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Friday, 9 May 2014

English Democrats' 2014 Party Political Broadcast - "Let the English Revolt Commence!"

English Democrats' 2014 Party Political Broadcast - "Let the English Revolt Commence!"
Here is the English Democrats' 2014 Party Political Broadcast:-
"Let the English Revolt Commence!"
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  1. English Democrats' 2014 Party Political Broadcast - "Let the English Revolt Commence!"
    in translation (overset) from Ancwe (Ancillary World English) into True-English - "Let the English Uprising begin!"

  2. grammatical correction, it should read - "set over from Ancwe into True-English"

  3. It would be nice to think that the English will finally revolt. They say that the English do this when their backs are against the wall and not before; but things have now reached the stage where, to use Nigel Farage's analogy, you couldn't squeeze a fag paper between our posteriors and the brickwork.

    Watching the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest when the bearded transvestite Conchita Sausage ( that's Wurst in German and about the worst it hopefully gets ) probably on a rigged or guilt vote and swept in by her/her adoring ranks of supporters in the audience, I decided to check on the main aims of the Frankfurt School of Marxists just to see if all their aims have now been fulfilled.

    It seems that they have. Apparently Conchita took as swipe at President Putin for his Section 28 forbidding the promotion of homosexuality to minors. The promotion of sex of every variety to minors was listed as one of the Frankfurt School's aims. Note that Conchita chose the Russians because they are white and Christian and not the Indians who ban homosexuality or the Saudis who chop homosexuals heads off. That would be racist and the Frankfurt School's aim was only to bring down European Christian Civilisation. Anybody else could do just as they please.

    30 years ago I was told that civilisation would be overthrown and our island race confined to the history books through a lethal combination of Money Power - plutocracy - and Marxism. Hence on the same news bulletin we hear that England now has more billionaires than any other country. At the head of the list is one of the Hinduja brothers whom Peter Mandleson helped to get British passports. Apparently said Hinduja according to the Beeb is Indian but chooses to live in England. It is probably something to do with tax but it could be that he is a very close friend of Peter .

    Both parties in this demonic plan seem to have achieved their objective of turning European homelands, bar the "evil" Russia into a Marxist totalitarian oligarchy, even worse than the Soviet Union, which was probably after all an oligarchy as well. In fact the Oligarchs were probably behind its creation. The splendid Neil Clark on Russia Today was expressing his amazement that the BBC kept silent on the burning alive of 40 plus people in Odessa. He said what we all know namely that we in line with all European countries and North America now have a one party state and no free press at all. Journalists who deviate from the government's and EU's and hence Washington's line are either sacked or never promoted. Welcome to 1984 neocon style.

    As regards the Ukraine the BBC, but not Sky news, remains silent on the massacre of ethnic Russian protestors by Kiev forces and its neo-nazi dominated government. The BBC said the referendum in Donetsk demanding autonomy was shambolic but how do you organise something like that when you are being shot at. Plus is parroted Kiev's and Washington line that the referendum was a criminal farce. The criminal farce is the way the neocons and the New World Order press on eastwards as they expand their financial and corporate empire towards world domination and the fact that the BBC and other western media toe the line. Actually it is more criminal than a farce. Unfortunately, the bovine Enlish on the whole are blissfully unaware that they have been lured into a Marxist dictatorship and still believe they live in a democracy. Doubtless the Chinese think they still do as well. But don't worry, the Neocons are going to bring freedom to them next. Actually if they are plannning regime change in Russia then surely their dream candidate - they will rig the election as they will do shortly in Kiev - would be Conchita Wurst, the ultimate symbol of the total freedom we are all desperate to embrace.

    1. "Apparently said Hinduja according to the Beeb is Indian but chooses to live in England"

      London is not England, and is never likely to be again. It is just where we are ruled from

    2. What is happening in Birmingham's schools is of concern. We have got Londonistan. We don't want Brummistan.

    3. Apparently, according to the BBC today, control of school boards has now been taken away from Birmingham City Council and placed in other hands. Plus, Birmingham is shortly to follow London in having a White British minority. Actually, that is a white minority so perhaps the native English brummies are already less than half of the population. Since the muslims breed faster than anybody else it will undoubtedly finish up as a muslim dominated city. But Rotterdam has a muslim population of one third, probably soon to more than a half, and a muslim mayor.

