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Thursday, 18 December 2014



I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am glad to be able to do so after a year that has seen several developments which give some cause for optimism that events and the mood of the country are beginning to visibly move towards the need for a whole England/English National reform of our politics!

The General Election next year gives a focus to our efforts in the coming year but it will be after the election that the most interesting developments are likely to work themselves out, especially in the light of current opinion polls.

Before then we have the interesting prospect of much more England focussed debates following on from William Hague’s EVEL White Paper! All treats for us!

Wishing you and England too a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Robin. Hope you are right. I don't trust the Tories with anything. I see they have fallen behind Labour. Can't understand why the sheeple vote for the same party - i.e. the government of any hue; they are all working for the City and all leading them down the path to doom. The Scots are now nearly all with the SNP so should break free soon but now that the Saudis, in collusion with the City and Washington have dropped the oil price to bring down Russia, Scottish oil is on the floor. This helps the British elite who will say that oil will never be their salvation.

    You get three foreign nurses for the price of training our own and foreign builders are swarming in from Southern Europe because our own are too "lazy". UKIP's Dr Young said that immigration has been a benefit and we could not have managed without it. We managed in the past. It has been a quick fix since the docking of the Windrush and a way of providing greedy employers with cheap labour and governments avoiding the need to pay for the training of our own workforce. UKIP favours the Australian system but that never kept the Muslim asylum seekers out. Keynes thought that as living standards in white countries improved so would those in the third world. He never counted on their birth rate with their populations tripling since the War. They do not need our aid they need rigorous birth control programmes or will always need our money or continue flooding into white countries because they cannot break the poverty cycle.

    Meanwhile, Russia is going to see off the smirking City slicker Cameron and the evil Washington/London pentogram. They will see off Emperor Obama as they saw off Boney and Adolf. They are just about the toughest people on earth, whereas we are now weak and pathetic.
    They have vast natural resources, a budget surplus and gold and currency reserves. If they threaten China, too, then she will dump America's debt and send the psychopaths tumbling. The Continent is livid at want the City is doing and are trying to solve the Ukraine crisis.
    Hollande has said he will no longer go along with the American sanctions. And now to break the South America/Russia alliance they are at it with their devious aim of promoting regime change in Cuba. They have made it plain that that is their aim in Russia.

  2. A very Happy Christmas to you to, Robin and to all who read this! A newspaper report this morning says the Alex Salmond hopes to hold the balance of power, following the election and would team up with Miliband. Perhaps he hopes that that would trigger the English backlash and save him the trouble of another referendum!

  3. The indications are that EVEL will be quietly laid to rest. It is clear from what Hague said, presenting THREE versions of EVEL, that the Tories are all over the place, and unable to agree, while John Redwood, with his 'helpful' interventions 'in favour of EVEL', is trying to unseat Cameron. Only the English Democrats (and maybe the SNP) have anything to gain from keeping England at the top of the agenda. The Tories, Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP will do their best to close down any debate about EVEL or an English parliament before May.

    1. Salmond was interviewed by Sophie Shevardnadze on Russia Today last night. The aim and the probability is that so many SNP will be sent to Westminster next May that they will be able to swing things in favour of another vote for a referendum in Scotland. Labour are the big losers so obviously some sort of accommodation between them and the SNP needs to be agreed upon. No surprise that the Tories will backtrack on English devolution the same way they backtracked on their last minute promises for Scotland. Wait for UKIP to suddenly jump on the bandwagon as the "pro England" party. Salmond said that he hoped that, following Scottish independence, England will get regionalisation. Whoever said we wanted it? I smell an EU/One World Order rat. Divide and rule is the name of the game and Salmond, for his part, wants a weakened, divided England. The others just want an end to England and the English all together.

  4. Robin. I don't know where my previous comment went, I am sure it went through. Perhaps you are a bit behind in dealing with comments because of Christmas. I wish I could share your optimism with regards to the Tories and devolution. We will see. Scotland is now 47% SNP and bound to break loose at the next attempt. Then they will have to cope with the problem of no English parliament.

