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Saturday, 14 January 2017



I was talking to a UKIP friend of mine recently. We were agreeing that the English Democrats had had a significant indirect impact on the EU referendum because it was us that first suggested that there should be a linkage made between mass immigration and our inability to control it whilst we were still members of the EU.

There are of course other issues where mass immigration has a direct impact on things that most English people would not want to see happen.

For instance at the moment it is the case that large parts of England are likely to be concreted over as part of a massive housebuilding push in order to accommodate not only the 10-15 million people that came into the country during the Blair years, but also May’s migrant millions.

In the period since Theresa May became Home Secretary, back in 2010, to date there has usually been in excess of half a million migrants coming into our country every single year.

So, even on the understated figures that Government usually comes out with, that must mean at least 3 million more population in the country. Therefore at least a couple of million new houses that have to be built as a result of May’s migration mess.

Simon Heffer wrote an article about this recently which was published in the Sunday Telegraph on 8th January 2017 under the Title “Javid’s folly would be to build in Tory back yards”. Although he is rather concentrating on the electoral prospects of the Conservatives, a matter which I have little interest in, nevertheless he makes many good points which we need to bear in mind.

Here are a few key quotations from his article:-

“Thanks primarily to two things – unchecked immigration and high divorce rates – we have insufficient housing. Prices are so high in the south-east that many live with their parents well into their 30s. Essential staff, such as teachers and those in the emergency services, struggle to find a home anywhere near their workplace. Something must be done and Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, has announced a White Paper on the matter.

The United Kingdom has roughly the same population as France, but in square miles is well under half the size. A disproportionate number of Britons live in England, and a disproportionate number of them live in or around London. We had a taste of Government policy last week, before the White Paper, in the announcement of 14 garden villages and three garden towns. The villages will provide around 50,000 homes and the towns will have at least 10,000 each. Even then, at today’s rate of immigration, we will within months be back to square one.

Some of the proposed villages are well-placed in Essex, for example, one is destined for an unremarkable corner of bleak farmland between the M25 and the Southend Arterial Road, and will if anything improve the landscape. But the Hertfordshire garden town will swallow up existing small villages, destroying their character and history, and eat up some green belt outside the postwar new town of Harlow. The Government seems to wish to avoid confronting one key issue, which a satisfactory White Paper would address explicitly: does the Government have a conception of something called rural England that would continue to exist in our increasingly overcrowded country and, if so, what will it do to protect it? Or should those of us who live in the countryside regard our environment as temporary, and at the whim of government?

I fear it has no such conception at all. It contemplates concreting over tracts of prime farmland just as we leave the Common Agricultural Policy and have to fend more for ourselves. This would also mean, in the south-east, that towns now separated by countryside will soon join up with each other, making huge new conurbations. Bullied by the Government, local councils will accede to this blight on the homes of hundreds of thousands of existing residents, and there is no shortage of developers (some of them Tory party donors) ready to exploit this weakness. Any idea that this will be done by local consent is rubbish: the problem is too acute, and the desire for an easy way out too pressing.

The White Paper will seek to reform planning laws to make such bullying irresistible. Mr Javid knows that just tweaking the system will have no appreciable results at all. But that is all right in theory: doing it in practice will be quite another matter. It not only means that hundreds of thousands of people who think they live in the countryside will wake up one day and realise that, very soon, they will not. It will also put additional stress on the road and rail network in a part of England where that infrastructure is already at breaking point. Mr Javid is far from stupid, and he ought to realise not just the practical difficulties of trying to cram a quart into a pint pot in the home counties, but also the electoral suicide his party could be committing if it pursues this course.”

(Here is the link to the original article >>> )


  1. It seems to me that the NWO want as many immigrants in as possible, they just will not give up. We need to take legal action in the international courts, nothing else will work. Politicians say one thing and do the opposite.


  2. I think it may well be Mr Javid who overruled the local District Council and the appeal inspector to insist that houses be built in a beautiful location in my wife's home town in the home counties. He did so with the words that "we need more houses". Perhaps we should not say this but Mr Javid must needs view the building-over of England differently from those of us whose ancestors have been here for at least over a thousand years and who are tied to the land through blood, culture and history.

