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Friday, 23 October 2015


If you were to believe the BBC and most of the “mainstream media” you would think that most people in England are clamouring for an open door immigration policy and allowing in unlimited numbers of economic migrants and, in particular, so called refugees from Syria.

The few opinion polls that have been published relating to this show that the opposite is true. The vast majority of the People of England do not want to see more migrants from any part of the world flooding into our country.

Here is an article about this >>>

It should not therefore really surprise anyone that the one democratically elected politician who has been full-throttle opposed to mass immigration into his country, in particular mass Muslim immigration, should have seen his popularity rise to unprecedented levels of support. For example, here is an article from an enemy confirming his support >>>

Our electoral system which clothes parties with the support of only about a quarter of the electorate with the illusion of majority of support, such as Cameron in the recent election with the votes of 26% of the electorate and Tony Blair in the 2005 election with the votes of only 21.6% of the electorate. 

One of the problems of our nation is therefore actually our “elected” leaders are not in fact representative of the majority of opinion in our country. I would suggest that, if they were, our country would be run in a very different and more democratic way. There would then be an immediate end to mass immigration.

What do you think?


  1. Robin, glad to know from this and the previous blog that you know exactly what is and has been going on since the War or in the last 100 years. Apparently, Colonel Wilkerson, the US deputy to Colin Powell knows as well. I have always welcomed his common sense comments.
    He says that the American Empire is an Empire of Debt and is backed by the Pentagon but that it has now run its course. An empire of debt is of course an empire of the bankers. who have travelled from east to west, from their homes on the Continent via London to Wall Street. Henry the 8th borrowed money from the bankers of Antwerp and Cromwell from those of Amsterdam and then invited them to transfer their HQ to the safe haven of London where they have flourished. At the top of the tree are probably the Rothschilds of Frankfurt who control all but nine central banks, including interestingly those in Moscow, Tehran, Peking and Mr Orban's Budapest. All that is happening was predicted in the Zagorsk Prophecy of 1911 with the partition of Germany and the Collapse of the US and the financial empire and our salvation via the still Christian and still white - with a Eurasian tinge - Russia. Europe is turning east and letting the dictatorial US sink into oblivion. Eastern Europe is the new West as the bankers continue to push Western Europe into an Afro-Asian, non-Christian colony. Arnold Toynbee said that a civilisation that abandons God is destined to collapse.

    This final push to destroy Europe through mass immigration is having a terrible effect. In Germany and Sweden refugee centres have been set on fire and the school in Trollhattan seems to have been full of New Swedes to which somebody objected. This is all terrible and to be utterly condemned but not surprising. Croatia has just taken 8,000 refugees in one day. If England had taken as many as Germany and Sweden there may not have been the fires. The Germans and the Swedes are alike in many ways, tolerant on the surface but with the capacity to be the exact opposite. The English would have just carried on running until they fell into the sea and probably just handed their country over.

    But the troubles of the financial empire and the managed chaos it is creating have now reached the Zionist State a 100 years after Balfour was pushed into bringing it into existence along with the carving up of the Ottoman Empire that Robin has referred to. The third intifada shows no signs of dying down with Israelis and Palestinians suffering. Netanyahu is probably right in the quote of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to Hitler but these were people who knew that they were about to be pushed out of the nest by the incoming cuckoo. A spokesman for the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, a Palestinian, was talking of this on RT.
    However, ironically, he was living in Birmingham. Obviously he does not realise or care that the Birmingham of the 1950s is the Palestine of 1915.
    And today's Birmingham is today's Israel. And he is the equivalent of the Zionist Jews. Displacement and misappropriation are wrong whether in Palestine or England. Where is the English Solidarity Campaign?

  2. A mayor in the south of France has been accused of turning his city into a laboratory.
    Robert Menard used to be a journalist, a socialist and the outspoken founder of an international press group.18 months ago he caused shockwaves by winning the town hall of Beziers, a city of more than 71,000, on a nationalist ticket.
    Although he is not Front National himself he came to power with the party's support, and this is now the biggest extreme-right stronghold in France.
    One of the reasons for protests against the mayor is the latest issue of the municipal magazine, which carries on its front cover a news agency photo of refugees in Macedonia and a train with a sign saying "Beziers 3,865km". Another sign in the train window says, "Free schools, accommodation, and benefits for all" and the headline screams "They Are Coming!"
    A lot of his efforts have focused on petty crime and immigration.
    He has doubled the number of municipal police, and issued them earlier this year with semi-automatic pistols - even though their main concerns are minor offences and traffic violations, and they leave serious crimes and investigations to the police nationale.
    "A few years ago we had non-stop anti-social behaviour," says a passer-by clutching a briefcase. "There were fights, people taking drugs on those benches. And for years no-one did anything. Since M. Menard has come, all that's disappeared, and the tourists have come back."
    Menard is also responsible for a Singapore-style ban on spitting and a curfew on children in the streets at night.
    Menard's tough line on immigration is illustrated not only by the "They are coming!" headline but also by a now notorious video.
    It shows Menard marching into an apartment block in one of Beziers' most deprived neighbourhoods, La Deveze. He has a blunt message for some newly arrived Syrian families there - they're not welcome in his town.
    But Menard is not joking. He berates a dazed-looking young Syrian man in a yellow T-shirt for breaking into the flat and "stealing the water and electricity".
    "If you don't leave, the police will make you," Menard tells the man, his wife and a small child before moving on to other flats where seven other Syrian families are squatting.
    Ultimately the mayor's attempt to expel the refugees was blocked, as evictions must be ordered by a court. What's more the rent-controlled flats aren't under his jurisdiction. And he said the Syrian children wouldn't be allowed into local schools - if this happened it would be a violation of French law.
    The video went viral in France. Some approved while others were appalled and accused him of heartlessness - an accusation he rejects. He says his twinning of Beziers with the largely Christian community of Maaloula near Damascus proves he is not against helping Syrians.
    "I liked what you did in la Deveze," one stallholder told Menard as he and I walked through the flower market. "I watched it four times!"
    Karim Zenouti, the vice-president of the Beziers mosque, says the flats occupied by the Syrians have been empty for several years.
    "We know that the mayor is trying to seduce his electorate, the Front National supporters," he says. "And what are the Frontistes doing? They are spreading fear."
    Menard portrays himself as a straight-talker, fighting what he sees as a hypocritical political establishment.

