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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Is the British Education Establishment conspiring to indoctrinate pro-immigration, multi-culturalist values into English children?

Is the British Education Establishment conspiring to indoctrinate pro-immigration, multi-culturalist values into English children?

I have posed the above title for this article as a question, but I think that once the question is asked the article answers the question affirmatively. As the English legal profession would have responded to such a question for centuries with the Latin phrase:- “res ipsa loquitur” – the thing speaks for itself!

What do you think?

Here is the article:-

Pupils to learn about immigration in new history GCSE

The OCR exam board unveils plans for a new history GCSE that will include a module on 2,000 years of immigration, from the Romans up to 21st century arrivals from Syria

Teenagers will be able to learn about the impact of immigration on Britain over the last 2,000 years under plans for a new history GCSE, it was announced today.

For the first time, a history module will be introduced covering new arrivals to the UK from the Romans up to modern day migrants such as those from Syria and eastern Europe.

The proposals – drawn up by one of the country’s leading exam boards – will assess the reasons for immigration, the experience of new entrants and the impact on the indigenous population.

The OCR board insisted pupils would find large numbers of parallels to the modern day, saying they would be “surprised to learn” that the black population of London may have numbered up to 15,000 in the 1750s and that at least 10 languages were used across medieval England.

Under plans, “Migration into Britain” will be included as part of an optional extended study theme, which will make up around 20 per cent of a new GCSE course being introduced in 2016.

OCR’s GCSE in history is currently the most popular version in the country, with more than 93,000 teenagers sitting it last year, the exam board said.

It is hoped the move will “reinvigorate interest in GCSE history” following claims from historical experts that rising numbers of schools were barring pupils from taking the subject beyond the age of 14.

The move is made as immigration continues to dominate the political agenda in the run up to the election. Last week, David Cameron promised the introduction of tough new rules on access to welfare benefits for migrants entering Britain from the EU.

But the government has insisted that the number of pupils sitting GCSEs in history had increased in recent years, with almost four-in-10 teenagers taking an exam in the subject in 2014.

Mike Goddard, the exam board’s head of history, said: “Migration is an ideal history topic for GCSE students to study, allowing them to consider fundamental historical concepts such as continuity, change and significance, rooted in the major events of England’s history.

“Doing this through the lens of the movement of diverse groups of people has the added benefit of contemporary relevance and will make for a rigorous, stimulating and enjoyable course.”

He said it would require pupils to explore and understand “the constant shifts in the British population”. This included the impact of invaders such as the Romans and the Vikings, the effect of the Empire on India and the West Indies and people coming to Britain to flee persecution including the Huguenots, Jews and, more recently, the Syrians.

The Government has already set out proposals to overhaul GCSEs will more rigorous subject content and a greater emphasis on exams as opposed to coursework.

Under the changes, new history exams require pupils to study a wider range of historical periods, a greater emphasis on British history and at least one extended project.

OCR is currently developing two new GCSEs in response to the reforms. One will focus on the “modern world” and the second will put more emphasis on a range of historical periods. As part of the courses, pupils will have the option of taking a dissertation-style project in the monarch, war and society or immigration.

The proposed new GCSEs will be submitted to the government next year and will be taught from 2016, subject to approval from Ofqual, the exams regulator.

Mr Goddard said: “Migration has been a constant and, in many important ways, a defining feature of our history. Tracking it thematically over time makes for a complex and fascinating study, will build on recent academic research, and will reveal many new and enlightening aspects of our past.”

Here is the link to the original>>> Pupils to learn about immigration in new history GCSE - Telegraph


  1. The Tory led government is using its ideologically driven cuts agenda to pursue its policy of breaking up England. Real fears about policing cuts are being used to put in place the Tories' privatisation agenda. The Metropolitan Police Chief in an alarmist announcement has said that police services will have to be privatised and police areas merged and reduced to the EU's nine regions. Clear evidence that the government is singing from the Brussels song sheet.

  2. Am I surprised? We thought that Barbara Roche, her of exotic extraction, and her nation of immigrants exhibition was just pushing the New Labour line but we must now recognise that all three parties are wedded to the Marxist one world revolution, their aim and that of those behind it all is to bring about the browning of the white race, outside Russia. No such similar plans elsewhere, the Chinese will not allow the establishment of foreign enclaves on their soil.

    As Immigration Watch has tried, in vain. to point out, immigration into England was minimal between 1066 and 1948 and England had the third most stable population in the world. But that is at odds with the Government ( and by government that means any of the three main parties) Marxist agenda. This is Marxist brainwashing pure and simple of impressionable children and a lie. Big Brother is here. Our children are going like lambs to the slaughter.

    I am reading about the last days of the Tsar's family at Ekaterinburg. What struck me was that the Bolsheviks cared nothing for the peasantry who were loyal to the Tsar. Ideology was everything; but there were also many who had the same visceral hatred of the Tsar/Russia and the Orthodox church for reasons of ethnicity and history as Victoria Nuland, architect of the Kiev putsch whose ancestors probably also came from the same Pale of Settlement.

    As with the current banker-backed Marxist revolution, which the bulk of the sheeple probably do not even realise is taking place - although the remainder of Christian England are now becoming alarmed - ideology is everything and people can be slaughtered or silenced or removed to ensure the success of their utopianist and unnatural ideology. But they are just the useful idiots.

