhile, those who act out of reasons of logic and consider human nature, natural tribalism, the nation state, the diversity of nations just have to keep quiet for fear of being beaten to a pulp. They are mostly young, idealistic but ultimately misguided. The saddest ones though are those who have not advanced from such adolescent thinking and are still getting into a frenzy about "racism" when drawing their old age pensions. UKIP MEP Ray Finch said on RT last night that their globalist ideology had failed and the populists were capturing the anger of the silent majority who did not demonstrate or beat up the opposition but once given the chance turned out in millions to vote for what they had long dreamed of, the chance to say no. Finch also implied that the petition to bar Trump had achieved its millions of votes through technological assistance!!

      Perhaps best of all was the EDs' own Winston Mackenzie on RT this morning who said that George Barda and his ilk were a load of pansies who, in Trump, had come across a real man and they couldn't handle it.

      As regards who are really the puppet masters behind the Left, look no further than such as George Soros. When "demonstrators" engaged in an orgy of looting and burning at Berkeley campus the world assumed that these were the students. We now learn that those who had invited the speaker from Breitbart had had to pay for 120 police to control things. All of a sudden 1200 outsiders arrived to wreak havoc and the police were powerless. These are paid rentamobs, all part of the civil wars that the NWO is planning for Europe and the US. However, as Francis has said, when the Silent Majority really turn then Winston's load of pansies will meet their Waterloo. That day is getting ever closer all over the hitherto white world.

      Sadiq Khan told an interviewer that Trump is a danger to diversity. Firstly, which white country ever chose diversity? Diversity for Khan means bringing in millions possibly billions more of his fellow Muslims into Europe. But more importantly, if he so loves diversity then how about telling his Pakistani grandparents and their fellow countrymen that he is desperate to make Pakistan diverse as well? Diversity only seems to be ok for Europeans. Oh, and by the way, Michael Fallon has told us that unless we send more troops to Afghanistan then that state will collapse and four million healthy young Afghan men will be heading for Europe. It makes you wonder if this is what the War on Terror was all about. To destroy Muslim countries so that they would flee to Europe or come to Europe to seek revenge for the ills inflicted on their compatriots by "Christians".

      The oddest thing is that Trump is pursuing a foreign policy aimed at healing the rifts between the West and Russia and China and giving us peace for the first time in my lifetime. But does the Left welcome this; no because it is Trump. And the irony is that Hillary or Killery would have launched WW3 and they would have not complained because she is a "liberal" and a "democrat". I heard one black mp last night saying that American blacks are cowering before Trump. And yet it will be him who gives them back their jobs, their dignity and their security, whilst Obama lost them their jobs and their homes and turned the police on them whilst Michelle apparently feathered the Obamas' nest stealing 13b dollars of American taxpayers' money. Trump has sent her the bill demanding repayment. When American blacks find this out I wonder what will happen. I worked with a lady who had lived in Rhodesia and her black maid begged her and her fellow whites not to leave as she said that there is none so cruel as a black to a black. If I was the Obamas, therefore, I would be getting a trifle edgy.

    2. Don't worry Anon 21/2/17 @14:40.

      Black people ARE waking up or at least the intelligent ones are. Had a white person posted such an article he would be hunted down like a fox.The question is what are the left going to do when this becomes viral


  11. Must watch videos for the English Democrat Community.

    1)YouTube--Title:-'What will it take for Europeans (English) to push back? Source:-Blonde in the belly of the beast.
    2)YouTube--Title;-The Deep State Emergence is Proof our Elections Mean Nothing! Source-Truths Media.
    3)YouTube--Title-Everything George Soros Doesn't Want You to Know. Source-Pamela Sue.
    4) YouTube-Title--Viktor Orbans Review of 2016 full speech-Source-Vlad Tepesblog! Speech made in late Jan 2017.

    The English Democrats need to be a High Information Community, to be effective in any pushback enterprise!

  12. My last post calling the international socialist Left the Internazis has not yet appeared, as they pursue the Coudenhove Kalergi plan for interracial fusion and the white holocaust. For the new Egyptians subsitute Aryans and for the Jewish holocaust substitute the Caucasian holocaust and for pugilistic brown shirts substitute red shirts and you will get my point. Hence, I was pleased to hear Nigel Farage make just this point when speaking at a college the other evening, speaking of the illiberal liberal Left and stating that it is they who are now the fascists, all in connection with the hysteria surrounding the planned visit to England by Trump. I am assuming the worst in today's by-elections today - I know the Copeland candidate personally - in the hope of being pleasantly surprised. I adopted the same approach on 23rd June last year.

    And our old friend Mo Ansar from Southampton has been at it again, this time in a battle with the EDs' own Graham Moore. I think it is time that somebody had him arrested for making a hate speech as he continues to press for the colonisation by the brown races of european countries or those of european settlement. Mo said that of the world's 7b people 6b were black/brown - I think he is including the "yellow" races so I don't know how they feel about that! And he told us again that non-whites were going to double in number by the end of the century and will need somewhere to expand into so that will have to be white countries. If they number 12b by then then we are talking of billions expecting to settle in Europe and North America and Australasia. As he said, Europe cannot expect to remain white and Christian. I sense a hidden Islamic expansion agenda there also.

    Surely the English Democrats could have him up in court for preaching Non-European colonisation of European countries. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    But I sense that this will never happen and if it does then it will be deemed to be the fault of Europeans for their programmes of expansion in previous centuries.

    Finally, there has been much mocking of Donald Trump for speaking of a terrorist incident in Sweden "which never happened". It now transpires that this may have been the planting of a bomb by a "far right" group at an asylum centre. This was then followed by a further night of burning and looting in the immigrant suburb of Stockholm called Rinkeby. The bomb incident has been supressed but in view of the fact that a "far right" extremist has been up in court in Bradford for planning to plant a pipe bomb there it is now obvious that things are going to turn very nasty all over Europe as Powell predicted. There is talk of the formation of anti-immigrant militias and I predict that the countries of Eastern Europe would be ready to supply mercenaries for them. As one blogger on the DM comments column once said, "It will all end in tears"; but anybody with an ounce of common sense in contrast to the starry eyed ideologues of the Left knew it would. Hitler in his final hours could have told you it as well!!