  4. I didn't like the broadcast at all, sorry.

    As for the phrase used - "from Land's End to Hadrian's Wall" - must I remind a supposedly patriotic party that a substantial part of England lies north of Hadrian's Wall? How can you claim to be patriotic if you aren't even aware of our country's geography?

    1. Simon, I was out yesterday evening and unable to see the broadcast. However, I am informed that part of it comprised of football fan style chanting of England, England. I feel this was a grave error. The enemies of nationalism and the promoters of the one world marxist totalitarian oligarchy label all nationalists, as they did with the BNP, as violent neo-Nazis football thugs, the same sort of people that the New World Order has brought to power with 6b dollars of expenditure and the CIA's help in the Ukraine and who are now wreaking havoc in Kiev and the ethnic Russian provinces in the east. These people are ok as long as they are used by the New World Order to achieve their aims but condemned by them and the EU affiliate elsewhere. Hence, this is, to say the least, unfortunate. In the US as well as in Europe there are signs of the "far right" bringing together old convservatives and old socialists against the oligarchic kleptocracy and their Marxist useful idiots. In America Democrats and Republicans are making common cause and this is happening also with the UKIP vote. Any hint of football thuggery will put off both branches of supporters and the majority of moderate, logical thinking people. Perhaps you think this is the way to get Old Labour on board; but I think not. Vaughan Williams' "The Lark Ascending" might have been more appropriate.

      Meanwhile the ever smiling but smart Paul Craig Roberts tells us that the deputy secretary of state for defence ( or defense ) in America arch-neocon Paul Wolfowitz has now come clean and said that America's aim is to ward off any possible threat to its military, economic and industrial domination anywhere in the world. This is why Russia and China are now causing them to panic. According to Craig Roberts, as we know, an enormous amount of American taxpayers' money goes towards the purchase of arms. The arms manufaturers' show their gratitude by funding politicians' election campaigns. Yes it is totally corrupt and shows why America's governments feal constrained to go around the world starting wars and promoting regime change and causing the deaths of millions. You may well find that the same is true of the corrupt bunch who sit at Westminster.

      So Pfizer want to take over our major pharmaceuticals firm and the President of the Royal Society is opposed. Watch this space to see if parliament heeds his words or they have already been bought off by Pfizer.

      Once again the Russians have outwitted western politicians by insisting on payment for Ukraine's gas in advance as they are owed 3b dollars for gas used or they turn the tap off and to Europe. Germany is panicking. In fact Germany seems more of a democracy than our sham now. It is no suprise that the Russians are ahead of the game as they are obviously a lot smarter than their American equivalents - that is not difficult - or the corrupt bought dimwits who sit on our green benches.

  5. I can't say I was impressed, either. Is antipathy toward Sharia Law the burning issue on everyone's lips? The 2009 English Democrats' Euro-Election broadcast won me over. This would not have done so. It threatens to play into the hands of the "politically correct". Instead of telling people what we're FOR, it homes in on three things we're AGAINST, one of which we should tackle, if and when we have any influence.
    I fear we're losing the plot.
    Concentrate on telling the English about the raw deal we have under the current devolution arrangements.
    We, (myself included,) have concentrated on Scotland as the "bete noir" (pardon my French!) but watching the Songs of Praise school choir competition made me realise the the Welsh are just as big, if not a bigger problem. Two Welsh junior school choirs made it to the final. Both sang in Welsh. It seems that the Welsh want their own Government, their own language and their own road-signs but not independence.
    They clearly know which side their bread is buttered! They can have all this only because of their Barnett-Formula subsidies; financed by the English.
    We need to find an emotionaly-hitting way of alerting the English to these fundamental injustices.
    Sharia Law can wait.

    1. Clive,
      The message of English independence from both the EU and the UK is simple and clear. And so is the EDs being the only party which speaks for England.
      But the EDs need a strategy as well as a message. It is not clear that they have a strategy, to, take territory by concentrating their fire power in the north, where folk feel most English, and fighting by-elections there, and by not over-extending their lines of communication. (In northern by-election after northern by-election the EDs have allowed Ukip a clear run and then the EDs stand where they will be humiliaterd in Eastleigh).
      They should be directing their resources where their main rival, Ukip, is not yet established, ie., the north and the midlands; rather than in the south west, the south and the south east, where Ukip is dug in,and will not be dislodged for a generation.
      The EU's leadership seems to think that it can fight on all fronts. That is a problem and wastes resources in money and manpower.