    But such as Jeremy Corbyn has no such excuse. He in his Marxist bubble sees no problem in continuing with mass immigration whilst England is swallowed up by development, people die on hospital trolleys and we face the prospect of having problems feeding everybody. The country already has more than twice its optimum population; four times the population density of Germany. It strikes me that somewhere in government psyche is a lingering fear of having fewer people than France and Germany. This may well go back to the time of Napoleon. Interestingly, then more people spoke French, German, Spanish and Russian in the world than spoke English.

    Soon there will be nothing about England that is scenically attractive and our national parks will be even more jammed packed than now with people desperate to get to open countryside.

    We are trapped between the ideologies of globalisation practised by those whose only thought in life is self-enrichment and the globalists who believe that there should be no borders. The former Czech president Vaclav Klaus spoke of the unworkability of a united Europe and open borders on RT last night. He also said that those driven by this ideology are cracking down more and more on free speech. England is now Marxist whoever is in power and I cannot see this changing when we leave the EU. We must accept "diversity" or face the consequences. Danish journalist Iben Thrangholm as been on RT because the EU have put her on a blacklist started in 2015, branding anybody opposed to the EU or the islamisation of Europe as being in league with "Russian propaganda". She said that Europe is now semi-totalitarian. This is what happen when ideologies seek to bend human nature for their own ends. Amber Rudd has been accused of a hate incident for putting the natives first where jobs are concerned. Austria is seeking to do the same. As you and members of our party, Robin, regularly appear on RT talking about such issues then you will probably find that you are on the black list along with all "right wing" parties in Europe. I am sure that they have the means now of working out who is watching RT and so anybody who does will be on the list as well. But it will be an awfully long list. Russia is acting partially in its own interests but also trying to save the west from the folly of falling victim to immature and unworkable Marxism; for the benefit of the few.

  3. The English Democraps are all talk and no action.

    1. Action requires money. We don't have millionaire backers. Do you have any, and what action are you taking apart from being abusive?

  4. As someone has previously said earlier Marxism or more correctly cultural Marxism will continue following our exit from the EU.

    But cultural Marxism isn't the only threat. We need to reform consumer law, because that is how cultural Marxism takes root - consumerism, greed, wanting more than your fair share and so on.

    We will never be a nation of shop keepers again if we continue allowing consumer legislation choking small businesses. The red tape must go, all of it.


    1. Francis,

      A lady in chapel yesterday asked Our Lord to put an end to all the upheaval in the world as a precursor to His second coming. This will not stop until greed is abolished and people return to the message that He gave us.

      Oxfam, at the outset of the Davos forum, have said that just eight people have as much wealth as half the world's population. I expect that one is the multi-trillionaire, Jacob Rothschild. I am sure that Anonymous could name them now that it has hacked the Bilderbergers' website.

      Meanwhile, Trump is still saying some of the right things. He blamed Merkel for her folly and said we need strong borders. We needed them 70 years ago. He said that Britain is doing better and better since Brexit. The pound has dropped again because of talk of leaving the single market but a weak pound is helping us at present.

      More importantly, he dropped a bombshell by saying that NATO is obsolete. He and his team are under vitriolic attack now for wanting to join with Russia, especially from immature and hysterically paranoid American congressmen. My brother and I agreed that the world would be a much more peaceful place if Columbus had failed to find the North American continent. But there is no turning back the clock but we must hope that at last we have found an American who uses some logic rather than being driven by self-interest and irrational paranoid hysteria.

      Russia is not a threat. John Brennan the retiring CIA - set up to help the Bushes' oil interests originally and thoroughly corrupt - director John Brennan has warned Trump about Russia's intentions and capabilities. The CIA are wedded to the industrial-military complex and won't give up without a fight. Putin has said that he wants to move the Russian economy from making and selling arms to making and selling the technology for renewable energy. Only when the Yanks realise they must do the same will we have peace.

  5. It looks like Geert Wilder's Freedom Party is leading in the Polls in Holland, however his party is unlikely to win an outright majority, and other parties have refused to go into coalition with him. Democracy is being shown up for the deception and fraud it is - a con trick to keep control of us.

