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Friday, 12 December 2014

What is the British Government’s role in "Planning"?

Bicester Highh Street

What is the British Government’s role in "Planning"?

As a practicing solicitor I am sent various legal magazines and periodicals, one of the more interesting of which is the Solicitors Journal and in the most recent edition there is the article the introduction of which appears below.

I thought it worth reproducing it because it demonstrates vividly that it is only in England now that the British Government has unfettered rights to govern the English.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they have their own separate governments with an array of different powers. If we had our own government and parliament we wouldn’t have had to put up with the announcement made recently that the Government is now proposing to give "Planning" Permission to build a huge housing development under the spurious headlines of “Garden City” around the Oxfordshire market town of Bicester, concreting over and spoiling yet another part of England.

Our lack of self-governance has real consequences for real people and for the future of our country!

The sooner we get rid of that antiquated and wasteful monstrosity known as the British Government, the better!

Here is the header of the article. What do you think?

Planning in Wales

Julian Boswall and Stephen Humphreys discuss the EIA directive and green belt policy

The launch of the Planning (Wales) Bill puts Wales on an irrevocable course towards an entirely separate planning regime akin to the system in Scotland. As part of this process, some interesting ideas are being rediscovered, varied and newly minted. The community infrastructure levy (CIL) has made the first of what is likely to be many forays into court, and those old stalwarts, green belt policy and environmental impact assessment (EIA), have also been the subjects of important decisions.

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  1. Think my comment has failed to get through again. Two quick things. Firstly as regards the Diversity Deficit on ITV last night we are 65 years on since the docking of the Windrush and still the people of colour are hitting the glass ceiling. Sheer proof that pluralism does not work and the intention of those behind it is the genocide of the English and all Europeans, pure and simple. Secondly we hear that white working class children are underperforming according to Ofsted compared with immigrant children. The reason is simple, please quote it, Robin. The English are now the aborigines and the immigrants the colonisers. The English working class, shorn of their jobs and on the dole or working for peanuts are sinking into the apathy and demoralisation of the colonised and the dispossessed and are drinking themselves, eating and smoking themselves to an early grave thus hastening the planned race replacement.

  2. I tried to read the entire article, but it won't let me because I'm not a subscriber. The issue does highlight, yet again, that England needs its own government and pdq! Once this planning thing is implemented, any eyesores (e.g. nuclear power stations) that the British Government may want to build (on the grounds that their construction will be "good for Britain") will all be built in England, because the Scots and Welsh will simply refuse to grant planning permission.

  3. Where is Harriet Baldwin when we need her?