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Monday, 5 May 2014

Daily Politics show interview at our EU campaign launch

Here is a link to the Daily Politics show interview at our EU campaign launch.
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  1. Please excuse me Robin if I am off topic but you will recall that in your recent letter to members asking for contributions towards the election campaign you referred to our island race. I wonder if others saw a showing of "In which we serve" the other day. A friend remarked that he was surprised that the marxist liberal elite had not yet banned the showing of such films. The film ends with a voice-over over the rolling waves and reference to our nation's engagement with the seas over the centuries as an island race. I refer to this against the background of the news today that by 2050 blacks and other ethnic minorities will make up one third of the UK population. Their numbers have doubled in ten years whilst that of whites has remained stable. There are two points to make; firstly those white probably included immigrants from the Continent which would mean that the ethnic English population has actually been falling. Secondly, in 2050 they are talking about Great Britain and Northern Ireland so that the ethnic english population in England may by then be below 50%. This would tally with my recent prediction that within a few short decades England's population would be majority coloured and probably majority muslim making England look more like North Africa than any European country.

    However, there are increasing signs of a gathering storm and the battle lines being drawn. Justin Welby's recent insistence that England is still a profoundly Christian country despite the charm offence launched by muslims in the face of increasing hostililty towards Islam here shows where we are heading.

    Referrring to the fact that there are "pro-Russian militants" as the BBC and other western media at Washington's behest refer to those who are fighting for survival in Eastern Ukraine, a friend predicted that one day there would be pro-english militants as the New World Order continues its aim of repopulating England with those from the third world and elsewhere. Indeed I saw once again Alexander Nekrasov, the London-based Russian correspondent, talking about Russophobia last night. He said how the Western Liberal Elite, who he compared to the communists of old, hate Russia for being conservative and Christian. He said that Russians were victims of communism and his own family languished in the gulags just as we Europeans are now the victims of their marxist liberal successors. As predicted in 1911 the Russians are now free and it is we who have been enslaved. In fact I have learned that the great grandson of Leo Tolstoy, whose family fled here after 1917 is a member of UKIP. I am anxious to ask him if the same people were behind the Russian revolution as those who are seeking to obliterate our island race.

    As regards the Ukraine, Daniel Macadams of the Ron Paul Institute for peace and prosperity - and that is what all people want whilst the New World Order is on a path of total destruction for their own ends - described the revolting lies coming out of Washington and echoed by the BBC. The Radio 3 news has not mentioned the mess there for two days. In talking of the massacre in Odessa they said that pro-Russian militants - they were protestors who had to take up arms to defend themselves - had been killed when the building caught fire. Funny how they never said that neo-Nazis from Kiev had forced them into the building, blocked the exits then thrown molotov cocktails to set the building alight and burn them to death. This may be our fate one day if the New World Order seeks to ethnically cleanse us the way those Russians are being ethnically cleansed thanks to the insane Victoria Nuland and her CIA operatives. This prediction of our changing ethnicity will no doubt help the nationalist parties and I feel that even the BNP may have a revival as their prediction of the slow genocide of the English people is shown to be on the verge of coming true.

    1. A third of the population of the UK is forecast to be African or South Asian by 2050 (probably an underestimate with the high number of mixed race children being born)
      Observation suggests that at least a third of the white population will be of foreign descent.
      Given that the estimates are for the UK as a whole, the proportion of foreigners is likely to be higher in England.
      So, within a generation the English will be a minority in their own country (if they are not already).
      If the English are to survive as a race, foreign settlement must be confined within London.
      Also, developers must not be allowed to sell whole estates in places like Islington to foreign speculators who leave them standing empty, but globalist Cameron won't do anything..

  2. Refering to Robin Tilbrook`s interview on the BBC`s Daily Politics programme I thought that the question posed as to whether the English Democrats party would be wound up if the Scottish people vote for independence put to the wrong party (ies). As the other four mainsteam parties are wedded to a U.K. including Scotland, they would have a far bigger adjustment to make as their whole significance and historical roots would be fundementally disturbed if not uprooted. The other mainstream parties would have to radically re-align themselves to the electorate. For myself the idea of a "mini U.K." i.e. England, Wales and N. Ireland, being able to simply step into the shoes of the U.K. as we now know it is fanciful. what remains of the present U.K. if the Scottish peolpe vote for independence would bear no resemblance to the staus quo. This appeared to pass the BBC`s interviewer by.

    1. Ian Gibson is right. Even if Scotland votes for independence, the only party speaking for England will be the English Democrats. Ukip is an anti-English unionist party, no different from the other unionist parties. The idea being put about, not least by Ukip itself, that Ukip speaks for the English, is a lie.
      The English Democrats must stop Ukip's advance on the north by standing in the Newark by-election and exposing Ukip's anti-English credo.
      Newark is not Eastleigh which is in Ukip's southern heartland

    2. There are those who have been trying to frighten the Scots by saying that their departure would ensure a Tory government in perpetuity south of the border voted in by the South East of England. But the opposite is true i.e the Scots would have a country in which those same Tories tied to the City and Big business would play no role and in view of much that is happening, including Royal Mail privatisation which was another bankers' coup, this possibily may finally lead to a yes vote. As regards the EDs, of course an England without Scotland would be a benefit rather than a problem for them.

      I caught Nigel Farage on Sky News last night surrounded by a coterie of New British UKIP candidates. The majority appeared to be from sub-saharan Africa and much shorter than he. Suddenly Nigel appeared like the Great White Queen or a colonial governal in colonial Africa surrounded by grateful natives. What puzzles me is why these people who so clamoured for independence and freedom from the hated British now rush here in their millions. It is like children who have run away from home but then finding themselves alone and frightened rush back to mummy and daddy. If I would in their shoes then I would say to hell with Europeans we don't need them and we are going to show them what we can do.

      The future for our island race is now looking very bleak indeed in view of the projected demographics for the middle of the century of which I have already spoken. As I have said before, Chinese historians writing at the end of the century when their 4,000-year-old civilisation will predominate, homogeneous as they have always been and will choose to remain, will state their bewilderment at how the once mighty Europeans chose to fall on their sword and opt for self-genocide. They will not have been driven to extinction by the bullet or the bomb or at the point of a sword but forced into self-immolation through a simple word of "racism". The Chinese will be laughing at our foolishness and our lack of fibre to counter such a charge with logic and common sense. China will not allow mass immigration and certainly not if it leads to the creation of alien enclaves on their territory. Same for Japan, India etc.