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Thursday, 7 May 2015



Ladies & Gentlemen

I would also like to thank the Returning Officer and all his/her helpers who have worked on this election and also those voters who have voted for me and for the English Democrats.

I have enjoyed standing in this election and playing my part in flying the flag for England and for English nationalism.

I am going to be very interested in seeing what now happens. If, as the polls suggested, Labour is able to form a minority government only with the assistance of the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and possibly Sinn Fein and other Irish nationalists, then I fully expect many voters who voted for other parties to wish that they had voted for the English Democrats to be a voice for England. 

That voice will be sorely missed because for the next 5 years we may have a government which is more anti-English than any government that England has had since the Norman Conquest.

As I speak poor England is now being delivered into the hands of our Nation’s enemies.

I hope that the experience of the next 5 years will ensure that never again will anyone who cares for England vote for any party which hasn’t got “Putting England First” at its very heart!


  1. listening to the results coming in, I am more convinced that the party should re-launch as the "English People's Party - Putting The English First."

    1. I quite like "English Democrats" actually.

      Crushing disappointment in the polls though, but I can't help think the UKIP surge stole much of the EngDems' thunder.

    2. There were one or two of 400 or 500. Not bad. These appear to have resulted in places in South Yorkshire where there are party organisations to support candidates.
      Isolated candidates may put in a valiant effort, but they will always struggle.
      The party must build from where its strength is in South Yorkshire ~(although the results from Sheffield were disappointing).
      Ukip has been on a roll given a boost by the media*, who found Nigel Farage provided good copy. It will collapse in the working class North because of its contradictions. Its message of replacing immigrant workers from the EU with immigrant workers from the New Commonwealth, is designed to appeal to traditional [Empire Loyalist] Conservative voters in the South; not to discontented working class folk in the North.

      *the media's support for Ukip in the South and "middle England" was withdrawn as the election approached and they lined up behind the Tory campaign, although that support continued in the north where Ukip was looking to take votes from Labour, rather than from the Tories..

    3. I agree. The only problem is that the press will couple us with the Danish People's Party which, although trying to preserve Denmark's national identity, gets a hammering from the multicultural obsessives. I watched the finest generation programme on BBC 2 last night and it was definitely politically corrected. How come three of about eight of those who spoke were immigrants from the East End of London? I smell a BBC rat.

    4. three 2010 results:
      Don Valley: Bernie Aston: 1756 - 4.0%
      Doncaster Central: Lawrence Parramore: 1816 - 4.4%
      Doncaster North: Wayne Crawshaw: 2148 - 5.2%

    5. I think it was Harold Wilson who said that there was no such thing as bad publicity (there is of course), but at least the Danish People's Party gets talked about, while the English Democrats get mistaken for the Liberal Democrats if anyone remembers that they exist at all. We can't really expect the Liberal Democrats to shuffle off the political scene (particularly given the amount of life-support they receive from the BBC). Their shade will stay around for years to haunt us, as it did their previous incarnation as the Liberal party

    6. Reported in 'Denmark's news in English' (28th November 2014).

      "If an election were held today, the Danish People’s Party (DF) would sweep into power.

      For the first time ever, DF has topped all other parties in an opinion poll.

      In the poll, conducted for TV2 and Politiken by Megafon, the anti-immigration party received 21.2 percent of the vote, a massive increase over the 12.3 percent of the vote the party earned in the September 2011 election.

      “This is a fantastic poll for the Danish People’s Party. But I also know that in the next poll released we’re likely to go back down again,” DF’s party leader, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, told TV2.

      “We want to have the Danes’ support and we fight for it every single day. And the day that really counts is the day we vote for parliament,” he added.

      Dahl said that DF has likely ridden a wave of anti-refugee sentiment.

      “I don’t think there is any doubt that the asylum debate – that there have come so many of them over the last few months – has clearly affected a lot of Danes’ opinion on what should be done in Christiansborg. And DF has a clear opinion in that area,” he told TV2.

      DF’s strong poll results put them ahead of opposition party Venstre, which received 20.9 percent support, as Denmark’s biggest party. Venstre received 26.7 percent of the vote in the 2011 election.

      The next largest party is ruling coalition partners the Social Democrats. PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s party received 19.8 percent support in the Megafon poll, down five full points from the party’s election results.

      It’s worth noting that although this was the first time DF has topped an opinion poll, the difference between DF and Venstre was within the poll's 2.6 percent margin of error."

    7. About us
      The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti)


      Name in Danish
      Dansk Folkeparti
      Name in English
      Danish People’s Party
      Party Leader
      Kristian Thulesen Dahl
      Seats in Parliament
      22 of 179 seats
      10.178 (2009)

      With a strong focus on welfare for Danish citizens, immigration, national culture, security and independence (including opposition to the EU), the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti) has rapidly grown into becoming the third largest party in the Danish parliament.

