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Sunday, 11 October 2015

English Democrats News

English Democrats News

The English Democrats National Council met in Leicester for the first National Council meeting of the 2015/16 Political Year.

The meeting began with confirmation of the Co-options to the National Council, welcoming for 2015/16 the following National Council Members, Bridget Vickers (English Voice Editor), Graham Moore (Twitter Director), Therese Hirst (Policy Chairman & Social Events Director), and David Allen (Yorkshire Area Chairman).

The most significant business of the meeting was to make the annual appointments of the Party Officers as detailed below this article.

David Allen (Yorkshire) is welcomed to the National Council, following the retirement of Ian Sutton due to ill health from the National Council.  Thanks were given to Ian Sutton for his work for the English Democrats over the past 3 years in Yorkshire.

The New English Democrats Web-site was also approved for launch, following many hours of hard work by Communications Director Stephen Morris.

Steve Uncles, also presented the May 2016 Election Strategy for the English Democrats, where the main focus continues to be on Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Area Council, will shortly be up and running to focus on the 2016 Police Commissioner Elections in North, West and South Yorkshire.

Jenny Knight the new EU Out Campaign Director, presented the current view of the various “EU Out” Campaigns progress.

There are currently 4 Vacant positions on the English Democrats National Council, if you believe you can assist in the development of the party, then please write to the National Party Secretary – Derek Hilling (Email –, please indicate which responsibilities you would consider.

English Democrats
National Council Positions 2015/2016
1/ Chairman – National – Robin Tilbrook – (Elected) – Essex
2/ Area Chairman – North East – Kevin Riddiough (Elected)
3/ Area Chairman – North West – Stephen Morris (Elected)
4/ Area Chairman – Yorkshire – David Allen (Co-opted)
5/ Area Chairman – West Midlands – David Lane (Elected)
6/ Area Chairman – East Midlands – Derek Hilling (Elected)
7/ Area Chairman – Eastern Counties – Charles Vickers (Elected)
8/ Area Chairman – South West – Alan England – (Elected)
9/ Area Chairman – Southern Counties – VACANT
10/ Area Chairman – London – Roger Cooper – (Elected)
11/ Area Chairman – South East – Steve Uncles – (Elected)
12/ National Council Member – Colin Porter – (Elected)
13/ National Council Member – Steve Clegg – (Elected)
14/ National Council Member – Jenny Knight – (Elected)
15/ National Council Member – Leon Martin – (Elected)
16/ National Council Member – Bridget Vickers – (Co-opted)
17/ National Council Member – Therese Hirst – (Co-opted)
18/ National Council Member – Graham Moore – (Co-opted)
19/ National Council Member – VACANT
20/ National Council Member – VACANT
21/ National Council Member – VACANT
National Executive Appointments 2015/16
1/ Chairman & Leader – Robin Tilbrook
2/ Party Secretary – Derek Hilling
3/ Party Treasurer – Charles Vickers
4/ Campaign Director – Steve Uncles
5/ Communications Director – Stephen Morris
National Council Appointments 2015/16
6/ Policy Chairman – Therese Hirst
7/ Membership Director – Stephen Morris
8/ Conference Director – Kevin Riddiough
9/ English Voice Editor – Bridget Vickers
10/ EU Out Campaign Director – Jenny Knight
11/ Twitter Director – Graham Moore
12/ Facebook Director – VACANT
13/ Video & Audio (You Tube) Director – Steve Clegg
14/ Fundraising Director – VACANT
15/ Blogging Director – Alan England
16/ Social Events Director – Therese Hirst
17/ Chairman/ Appeals/Complaints Sub-Committee – Roger Cooper


  1. Former UK prime ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major are three key figures who will lend their support to the "yes" campaign, which will argue that Britain should remain in the European Union before the membership referendum in 2017. The three living former heads of state will be joined by The Apprentice start Karren Brady and former head of the army Sir Peter Wall.

    It was announced yesterday (10 October) that the BRITAIN STRONGER IN EUROPE campaign will be spearheaded by Lord Stuart Rose, the former boss of high street retailer Marks & Spencer, who is the initiative's chair.
    The emphasis will be on "patriotism" with plenty of Red, White and Blue on display.
    English nationalists/English patriots need to make sure that there is plenty of Red and White on display to counter the Red White and Blue.

