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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

More evidence of England paying the piper (but not calling the tune)!

More evidence of England paying the piper (but not calling the tune)!

Even MPs who represent English seats but who are not English like the Welsh Mrs Cheryl Gillan sometimes stick up for their constituents.  What do you think?
9 Jun 2015 : Column 1081

Mrs Cheryl Gillan (Chesham and Amersham) (Con):
"I hope that the Government will resist the call for the triple lock, quadruple lock—or whatever we are going to call it now. I asked the House of Commons Library to look at the disaggregation by UK constituent nation of the EU budget contributions and receipts. My right hon. Friend the Minister will be interested to know that it clearly shows that although the average cost across the UK in the last year for which figures were available was £48 per head, when that is disaggregated, we see that the real burden falls on England. The cost of membership is £72 per capita in England, whereas in Scotland, it is a mere £2; in Wales minus £74; and in Northern Ireland minus £160. So the devolved nations, which are effectively feather-bedded against the real cost of membership, should not be allowed to slant the results of any referendum by demanding an individual country lock on any result."
The actual debate can be viewed here, with Mrs Gillan speaking about 14 minutes 37 seconds in:
Alex Salmond misrepresented opposition to a Referendum on continued EU membership being determined by the vote in each nation as meaning, by extension, "that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should not get a vote at all." The analogy with the USA is absurd.

This 'disaggregation' sets in context the positions of rUK in respect of EU Membership.


  1. It's a consequence of England being a member of the UK, which will not end until England gets independence.
    The reason the UK government forces the devolved nations to take its money, instead of raising what they need from their own taxes, is in order to call the tune, particularly in Scotland.
    It's bound to happen for long as England remains in the UK, and is ruled from Westminster, so there is little point in moaning on about it.

  2. It's important to get the message out there and repeated ad nauseum- till we get change.
    UK will not devolve iteself, Anon [above].

  3. Robin!
    Regarding the first comment:--Anon-9 July 2015 at 10:32 .The nail has truly been hit on the head. Could not have put it better myself. The articles reminding us of Englands treatment at the hands British Unionists have got to stop,if only because we have heard it all before. We need some fighting talk from DM not woe is us!

    Wlliam Kearney.

  4. No wonder Scotland, Wales & N Ireland are so keen on EU membership!