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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Unionist Nigel Farage ducks the English Question. At a meeting of the Institute for Government his keynote speech was followed by questions. Listen to what he says!

Nigel Farage ducks the English Question! Again!

English Nationalists take note!

Here is the key clip >>>>

At (the 23rd June 2014) event, Nigel Farage ... spoke at the Institute for Government on the role of the state and how (UKIP) would run a government.

Mr Farage opened by acknowledging that .... UKIP was highly unlikely to form the next government (but he claimed) it would be in a position to affect other parties’ manifestos and may even gain some MPs at the next general election. Its view on the role of government was, he said, potentially very important.

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  1. Even some UKIP supporters are now getting confused as to where UKIP is heading. There is even a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that that 'plane crash Farage was involved in whilst towing the banner was a shot across his bows to toe the line or there will be worse to follow.

    I am returning to Robin's preparedness to work with Marine Le Pen, something which UKIP is still refusing to do. I noted that Marine was voicing her concern about the genocide and ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians taking place in the east of the Ukraine. UKIP has said that the whole Ukraine adventure was folly at least. However, it seems to be only the parties of the "far right" that are expressing their concern. The main political parties here like the BBC maintain a stony silence or just follow Washington's expansionist line. Most of us are very ashamed that the governments of France and Germany have been prepared to get together with Russia and Kiev to try to bring peace. No such action from the British; this is probably because they will do nothing to upset Washington, in fact as has been repeatedly said Britain is just Washington's poodle, although the real source of evil is probably the City of London. I do not want us to remain in the EU but I regard myself as a European with an interest in preserving peace on our continent. I am not American nor would ever want to be. The Americans seem to be on another planet with the rest of the world just there to serve their aims , no matter how many thousands die. Washington has always only used us for their own ends. But all Europe's and Russia's efforts have come to nothing because Kiev is just going through the motions as it waits for the next 'phone call from John Kerry. I have just read that Stalin feared an American plan to take the Crimea. In view of what is happening in the Ukraine he was probably right but just 70 years too early.

    Meanwhile, we are told by Cameron and Clegg that GCHQ/ the NSA will be given carte blanche to watch our every move and listen to our every word in the name of fighting the likes of El Shabab and ISIS or the Islamic State as they are now called. Plus we have to be watched to counteract organised crime. Can anybody spot the common denominator?; 60 plus years of virtually open doors immigration to benefit the globalising plutocrats. And now we hear that ISIS have taken nuclear material from Mosul University and will soon be coming here with a dirty bomb. So where do we go from here as we face English genocide to suit the aims of the New World Order. Perhaps when the first dirty bomb goes off hear the bovine English who pretend it is not happening will have to take notice.

  2. Today is English Unification Day - sadly eclipsed by events in Northern Ireland. I live just a few miles away from where Athelstan declared a united England at Eamont Bridge and received tribute from the rulers of the remaining peoples of Great Britain. As we face the eradication of England and the genocide of the English people by the end of this century with England becoming a majority non-English and even non-Caucasian country with a muslim majority then we should hope that we are at last reaching a turning point rather than a point of no return; despite the machinations of the likes of Tony Blair who massively increased immigration during his time in office, probably at the behest of one of his many empoyers the Goldman Sachs Bank.

    Worried that I might be just being led astray by conspiracists I was surprised and comforted to hear a statement from an Argentinian gentleman on Russia Today last night in connection with President Putin's visits to Cuba, Argentina and Brazil, the latter for a gathering of the BRICS countries.

    Suddenly it is as if the world has turned on its axis as the BRICS countries lead by the Russian-Chinese alliance get together to turn the tables on the hegemony of the New World Order. If the dollar loses its status as the reserve currency then the American economy will collpase.

    What surprised me was the fact that this Argentinian seemed to confirm things I was first told 30 years ago. He spoke of a western empire composed of the United States, Britain and the rest of Europe and Israel.
    But this is an empire that has kept the rest of the world enslaved through international usury via the IMF leading all the way up to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan banks, which are I believe, subsidiaries of a certain New York banking cartel. The inference was that the West was just the empire of international userers with a military wing in the form of the Pentagon. This is something some of us have suspected for some time.

