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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

CALL TO CELEBRATE ST GEORGE’S DAY ON 23RD APRIL AS THE ENGLISH NATIONAL BANK HOLIDAY The English Democrats are calling on all the 32 million people who identified themselves as “English Only” in the 2011 Census to turn out on Wednesday and to make this St George’s Day the best ever!


Our press release:-

The English Democrats are calling on all the 32 million people who identified themselves as “English Only” in the 2011 Census to turn out on Wednesday and to make this St George’s Day the best ever!

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats, said:- “St George has been the Patron Saint of England since 1325. As the emblem Saint of our Nation we English, as a proud and historic Nation, should celebrate with gusto on Wednesday, 23rd.”

Robin continued:- “ Our English flag should be flying high on every flagpole in England upon St George’s Day!”

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats
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Key facts about the English Democrats
The English Democrats launched in 2002. The English Democrats are the English nationalist Party which campaigns for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England.

The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and the 2012 referendum; We won the referendum which triggered a referendum to give Salford City an Elected Mayor; In 2012 we saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; In the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK)


  1. The PrangWizard of England23 April 2014 at 07:51

    I noticed early this morning, the BBC was linking St George's flag with Palestine and in another piece they go to Stratford on Avon because it is the anniversary of William Shakespeare's birthdate, to talk to people about Scottish independence. Let's hope they make amends as the day wears on.

    They know they cannot omit a mention of the day, but being forced, they link it to something else to divert attention.

    I will be flying my flag on Dragon Hill, where it is said George slew the dragon and where no grass grows, just down the slope from the Uffington White Horse chalk figure on the Berkshire Downs.

  2. The PrangWizard of England23 April 2014 at 08:17

    Further to my post above, I will be there from noon for an hour or so; it is a symbolic place but rather isolated and I was on my own last year. If there any supporters nearby join me if you can.

  3. Happy St Georges day Robin and everyone else associated with the English Democrats. Stay strong, Paul :-)

  4. I agree re the BBC. There was no mention of it being St George's Day on BBC Radio 3 news this morning but there was reference to Shakespeare's birthday. I am pleased to say that the flag is flying on our local moot hall and that the parish church seems to have got a brand new flag also. Having just read another gut wrenching book on the Norman Conquest - the Fitzosberns are still in control - I am still rooting for St Edmund. In fact my suggestion for England's new capital now that London has been given to people from all over the world as a colony is Bury St Edmunds. I think that would send out a strong message. London is now a foreign country in all but name.

    Christ is Risen Robin and I am surprised that you have not blogged on that one or rather on David Cameron's assertion that this is still a Christian country. Being cynical about the man - hated by many in his home constituency - I am trying to work out what he is up to. Is he after the grey vote or the nationalist vote perhaps? Dominic Grieve, an RC as Cameron is mooted to be, is talking of Christian persecution. Perhaps that is going a bit too far as yet but marginalisation and eradication are on the Marxists' wish list. Incidentally, UKIP have been talking about the erosion of our national culture. Culture is a pseudonym for racial or cultural identity so I think they are coming more and more out of the closet that Cameron pushed them into. As regards Witney, Cameron and his developer and pro-mass immigration mates are turning it into Outer London. In fact the home counties are now the London suburbs and being concreted over, even the Cotswolds about which he cares not a jot. But then 6m plus English have been driven out of London by mass immigration over the last six decades and they had to go somewhere.

    As for our Christian heritage, those of us to are regular viewers of Russia Today to get at the truth rather than the Washington propaganda that is spouted by the European media with the BBC now the Voice of America, would have been overwhelmed by the scenes of the Orthodox Easter celebrations which this year corresponds with our own. The Cathedral of the Saviour in Moscow which was blown up by Stalin and then beautifully rebuilt with money from the faithful all over Russia was packed to the doors with men as well as women. From persecution and supression Christianity has bounced back; so much so that a Mr Nekrasov, a Russian jounalist in London, said that Russophobia was based on the fact that the Western liberal elites - that should be Marxist - hate Russia now because she is so conservative, opposed to multiculturalism and determined to preserve her traditions, her national identity and be unapologetically Christian in complexion. Russia is white and Christian as the whole of Europe was. England will be first to be coloured and muslim the ways things are going.

    Meanwhile we here that Anglican church attendance according to the census is down to 5% on a Sunday. A spokesman from the Association of British Humanists was enthusiastically sounding Christianity's death knell here. However, this was after we had been told that muslims in Britain are doubling every ten years and that Islam is destined to be the leading faith in ten years. Nothing from our humanist friend; either he would not dare comment or doesn't care Christianity must go as it is symptomatic with our national identity and that of the rest of Europe.
    Jan Sobieski and Charles Martel must be turning in their graves; the former halted the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna and the latter the Moors at Poitiers. But obviously they never counted on the Western liberals to undo all their work. Sobieski was a Pole and Catholic Poland will never allow Islam to get a toehold there.

