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Tuesday, 28 February 2017



February 23rd 2017 was, accordingly to Katie Hopkins, “The day that UKIP died”! As you can see from her scorching prose on this link >>> KATIE HOPKINS on the day Britain became a one party state | Daily Mail Online

In my view Paul Nuttall started his campaign for the Westminster Parliamentary By-election for Stoke Central (or “Brexit Central” as he unwisely called it), with a positive message about being English and proud of it, but he then did nothing about the English question at all in the election. 

Instead he got totally blown off course with a series of controversies over various inaccurate claims. The result was that his campaign was a defensive one. That is the sort of campaign that you can fight if you are the incumbent. However to stand any chance of success as an “insurgent”, as Nigel Farage rightly pointed out in the UKIP Spring Conference, a campaign has got to be both positive and edgy!

There also seems to have been a failure to fully analyse both UKIP’s and Paul Nuttall’s strengths and weaknesses with regards this campaign. There was also a failure to fully understand the Labour opposition. In particular, there was a total failure to understand the role of Labour’s various Third Party Campaign front groups (such as the appalling and extremist “Hope Not Hate”) and the role that they play, not only in attacking their opponents in a way that doesn’t damage their candidate whilst they are doing it, but also it vastly increases the amount that can legally be spent on the campaign by those supporting Labour.

The outcome on the 23rd, on a dismal turnout from the 62,250 constituents of Stoke Central, was that 7,853 voted Labour (as compared with 12,220 who voted Labour in the General Election 2015).

By contrast UKIP only managed 5,233 as opposed to the 7,041 that voted for UKIP in the General Election. This is UKIP at their high watermark with their party just having achieved both a referendum and a Brexit vote and with Article 50 not having yet been activated. In order to win they only needed to have hung on to all those who voted for them in the General Election and gained a mere 813 extra people, out of the 79% that voted for Brexit in the EU referendum.

Instead of which their actual vote dropped by 1,808 votes. This was when UKIP had put up their Leader. No doubt therefore they have also put their organisational and financial best efforts in trying to win the seat. No doubt also UKIP spent the full £100,000 on the campaign that is allowed under electoral law.

On that same day of the result in Stoke, in Copeland, there was a still more dismal result for UKIP in which their vote in the General Election of 6,148 dropped to 2,025, below even the Liberal Democrats!

By contrast Theresa May and the Conservative strategy for these by-elections was completely successful. They have got an extra sensible sounding MP and humiliated Labour in Copeland, further undermining Jeremy Corbyn’s standing with the Parliamentary Labour Party.

They have a new Labour MP for Stoke who will be nothing but trouble for Jeremy Corbyn once he is in Parliament, but the result allows Corbyn a life-line so that he continues as Labour’s Leader.

The icing on the cake must however be to have lured Paul Nuttall and UKIP onto the rocks. I noticed that Esther McVey was rolled out, when Paul Nuttall was considering whether to stand, to say that she thought that if he stood he would get elected and various other Conservative figures said similar things, thus no doubt encouraging him to follow the rash course of standing.

In doing so Paul had, I think, taken insufficient notice of the fact that the Conservative leadership were aware at least six weeks before of Tristram Hunt’s intention to step down. This is because both the Culture Secretary and Theresa May herself were involved in signing off on him being able to take the job at the Victoria and Albert Museum. That six weeks was reportedly used by the Conservatives to leaflet and canvass the constituency unrestrained by any limitation on electoral spending.

No doubt this was done with the clear objective of ensuring that the Conservative vote held up enough to wreck UKIP’s chances of winning the seat by taking votes off the Conservatives.

The Conservative leadership has thus achieved the double success, that of seriously damaging both Labour and UKIP and of leaving both of their leaders badly damaged but attempting to struggle on.

A footnote to the campaign in Stoke is that the BNP, which used to have councillors in Stoke and was in contention to win the Elected Mayoralty, only managed 124 votes!


  1. Tristram Hunt stepped down not Jeremy.

  2. Paul Nuttall, what an idiot? He couldn't put the ball into an open goal. When he said on television that Paul Nuttall was not going anywhere, and that Ukip is not going anywhere, he was quite right. Ukip is finished. Why arent disillusioned Ukip supporter flocking to join the English Democrats, the only party which speaks for England?