    The gentleman said that the days of that empire are now numbered.
    This is good news for all of us. It is sad that he did not exclude the ordinary people of both America and Europe who are as much the victims of international usury as the rest of the world. Hence European and American economic collapse and so-called austerity which is a ruse to benefit said usurers. I was intrigued to see a fireman in the recent strike sporting a t-shirt reading that he works to save people not banks.

    How does this affect England? As I have said before, Tony Blair is not the only one working for Goldman Sachs. We know from the recent Al Jazeera programme that Peter Sutherland the United Nations commissioner for migration who wants to flood Europe with further third world migrants and destroy them as homogeneous nations, is an ex-Goldman Sachs employee and probably still doing their bidding. There is a theory that the United Nations was founded by the international usurers and to be the site of their One World Dictatorship government. Interestingly, the Argentinian gentleman referred to their plans for one world government. The death of England and the other homogeneous nations of Europe is,as I was told, a step on the road to one world government to suit said usurers.

    Now we have hope that control of the world is passing from them to Eurasia and that the Russia's will - as predicted in 1911 - save us from this spirit from hell. As the West descends into chaos and European Christian Civilisation and Europeans face the extinction planned for them by the international usurers and their Marxist useful idiots then we may be saved by others in the nick of time in a way that we are now no longer able to do for ourselves, such are the powerful forces in government and elsewhere ranged against us.

    1. The USA is behaving like any other empire - stealing from those it has taken over, Rome did it, France did it, Belgium did it, Britain did it, Russia did it and now the USA is doing it.
      England is Britain's last colony, but Britain is America's colony and America is on the verge of annexing the EU (which it founded after the 2nd World War to be the United States of Europe) by means of the really scary TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

  3. Date of election Constituency Candidate Votes %
    29 June 2006 Bromley and Chislehurst Steven Uncles 212 - 0.7 %
    Date of election Constituency Candidate Votes %
    10 July 2008 Haltemprice and Howden Joanne Robinson 1714 - 7.2%

    By-elections, 2010- Date of election Constituency Candidate Votes %
    29 November 2012 Rotherham David Wildgoose 703 - 3.3%
    28 February 2013 Eastleigh Michael Walters 70 - 0.2 %

    Kent Police Steven Uncles 10,789 - 5.3%
    South Yorkshire Police David Allen 22,608 - 15.6%

    Could there be a pattern here?
    Perhaps the English Democrats do better where there is a stronger sense of Englishness, or is that too obvious?
    The danger is that Ukip could take that support by default, while the EDs waste money and effort on Ukip's southern heartlands.

    1. Perhaps this was underlined by the fact that the Garden of England has moved north. Some of the results you have referred to are in Kent. For the English this was quintessential England but in the last few decades it has been so built over to enable rapid access to and from the Continent that there is not much left. Ashford is now largely concrete I am told.

      Hopefully, Kent's fate is not to be the fate of the rest of England as we might as well all go and stick our heads in the gas oven.
      But with fracking to come and high speed rail it will probably be the case. In a way the results are surprising as Kent is one of those places, along with Essex, to which the cockneys have been forced to flee as they have been ethnically cleansed from the capital and wholly priced out thanks to the money laundering of criminal foreign oligarchs. I read that the capital's firemen now have to commute from the south coast to there work and most of those who do ordinary jobs in London have to drive in from Essex as London is the home of the ultrarich or the immigrant in social housing. The English have been deported from their own capital city.

      A few years ago we were told that the Yorkshire Dales have now been redesignated the Garden of England - nice to see that the world was able to enjoy this during the Tour de France
      ( in between the ghastly adverts). So Yorkshire seems to have become one of England's last repositories, along with the likes of Dorset, Devon, Cumbria, Northumberland and Lincolnshire.
      Of course if Yorkshire is the place where the rebellion takes place then there is the great fear that as with previous rebellions by plucky and courageous Yorkshire folk - William the Conqueror's wasting, the Pilgrimage of Grace etc. then Yorkshire tykes will just be thrown into the Tower or hung drawn and quartered as in the past.

