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Friday, 18 December 2015

Winston McKenzie has declared himself an English nationalist and joined the English Democrats

This is our PRESS RELEASE: –

Winston McKenzie, the former UKIP candidate, who some say is the most influential Black English political figure today, has declared himself an English nationalist and joined the English Democrats, the only campaigning English nationalist party.

In our National Council meeting on Saturday, 12th December in Bradford, the English Democrats selected Winston McKenzie as our candidate for the London Mayoral election in May 2016.

It has been claimed for some time by Left-wing multiculturalists that Black people in England only identify with being British.

Winston McKenzie’s declaration of his English national identity is a big step away from the remnants of Britishness in England and towards almost everyone in England identifying themselves as being English rather than British, just as the equivalent already happens in Scotland and Wales.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats welcoming Winston McKenzie to the English Democrats and as its Mayoral candidate in London said:-

“I am delighted to announce that we have selected Winston McKenzie to be our candidate for the London Mayoral election. Winston is a great character and one of the most high profile Black English political figures of our day."

"His journey from the old national identity of British to the re-emerging national identity of English is very welcome as it shows that English national identity is now catching up fast with Scottish and Welsh national identity."

"I think we will look back on this day as a milestone in the re-emergence of England - and of what the English Democrats campaign for - England resuming its place amongst the Nation states of the earth and to be able to become a modern, democratic, prosperous, independent European Nation State respecting the uniqueness of all nations and in friendship with our European neighbours in a Europe of Nations and of Freedom!”

“Now this important decision has been taken we are making a call for support so that Winston’s campaign can reach as many London voters as possible.”

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats


  1. What a slap in the face for the establishment. The fact that a black person chooses English nationalism and identity is proof that us English were never the evil white racists others purport us to be.

    I actually thought our first non white candidates would be of Indian Sikh origin or possibly Pakistani Anglican origin. Perhaps black people are learning that "whitey" isn't evil afterall.

    This is going upset the multiculturalists more than BNP types.


  2. Political career

    Labour, Lib Dems and Independent
    McKenzie first joined the Labour Party in the 1980s. In 2002, he joined the Liberal Democrats
    Seven months later he left the Liberal Democrats and he stood as an Independent candidate, on a slogan of "The black voice for Great Britain"
    He polled 197 votes (0.94%), coming seventh out of 16 candidates.

    Veritas, Independent and Veritas again
    In 2005, McKenzie joined the newly formed Veritas party
    In the 2005 general election, he stood for Veritas in Croydon North, coming seventh of nine candidates with 324 votes (0.7%).
    He resigned from Veritas two weeks after the 2005 election (and three months after originally joining), before then rejoining Veritas, so that he could stand for leader of Veritas. He came third out of three candidates, polling 168 votes (14.4%).
    In between his two short memberships of Veritas, he stood in the 16 June 2005 Fieldway by-election to Croydon Council as an Independent.
    He came fourth of five candidates, polling 47 votes 2.47%) and beating only the candidate for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

    2008 London Mayoral candidacy - Conservative and Independent[
    After the local press reported his 2004 "inaugural Croydon youth games ended in farce in October after many events were cancelled at short notice",he had accused the local Conservative council of being "racist" in failing to support the endeavour. However, in November 2006 he joined the Conservative party, announcing his intention to be the next Mayor of London. He stood in 2007 for the Conservative party's nomination, but failed to attract enough support to make the shortlist. He then left the Conservative Party by the end of the year and stood in the 2008 Mayoral election as an independent candidate, under the slogans "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee; I've got the policies they can't see" and "They said it couldn't be done". He came last of the 10 candidates, polling 5,389 votes (0.22%).

    Unity Party

    In March 2009, McKenzie founded the Unity Party and announced he would be the Unity Party candidate for Croydon Central at the next UK general election.In October 2009, McKenzie reported that Unity had folded as a party because of the withdrawal of its main financial backer.

  3. UK Independence Party

    2009–10: leadership elections, general election

    In September 2009, he joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and immediately announced he was a candidate in their leadership election to succeed Nigel Farage. However, as he was still the leader of the Unity Party, he was barred from standing in the leadership election.In February 2010, McKenzie was adopted as UKIP's candidate for Tottenham. In the 2010 general election he came sixth of 10 candidates in Tottenham, polling 466 votes (1.1%).

    In September 2010, McKenzie stood again for leader of UKIP, after Lord Pearson of Rannoch resigned. He came last of the four candidates, with 530 votes cast (5.3%).

    2011–12: London mayoral, Assembly elections, Croydon North by-election

    In May 2011, Mckenzie confirmed that he was again seeking to be Mayor of London, this time seeking the UKIP nomination - he told UKIP paper The Voice: "The rumours are true. I am definitely looking to be nominated as a candidate." There were five other candidates for the UKIP nomination. In a ballot of members in August, 2011 McKenzie came joint third with Mick McGough, both on 7.4%, behind winner Lawrence Webb, who won with 42%, and David Coburn on 29%.

