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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Five reasons for English Independence (of many!)

I was recently challenged for reasons to justify our call for English Independence. In reply I drew these up.

What do you think?

Five reasons for English Independence (of many!):-

1. Democratic Self Government - the natural state for a modern democratic nation >>> ; and

2. Fiscal autonomy - to end the "Barnett Formula" subsidies which the HofL report of 2009 stated were then over £49 Billion per year >>>; and

3. End "Barnett Consequentials" ie For every £10 Billion spent by the UK in England on a Capital project a further £1 Billion has to be given to Scotland eg HS2 £50Billion = £5 Billion bunce! and

4. Prevent Unionist plans to beak up England into "Regions" because "England is too big"! eg >>> and >>>

5. Dissolution of the UK equals automatic and immediate exit from the EU >>>


  1. The High Court Article 50 ruling now makes English independence a necessity. A parliament is no longer enough.


  2. Question. "Where does the Monarchy fit into the English Independence Model?".Need an answer from you quickly on this one Robin please,further to preparing a more substantial comment.

  3. Just the same as in much of the Commonwealth eg the Queen of Canada

  4. After the ruling by the High Court Article 50 would only being possible through parliament, Nigel Farage has said that we face the possibility of civil unrest of a type that has not been seen, possibly since the Civil War. In response Kenneth Clark mp has said that civil unrest will be a small price to pay for reversing Brexit. Welcome to the total removal of democracy.

    As globalism teeters on the verge of collapse, we are witnessing the great battle for democracy on both sides of the Atlantic. Those of us who watched the interviewing of Julian Assange by John Pilger on RT will be totally staggered but not surprised that the FBI has dropped all investigation of Hillary Clinton. As Assange said, she knows that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding and supplying Islamic State and their affiliates and yet accepted a massive injection of Saudi money into her Clinton Foundation slush fund. Not only that but Saudi Arabia is funding her election campaign to the tune of 20%. As Assange said, Trump will not be permitted to win. America is the most corrupt country in the Western World, even more so than some in Southern Europe and anybody who gets in the way is just liquidated. We thought that James Comey, who was leading a revolt of American security services who are supplying Wikileaks with the e-mails, not Russia Assange said, would safe America. But it is now clear that they have got at him. Astoundingly, the head of the FBI is a political appointment by the Democrats. So they can block all promotion. But I suspect worse and would not be surprised if Comey has been found to have committed "suicide".

    Meanwhile, Hillary's right-hand girl Saudi Huma Abedin - featured on that sickening programme about her sexually sick ex-husband Anthony Weiner last night - has ties to Saudi terrorism. Her mother has a nice little office in Goodge Street in London when she promotes the spread of salafist Islam in Europe and is also linked to Saudi terrorism. And now the Americans are attacking Raqqa. The thinking is that they plan to partition Syria, even though the Syrians do not want it and topple Assad as, as Hillary said, this is what Israel wants. And German Intelligence said that the ousting of ISIL from Raqqa will lead to further terror attacks by sleeper cells in Europe. But I doubt that Hillary and her corrupt regime aiming at world hegemony really care about that.

  5. I am very pleased Trump has won the US election and will become President.

    It looks like the fall of globalism and cultural Marxism is happening in exactly the same way our traditional cultures were stolen from us without a shot being fired.

    However, we now have millions on non white non indigenous and often hostile aliens living among us and they need to be dealt with. Will BME communities accept our national right to self determination? The Gina Millar High Court ruling suggests they don't and if one looks at the case the firm Mischen de Reya has refused to name the claimants. Surely this is a first in litigation - anonymous claimants who could say anything without proof. Normally such claims would be automatically struck out, but then we have our Trojan Horse judiciary who will twist and interpret laws to suit their own political agendas.

    Back to Mischen de Reya, they are a Jewish owned firm of solicitors and the chief litigator in this action is an Iranian Muslim who in turn instructed well known leftist Jewish counsel David Pannick QC to fight the remainiacs case. I don't think the UK Supreme Court will overturn the High Court ruling and I therefore expect the case to go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, who will overturn it in seconds, like they did with former BNP member Arthur Redfearn case against Serco.

    The elites and judiciary refuse to learn and continue with their vexatious trickery and chicanery to thwart us. Fortunately we are waking up to their scams.

    Returning to muslims and other minorities, personally I don't think they will resort to terrorism as they know militarily we are superior to them in combat. They've had the law and the MSM driving their agendas but even now its less effective.

    We are not home and dry yet, we need action and we need nationalists in government to drive change.