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Wednesday, 13 April 2016



I issued the press release below last Wednesday which got a certain amount of coverage in Essex, as I was the only prospective candidate who had stood at the previous election.

I was in some ways a bit sorry to do this as I had been looking forward to the Police Commissioner elections which offer the opportunity to do a few hustings in which, so far, we have saved every single deposit. It simply was not however practical to fund all the elections that we were getting involved in, especially when Winston McKenzie’s potential candidacy was taken into account.

Also, and very importantly, in Essex looking at the field it was clear in any election prior to the 23rd June that UKIP was likely to do quite well.

Furthermore Bob Spink is, as I have said in the press release, an excellent candidate who in fact also has previously been in talks with us as a prospective English Nationalist so I had less difficulty, from a policy point of view, in supporting him and hope that my support and also the reduction in splitting the non-Tory vote may assist in getting Bob elected.

Here is the press release. What do you think?


Robin Tilbrook stands down to support Bob Spink

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats Party, who is also an Essex Solicitor and a past President of the Mid Essex Law Society, has announced that he is supporting Bob Spink for Essex Police Commissioner. (Photo attached)

Robin was going to stand again in the Police Commissioner Elections in Essex to be held on 5th May, but today, Thursday, 7th April, as nominations close, Robin has announced that he is not going to stand but instead is supporting Bob Spink and has seconded Bob’s nomination to be the next Essex Police Commissioner.

Robin Tilbrook said:- “I am delighted that Essex is going to have Bob Spink standing in this election. Bob is a really strong candidate who has a very real opportunity to win this very important executive post”.

Robin said:- “In many ways this election is for a ‘Boris’ or ‘Ken’ style Mayor of Essex. The winner will have a very important job to do in setting the policies, priorities, budgets and direction of not only policing in Essex, but also Essex' Fire Service too.”

Robin continued:- “This role needs someone of Bob’s experience. Bob has been in the forces with ‘exemplary’ service and an Engineer and leading Management Consultant. He has also been a Police Authority Member, a County Councillor and a Police Cells Lay Visitor. He was also previously the hardworking MP for Essex’s Castlepoint. He was the Junior Government Home Office Minister (Police & Crime). His parliamentary chairmanships include the United Nations Assn UK, Parliamentary Science & Education Committee."

"What a fantastic and impressive c.v. to put before the People of Essex!"

"I hope this election will see Bob elected and Essex policing set for a period of real and sensible reform to return our Police to their proper role of protecting us from criminals!”


  1. Robin. I would like to see you elected sometime, but I do understand that sometimes you have to make way for others particularly as you are Party Chairman. Perhaps this will help the EDP build up links with others.

  2. I wish the gentleman well. Everybody knows that the Eastenders fled to Essex, South Londoners to Sussex and North Londoners to Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire. London is all but lost and only Britain First can make any impact there. Interested to see on the latest Danish Scandinavian noir crime thriller that the fraud squad man has just had his house valued and discovered that he is in negative equity; i.e. houses there are falling in value as the banker generated house price deflation and wage deflation takes over the West. However, this is not happening in the south of England because of the money being laundered in the London property market by such as the oligarchs that Putin has kicked out of Russia. The resulting rocketing property prices there got Osborne and Cameron re-elected whilst the residual English are continuing to exit London because they can no longer afford to live there. I have heard that many key workers, like firefighters are now having to travel into the capital from Essex and as far afield as the Sussex coast, doubtless at their own expense. Perhaps this is something that Mr Spink could raise, making it possible for the English to return to live in as well as working in London from their Essex exile.

    On another tack, we have today received a letter from Will Straw, son of Jack Straw, inviting us to vote to keep Britain in the EU from the Better in campaign. That will be the one financed, as Grassrouts out has said, by the Rothschilds, courtesy of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan banks. Max Keiser has coined a new word, the Corpocracy for those controlling the Western World and no doubt financing Will and his mates. Was Jack Straw popular, even among Labour voters? He stood down as MP for Blackburn but perhaps he could see the writing on the wall as the Pakistanis who will soon be the majority there would not vote for an MP with links to Israel.

  3. Interesting article in the 'New Statesman' Title as follows--'The English Question' written by David Marquend. question

  4. My blog from yesterday has not made it either. I will have another go. I wonder where these things go? Jeremy Corbyn has said that we must stay in the EU to protect workers' rights. I can understand where he is coming from as Cameron would take us back to the sweatshops of the 19th century. However, this has brought him up against those who think that this conflicts with not signing up to TTIP. The Labour party spokesperson on TTIP said that in the EU we can at last look at what is being agreed. This is partly true as I have just signed a petition in connection with Obama's visit to discuss TTIP with Cameron. They will probably agree something in the event of a Brexit. However, Alistair Darling has said we must stay in the EU but has refused to talk about his work with Morgan Stanley Bank. Is he only pro-EU because he is with the bankers? Corbyn railed against a banker dominated, corporate EU in 2014 and yet now wants to stay in so has he been co-opted by those same forces as well?