      Meanwhile as the whole hitherto white world is being brainwashed, manipulated or terrified into enjoying all the dubious benefits of multiculturalism - it is all getting like the Marxist internationale and life behind the erstwhile iron curtain - we face a world where every white country is like a box of liquorice allsorts and all are the same, as Enoch Powell prophisied. Is this really what the world wants; the USA everywhere with no European country being left with a shred of national identity, a global nothingness? I have just read "Natasha's Dance" by Orlando Figgess about the cultural history of Russia. What struck me that despite what Russians had to endure from their own leaders they were all desperately homesick in exile. Many of us can understand that as we suddenly find we are in an internal exile in our own land of England which is becoming everybody else's country and a foreign mosaic with no trace of England left. We are becoming desperately homesick for the country whose theft from us began in the 1960s but as been vastly accelerated in the last two to three decades.

    2. Try substituting 'England' and 'English' for 'Israel' and 'Israeli' in letters to the press from Zionists and 'cosmopolitan' for 'Arab'. the results are revealing

    3. Might I suggest that title the Garden of England, long contested, is now uncontestedly the Vale of Evesham

  4. The BNP is reportedly now using the name 'British Democrats'. How did the department in charge of registering parties allow that extremely similar name to the 'English Democrats'. Shouldn't the English Democrats register a complaint?

    1. There is also some confusion with 'Liberal Democrat', but that is likely to disappear along with the Lib Dems. Another party which faces meltdown is somewhat surprisingly the Conservative Party from which traditional (pro-British) Tories ,mostly in the south, are flooding to join Ukip

    2. The British Democrats are another breakaway BNP group, do a search, they where formed with the help of Andrew Brons when the BNP inploded

  5. I have had a sort of semi-confirmation that UKIP will continue with mass Commonwealth immigration once immigration via the Continent ceases when we leave the EU.

    Bearing in mind that what I am writing is no going to be stored for a year by GCHQ with no discussion in parliament or by the public, just the three main parties bringing in even more draconian surveillance powers, the reasons are given are islamic terrorism and organised crime.

    I acknowledge that some of these may be reaching us via the Continent, especially from North Africa and the Middle East for the former and the Baltic States and Eastern Europe for the latter but we must not forget that these were a problem even before the free movement of labour as many, if not most, of our islamic terrorists have come from or are the descendants of those who have come from Commonwealth countries.
    And West Indian gun gangs and drugs gangs and Chinese triads, possibly from Hong Kong and Singapore, have had nothing to do with the EU.

    One thing is for certain is that if this is UKIP's policy then they are full on multiculturalists; for you will find that few of those coming are from the Old Commonwealth and the majority from the New Commonwealth, which includes at least one former Portuguse colony in Africa.

  6. The Tory party is now in panic mode as the recent cabinet reshuffle may have had something to do with investigations into paedophile gangs at Westminster. William Hague was, I am told, the Welsh Secretary when the business with the children's home in Norht Wales broke and Ken Clark was Home Secretary but I can't remember if it was at the same time. After all these children's homes may all be linked to the ring at Westminster. It seems that both Tories and Lib Dems are desperate to keep the lid on until after the election but if they don't then next year's election regarding which parties benefit should be interesting.

    I was pleased to see Tony Blair discomforted on Sky news last night as the lady interviewer asked him four times who is to blame for the present Gaza crisis. He wriggled out each time because his bias towards Israel was plainly showing. And later in the evening I learnt that as the middle classes sink downwards so that the entire western world is ending up with two classes, the megarich and the rest, Tony Blair was reported as having said that the increasing gap between rich and poor does not worry him; some socialist, some Christian!! Time to settle old scores I think with the lot of the Westminster bought men, scum all of them!!!