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Friday, 20 January 2017

Cambridge Professor Nicholas Boyle has been reported to the police for a “Hate Incident”. He called the English “the lager louts of Europe”.

Cambridge Professor Nicholas Boyle has been reported to the police for a “Hate Incident”. He called the English “the lager louts of Europe”.

The English Democrats' Chairman, Robin Tilbrook has reported Professor Nicholas Boyle of Magdalene College, Cambridge to Essex police for making various insulting and offensive remarks about the English in his article published in the "New European" called "Leave voters are "larger louts of Europe". 

The problem with the English: England doesn’t want to be just another member of a team - Top Stories - The New European

In the article Professor Boyle wrote:- 

“The referendum vote does not deserve to be respected because, as an outgrowth of English narcissism it is itself disrespectful of others, of our allies, partners and neighbours, friends, and in many cases, even relatives. Less resentful ruffians uprooting the new trees in the park and trashing the new play area, 17 million English, the lager louts of Europe, voted for Brexit in an act of geopolitical vandalism.”

He also wrote:-

“Those who voted Leave were being asked to express an emotion about membership, and the English, but not the Irish or Scots, felt so urgent a need to express it that they threw reason and practicality to the winds”

Professor Boyle also compared the English to Putin’s Russian which “suffers from the same trauma of imperial amputation”.


Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats, said:- "When I read what this Professor had written I realised that he had deliberately, publically insulted the English generally. There is no doubt that he was meaning to be both insulting and offensive to the English nation.

Professor Boyle has therefore been logged by Essex Police as a "suspect" in a "Hate Incident" logged under Hate Crime reference number 42/17384/17.

Robin continued:- "Naturally as an Englishman I am offended by such a tirade by a person who is supposed to be and is paid to be a role model for students. I have therefore reported this to the police as a “Hate Incident”. 

Attacking the English is just as much "Racist" as attacking other racial, ethnic and national groups. 

We English should not put up with such anti-English racist insults and attacks without taking action against the perpetrators"

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats


  1. Bad move on our behalf. we complain about PC all of the time and here you are feeding it. Other than that. Keep up the good work.

    1. I think it's called "fighting fire with fire".

  2. Personally, I think somebody should notify the Russian Embassy as this is a hate crime against the Russian people as well. His attitude towards Russia is typical of the "educated" liberal elite. As with the exceptional nation, he fails to look at the world from a Russian perspective. This is the country that was invaded by France and Germany and lost millions as a consequence and then had the revolution imposed on it by New York bankers and the Tsars' family murdered for being opposed to the one world plan suggested by such bankers at the Congress of Vienna. This is why they created a buffer zone in Eastern Europe after the War so that, as now, the West would not by up against their borders. There is only one country with imperial ambitions in today's world but we hope that after yesterday that is going to change.
    Russia just wants to protect its borders and sue for peace. In my book on Mary Pinchot Meyer, we have heard that Eisenhower, who warned Americans about the military industrial complex, sought to make peace with Russia in 1960. So the CIA brought down the U2 spy plane and blamed the USSR. Kennedy managed to stop the Pentagon invading Cuba and launching a nuclear strike on Russia after the Bay of Pigs. In the end they discovered that Russia had 40,000 troops on Cuba so thought it too great a risk. Kruschev told Kennedy they were only retaliating for the fact that the US had nuclear missiles on their border in Turkey. Kennedy agreed and wanted them remove and we know what happened to Kennedy.

    As regards the English, from his surname, obviously Mr Boyle has Irish blood and I wonder how deep it runs. I wish you success with getting him convicted, Robin. On RT last night, they were saying that most of Hillary's supporters are grouped on the East Coast, Wall Street and in Southern California connected to Hollywood. So they spoke to some of them in California. They said that they voted for Hillary because they were better educated and had a more informed view of the world. When they put this to a "deplorable" Trump supporter, she spoke of their arrogance thinking that just because they went to college they knew more than she did. Bravo to Trump for discomforting the Washington elite yesterday for saying that their actions and treatment of the little man had led to their defeat. I don't know what your educational background is Robin but like Enoch Powell, I am an Oxford graduate and linguist thus with an outward-looking view of the world. But this does not prevent me from defending England and the English from attack and empathising with those who were unable to benefit from further education. It is those who did not who possess more logic and common sense than the arrogant in their Oxbridge ivory towers who have made such a mess of the world by espousing the views of such as Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama who were too weak and corrupt to stand up to the deep state.

    1. We English badly need people like you ' anonymous'. You can do things to help our country that I, and many others, cannot possibly manage. We are, however. all capable of something.

  3. Combat the diversity worshipping, multiculturalist, liberal elite with their own laws.

    Well done!


  4. Well done but RT you may relax in the certain knowledge that nothing will come of it - unless a private prosecution is in the offing, a la Chabloz perhaps?

    This self-loathing - or rather, self-satisfied - Professor is plainly one of those members of the 'elite' whose hopes for One-World have been delayed by the Brexit fly-in-the-ointment. That is not to say that the alternative route to the same objective - regionalisation in the country, the rise of the city state and continental regionalisation - are not being assiduously pursued both by the Government and by those (or some of them) leading Brexit.

