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Saturday, 5 April 2014

On BBC Radio Essex this morning


I was up early to be in Chelmsford to be interviewed on the BBC Radio Essex breakfast show this morning at 7.10.

You can 'listen again' to the Peter Holmes Show. Click here >>>

My item starts at 01:12:15

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  1. Bravo, Robin! R.I.P., U.K.!!

  2. Well done, a fair hearing.

  3. According to an item on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4, people no longer believe in the nation (except in Scotland). Either the BBC is equating "the nation" with the UK, or years of brainwashing are taking their toll on English national identity.

  4. The best of luck Robin and well done; but we know that the devil has all the best tunes or rather almost total control of the media; especially the BBC. This is becoming obvious with the coverage of events in the Ukraine. I hope that the English still have some fight left in them as they are lured further and further towards their doom through the syren blandishments of the likes of David Cameron. Still, look on the bright side, the eurosceptic Victor Orban has just been re-elected in Hungary so the Magyars are not going to swallow all the propaganda. But they have known what a multi-ethnic empire is like in the Austro-hungarian empire and were finally freed from it. Then they had to do the same with the Soviet Union. Enoch Powell predicted the collapse of the EU. He would not have been happy at the idea of the collapse of the Union; but it has had its day and has probably been destroyed by globalism which forced all European nations into the consciousness of their separate identities and their desire to re-assert them.

  5. A futher indication as to why none of the main parties will move to stop immigration was given by a piece on Russia Today last night about the immigration fuelled housing shortage in London. People are paying hundreds a month to live in sheds. However, we learn that a third of mps in this corrupt farce we call a parliament have buy to let properties. They are probably not all Tories. Many more are probably hand in glove with the developers so the building or letting of housing is all they care about. They probably have shares in fracking and the high speed railway lines. I have been reading a book published before the War on the history of England and it seems that we are now back at the start of the nineteenth century when parliamentary corruption and laissez faire capitalism - now called market forces - enriched the few. Or back with Cromwell's rump parliament. By the way the book also tells me that William of Orange started the Bank of England to pay for his wars and so introuced the Dutch credit system that they brought also to New Amsterdam's Wall Street. It is time to clear these corrupt so called representatives of the people out and start again. Of course the housing shortage in London and the South-east is also being fuelled by dodgy oligarchs laundering their money and the Daily Mail tells us that the Chinese variety are being encouraged to do so by the developers opening offices in China so they can buy up whole blocks of new buy to let flats. The whole thing stinks.

    Meanwhile the Voice of America that is the BBC continues to spout Washington's lies about the Ukraine. Somebody suggested that the Beeb are now so afraid of losing their licence fee that Cameron has them over a propaganda barrel.

    And the Syrian opposition have been given anti-tank missiles by America via Saudi Arabia. These are sure to get in the hands of the Jihadists and will probably be aimed at Russian Tanks in the North Caucasus in time or even at NATO tanks - wouldn't that be a laugh. The fear is that they will soon get ground to air missiles so they can pack them in their bags for when they get back to Brum and aim them at flights into Birmingham airport.

    The world has gone mad or rather the world has gone bad. Log on to the heroic Paul Craig Roberts truth website. He is talking about the end of times; but not yet. As regards multicultural London, the world's most multicultural city, thanks to the bankers, the logical extension is total multicultural England as per Blair and Brown. The world's most multicultural country. The thing is it will not be a country and certainly not a nation but just a collection of disperate individuals packed in like sardines cheek by jowl. It may not be the end of times but it will certainly be the end of England unless that is a huge and potentially bloody uprising by the owners of our nation. In the battles between Clegg and Farage Clegg produced a poster likening our position to that of the Native Americans. Clegg thought that this was a winner but once again shot himself in the foot as he pointed out to the English what is to be their fate if he has his way.

  6. At the state opening of parliament the Queen is to tell us that her government - certainly not mine - has changed the trespass law so that the shale gas beneath our houses can be extracted without our being able to object. Apparently all mineral rights in this country now belong to the Crown so don't think you can be like the Beverley Hill Billies and drill for oil in your back garden. I wonder if democratic England is unique in this regard. As much as some despair at the removal of democracy in the Home of the Free in some ways the USA is more democratic than dear little England, perhaps this is because the Americans rebelled against our Norman overlords in a way that we, the real Anglo-Saxons, have never succeeded in doing. Just see what GCHQ and the British establishment did over Edward Snowden and the NSA. Have just read that the Osberns were one of the two most prominent families in Normandy in the first half of the 11th century. They may have faded away in their homeland but George is carrying on the family business in the country whose king and nobillity they removed. Don't forget the Queen is still the Duke of Normandy.

    Still, if your house collapses or your tapwater burns as a result of fracking you will be due £100 compensation. Could onc reason why Ivan the Terrible has been re-incarnated in Moscow be that most of us are quite happy to pay for Russian gas - coming here direct in October - but that Quadrilla prefer us to be saddled with their fracked version even if it turns England into a polluted wasteland. Why this talk of fracking, well, as I have said before, this is UKIP's achilles heel. Many UKIP members are bewildered as to why UKIP is in favour. Make sure the voters know, Robin.

    I am still, however, buoyed up by how many persons of English descent are still making excellent programmes about English history for BBC 2 and BBC4. To their compatriots they stir the heart on the basis of common blood, culture and history. But I often wonder how much they mean to the New British and whether in a decade or two they will disappear to be replaced by further dumbed-down multicutlural monoculture.

    The fight for democracy must continue. Paul Craig Roberts has opined that the citizens of "The West" now have less freedom and democracy, a less critical and non-propagandized press than the countries of China and Russia that our leaders so demonize. Democracy died here in the 1960s when the secret plans for the totalitarian empire that is the EU were formulated and the race relations act was published ending at a stroke any reasoned objection to mass -especially mass non-European - immigration. From 1970 democracy was virtually dead as the English hid away and feared to express an opinion in the main, except in private conversations, apart from the few of us who refuse to be silenced, or just can't keep our own counsel, thus far.

  7. Holyrood and Westminster are now engaged in a right royal battle for the hearts and minds of the Scots. Somebody suggested to me that Cameron really wants Scotland to go so that he can have a permanent Tory majority in England. I am not sure that this is correct but even so I think the three main parties are now on the run with the LIb Dems being the first to go down the plughole. What seems to be emerging - especially with UKIP's picking up Old Labour voters - is an amalgamation of Old Tories and Old Labour, a truly national consensus on he core issues of immigration and the EU; in fact a thwarting of their knavish anti-English tricks.

    UKIP has now grown to such strength that it no longer fears to pussy foot around and is saying that our towns and cities have now been made unrecognizable through mass immigration, this could I am sure be interpreted as being racist by the New World Order apparachniks and their Marxist useful idiots. One frightening figure they are quoting is that in 2010 250,000 people immigrated which is the equivalent of all immigration between 1066 and 1950. These are the sorts of figures that should be quoted by the EDs and undoubtedly were supplied by Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch. A recent graduate working for the Daily Telegraph said on Russia Today last night that it is all down to jobs and econonics. It is not of course it is all down to national identity and human nature which these people have attempted to eradicate all over Europe for their own money-making or Marxist ends. But backs are against the wall now and at last the English are turning. Sadly Enoch knew what would happen but said it whilst the wall was still quite a way away.