      Between 2001 and 2011 the party enjoyed great influence because of its support to the minority coalition government of the Danish Liberal Party (Venstre) and Conservative People’s Party (Konservative).

    8. The anti-EU Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF) is the largest Danish party in the European parliament at Strassburg. It belongs to
      European parliamentary group, 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy'.

    9. 'English Democrats - putting England first' would be okay if England was still an English country. Now that England is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic we need an 'English People's Party - putting the English first'.

    10. Apparently an "English People's Party" already exists according to the Electoral Commission website. It does not appear to be very active.

    11. 'English People's Party' - registered in the name of erstwhile ED member Andrew Constantine. Good name - piss poor policies.

    12. If you want to see how the Danes can put up a fight for their survival then you should watch the Danish docudrama 1864 showing on BBC4 this coming Saturday when Denmark fought to retain the base of Jutland from Prussian aggression.
      Apparently, Queen Alexandra was so angry at the way that the Prussians treated her country that she bore a deep hatred of Germany for the rest of her life. This became evident on the eve of the First World War. We must never say that the battle for England is lost. I watched the service from Westminster Abbey yesterday and cannot imagine a day when the sea of white faces will be replaced by mostly black and brown. By that time, however, there will probably no longer be a Church of England or even a Westminster Abbey. All the great and the good gathered there should hang their heads in shame at what their generation have done to England and pondered on how those Englishman who died during six years of bloody conflict would think of England if they were to come back again today.

  2. The election result was catastrophic and a bit of bewilderment. I am still trying to work out what happened. I think that Cameron so frightened Tory voters with the SNP that they turned out en masse to ensure that UKIP and others did not split the vote. As for Labour, I suspect that they lost votes to UKIP and that Labour and the Lib Dems lost votes to the Greens; even some Lib Dems may have voted UKIP.

    What the Tory sheeple don't realise is that they have now sold themselves into banker and corporate slavery. The NHS will be privatised and sold to the Yanks, TTIP forced through, their wages will continue to drop. They have been bought by rocketing property prices. The good thing for English independence is that Scotland will be gone in two years but then the bankers will have carte blanche to rule us and treat us all as slaves. They even now think the one per cent will be paying for mercenaries to keep us all down.

    Cameron does not give a hoot about England and the English. His friends want as much cheap foreign labour as they can get and his developer friends to concrete over the rest of England. One spokesman said we haven't got enough houses. But we would have had if we didn't keep letting millions and millions in as we have since the War. Tony Gosling on RT speaking of the 500 camped out in Paris waiting to force their way into England said that we cannot take any more immigrants and a lady I was speaking to recently said the country is full. But Cameron hates England and the English.

    And in London foreigners are demolishing more of our heritage than Hitler did. They are buying and bulldozing and building luxury flats for other rich foreigners and forcing the last of the cockneys out. Cameron and his ilk will do nothing to stop it.

    I have a feeling that rebellion is now close against the plutocratic warmongering elites who are behaving as the Rothschilds and making money out of bankrolling wars and selling arms as millions of innocent people die around the world. And Cameron and Obama are refusing to go to Russia for VE Day and stopping Merkel going as well. This is a disgrace, so childish, selfish and impolite. Without Russia we would never have won the War.

    The worst thing is that 70% of the population now want p r. and yet you will never get it with Cameron. With a Tory minority the other parties might have forced it through. On the Continent UKIP would have got 100 seats instead of one. They got more votes than the Lib Dems and yet an eighth of the seats. Democracy don't make me laugh; plutocracy and with knobs on and it will now get much worse. I am beginning to wonder whether the North will follow Scotland into independence but I do not want England split.

    1. It used to be Red Clydeside. Now its Red London thanks to third world immigration. Except for Un-England/London, Labour was stuffed across the South.

    2. The fact is that there IS a cultural and economic divide, which the EDs can exploit to the party's advantage in the North. Ukip's appeal is to older traditional Conservatives in the South and that is its natural constituency. Now it is trying to change its message to appeal to Northerners, and it has succeeded to some extent (at the expense of some support in the South).
      The EDs have to tap into Northern grittiness, and that will mean becoming THE Northern party for some time, before looking to winning in the South where Ukip's brand of latter day Empire loyalism has resonance with traditional Tory voters.
      (the Yorkshire First Candidate did better than the English Democrat - that is because the English Democrats failed to convey the Englishness message which plays better with down to earth Northerners than with "sophisticated" Southerners)

    3. Is that necessarily the case? Some of those Tory voters in the South shouldn't be voting for UKIP then. Your party has tougher immigration proposals than UKIP does and would fit in with REAL Tories of yesterday unlike the more 'modern' PC ones like Cameron.

