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Thursday, 29 May 2014



UKIP got what must have been a thousand times more media coverage than the English Democrats. This was not only from the BBC, which did at least give us some brief mentions, but also in the other national media outlets whether it be ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 or the British national printed media, all of which refused to mention us at all. It is interesting that this onslaught of media coverage, which painted UKIP as being anti-immigration and racist and homophobic encouraged people to vote for them. Despite this the English Democrats still had over 1% in England and retained the votes of 126,024.

In the East of England, the South East and the South West we also beat the historically much higher profile BNP with a far smaller ward chest even than the BNP and having spent less than 1% of the campaign spend of UKIP (i.e. less than £30,000).

In contrast it appears that Mike Nattrass with his An Independence from Europe - UK Independence Now Party, has spent £300,000 of his own money.

Yet again the English Democrats results show that we, despite a very difficult election and the lack of resources on our part, were able to get more votes per pound than any other serious contender for the election.

So I would like to thank all those who stood in the elections, helped us, supported us, helped fund us and also all those who voted for us.

In the last batch of UKIP MEPs half of them defected. We now may have an interesting time to come with the possibility, on past form, of perhaps 13 MEPs looking for a new home within the next five years!

Given that on the 18th September if Scotland votes YES, the process of dissolution of the United Kingdom will be underway and it will be interesting to see then what happens to UKIP’s anti-English, pro-British stance.

I was recently at a meeting with one of the Scottish National Party’s MPs and we were discussing what UKIP’s name would be after the dissolution of the United Kingdom. I rather prosaically said would it be WHATKIP and was given the much snappier answer that as the United Kingdom would then be the former United Kingdom, the answer might be FUKIP. What do you think?


  1. This notion that the United Kingdom will disappear and England will emerge as an independent nation, presupposes that Cameron & Co haven't already twigged to it. They are just as likely to be preparing a draft "Act of Union - 2014" as we gloat; incorporating the necessary repeal of the 1707 Act and creating a new "Union" of Wales, Northern Ireland and "the Rest of the United Kingdom", ready for its first reading in the House of Commons, the day after the "Yes" vote!
    Please tell me I'm wrong!

  2. Methinks you are right!

  3. Clive, Maybe but a significant constitutional legal point is whether that Union is a New state. In my view it would be just as Scotland would be too. If so we are out of the EU!

    1. That, at least, is a relief!

  4. With regard to the BNP. It is interesting to note that in the South West Region the English Democrats beat the BNP in every single Local Authority area except Gibraltar.


  5. Hiya Robin
    As a member of the English Democrats I would like to congratulate you and everyone that stood for the election. I had several interesting, shall we say, 'discussions' on twitter and Facebook with people about FUKIP, I do like that, and people just had it in there heads that this Farage, was almost in the light of the savior of all things English.
    I pointed out that I saw him blatantly lie in front of people on TV, I saw and heard him say something then go on to deny the fact he said it at all. Then there was that report about the dreaded 'N' word, I really can't see the problem with this as I used to be a bus driver and drove through Stretham, which is predominantly black, and they use the 'N' word all the time, but hey ho. They had that Muslim guy running as a candidate, now that me laugh.
    Anyway I do hope that the ED soon gets the recognition that it deserves and starts to run for the ENGLAND we all used to have years ago, well, some of the values would be a great help to start with.



    Always English, never British and never European

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