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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

General Election

While this election has been not only very long and was fixed in the calendar for several years, it has been interesting to see that there has been much more polling evidence than usual, particularly with Lord Ashcroft’s polls.

It has also been interesting to see that despite the £100 million or more that the Establishment parties and UKIP have spent between them on billboards, leafleting and social media based canvassing and telephone canvassing it seemed to have made very little difference between the two main parties until the last moment; more of that later!

These were interesting elections in the second tier of parties about the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP. Now we see their results!

So far as UKIP is concerned the result was a devastating disappointment. Not only has UKIP proved a disappointment to English nationalists, as per one of my earlier blog articles, but won’t even have satisfied their British nationalist supporters.

The SNP’s results in Scotland have brought the end of the Union very much back onto the agenda. One of the burning issues of the next five years will therefore I think be the need for a voice for English nationalism.

In the last 18 months it has been UKIPs time in the sun. Their failure to deliver leaves, I think, the way wide open for the only English nationalist party to come forward.

The English Democrats are now an experienced party of campaigners dedicated to England and our English nation and will not be blown off course by the winds and noise of political storms and while we may not agree with the Scottish National Party on the vast majority of their policies, the one thing that we do agree with them on is the need for an effective voice for our Nation.

In an imaginary play we might have:-

Stage directions: Enter - triumphant SNP contingent.

Exit - dejected Liberal Democrats and UKIP contingents.

Enter - determined band of English Democrats with Cross of St George flat flying to cries of horror and alarm from the British Media Establishment chorus!


  1. "In an imaginary play we might have:-

    Stage directions: Enter - triumphant SNP contingent.

    Exit - dejected Liberal Democrats and UKIP contingents.

    Enter - determined band of English Democrats with Cross of St George flat flying to cries of horror and alarm from the British Media Establishment chorus!"

    You might see that in a play, but you won't see it in reality.
    Over 6 thousand have joined the Lib Dems since the election. Ukip came second in seats across the country. Ukip has taken control of Thanet District Council. Ukip is not going away in hurry. Ukip's appeal in the South is not to nationalism but to traditional Conservatism. In the North it is the other way round. You must hit Ukip hard in the North; you will hardly dent them in the South.
    "Enter - determined band of English Democrats with Cross of St George flat flying to cries of horror and alarm from the British Media Establishment chorus! " - get real for goodness sake.
    English nationalism will have to do the hard steady work of getting councillors elected for years to come. Forget any fantasies of sweeping into power any time soon. Start talking about ordinary people's concerns, incomes, schools, the shortage of doctors and nurses, the future of the NHS, the loss of social cohesion and national identity, the dying high street.

  2. Any way of using the name English People's Party. English National Party is akin to the SNP and speaks of civic nationalism. The Marxist Oligarchic Elites now decry nationalism as evil and akin to Nazism. Is it a coincidence that Hitler is still on our screens constantly? No it is deliberate. But retaining national identity is not evil it is natural and Europeans are suffering depression from the loss of their homelands.

    So Cameron is going to renegotiate in Brussels. He and his bankers and big business, led by Goldman Sachs as in the Greece business will then spring a referendum before the opposition can mobilise and hoodwink the sheeple again.

    Richard Wilson last night was in Cornwall. In the 50s they still retained their different Celtic identity as only 5% were born elsewhere. Now it is 70% and the Cornish are all but lost. This is evil globalism for you which has turned areas into England into foreign lands and forced the English to the edges. People who would once have retired in the urban centres or nearby are now white flighting in their retirement. Globalism is destroying every country in the name of the evil oligarchic 1%.

    1. The future belongs to Russia, China and India, the sickeningly white, yellow and brown giants. Multiculturalism has destroyed western Europe and North America as was the bankers' plan.

  3. Robin I agree with you. The SNP result to be honest was predicted. We need to learn from them and use their strategies against Labour in the north.


    1. The English Democrats have to remake their party as an English provincial working class social democratic party, like what the SNP did in moving from being "Tartan Tories" to become the party of Scotland.
      Whether a Home Counties patrician London-orientated leader with an establishment mind-set (witness the campaign launch in London and the 'Shakespearean' introduction to this blog) is capable of doing that is debatable.

    2. As has been said the EDs need to get the northern working class vote behind them by mixing love of England and being English and the fact that we will be reduced to minority status in our own land in a few decades with Old Labour values and social justice. Despite his promises, Cameron has no idea about ordinary people and never will have. And he probably hates the English like the rest of the cosmopolitan elite.

    3. The EDP have all but collapsed, their candidates stood and overall average vote share down since 2010. They have no effective grass roots branches to rebuild from and no leadership - The party is just a plaything for Robin Tilbrook and Steve Uncles, who like to think they are important but can't even get more votes than a regional party like Yorkshire First.
      Most of the decent activists have left, many are now active with UKIP across what used to be the EDP core areas like Doncaster and Kent. The Doncaster results tell the story - Where they once had an elected Mayor they now struggle to get 1.1% of the vote. The Mayor himself left in a cloud of acrimony, dismayed with the direction of the party and the recruitment of ex-BNP officers.

      The sad thing is that the party was going places in 2009, now it is all but finished and Robin Tilbrook and his ego are one of the biggest reasons.

      England needs a Churchill - The EDP got Chamberlain

  4. It looks as if the bankers are finally on the verge of being stopped as John Kerry flies to Sochi to discuss peace with Putin. He probably wanted it all along but was hamstrung by the Neocons and their banker backers. As my hero Paul Craig Roberts said, they must have seen the Chinese forces in Moscow on Sunday are realised that they are outnumbered two to one.

    Paul also told Greece to default, leave the EU - an American or banker vassal state in his words - and go to Moscow for the cash. He wants an end to the bankers' army NATO as well. It is almost too late for England but there is still hope that we will survive their evil. Note that Blair is backing Chuka Ummuna which means that Goldman Sachs are as they are the ones working to destroy England and all white countries for the last 60 plus years. Hopefully,as predicted sickeningly white Russia and sickeningly yellow China will save us from multicultural genocide of which they will have none,