    Meanwhile, we hear that the Earl's Court exhibition centre is to be demolished to make way for luxury flats bought by or rented out by all the world's rich whilst the poor of the parish are booted out and rehoused outside the capital. This will not only include the remaining cockneys, few as they are but also races and cultures who have been allowed to settle there from all four points of the compass thus ensuring the spreading of multiculturalism to those few corners of England still remaining as in centuries past. London, as I have said, is the modern-day Bund of Shanghai, the playground of the rich of the whole world, ethnically cleansed of the natives for this purpose. We now need another MaoTse Tung, to boot out the predatory foreign hoards and restore our capital to its people.

    Vladimir Bukovsky, the Soviet dissident, has revealed the EU's plans from papers in the Kremlin archives as the Soviets presumably had received information of the developing Marxist Superstate; the UESSR as Bukovsky has called it. Prime among these is, as Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sachs has said, the destruction of the homogeneous ancient nations of Europe and of their natives. Whatever Cameron says, he is pressing on with this agenda, as is evidenced by the EU regionalisation of England. What the sheeple have failed to grasp is that the Rothschild cartel has deliberately bankrupted the West and introduced austerity as a way of bringing this about, as the above blogger has pointed out. Doubtless a private police force will, they will tell us, have to be one armed to the teeth to shoot the English if they rebel.

    1. Two further points occurred to me. Firstly, private police will be little different from the mercenaries that they now plan to employ, along with the use of drones, to fight their oil/Zionist wars so as to avoid public anger at more forces' deaths. No doubt such police will come from every corner of the globe, have no feeling, unlike PC Plod, for the indigenous peoples of these islands and have no compunction about gunning them down. In essence they will be little different from US Blackwater mercenaries. Come back George Dixon, all is forgiven.

      Secondly, there may well have been 15,000 blacks in 18th Century London but where were they in the 19th Century? Some may have intermarried as proved by dna evidence but the rest were probably rounded up by the slave catchers so often referred to by London's current black population and returned to the West Indies. Prior to the 1950s, the black populations in Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds and London, were minimal and there were even fewer here from the Indian sub-continent. The largest "ethnic minority" were probably the Jews, whose ranks were swollen by Ashkenazies at the end of the 19th century but only ever numbered half a million in a population of 40m plus.

  3. Interesting to note that the Labour Party is telling its prospective candidates not to discuss immigration, for fear of losing votes. They know that the electorate is very concerned about the issue. They know also that they can't do anything about it AND remain in the E.U.

  4. Despite his party's communique, advocating changing the subject, should the issue of immigration be mentioned, the delightful Mr Miliband was outlining his Labour Party proposals for curbing immigration.
    It seems that he is to create an offence, punishable by ten years imprisonment, (justified as "reasonable" by his shadow immigration minister,) of "undercutting" of wages by British employers in favour of immigrant workers. (At least, that's what I think he appeared to be saying!) It's all so much waffle, anyway. They can't control immigration and stay in the E.U.
    E.U. membership and immigration control are mutually exclusive. No wheezes from Cameron or Miliband can alter that fundamental truth.
    (End of!)

    1. People seem to assume that all immigration would cease if we left the EU. They seem to forget that perhaps the bulk of immigrants here from outside Europe arrived before we joined the EEC in the early 1970s. If we are to leave the EU then we should also not disband the Commonwealth so loved of our monarch? India is meant to be on the rise and with its new trade agreement with Russia be guaranteed the economic future of the BRICS nations whilst the City dominated West sinks into multicultural and economic collapse. With this in mind, perhaps those whose origins lie outside Europe might consider whether the BRICS nations - i.e the Indian sub-continent or South Africa might not offer than a more agreeable lifestyle than the "white" countries of Europe, North America or Australasia. And then there is the great conundrum, they clamoured for independence from the European empires but, once granted, chose to be back under the European thumb by migrating to the countries of the old enemies. It does not make sense but reminds one of children who leave home, cannot manage so run back to mummy and daddy. But they have all been used, as the English have, for reasons of international globalised capitalism and the Marxist revolution. We cannot blame them but it would be nice if they came to realise that they have just been used as fodder for those who never really had their welfare in mind.

    2. It is not being suggested that immigration should cease; only that we need to control it and there can be no such control whilst we remain in the E.U.

  5. God Help The West ..I didn't think the Romans had "migrating in mind '' , just the usual rape and pillaging that conquerors do .Much the same for the Norsemen etc .The last bunch were in that category ,Won At the Battle of Hastings by good luck..Now they just walk in and do it.

  6. Loyalty to the state is becoming a tad over rated- as well as foolhardy for the indigenous peoples here.There is no counter opposing army in the system as of now -as there was at Hastings. 'Luck' for the new world apparatchiks doesn't come into it.They have all grasped the same levers of power and are quite happy with that shared reality.

    1. The English Companions, in heart-wrenching fashion, still lay their wreath at Hastings each October to the memory of Harold Godwinson and those who almost won. What is so heart-wrenching is that our pain did not end there but the same victors founded - Cromwell was a Norman - with those exotic people from Amsterdam, the heart of darkness that is the City of London and the Crown Corporation that rules most of the globe still in financial terms - Qatar is still their colony - and will not stop until they have removed the last Anglo-Saxon from his land, forced him into exile or interbred him into oblivion.
      Harold, we will neither forget you nor stop fighting