    One World / World Goverment a conspiracy theory? Consider this:

    The Earl of Gosford: "...The noble Lord, Lord Silkin, as did several other noble Lords, mentioned world government. Her Majesty's Government are fully in agreement with world government. We agree that this must be the goal, and that every step that is humanly possible must be taken to reach that goal. I can assure the noble Lord on this point. Surely, the Declaration of Common Purpose is a step in that direction. ..."

  5. Listening to those who are demonstrating against the democratically elected president of the United States, many of them no longer spring chickens, I just thought how infantile they are with the one world views. The fact is that mixing all the peoples of the world into one gigantic melting pot has been shown to be against human nature and logic by the current populist revolution. As for one world government, I refer you back to my reference to Mary Pinchot Meyer's ex-husband, Cord Meyer, who aged 26 enthusiastically embraced the notion of a federal world ruled by UN government as the way to guarantee peace. He then joined the CIA having abandoned the quest for peace whilst those presidents who did want to make peace with the Soviet Union or with China were thwarted at every turn. Kennedy wanted to stop the Vietnam War, Johnson with his ties to the arms industry escalated it in the face of protests and Nixon who did stop it, was removed from office by the CIA through Watergate for his pains and for wanting peace with China. It is interesting how many of those protesting in the US at the moment are convinced that Russia was behind Clinton's failure to get elected and for the fact that Trump was, just swallowing the propaganda of the military-industrial complex once again.

    Populism has shaken those gathering in Davos so profoundly that Jamie Dimon of Goldman Sachs says that it scares him. So it should. But one attendee, Ngaire Woods of the Blatnavik School of Government in Oxford had the sense to say that the people hold politicians in less and less esteem and the only solution is to listen to the people.

    Meanwhile, there was a meeting in Koblenz this week-end of the populist leaders on the Continent, Wilder, Le Pen and the Frauke Petry of the AFD being chief amongst them. Le Pen is predicted to win the first round of the French presidential election in April? I think. But outside there were protests by the Left. One placard read," No borders, no nations, no deportation". Joachim Paul of the AFD said that only 2.5% of Merkel's 1m influx into Germany were genuine refugees, the rest being economic migrants who should go home. Those carrying the placard obviously think through their rose tinted spectacles and not with their heads. If such a policy were to be adopted then Europe's population would shoot up from 550m to 1b plus in a decade. But thinking about it the determination of these elites to create this chaos for the achievement of world government can be the only explanation. Nothing else makes sense.

    But there is something even more frightening, Trump has the task of holding together an America where the once predominant whites are sinking into minority status. This is really what it is all about and the same goes for populism in Europe. Janet Atkinson, a euro-mp, said that the peoples of Europe do not want their national identities and their culture eroded through mass immigration. Meanwhile the Pope has brandished the Hitler card so he is obviously in on the one world government act.

  6. Polish shops have been burnt down, Germans have had excrement put through their letter boxes, Spaniards have been beaten with sticks for speaking Spanish. presumably Mr. Tilbrook will be reporting such incidents to the police when he sees or hears about them. Or perhaps not.

    1. Of course Robin Tillbrook would report such incidents to the police. Nobody is advocating violence against anybody. As previously stated, I am a linguist who has lived in three countries on the Continent and would not expect our Continental cousins to behave in this way either. The blame lies not with the immigrants but with those who thought that the Marxist one world state could ever be acceptable to the majority. They knew that it would not be and that is why they never gave us a chance to say no.
      The fact is, as I hae said previously, it is all a question of numbers. I like France, Germany and Spain and every other country on the Continent and am grateful for the tremendous gifts they have given us in terms of our culture and identity. And we are all one; all Europeans are meant to be related to Charlemagne, from Limerick to Lwow and beyond. But each country wants to guard its unique culture and ethnic identity and Europe and the world are all the richer for it. Mixing all the world's peoples in one big melting pot just produces a global sameness which is ultimately very boring.

      On another tack, we read today that our prisons are full to bursting, the prison population having doubled in about the last ten years, with a plan to release women and ex-service offenders early to free up space as they are the least likely to re-offend. Perhaps the time has come to immediately deport anybody found guilty of a crime which carries a custodial sentence, with no hope of return. I surmise that this is the kind of thing that President Trump may have in mind for the United States.

  7. The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, has told the supporters of Geert Wilders that they are not welcome in his country and should leave, if they are not prepared to embrace multiculturalism and, as predicted, a Muslim majority in a few decades. Presumably, these people are native Dutch and as Wilders holds the majority of support there now at 32% constitute one third of the indigenous Dutch population who, presumably, would then be replaced by more Muslim immigrants.

    It would not surprise me if Prime Minister May issues a similar statement shortly but I just wonder what the English reaction would be? And where are those who leave meant to go? Presumably, if the reason for their leaving is known then no other European country, or any other predominantly white country, would accept them? Are they then to become stateless? One safe bet might be Russia. I have my suspicions that aim is merely to keep stirring the multicultural pot "for one hundred years or more and turn out multi-coloured people by the score". We may think that Trump heralds an end to the one world borderless, raceless, cultureless Marxist dream but we are not out of the woods yet.

  8. No way near out of the woods with the incomer birth rates double ours. Only a cut to child benefits [unless established 5 years] will stop the free for all.