    1. There is a better chance of getting St Edmund's Day (November 20th) declared a national holiday and he was the first patron saint of the English.

  5. David Cameron and Alex Salmond both chose St George's day to deliver speeches about, er, Scottish independence. The BBC, (bless 'em!) did an item on the news, from York, ostensibly to discuss the locals' sense of Englishness. What topic was actually discussed? You guessed it - Scottish independence!

  6. Thinking about the ever so Christian David Cameron, it is strange that he has failed to comment on the massacre of Christians by the jihadists in Syria and continues to support them. Two Australian priests who had visited there told us that Christian children were beheaded by them at Christmas and their heads hung on a tree as Christmas tree decorations to show the jihadists hatred of all things Christian. The priests also said that the people of Syria may not see Assad as perfect but much prefer him to the foreign fighters backed by Washington. Assad is a secular leader who preserved the rights of the Christian minority, as Sadam Hussein did. Nevertheless the Voice of America on Radio 4 news told us that Assad has sprung an election for June 3rd and that the "International Community" is appalled at the thought of him getting another 7 years in power. Who is this international community? The populations of North America, Europe bar Russia and Australasia total less than 1b people, a 9th of the world's population. Those of Russia, China, Iran and India total between 2 and 3b and they probably were in favour of the status quo before America starting meddling for its own ends and taking its European place men with it. South America is now mostly anti-American. However, as regards the Western media's failure to deviate from following Washington's party line, a survey was carried out in London which found that people now longer believe what the Media have said on the Ukraine and refuse to be forced to take the anti-Russian line or to hate Russia. They view the news now as political propaganda and not fact; so low have we sunk.

    Interestingly, there is a gentleman who speaks on Russia Today, a Guardian correspondent, who, on his website, has come out in support of the supposedly "far right" grouping in Hungary called Jobbik and the anti-EU Victor Urban. This just shows that, as UKIP is finding, Old Labour and Old Conservative i.e. the "far right" are joining forces around the back against the New World Order of the American financial and industrial complex who seem to be about to install a puppet in Afghanistan. American arms manufacturers hold shares in American media corporations would you believe?

    However, Clark goes further to underline what we all know, namely that the Western liberal political elite are what he calls the false left. He has rumbled the fact that the likes of Clinton, Blair, Brown, Obama, Barroso, Merkel, all supposedly of the left are in fact the Marxist front men for the New World Order tasked with bringing about total globalism to benefit them. But they are now at their Waterloo. Marine Le Pen is due to sweep the boards with her National Front Party in the French euro-elections, According to BBC 4 News this is because Europeans, in the west at least, feel more so than even Africans, that Europe is under attack from globalisation, even in the UK. Europeans are now sick of third world mass immigration sponsored by the UN on behalf of their New World Order masters and the plundering and ransacking of their economies by the banks and big business. They realise that if this continues then they will be outnumbered and left in an economic wasteland. Meanwhile we hear that the countries of Southern Europe are resorting as Dave and George are to granting residence and passports to non-European oligarchs anxious to launder their dodgy money in the property market.

    Finally, I could not watch the recent programme I need a Council housing after seeing one of the last cockneys on the streets and then sharing a hostel with the third world and then competing for a home with them all. This is wholesale dispossession of the English to benefit evil, evil people.

  7. The BBC seems to treat England and matters of English interest with disdain and of no importance or relevance whatsoever. If the need arises to broach the subject the BBC adopts a belittling and ridiculing approach. The BBC appears to almost wish to deny the right of England to exist, perhaps fearing that a greater sense of English identity could be a threat to the BBC's own perceived preeminence over England. Facilitated by the World Service, it seems that every country in the world is given the chance to celebrate its identity and air its grievance by the BBC, just not the English.
    Richard Bacon was given the task of demeaning the English on St George's day. On his 5live show he set out by claiming that it was difficult for him to specify any particular characteristic of Englishness. Whereas, he explained, it was easy to define the Scots, Welsh and N.Irish identity. Bacon said that the English flag has been adopted by certain 'far right' groups and therefore the English should feel uncomfortable about celebrating their identity.

    1. They used to say the same about the union jack, which is closely associated with the BNP. Back then, the English flag was "good" and the union flag was "bad" as far as the BBC was concerned. Now the establishment has reversed its view. The rise of ENGLISH nartionalism has them running scared.

  8. Well, I certainly hate the globalist BBC but he did have a point. Our culture is hard to define in an exclusive manner because so much of it is shared with the rest of the United Kingdom and indeed the world and the prime example of that is our language which is spoken by not just all the inhabitants of the United Kingdom but the Republic of Ireland and many millions more throughout the world.