  3. The bitter recriminations which have broken out between the left and the right factions within Ukip, as reflected in today's Telegraph, show that the party is in its death throes.
    If the English Democrats cannot persuade Douglas Carswell, Suzanne Evans and Patrick O'Flynn, etc., over to the only party speaking for England, something is wrong with them.

  4. The BNP only managed 124 votes. How many did the English Democrats manage?

  5. Robin

    I know UKIP are not EDP but there's one the establishment relies upon - the squabbling of different Nationalist groupings and I include UKIP even though they are libertarian not Nationalist.

    I agree with you that it was the Tory Party who won Stoke for Labour. The Tories know that UKIP and EDP successes spell their demise just as SNP successes in Scotland destroyed Labour in Scotland. Throughout the 1980s the Scottish Labour Party had no interest in helping the Tories in SNP Tory battlegrounds, in fact many were quite happy to help the SNP and the result twenty years later is an SNP landslide. I dislike the SNP over its interference in English affairs. You see the Tories saw the long game .... that Labour must be kept as their main opponent at all costs and to kill off UKIP for good.

    The only way we can deal with the party of Goldman Sachs is to ensure that rival Nationalist parties not only stand ONE Nationalist candidate per constituency but also help the standing Nationalist candidate win votes from all Nationalist voters. The DUP and UUP did this with much success in NI often resulting in unionist MPs representing Republican majority seats.


    1. I can see how the two Ulster Scots nationlist parties (DUP and UUP) might have got together to beat the Irish nationalist party (Sinn Fein), but I don't see how that has anything to with the anti-English party Ukip and the nationalist party, the English Democrats.

    2. Ukip are the most dangerous enemy of English nationalism. And Scottish, Irish, Ulster Scottish and Welsh nationaiism, too. So are the BNP.
      English nationalists have to first defeat both anti-English parties, BNP and Ukip, before they can hope to challenge Labour or the Tories.
      In Stoke Central, Nuttall and Ukip dishonestly wrapped themselves in the ENGLISH flag, not in their true colours, the union rag.

  6. With Ukip imploding and tearing itself apart after its
    Stoke Central fiasco presided over by the lord of misrule,clown Paul Nuttall, will the English Democrats be standing a candidate in the Manchester seat of veteran MP Gerald Kaufman whose death has been announced?

  7. UKIP had the right message for a old Labour working class area such as Stoke but did not get the message across. The idea of a English parliament elected by PR & reform of the HL is the right one for the following reason.
    Brexit has changed the political dynamic of Governance in the UK. A English Parliament of some sort will have to happen otherwise UK level Governance will be overwhelmed with the extra responsibilities of things like Trade Negotiation, Maritime & Fisheries, Consumer legislation etc coming back from Brussels.
    England needs government time on All England - England only matters like Health, Social Care, the Environment which a UK level government cannot give.
    UKIP, Labour & your party the English Democrats should be now pushing for an All England tier of Governance like never before as a matter of urgency post Brexit. The fact that all three parties seem to be in a mess is not doing the job of English Governance any favours.
    I know you support English independence but that did not stop the SNP pushing for a devolved settlement for Scotland.
    UKIP has got the right message for working class England on a English Parliament it just needs to get it across. "A All English tier of Governance is vital for public services in England particularly the NHS." That's the message.
    Labour & the English Democrats both should be saying the same.

    1. "Ukip has the right message for working England class on a English Parliament". Really? What? "You're not going to have one, whatever some people in Ukip might think".
      The only party which is honestly talking about an all-England Parliament is the English, because they have no vested interest in the UK continuing to exist unlike Ukip and the other unionist parties, Conservative, Labour and the Lib Dems, if they still exist.

    2. Harold, your right. The UK government will be tied up for years with the Brexit negotiations and everything else will go to pot.
      There has to be an English Parliament now, if not before, or we're stuffed.

  8. The SNP did it in Scotland, but I doubt if Robin and the English Democrats' NEC have it in them to make their party electable in traditional working class areas by becoming more Labour than Labour.