    Corbyn has said that we do not have many EU immigrants - only nearly four cities the size of Birmingham, 3.5m. This would not have been too bad if as the Belgians had said about the refugees, we did not already have around 10m since the War before the start of free movement of labour in the EU.

    If only David Davis were prime minister as he fights to have the Chilcot Inquiry findings published in two weeks for the sake of the families of service personnel who have been waiting for nearly ten years. And now we hear that the security services are going to go through it with a black pen for the sake of national security. Most are certain that this will be to ensure that there is nothing to blacken the character of those involved like Blair and Bush.
    I have checked out David on Wikipedia and urge others to do the same. It makes very interesting reading. The fact that he was born of a Yorkshire father whose family took part in the Jarrow march and then was raised by a single mother perhaps explains his commitment to help those in need and makes him different from the Posh Etonian front bench of his party who are devoid of any feelings whatsoever.

    Meanwhile, a very interesting poll has just emerged stating that 50% of the British have very authoritarian views, especially on immigration. They might hold those views and say so anonymously to a pollster but would be terrified of stating them in public in our Marxist totalitarian EU. But then the suppression of free speech here began even before we ever joined the EEC under Wilson in the 1960s. I wonder whether those feelings expressed in this poll will play a part in the London mayoral election?

    1. I do agree that the pro Brexit vote and anti Khan vote will be higher than expected. The suppression of free speak breaches Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, an agreement dated 1950 but came into force in 1953 and UK laws via the Human Rights Act 1998.

      Why no lawyers spot these details amazes me, sometimes I think it is deliberate.

      If Khan wins London, trouble is brewing. Human rights lawyer indeed, but ONLY for his tribe not others.

    2. Exactly, Francis, as I understand it Khan, like Cherie Blair, spends his time stopping illegal immigrants or bogus asylum seekers or hate preaching imams from being deported. As you say, most of these are his fellow muslims.

    3. I have asked for a legal opinion from Robin about this Francis but we don't
      seem to get one.

    4. I am not sure when you asked that Anonymous but in any case legal cases have to be brought by someone who has been directly and adversely affected and who is willing to pay the costs if the case is lost.

    5. Robin, thank you for replying. I am wondering if race relations legislation covers expropriation and dispossession of a race - the native English - by another race or races. Surely it is theft by another race or races? What is your viewpoint? Of course, Blair said there is no such race as the indigenous English. Am reading Dr David Owen's book, The Hubris Syndrome, on Blair, Bush, Thatcher et al. All as nutty as fruit cakes, drunk on their own power. We await the Chilcot Report but won't hold our breath that Blair will finally end up behind bars. I am sure if all the English chipped in we could pay the costs if we lost but why should we lose?

  5. GCHQ/Info/OpsMi5 OR The English Democrats-"Who is messing with the comments?"
    Take the comment sent by Anon 15th April 2016 at 11:04. Study the first two sentences!
    A number of previous comments have enquired as to missing or non posted comments! Which is it?"
    All these references by previous commentators to the possibility of third party interference makes for a loss of confidence in the process. Could we have some official ED advice on this matter please!

  6. The fact that Cameron was caught by the Panama list which, according to an American who worked for the CIA in exposing the tax fraud in Swiss Banks of Americans, was a CIA stunt to get at Brexit leaders and other Wall Street enemies, makes me wonder whether the Oligarchic hegemonic elite are about to dispense with his services. We know he may step down in the event of a Brexit. But then we might end up with Both Ways Boris of Desperate Dan fame.

    David Davis is a funny mixture; on the one hand he seems to have the empathy so missing from some of those in his nasty party but he is also in favour of the restoration of the death penalty and was against the repeal of Clause 28 banning the teaching of homosexuality to minors. Interesting how the "far right" goes round the back and espouses some of the policies of the left. Davis is wholeheartedly committed to the abolition of the Snoopers' Charter and mass surveillance. By the way, in a blog that never appeared, I referred to one of the EU elites - I forget who - saying that referenda like that the Dutch just held, are not the way forward as the people do not understand all the issues. The thing is referenda are the only democracy left in most EU countries and the EU itself. If the Soviet Union had had genuine referenda it might not have lasted its 70 years. UKIP supporters are worried about a two referenda outcome; if we vote to come out we will then have "renegotiation" and have to vote again to get the right result i.e. staying in the EU.

  7. The recent killing in Spalding highlights how sick England is becoming. I search for an explanation for this. Firstly, due to computer games and the blatant violence on television now, youngsters are losing touch with reality and the ability to distinguish between it and what they see on computer and television screens. The second is that young people are now, as was intended, totally rootless, with no sense of belonging to a race, a homeland, as the natives are driven into a corner and teaching English history is deemed to be Eurocentric. The Marxists have achieved many of their 1920s aims. One possibility is that the lady and her daughter who were killed were churchgoers. They were probably deemed weird or goody goody for being so. If this is the case then it might be a further instance of anti-Christian persecution now that the Marxist have achieved their aim of emptying the churches in what they used to call Christendom.