    1. Will the English democrats be backing 'Leave.EU' supported by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, or 'Vote Leave' supported by Ukip MP Douglas Carswell?

    2. Doesn't that inspire confidence!! Three former UK prime ministers. Three dodgy characters if ever there were some.
      The sex lives of Blair and Brown are as suspect as that of the asexual? Ted Heath. Have been made privy to a video of a fringe meeting at Davos. The implication is that all hell is about to break loose all over the Western World shortly and it may be a case of the three above hanging from lampposts. So don't worry, we may never get to a referendum. Their patriotism is about as hollow as that of Cameron wiping away a tear. Major tried tugging at the English heartstrings as well but it was another almighty sham by another politician who puts himself or the oligarchic one per cent way above the English. All is smoke and mirrors now with the doctored report on the MH17 tragedy with the intention of implying that Russia was to blame. They failed to mention that the missile involved was one now only held by Kiev as the Russians decommissioned them in 2011 and that it was fired from Kiev controlled territory after the plane had been deviated by air traffic control. No satellite evidence produced by Washington and the air traffic control recordings are not available and the black box revealed nothing! Oh no?! The thing that bugs me is that it was used to put a stop to peace talks between Merkel and Putin. Cameron is never there as the City of London is the heart of darkness behind the whole b...... thing.

    3. Amazing! Nigel Farage for Blue Ukip and ex-Tory MP Douglas Carswell for Red Ukip.
      Ukip is unlikely to survive the EU referendum, whatever the vote. That will leave the field clear for the English Democrats.

    4. It seems now, that Nigel Farage will be supporting both Leave.EU AND Vote Leave. It looks as though he is losing he plot.

    5. Does it matter who's shouting "Vote 'No!'" so long as that's what they're shouting? As Farage pointed out, these separate campaigns are "complementary", rather than competitive.

    6. Clive,
      Farage is whistling in the wind. There are two groups because they can't agree among themselves.
      Ukip is a busted flush. Now is the time for the English Democrats to step up to the plate.

  2. What are the English Democrats doing about the closure of Redcar Steel Works?


    The coke ovens and blast furnace at the Redcar steelworks will close the Insolvency Service has confirmed.

    Local MPs have said the loss of 2,200 jobs is devastating.

    The works has been hands in the hands of receivers since the site's owner Sahaviriya Steel Industries UK (SSI) was wound up on 2 October.

  3. In 2010 Osborne promised that his austerity experiment would completely eliminate the budget deficit by 2015. In reality the UK is still borrowing £100 billion per year, meaning that he's failed to even halve the deficit.

    Government debt: In 2010 Osborne predicted that the UK national debt would have reached £1.232 trillion by 2015. In reality it has risen to £1.489 trillion, which means he has borrowed £257 billion more than he said he would.

    The size of the economy: In 2010 Osborne predicted that the UK economy would grow to £1.916 trillion by 2015, but in reality it is only £1.822 trillion, meaning that he's borrowed more than a quarter of a trillion more than he said he was going to, in order to make the UK economy almost £100 billion smaller than he said it was going to be.

    Debt/GDP: In 2010 Osborne predicted that debt would peak at 67.2% of GDP in 2015 and then start falling. In reality the debt has reached 80.4% of GDP and it's still growing dramatically. This means that he's now overseen the longest sustained increase in the national debt since the Second World War!

    The UK Credit Rating: Before he became Chancellor George Osborne staked his reputation on maintaining the UK's AAA Credit Ratings, but in 2013 the UK economy was downgraded for the first time since the 1970s.

    Worse than Labour: George Osborne continually harps on about how Labour would threaten his "economic recovery" but what he doesn't tell you is that in just four years he's created more new debt than every single Labour government in history combined!

    Earnings: One of the strongest indicators that Osborne's ideological austerity experiment is really bad for Britain is the fact that he has overseen the longest sustained decline in wages since records began.The fact that millions of workers are significantly worse off than they were in 2008 thanks to George Osborne's deliberate campaign of wage repression explains why economic demand is still so weak and the "recovery" so slow. As a result of Osborne's policies, ordinary workers have suffered the worst declines in income since records began.