    1. Yes, interesting, I take your point. The British ruling elite seems to have always contrived to suppress England's identity with the imposition of an unwanted internationalist regime on the English and the wholesale giveaway of the English culture. The BBC continues in the footsteps of the British empire tradition, to put the message out that Britain subsumes England and that no distinction should be drawn between the two. Richard Bacon epitomises the BBC's anti-English, pro British stance. He identifies himself as internationalist-British, he no doubt sees English identity as parochial, backward looking and small minded.

    2. Except that it is not "our language". A language which is 80% of non-English origin is not true English, see David Cowley's book 'How We'd Talk - if the English had won in 1066'.
      We need to revive English as our national language.
      It would help if the English Democrats had that as a key aim. A nation which has lost its own language, has lost its soul.
      For a start, throw out 'Pro Patria Anglorum' and get a truly English motto.

    3. You could say the same thing about the French. The French are very proud of the Francophonie but do not want to surrender their own culture and identity. Our problem is that we won in North America and we now have reverse imperialism. Multicultural America is determined to eradicate England and turn it into another America. The American empire is now collapsing under its own greed and corruption and the civic nationalism which it took from the French Revolution. The problem is that it is going to take us down with it. However, it is also going to take down the other countries of Europe who never played part in its birth. Interestingly, America through the machinations of its big banks and corporations has turned into a sort of totalitarian police state and has strayed far far away from the constitution of its founding fathers. Nothing will ever save us from the triumph of its financial and military might until the Americans - of whom there are quite a few if you watch Russia Today - are able to wrest the country back from this oligarchic dictators and restore the constitution. There is no hope for us to be independent of either the EU - which they inaugurated and control - until meltdown takes place. By the way, those millions throughout the world might speak English, some as a second language, but it does not stop them wanting to retain their native culture and racial identity. The Irish may speak English, although they are required to learn their native language in school; but it does not stop them being proud of their indigenous history and culture. Perhaps it would help if Richard Bacon read some English history which has been denied to most of his generation. I have taken to buying old history text books of the pre-1960s when the Marxists made pride in being English a sin.

  9. A vote for Ukip is a vote AGAINST the three old parties: a vote for the English Democrats is a vote FOR England.
    However well Ukip does in the the European elections, a vote FOR by English nationalists will always succeed in the end, over a negative protest vote AGAINST by the anti-English Ukippers.

  10. You should give UKIP credit where it is due. UKIP has fought against both HS1 abd HS2 and seems to have lost on both counts. Despite the fact that we heard yesterday that an independent report has concluded that HS2 would bring no economic benefit - and high speed rail has not done so to east Kent nor to the Champagne district in France - just encouraged further commuting to the respective capitals - the House of Commons has just voted for HS2 to go ahead. Common sense would dictate that the billions should be spent on restoring the branch lines lost during the Beeching cuts and having good local transport in the form of buses; making local transport cheap and available. I am at a loss to understand why the House of Commons should have voted against all logic once again. However, I can only think that the corrupt cess pit now that we laughingly call the Mother of Parliaments has been massively bribed to vote that way. So nothing has changed, Beeching was not the real culprit but Ernest Marples the transport minister in the early 60s. He acted the way he did so that his road transport business would benefit. Perhaps he was a rare bad apple then but they are all rotten to the core now. This is the same Ernest Marples who was involved in the Profumo affair and then had to do a runner to France when he was rumbled for fraud. However, it did not do him much good as he only lived another three years to enjoy his ill-gotten gains and is now undoubtedly still on his journey to hell.

    However, UKIP still seem to be backing fracking which is a mystery to most UKIP supporters. Thanks to the pathetic antics of the American financial empire - an American spokesman yesteray said that Obama is in the pay of the big banks which we all know - Russia is ready to switch its gas supplies to the east. So rather than getting clean energy from Siberia where there is plenty of space Europe risks being turned into a polluted wasteland, as well as an economic one, through fracking. Interestingly, an American said that the Americans have spent the last 60 years just destroying the world; well just look at England and the rest of Europe for proof of that. As the future belongs to Eurasia, we have lost everything because we failed to stand up to the three main parties which have connived with that financial empire to bring about the ruin of Europe.

    As regards our fellow Europeans, we learn that the Romanians who have landed here are forming their own political party with other immigrants to fight the nationalist backlash. This shows the height of arrogance and the lack of feeling that any immigrant landing here in the last 60 years have shown for the people they are prepared to displace for the puppet masters who have brought them here. Their arrival has done nothing to improve the lot of their countries of origin. As Nigel Farage has said, why don't these countries sort out their corruption and pull themselves up by their bootstrings? There are jobs there they just don't pay enough as the cheap labour merchants here will pay them. Apart from the immigrants themselves the only other winners are the financial and industrial New World Order oligarchy who now just view human beings as another commodity i.e we are all the new slaves.

    1. HS2 is an EU project, which is why it will go ahead and to hell with the English countryside.
      It could be built more cheaply alongside the M1 but that is not the EU's preferred route via Manchester to the Dublin ferry.