    In January 2012, UKIP announced that it had selected McKenzie as candidate for the Croydon and Sutton seat in the 2012 elections to the Greater London Assembly. At the pre-election hustings in Croydon, a local newspaper reported that "he provided the audience with some welcome, but not always intentional, comic relief". The issue of the building of a new waste incinerator was raised. The paaper noted that he did not have "the first clue about the incinerator debate" and had a "lack of policies". He also bizarrely stated: "A couple of people in the audience to-night, I can see your faces. I owe you money... You know where to find me." In the election, he polled 10,757 votes (6.99%) across the boroughs of Croydon and Sutton, an increase of 1.6% on the UKIP vote in 2008, coming fourth of five candidates.

    In October 2012, he was announced as the UKIP candidate for the Croydon North by-election. On 27 November 2012, McKenzie gave two interviews to the Croydon Advertiser and the London Metro which were subsequently repeated in the local and national press, in which he was reported to have commented that adoption by same-sex couples constitutes "child abuse". UKIP distanced itself from the remarks.

    In the subsequent Croydon North by-election, McKenzie came third with 5.7% of the vote. He also retained his deposit for the first time in his political career.

  4. 2014: local election, local difficulties

    In campaigning for the 2014 local and European elections, a UKIP event organised in Croydon was picketed by protestors angry at Farage's recent comments on Romanian immigrants and bearing a placard reading "We Are Romanians". McKenzie said that the protesters had "diminished the meaning of racism.... They've taken away the meaning of racism, which is a very potent subject."[A steel band had been booked to play at the event but pulled out when they learnt that it was a UKIP event. Farage had been due to attend but did not arrive, with McKenzie informing reporters that "He's a responsible family man and political party leader. Certain situations you have to avoid," before adding that "Croydon is unsafe and a dump." He was not elected to Croydon council.

    McKenzie lost the confidence of his local UKIP branch, amid claims he and his partner Marianne Bowness mishandled thousands of pounds of branch funds. He was suspended as branch chairman, and later replaced. Members signed motions of No Confidence in McKenzie

    2015: general election, acrimonious departure from UKIP[

    McKenzie was the UKIP candidate for Croydon North in the 2015 general election. He had previously been Chairman of the Lambeth and Croydon North branch of UKIP, but was suspended on 19 December 2014 after "months of infighting" and accusations that he had misappropriated donations.

    In March 2015, UKIP removed McKenzie from his position as Commonwealth Spokesman for the party, although he retained his position for candidacy for Croydon North. He was not elected.

    In November 2015, Winston McKenzie said on ITV News he had been overlooked for the London Elections as mayoral or GLA candidate — he claimed this was due to racism amongst senior UKIP officials. He said he was resigning from the party, and he cast his UKIP badge onto the table. He declared he would stand for London Mayor as an independent candidate.

    English Democrats

    In December 2015, McKenzie joined the English Democrats.

  5. Sadly most voters simple make a tribal X for the reds or blues without knowing or much caring about who they are voting for. This puts good and often much better candidates from smaller Parties at a disadvantage which is impossible to overcome.

  6. This is good news for England, as has been said if you are born in England you are English if your not born in England but wish to be English there is no reason why you cannot, Welcome to the party Winston,..

    1. You are not English simply by being born in England.
      You are English if you are English of English stock.

  7. London is not England

  8. Notice how this site now refuses any post critical yet hones posts from real English nationalist, but only accepts posts from plastic English. Who have about as much in common with true ethnic English folk (the majority population) than does a tree with a doughnuts. The true English being the tree.

  9. Notice how this site now refuses to post comments for true English instillation. But is starting to only accept posts from plastic English types (so much for democratic). Who have about as much in common with the true ethnic English (the majority population) than doughnuts with a tree. The true English being the tree.

  10. Thsi so-called party is nothing but con. Nothing do with English and England an every thing to do with gravy train merchants looking for jobs. traitors and collaborators the lot of you. This joke party is now dead. For it racist against the indigenous native ethnic English. No doubt you would like to send us all to concentration camps. You obviously know nothing about the meaning of what it is to be English and English ethnicity and what a real English perosn is.

  11. The big question is 'Is he genuine?' I think so -and he will improve in time with some inboard support. Look, EDs need all the up front public support they can get and people who throw their hat into ring are not 2 a penny. It takes guts to stand up in politics these days and fair play to this guys' chances- whatever his allegiances from the past. This is politics -and it's not always perfect,to say the least.

    1. He might be genuine but he is Black British not English. As a black colonist, he might be in favour of giving England back to the English, just like those white settlers who fought for Africa to be given back to the Africans.

    2. I don't have a problem with either case, not being racist.

  12. To further expand- the fact that Winstone is Black is good for EDs who are NOT racist [this cheap poke always annoys me]. This is worth any glitch over other factors like past loyalties and track record.

    1. Nations are races. Ipso facto, nationalists are racists.

    2. I think your error is calling anyone with pride in their forebears and concerned about racial tension due to lack of assimilation is automatically racist. On that lefty platform we may as well wash our hands of the the issue & let our children manage the fallout. Words are cheap- patriotism rarely anything but cheap. We have a job on in the EDs for sure- not least with the facile negative comments springing up recently here on practical points that need discussion,not sabotage.

    3. To be a "racist", one has to dislike or even hate people because of where they or their ancestors are from. I find the over-misuse of the word singularly tiresome. Nicola Sturgeon is a highly respected Scottish nationalist. Is our anonymous friend (20.12.15) suggesting that she, too, is a "racist"?