    There's another opportunity coming shortly. Northern Ireland is likely to holding assembly elections after the resignation of Marxist Bolshevik Martin McGuinness. His resignation is a cover to bring about a border poll over NI sovereignty. Should Bolshevik Sinn Fein and cultural Marxist SDLP do well with a combined vote over 50% or at least win a combined majority, a border poll could not be refused. I've been told that militant republicans voted Leave in the EU referendum, but the republican movement as a whole wants to remain in the EU. The irony is, should a vote for unification occur (more likely now thanks to the new resident RC majority in NI), then all of Ireland will automatically leave the EU by default. The ROI is now a net contributer to the EU and support for Leave is growing there as they are getting sick of being recipients of mass third world immigration. I cannot see Spain or France agreeing to a united Ireland joining the EU, as that will give the Basques confidence to demand their referendum.

    The republicans don't know what traps they are walking into.


  6. Francis, there is another possibility, namely that McGuinness has engineered the dissolving of the assembly in order to prevent the triggering of Article 50 at the end of March, the details of which need the scrutiny of the Scottish parliament and the Welsh and NI assemblies. I believe the assembly elections are set for April 2nd, this would delay its triggering.

    Meanwhile, at the time of Brexit, I told people that the ultimate aim was world government from the UN, with the need for a federal Europe being one of the first steps. This is what I was told 30 years ago but was still unsure as to whether this was true or not. Hence my surprise in reading in the book by Peter Janney about the CIA assassination of Mary Pinchot Meyer, one of JFK's lovers, following his own assassination that Mary's CIA husband, Cord Meyer, had espoused the one world plan with enthusiasm in the late 1940s.
    The book explained that the aim was the creation of a federal world with one government at the UN. This received a setback when Russia acquired nuclear weapons in the late 1940s but the process still continued in the West with the next stage being the joining of a federal EU to a federal North America; a precursor to economic and monetary union. There is no doubt that Cord Meyer, an enthusiastic peace campaigner at 26 was acting out of the best of motives. But these people never took human nature into account and the fact that such a federal world would have to be totalitarian.
    Behind such as Meyer were those who sought total financial and political control over the world for their own ends. But the process is now in jeopardy because of the populist revolution.

    As to why the CIA assassinated Kennedy and Mary Meyer, this was because after the Bay of Pigs incident, an alarmed Kennedy pledged with Mary to work for world peace, a partnership with Kruschev and was even planning a visit to see Castro. Mary kept a diary of Kennedy's assassination which the CIA removed and presumably destroyed after her death. Sadly Cord Meyer went on to work for the CIA himself.

    For Kennedy substitute Trump and his proposed partnership with Russia to achieve the same ends.
    We are all holding our breath as the "deep state" is doing all in its power to prevent peace breaking out as so many are lining their pockets through constant war. Should Trump be inaugurated on Friday then the JFK option is still available to them. But he has put in place those who will carry on the good work should they succeed. This is a tremendous battle between good and evil for the soul of the world and we must just pray that Satanism does not triumph again over the will of God.

  7. Why isn't Scotland taking more migrants? Scotland has historically suffered from a history of emigration and has struggled to maintain a steady population in the past, and Scotland - unlike England - has vast areas of virtual wilderness.

    Scotland MUST be forced to take in more migrants.

  8. From a recent letter in the Western Daily Press " . . . to help ease the immediate housing shortage the government proposes that 14 garden villages and 3 garden towns should be created. However, the new communities announced so far will all be built in an already overcrowded England. Where are the plans for such communities in less densely populated Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland? Be that as it may, it seems rather odd that the so-called garden villages will vary in size from 1,500 to 10,000 properties. Those numbers suggest some pretty big villages! England’s green and pleasant land is to be bulldozed and built upon to accommodate Britain’s burgeoning population. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are enthusiastically redefining the meaning of the word “village”."


    1. In a post that has not yet appeared I informed readers that the one in West Oxforshire is to be built close to Churchill's birthplace at Bladon and in an area where there are already placards up against further housing development. West Oxfordshire is being built over end to end. As regards, Churchill, he, of course was opposed to mass immigration from the New Commonwealth as Krishnan Guru-Murthy pointed out to Nicolas Soames, his decendant, playing the racist card against Churchill.
      Sadly, much of this housing development is for the enrichment of the Blenheim Estate, Blenheim Palace being where Churchill was born and within sight of which he chose to be buried.