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Sunday, 6 July 2014

12th July is English National Unity Day - On the 12th July 927AD

Eamont in an old map

Our Press Release:- 12th July is English National Unity Day

On the 12th July 927AD King Athelstan of the Royal House of Wessex, was recognised as the first King of all England at the Council of Eamont, Cumberland. The English Democrats will be holding celebrations on the 12th July 2014 across England to mark English Unity Day and to call for an English Unity National Holiday.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:-

“This 12th July will be the one thousand and eighty seventh anniversary of English Unity. It was the day on which King Athelstan realised the dream of the Venerable Bede and Alfred the Great and completed the mission of the Royal House of Wessex to unite England into a single united Nation State.

“England is by far the oldest Nation State in Europe and arguably the oldest Nation State on earth.

“The 12th July is an anniversary of history and pride for all patriotic Englishmen and Englishwomen and should be celebrated with all the enthusiasm that the Americans bring to their Independence Day or the French bring to Bastille Day.”

Notes to Editors
The 2011 Census showed that England has over 32 million (32,007,983) people (or 60.4%) who have stated they have only English National Identity. A further 4.8 million (4,820,181) people (or 9.1%) stated that their National Identity is 'English and British'.

In sharp contrast with this nearly 70% being English there were only a mere 10 million (10,171,834) people (or 19.2%) who claimed to be 'British Only'. A substantial proportion of these 'British Only' appear, from cross referencing with the results of the Census' ethnicity question, to be of non English ethnicity (ie Scottish, Welsh or Irish).

The Office for National Statistics nationality statistics can be found here)>>> The Nationality results are at: 2011 Census: KS202EW National identity, local authorities in England and Wales.

Also demand for English Independence is increasing rapidly in England and although reactive to the movement for Scottish Independence it is not dependent on it. The June 2011 ComRes survey done for the BBC showed that then there was 36% support for England to be a fully Independent Country irrespective of the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum later this year.


  1. From a BBC analysis of an interview with Robin,
    Ukip is the main threat to English nationalism. The English Democrats Party needs to accentuate its unique message. Concentration on the EU causes confusion with the Ukip message. The message the EDs have to concentrate on is SOVEREIGNTY. Independence for England to make her own decisions, unhampered by the rest of the UK has to be the message. That places clear blue water between the EDs and Ukip.
    Ukip is the immediate threat to England, fight it where it is weakest and the sense of Englishness is greatest, i.e., not in the south. the EDs must not suffer another Eastleigh which was a tactical disaster and a strategic mistake.

    1. It seems that Farage will reveal his party's manifesto for the general election in Doncaster this autumn, which is a calculated snub to the EDs. It will launch Ukip's assault on English nationalism in its northern heartland.
      England Arise! To arms you English Democrats.

  2. It is not widely known that while Ukip is opposed to immigration from the EU, it is in favour of immigration from the Commonwealth. There is currently a diabetes epidemic, in part cause by the increasing number of elderly Afro-Caribbean and South Asians in the population who are more prone to developing the disease in England than is the English population.

    1. This makes you wonder who Farage is really working for. Some of us still suspect he is a City of London plant. At least those from the Continent are our fellow Europeans. With an anticipated one third non-white population in Britain by 2050, probably earlier in England we face the prospect of England becoming Europe's first non-European country, ethnically and culturally. This is genocide plain and simple. But don't rely on the United Nations to save us as Tony Blair, who has a job as an advisor for Goldman Sachs amongst his other money raking enterprises, has said that it cannot be genocide as there are no ethnic English, we are all just immigrants whatever our culture, religion or skin colour.

  3. "The June 2011 ComRes survey done for the BBC showed that then there was 36% support for England to be a fully Independent Country irrespective of the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum later this year."
    The EDs must build on this high number of English folk who support English independence from the UK. It should campaign for an English Independence Referendum. Many of those 36% are probably unaware of the existence of the EDs and their policy of English independence.

  4. This 'English National Unity Day' suggests a degree of navel gazing. It is no substitute for getting out on the stump and knocking on doors. The EDs risk sleep walking into oblivion. Doncaster is a vital battle ground. The EDs need a plan to defeat Farage there NOW in order to knock him for six when he launches his manifesto. Get to Doncaster and expose his party's anti-English views.

    1. If Donny is a 'vital battle ground' how come there is no candidate for the council by election on the 24.7.2014?