    These facts illustrate how much of a catastrophic failure George Osborne's ideological austerity experiment has been. The first four sections show that ideological austerity has completely failed in its own terms, and the last section illustrates the fact that the vast majority of workers have paid for this failure through declining wages and living standards.

    How do people believe that Osborne is doing a good job?

    1. I spoke to the chap serving in the Co-op after he had told me that the Co-op is now in profit. I said that he should now get a bonus like the bankers. He knew that austerity is one big con to enrich the financial elite. Well done to him, so many seem to think it is an act of God. The Rothschild controlled central banks are now printing money and lending it at vast return whilst giving negative interest to savers whose money they are also using. And the austerity mugs, that's us, are bailing them out.
      George Osborne is just a bankers' tool.

  4. Well done Robin on RT for saying that the "West's" attempts to get rid of Islamic State are just propaganda and we know they were really bombing Syrian infrastructure. The Russians are now doing it properly and freeing the Syrians from the jihadists. Russia has always stood up to Islam and Michael Portillo told us how they liberated Bulgaria. Britain has only been anti-Russian because of the fear of Tsarist Russia getting to India. So Britain traditionally has been behind the Ottoman Empire, together with Germany and against Christianity. And now Merkel is succumbing to Turkish blackmail. The Turks want 3b euros or they will flood Europe with thousands more refugees caused by their support with Saudi, the Yanks and Israel of IS. Merkel's response is to promise to push for Turkish membership of the EU. This will cause Germany to tear itself apart and most of the rest of the EU will be in uproar.

    Meanwhile the Stephen Lawrence case is back on the cards with the Met's "institutional racism" being investigated again. Lee Jasper said that this is worse than ever. I can see a day when the number of white police in London gets fewer and fewer as the English are terrified of being tarred with the institutional racist brush. Ethnic pluralism does not work; full stop.

    On the other hand the attacks on Muslims in London seem to be being carried out by non-whites. The English may think things but are just sitting there terrified of the Norman establishment until it is mostly too late. Two Muslims girls in yashmaks that RT spoke to who were "born and raised here" spoke with the Afro-Asian patois that will have replaced cockney completely by 2040, a foreign accent that even our own have picked up and is further evidence of England's transition from a white Christian country to a brown Muslim one. Near Heathrow a hotel is housing asylum seekers from Africa. The neighbours are complaining about the immigrants. But the neighbours are all afro-Asian from the looks of it. I wonder if they ever think about how the last 60 years have been for the English. Of course not!!

    But we are not alone, the new Swedish crime thriller on BBC4, Arne Dahl, has just returned and the cast are majority non-ethnic Swedes.
    This is evidence of the rapid browning of Sweden. But as a friend has said both Sweden and England are now finished. After all, how do you ever reverse multicultural Europe now without massive bloodshed, Enoch? A spokesperson for Pegida in Dresden said that she is sick of the no borders, no nations brigade destroying Germany. Action and reaction are equal and opposite and the big bang is coming soon. They will, hopefully, not get to their borderless one world multi-ethnic dictatorship and Europe and Europeans will be able to save themselves from what is planned for them via the UN for the benefit of a chosen few.

  5. Glad to know we have entered a Golden Era with China. China is being invited to buy up England. Hope they don't do like so many others have, buy us up to shut us down and transfer our industries to China.
    Once upon a time we had our own industries and produced enough money from them to employ everybody. But since the bankers began stealing all the money we are just destined to be metal bashers for those East of Suez. It is difficult to have lived through the real golden era of the 1950s and 1960s and suddenly find ourselves like a third world country working as slaves to the Chinese. Interested to see from Rich Hall's programme on the Native Americans that they believe that all things go in circles. I hope this means that globalisation/globalism will be seen to have failed and that nationalism, if kept in check, is the natural state of mankind. As for the Red Indians as they seem to prefer to be called, I suspect that they are just biding their time for they know that European greed in the US will soon have run its course. Collapse is just a few decades away and that then they will get their country back.
    Interested to hear on the programme about the Yellowstone National Park last night that the Americans cleared out the Native Americans to create a wilderness but now they have discovered that their presence was an necessary part to maintaining the ecological balance, as were the wolves who kept down the elk population. There are those who have said that sheep should be removed from the Lakeland Fells and they should be returned to their "natural" state. However, are those same people then going up there to deal with bringing the vegetation under control which the sheep do for them?