    1. Anon. There was no Hope Not Hate, UAF or Searchlight attacking the SNP so they had an easy platform unlike us in England who are called racists for simply wanting self government.

      Whether this changes I don't know but the Kalergists failed to deal with the SNP, while some say the SNP are Kalergists themselves.

      The Labour Party you are talking about is the patriotic Labour Party before the infiltration of the self loathing anglophobes. Labour doesn't have a good track record in England since the 1940's.

      Yes economically we need to be to the left of Labour but in terms of race, culture and national identity we need to be to the right of UKIP putting England and its indigenous people and culture first.


  9. Robin, I have contacted Stephen Morris about the fact that our local libraries have barred access to this blog because it is deemed to be "adult". I am eagerly awaiting some hard porn! I am hoping that Stephen will get in touch with my County Council. However, I see that access to the Lib Dems blog has been barred also for being a forum blog? It looks as if somebody has pushed a few wrong buttons!

    Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen has just been stripped of her parliamentary immunity in the EU parliament for tweeting a video of a European being beheaded by ISIL when a journalist accused her of being as bad as them. She said "this is ISIS" i.e. I don't do things like that. It seem perfectly reasonable but not to the lunatics of the European Left. I am sure she will contest it through the courts but the NWO and the EU are now desperate to stop her from winning and taking France out of the EU and the euro as they know that if she does then both are finished. But the Left Liberal NWO are targeting anybody who is not socialist or ex-socialist or backed by the multinationals or bankers like Macron.

    Our television channels and the BBC in particular are now being bombarded with diversity plus. We are being asked to willingly suspend disbelief at every twist and turn, even in period drama. Should we laugh or cry that Dan Snow's programme on 1066, the first of three, had a black herald residing in 11th century Normandy and acting as a go between between William and Harold? History is being rewritten for English children and they will say that as there was no film or videotape at the time, we cannot be sure that there were not blacks there. As for the chronicles and the traditional versions of European history, the Marxists will say that they were just written from a Eurocentric perspective.

    Personally, I now think the time has come to demand a White British radio station and television and radio station along the lines of BBC Asian Radio. After all, why should my licence fee go towards that radio station if none goes towards one for the ethnic English? It won't happen, don't worry. Just as we are accused of racism if we dare to black up, which is now taboo; so we would be accused of racism for pointing out that we are being discriminated against for not having our own media. The black herald will never be accused of racism nor those who included him in the historical drama; only those who suggest that it is wholly inaccurate!!

    As for UKIP, you should just be glad that they are there to wrest the "white working class" vote away from Labour who don't care a fig about them. And the Lords have said we must keep the 3m EU residents who are here. They will not be losing their jobs and homes to them. And with 1m ex-pats due to return post Brexit, where the hell do they think we are all going to live etc.

    1. Anon, if one visits an old peoples home you will only elderly white residents few if any non white residents. That is your proof. Yes the left will then say that non white die young which is of course totally false.

      Our only recourse now is to sue our own government for genocide using the UN rules in our own courts.


    2. The BNP as good as dead and Ukipmon its way out,the fieldvsould be clear for the English Democrats - the only party calling for an English parliament and English independence.

  10. By t are the English Democrats up to the task?

  11. Knives are out for Carswell, the consensus of 'kipper clamor is noteworthy... looks a strange change of direction on his part since he was doing useful work promoting the abortive 'Financial Services (Regulation of Deposits and Lending) Bill' back in 2010:
    -- first reading (2010-09-15)

    Did "They" lean on him? Mess with the money printers and you get fitted with concrete boots.
    No need to tell that to the (nearly all) MPs who were absent from the HoC Debate November 2014 on Money Creation and Society!

    More "interesting times" stuff:
    "Campaign Against Antisemitism is not a charity"

    "To Get the Charity Commission to Deregister the Zionist Campaign Against Anti-Semitism"
    (proposer: Tony Greenstein, Brighton, United Kingdom)

    Alison Chabloz, being privately prosecuted by CAA, appearing before Marylebone Magistrates, London, Friday 24th March 2017.

  12. What has happened to Young England - the ED's youth wing?!