    I see that the American hegemons are now in a rush to stop BRICS bringing peace to the world and halting their evil plans. Our preacher on Sunday spoke of increasing darkness in the world. I desperately wanted to explain to him who is behind all the war and bloodshed and turmoil but the sheeple are now so brainwashed by the propagandist BBC et al that it is difficult to get the message across.

    As regards Cuba, they are leading the resurgence of South America with Russian help and Russian as struck an oil deal with them. Suddenly the snake oil salesmen in Washington want to be their friends.
    Doubtless Havana has been threatened if it doesn't play ball. And now the CIA are hacking Hollywood pretending to be North Korea.

    Israel wants to declare itself a Jewish State and why not? But one chap their has now ceased to be a Jew saying that Israel should be for Jews and Arabs. That is fine until the Arabs outbreed them which seems to be happening with Muslims worldwide. He said a Jewish state is like France saying it is just for white Roman Catholics. Perhaps not exclusively but France is destined to have a black and Muslim majority by 2050. Will I still be France? Will England still be England with a non-white and Muslims majority. This is the point. The right to preserve one's national identity should be enshrined in the UN charter. The opposite seems to be the case.

    And now we see the turmoil caused by pluralism worldwide. Two cops shot dead in New York because of white on black brutality and 11 people mown down in Dijon in the name of Allah. Muslims here are now getting frightened at the growth of the "right wing". How do they think this would have played in Pakistan. Nobody here asked for pluralism, as elsewhere it was dumped on us, despite Enoch's warnings, for reasons of the enrichment of the already rich and the stupid Marxists.

  5. Russia Today keep wheeling out that slick young imam in Southampton, whose name escapes me to talk on Muslim matters. When my parents lived there 30 years ago, I don't remember seeing any Muslims. Apparently, there has been a bit of a kerfuffle over the sale of Muslim dolls for girls without faces as Islamic art is not meant to show the human face; plus there is a strange fear as to what dolls with faces will get up to when the lights are turned out!!

    The slick young imam said that Britain is now a liberal pluralist nation and Muslims should be allowed to do what they want. Quite when and with whose consent it became a pluralist nation is beyond me. I don't remember anybody voting for it. Nobody in 1948 or since said the plan is to turn your homogeneous country into an American-style pluralist one and the arrogance of such as this young imam is beyond belief. We are here and you had better accept it. Pluralist America is now on the slide whilst homogeneous Russia and China forge ahead.

    As regards America, apparently the number of doom-prepers is on the rapid rise. It is hardly surprising as the Wall Street banking cartel seem to be in the process of preparing us for Armageddon. They have forced Russia into a corner in an attempt to bring her down, are trying to lure in China via her ally, North Korea and to bring down Assad with the aim of getting at Iran. These are the three countries that they have to destroy or achieve regime change to their advantage in in order to have total world power. As regards Syria, we now learn what we have long suspected, that Israel is treating Islamic State wounded and sending them back over the border into Syria, as well as bombing Syria and sending in their drones, one of which has been brought down by Assad's forces. After all, we now know that Israel is the main producer of drones, used in Gaza, which they are supplying to the US and the UK. There is a sham war against the Islamic State going on as the City of London's satellites created the Islamic States as they created Al Qaeda. They are using them to bring down Assad and have total control of the Middle East.

    But there is another reason for white America to be arming itself to the teeth and stocking up with food and water. They know that the civil war between white and non-white - the latter no doubt with the backing of the US government and Wall Street banks - is now just around the corner. America today, Europe tomorrow. And now another mowing down of pedestrians in the name of Allah in France. And in Germany there are mounting demonstrations against immigration and Islamification. No chance of that happening here now, it has gone too far. The people are too frightened and going like lambs to the slaughter.
    Has the EDL been closed down by MI5 or is their a D notice on any publicity about them? Soon it will be submit to English minority status or leave.

    There was a debate in the House of Lords about religion yesterday.
    Norman Fowler, now Lord Fowler, was speaking on homosexuality and referred to Alan Turing. Quite right that things were bad then but perhaps the pendulum has now swung too far the other way. However, he referred to Russia as one country where homosexuality was illegal.
    I do not believe that this is correct but is another weapon being used to attack Russia. Russia bans the promotion of homosexuality to minors in the same way that Mrs Thatcher's government did. You will probably find that Norman Fowler was in it and all for it at the time!!!