    4. There must have been a massive swing of right-wing Lib Dems to Ukip especially, and the Tories, since the Labour vote largely held up. Most left-wing Liberal voters switched their support to the Greens and Labour soon after the last General election.

    5. Ukip is the true home for REAL Conservatives. The Tory party is in the hands of globalists (either opposed to the EU, or for the EU, but still globalists and anti-nationalist).
      Ukip is the only home for REAL Conservatives, because they represent the erstwhile Empire Loyalists. Ukip patently does not represent the English.
      English nationalists should not be voting for Ukip anywhere, but Ukip is entrenched in the traditional Tory areas of the South. The EDs have to ensure that Ukip does not also get embedded in the traditionally Labour areas in the North
      The EDs have to represent the English - neither 'right' nor 'left' but English first.

    6. Ukip's appeal is to older voters who remember the Empire with nostalgia, when it stood against Nazis. By the nature of things, Ukip's base will shrink with the years and World War 2 fades into history. The nationalist appeal has to be to the young, as it is in Scotland.

    7. A socially conservative message could have some traction across the political spectrum, but not a lot with the younger voters which the party needs to attract. Its effect is probably neutral. Significantly, Ukip has dropped it anti-gay stance and trimmed its opposition to muslim immigration.

    8. You say the party has dropped its anti-gay stance. Well, if they have done so they need to tell some of their candidates because they haven't been 'on message' with regard to this and the official party line is that UKIP still don't accept gay civil marriages and have this curious stance that the government is forcing churches to marry gay couples when they are not doing so. UKIP has NEVER been opposed to muslim immigration or has no real coherent stance on immigration.

    9. Ukip has a problem with some of its dinosaurs going off message. It used to pride itself on its mavericks and eccentrics, but no longer now that it's playing with the big boys.

  3. did you get to deliver your speech?

  4. So Cameron has now promised a referendum but may yet duck it. Plus we will be subjected to a massive stay in propaganda campaign. Cameron does not want us to leave as he stands for the international bankers and corporations who already control the EU anyhow. My one fear if we leave is that we will lose all employee protection and food hygiene standards and be at the mercy of corporate America who will now be handed the NHS. But as the plan is for NAFTA ( where workers have been ground down) and the EU to merge anyhow it may just be a matter of time. We want the English people to by ruled by the English people not by greedy foreigners from the US or anywhere else.

    I wonder whether Labour may revise its immigration policy since they have probably lost votes to the "far right" from those who have been forced out of their towns and cities by the diversity obsessives of international socialism and Marxism. Also, their leader was not one of the people but the son of a newly arrived Continental intellectual Marxist - but then all three parties are Marxist - who said he hated us.

    Watching Richard Wilson on his Britain's Best Drives again I was reminded why the 1950s was a golden age. It was still cohesive homogeneous England prior to globalism and mass genocidal immigration but there was also full employment before globalisation and a balance between Labour and Capital, something Thatcher wrecked, destroyed manufacturing and handed us over to her City friends as slaves. I have a theory the unions in the 70s were infiltrated and destroyed to this end.

  5. In the event, the unholy marriage was called off! However, the result demonstrated the iniquity of First-Past-the-Post (FPtP). UKIP and the Green Party polled some five million votes for two seats. The SNP polled less than one-and-a-half million and ended up with fifty-six! This makes one SNP vote worth in excess of ninety times a vote for the other two. If that's democratic, I need to buy a hat, so that I can eat it!!
    FPtP stinks. It skews election results in favour of the largest parties, as well as dissuading people from voting for their preferred candidate, to vote, instead, against their least preferred candidate.
    If every voter's vote is to count, we need PR, now.

    1. Clive, PR aint going to happen. The two big parties are the beneficiaries of FPtP. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas.
      Also, in our system we vote for the man not the party. PR would allow the central party to say who represents each constituency. First Past the Post allows the individual to get through like Martin Bell, who defeated the Tory Neil Hamilton, or the doctor campaigning to keep a local hospital.
      With PR we'd only get party hacks.

    2. Democratic Unionist Party gets 184,260 votes and receive 8 seats, UKIP and the Green Party gets 5,038,712 votes and receive 2 seats in "our" system. It might be British but I would not call such an outcome democratic.