  6. When UKIP were asked what would happen to their UK-wide party if Scotland voted for independence the answer came back that it would not happen because if Scotland applied for EU membership they would have to join the euro and are talking of keeping the pound. Apparently this is in the Lisbon Treaty that all new EU members have to join the disastrous experiment in currrency union. However, Scotland might then have to bite the bullet and opt out of the EU as Norway and Switzerland have so I think UKIP are being a bit blase. I think there is now a good change that Scotland might vote yes. No suggestion there of independence for England and an English parliament ; so UKIP have no plan B. Perhaps this is something the EDs have to drive home; that they are prepared for that possibility, let alone that we are being deprived of our own self-determination, something which the Celtic fringe nations are being allowed.

    The resignation from UKIP this morning might slightly affect next week's poll. It seems to have been timed perfectly and makes one wonder if the woman was a Tory or other plant. However, I now think it is too late to stop the anti-Marxist, anti-one world upsurge. Firstly, the lady is of Indian descent. Presumably that has affected her actions. In reply, perhaps she should look to her ancestral home where the ultra-nationalist BJP have just been re-elected. Imagine the furore if one of our political parties described itself as Christian as those on the Continent still manage to do. India is one of the most nationalist and racist, homophobic and sexist countries in the world.

    However, there is a more important point to make, namely that the Marxist utopian dream of a socially engineered borderless, multiracial, multicultural, multisexual world is beginning to founder on the rock of human nature. However, they try to bend human nature the inherent need for a tribe and a homeland re-asserts itself, as in India, China and elsewhere. Russia is reviled because, being post-Marxist and free, it understands this. These simple minded childlike utopianists have done immense harm to those they have insisted on bringing to our shores for reasons of a flawed political dogma. I feel desperately sorry for all those who have suffered as a consequence, the native and the immigrants, and especially those of mixed race, the victims of an insane child-like ideology that has been forced on them.

    There is no doubt that, as this lady has discovered, there is a glass ceiling where our New British is concerned and a tacit exclusion.
    Neither the indigenous English nor the immgrant should be blamed for this, only those who would not listen or have been bought off to turn a blind eye to the consequences of their actions or who were paid to engage in such actions in the first place.

    By the way, we now discover that the EU and the US have signed up to bail-ins. This means that the banks can raid your account, as in Cyprus, for money. Among the non-signatories are China and Russia and Iran. Hence perhaps the business in the Ukraine for their are only nine central banks left who are not linked to the New York banking cartels and now with Thatcher's mutualised building societies your money will only be safe from filching in the old fashioned variety. By the way, London's water is now polluted with cocaine from these obnoxious plutocrats. That just about sums it up.

    1. Sorry for one error and one spelling mistake. "Their" should be "there". And I think I should have spoken of demutualisation rather than mutualisation but somebody will put me right. In any case I think you will have got my drift. But I am informed that even the old fashioned building societies may have links to the High Street Banks so I am off to buy some gold!!

      It seems that the plan of the New World Order is to create a few plutocrats, put them in charge and then join them all up, a bit like joining up the dots, across the world. In the Ukraine we now learn that the Odessa burning was the work of one such oligarch backed by the US/EU putschmasters and given the job of being the feudal master of South Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, he just asked his thugs to destroy the demonstrators' tents and beat them up but things got a bit out of hand. He should have realised whom he was making use of.
      And the German press tells us the CIA are there as well, as well as American mercenaries. Will we one day be seeing the Blackwater psychopaths employed in England's streets I wonder.

      By the way I was wondering whether the Euro-elections on the Continent and in Scandinavia would precede our own as such elections normally take place on a Sunday. Apparently not, I have just checked, all begin on 22nd May, although in France they continue until the Sunday. This is presumably to stop the result of the "far right" in one country influencing the results in others. This is a shame since a win for the Freedom parties, National Front et al might have ensured that more people here feel safe in following suit and ensuring a massive anti-EU vote.

  7. Here Here Clive, If the EDs are going to say,"No to Sharia Law" on the same placard should be "YES TO ENGLISH LAW" words to that effect.
    No to EU Rule " YES TO ENGLISH PALIAMENT" "ENGLISH INDEPENDANCE " was the only positive call, overaul the song was good for Folk to continue to look at the screen ! We need to up our act for 2015 with some positive policies and Slogans !