    1. The English Democrats must win back the mayoralty of Doncaster.

  3. The YouGov stats were interesting and encouraging, as were many of the comments that followed. As for the article from the Hungarian journo, he didn't appear to be at all supportive of his president, making not-so-veiled accustions of "xenophopbia" - the bog-standard Politically Correct accusation against anyone who speaks out about (or in the president's case) does something about immigration.

    1. I think I may have mentioned this before but the photographer at our daughter's wedding was Hungarian so I asked him about Mr Orban. He said everybody thinks he's great. Wish we could say the same about any of our so-called leaders.

  4. I hope I am not repeating this but I posted a comment yesterday which may not have got through about Teresa May's call to the Black Police Officers' Association for more ethnic minority police. That will be ethnic minority for as long as they are and until they become the ethnic majority in the second half of this century. I won't bother to ask as many have why there is no White Police Officers' Association. However, a rare event, I tuned into the BBC's World News where a black lady was commenting on Teresa May's move. She said that some white police officers still tell their young men to go back to where they came from and to stop causing trouble here. This surprised me somewhat after 70 years. She also said that the "black community" need to come together to put an end to black gun crime. But such crime seems to be endemic to black communities in Europe, the US and the West Indies so I wonder whether they will every achieve their aim. She then went on to say that all white, black and Asian should all learn to come together and get on together. Sadly, I don't think that this will ever happen. As Enoch Powell said that in a way, those of another race en masse will always be regarded as foreigners, as immigrants. And it has never happened anywhere in the world for the following reason. As one racial block gets bigger then the racial blocks being squeezed and get anxious about their fate at the hands of the majority. So, once the incomers have reached 10% then the host race starts to leave and a domino effect is set in progress as those leaving go to look for another homeland.
    Either that or like the Palestinians they choose to fight back.
    So society is in a perpetual state of flux and there is no homogeneity and no cohesion. Teresa May has said that mass immigration is threatening social cohesion. Well, she has said that 50 years too late.
    I will be interested to see how the 50 anniversary of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech affects the country. Doubtless the great and the good will continue to express their horror knowing that he was right all along but not daring to say so.

    On another point, Donald Trump has apparently said that he looks forward to seeing the Arabs continue fighting one another to the death.
    This undoubtedly has been the aim of pro-Zionist American Middle East foreign policy all along and is the aim of Israel through managed chaos.
    It is frightening at the thought that such a man might actually become president but then Hilary Clinton or Jed Bush would be just as dangerous for the world. I wish Colonel Wilkerson would stand.

    1. I'm not sure how Mrs May's comments to the Association of Black Police Officers stacks up with her "social cohesion" comments. But what does she expect the offending police forces to do? Perhaps they could go out into the streets, round up anyone who appears to be of African, Caribbean or Sub-Continental extraction, then frog-march them to the local nick and tell them they're not leaving until they've filled in a job application!

  5. It seems to me that the reasons for the push to come here for refugees of any type, economic or asylum, is obvious.
    What is not so apparent is what is driving the whole PC humanitarian drive. Banks, Lefties in media/Arts, political sheenanigans we don't see -or destabilising tactics by a political uber class who talk the talk but never make clear where the REAL walk is No vision, basically that accords with the major will of the people. The cursed EU springs to mind as a forerunner!
    Christianity may have it's darker history- but it did give impetus and cohesion to society.
    What have we got now to move/inspire people- rampant consumerism?
    That just needs expanding hungry markets...Hmmm....

    1. Ethnic, religious and cultural pluralism work nowhere in the world. I saw that Sikhs were protesting outside the Indian Embassy in London complaining about the treatment of Sikhs in India. I thought they were meant to be British not Indian for a start. But India will still be here once Europe has gone because racially they are homogeneous, as will Christian Russia and Chinese China. I was told by Kitty Little that the left and their banker backers studied the fall of empires in order to repeat it in Europe. The tactics they have used are obvious to the enlightened. Sadly the sheeple who watch Strictly and the X factor and other bread and circuses put out to distract them haven't a clue what's going on.