    3. Yes, in reality (as opposed to how too many ordinary people and the media portray it as) we vote for INDIVIDUALS in our 'general elections' but how many people actually want Joe Bloggs MP to win their seat as opposed to Joe Bloggs Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem candidate for x,y,z constituency? Our system is based-upon a lie. FPTP only really works if you have either just two very popular parties (ie like Labour and the Tories in the 1950's with 90% plus of the vote between them) or you are place like the millionaires' island of Jersey where they have no political parties and so they REALLY DO just vote for individuals

      We need PR as until we get it Britain can't be described as in anyway a real democracy:

      This system is also very interesting:

  6. Working class people across the North and the Midlands turned to Ukip in their droves; not because they supported Ukip's policies, but because the media kept telling them that Ukip was the ENGLISH party.
    It is harsh to say it, but the English Democrats will not break through until they have a new leader who understands the working class and bread and butter issues. The launch of the campaign in a London pub sums Robin up. (It should have been in Media City in Salford/Manchester). His mind set reflects his traditional middle class education and values. Talk of hanging drawing and quartering and traitors will not put bread on the table. He is conservative, when even the Conservatives are not conservative. Worse still, he is a metropolitan conservative, obsessed with London, when the rest of the country is fed up with London. George Osborne has a strategy for the North with investment from Manchester to Hull. That corridor is where the English Democrats should concentrate their efforts, (Robin should have been there throughout the election campaign) but Robin cannot see north of the Trent unless it's to defend England's borders like some latter day Plantagenet king. The tragedy is that the ED's have such a small pool of talent to draw from.

  7. On RT last night Oxana Boyko was speaking to a Slovenian philosopher called Zizek. He pointed out that the west is now in the grip of corporatist totalitarianism - the thing I called the Marxist totalitarian oligarchy. Individuals believe they have more personal freedom under the neo-liberal consensus but they are ruled by banks and big corporations which transcend democratically elected governments.
    This was always the plan from when the Rothschilds met with ex-communists and ex-Nazis to cobble together the Marxist oligarchy at the first meeting of the Bilderberg Group.

    He also spoke of political correctness, especially with regard to anti-Semitism and homophobia and pointed out that nobody can raise a question as to whether 6m European Jews died during World War 2 without being put into jail. What happened to Voltaire's saying that he may not agree with you but would defend to the death your right to say it? Neo-liberalism is nothing of the sort. Political correctness is Marxist totalitarianism. No country in Europe chose multiculturalism and given a democratic mandate would have rejected mass third world immigration but they were not given that chance because the destruction of racial homogeneity was the goal of both Marxists and the Corporatist elites.
    As for homophobia, there was a comment that in other non neo-liberal countries homosexuals were allowed to live together in quiet and no questions asked as "best friends" and "confirmed bachelors". This is the way it used to be here after homosexuality was decriminalised. This is what most people would prefer but they do not have the option and are silenced with the cry of homophobia which is second only to that of racism.

    Poor old George Galloway has been hoist by his own petard. Trying to befriend Pakistani muslims he has been chucked out for one of his own as tribalism fractures England. Eventually Bradford will be majority Pakistani muslim. I actually sometimes quite like George and the way he gets the boot into the corporatist elites especially over the Iraq War and with his hatred of Tony Bliar.

    Finally, well done Angela Merkel in defying American Corporatist and hegemonic bullying and going to Moscow. The rest are either part of the hegemonic oligarchy like Cameron or were sat on by Wall Street/ the City. Am American recently spoke of his country not only bullying the world but its own people in the name of big money.

    Interestingly, Merkel not only paid tribute to the 26m Russians who died fighting her country but thanked the Red Army for liberating the Germans from their own leaders. How many Germans actually stood up to Hitler is a moot point but would you have had the courage to do so?
    An American on RT's Cross Talk said that Americans now learn their history from Hollywood and think the Americans alone won the War and that it was all about the Jews. As Peter Lavelle pointed out an new holocaust film comes out each year. Perhaps time to let that fade as well especially in view of what Israel does to arabs but I doubt if it will be allowed to.

    1. Homophobia is bad. The fact is a small percentage of humans will be either homosexual or bisexual and there is nothing that can be done about this as somebody's sexual orientation is emphatically NOT a conscious 'choice'. UKIP would have polled even more votes if they didn't have so many old-style Tories in the party who just can't get their heads around this SCIENTIFIC point. The BNP, in the past, would also have polled better if it weren't homophobic.

  8. Whoever gave their consent for England to become a multi-ethnic and multicultural country? The vast majority agreed with Enoch Powell in 1968 and did not want such a change. But after he was sent to Siberia by the new Marxist terror - and Heath was as much a Marxist if nor more so as the rest - they retreated into silence, cowed by authority as they have been since 1066. The Danes have not reached that point yet and still have a chance. For the English it is either being driven to the peripheries of their country or into exile.