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Tuesday, 1 April 2014



I watched the LBC/SKY debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage over “Britain’s” membership of the EU.  I thought Nigel Farage did very well.  Although he is not as polished a debater as Nick Clegg, he was certainly able to more than hold his own.  From an English nationalist point of view, it was also interesting to hear him confirm repeatedly that he was “British” and to emphasise that what he is concerned about is “Britain’s” place in the world.  His comments will have firmly and finally nailed UKIP’s colours to the mast of Britishness!

So far as Nick Clegg was concerned, there was again talk of “Britain” and “British” interests, although Clegg is not as enthusiastically patriotic about Britain as Nigel Farage, he did take the crown by saying that:- “I want us to be Great Britain, not Little England.  And if you feel the same, then now is the time to make your voice heard”.  My response to Nick Clegg is: Now is the time for a voice standing up for England to be heard!

After Nick Clegg’s performance over student “top-up” fees, we all know that nothing he says should be taken as anything more than a useful line spun for the moment, but it was entertaining to see that even applies to his rhetoric about “our country”.  After the 18th September, we may be moving to the end of “Great Britain” whatever the Westminster and Whitehall Establishment may want (memo to Nick Clegg :- E + S = GB therefore GB – S = E).

One very interesting aspect of the discussions that Sky TV showed afterwards, was interviews with the various political commentators like Sky’s own Adam Bolton and many other media lovies. They all seemed to think that Nick Clegg had won the debate.  This is an interesting illustration of the point made by Drew Weston in his book, ‘The Political Brain’, that people tend to be completely blinded to what other people think during political debates because of their own political identity.

The opinion polls show that by far the majority of people thought that Nigel Farage had won.  This is, of course, for the same reason, in that those people are seeing only what appeals to their political identity.

Putting these reactions together shows that the leading commentators in the British media are so politically divorced from the views of most normal people that they have no instinctive understanding of how most normal people will react to a political point.

It seems that “liberals” think that political debates are won by making precise nit-picking points rather than statements with emotional punch.

The other thing about the debate was that it was very nice to see a studio audience in a TV debate not as carefully selected for Leftist bias as we always seem to find with BBC selected audiences!  I wonder if we will see usual BBC audience bias in the BBC hosted debate in a few days?



  1. This week we are marking the 40th anniversary of Traitor Heath's Local Government Act which saw the abolition of the county in which I am now living after 1300 to 1400 years. Interestingly, a local councillor was on tv yesterday voicing his regret at its demise. I always suspect that this was something to do with Heath and European Union. He said that man is tribal and likes to have his own piece of the earth to cling to and associate with. This sounds very much like ethnic as opposed to civic nationalism and the need for man to have a sense of continuity, links to his ancestors and the land etc. The blood and belonging so despised by those who rail against nationalism.

    At the same time I am reading Enoch at 100 and he has just been discussing the idea of the nation state and the fallacy that it is the nation state that cause wars. This is only the case if democratic nations are overtaken by the likes of Napoleon or Hitler or the American finanacial and industrial and military complext. Powell said that more Americans were lost in the America civil war than in both world wars and that civil war is a greater danger where countries become too big and unwieldy. This is obviously what is happening with the EU which is now on the verge of collapse and possible internal strife. The need to keep a firm hand on multiethnic congolomerations is shown by the present situation in the Ukraine which has been stoked up by an insane little clique with the mindset of the the Hitler they so despised. As somebody has pointed out, they are as totalitarian fascist as he was.

    The point about tribalism underscores the unworkability of so-called multiculturalism as will become evident across the whole of Europe and North America shortly. It all comes down to the same thing really.

    1. The United Kingdom is "too big and unwieldy".

  2. Ad infinitum displays of this liberal blindness drive me to distraction. That vile body Clegg has just been on our local news berating Sheffield City council for refusing to accept asylum seekers from Syria. He churned out that no right minded person would turn away 10, 20 or perhaps 50 people. He's correct, but on top of the thousands and thousands we've already taken then it depends on what 'right minded' means.

    Just after the local 'news' bulletin a New Labour party political broadcast aired. It was composed of a white English family and their white children and, perhaps notably, a dog. The setting was a settled respectable working/ lower middle class area. The only black face I detected was the carer for the children at what I presumed was the child-minder's house. There might have been others but interestingly the non central characters were blurred. The message was instructive, it was aimed at the people New Labour has abandoned and shows that they fear the rise of the English identity and the detrimental affects of ramming multiculturalism has on that voting block. Sometimes what you don't see and what isn't admitted is very telling.

    1. Reading Enoch at 100 and a chapter on immigration, much was made of his estimates of the non-white population over future decades. He predicted it as being 5 to 10m by 2000 but assuming a population of 70m. The chapter ended with the statement that the 2011 census had it as being nearly 10m in a population of 60m or one in six. This may still be an underestimate as many new Commonwealth immigrants, especially from the Sub-continent, may be illegal and avoided completing census forms. Of course this was a population of 60m in the whole of the UK and so one in six may be more like one in five in England. If this is the case then it is interesting how invisible they still are. They may be the lead in certain adverts against a background of otherwise white faces or there may just be one in a group of otherwise white faces, certainly not one in five. This shows that the establishment is still largely in denial as to the true scale of what they have brought about.
      If you look at the covers of women's magazines then you will hardly see a non-white cutie.

      Powell also predicted a non-white majority in London. He also suspected that the whole was being used to bring about revolution. Either revolution or just continuous chaos Arab-spring style. Russia Today tells us that Al Qaeda are now entrenched in Libya and in a position to launch attacks on Europe from there. They are also in Iraq and Syria where they were previously kept in check by strong leadership.

      Nigel Farage has now blamed events in the Ukraine on EU expansion. Behind the EU is an American elite aiming at world domination. They seem to be aiming at bringing about the same chaos in their own country. How they think they will be immune from the consequences is a bit of a mystery to me.

      As regards Syrian refugees; somebody attacked Farage for saying we should let some in; but I have been told that he was talking about the Christians who are being faced with genocide by the jihadists. Apparently they have now targeted the Armenian Christians there, probably with Turkey's backing as we know what they think of Armenian Christians, especially with the islamist government they now have.

  3. Sheffield is on the front line in the fight for England and Englishness.

  4. Next on
    BBC Radio 4

    BBC Radio 4
    FM only

    The Country Formerly Known as London

    What began in the long aftermath of the banking crisis, has gathered steam as London powered ahead and the rest of Britain remained in perma-austerity. The campaign to break London and the southeast away from the rest of Britain has triumphed - like Singapore, London is now an independent city-state.

    This new country has a population the size of Switzerland, and a banking industry just as dominant. Its population is among the most multicultural in the world. But the new country also has world-class problems - the highest inequality of any rich economy with simmering social tensions to match, and house prices so high that London's cleaners and baristas and firemen commute in from Hastings or further afield.

    This programme is a despatch from the future, sketching out the contours of independent London in 2030 - an affluent country with more liberal attitudes, and far more diverse, transient population than England, but with a lopsided economy all too dependent on financial services and an increasingly hollowed-out society. The programme also serves as a parable about what could happen if Britain continues along an economic divide between London and the rest. What might Engand look like in 2030, if London continues to suck in the spending? 'When you pass Stevenage, it's like someone turned the lights out', we're told.

    Presenter: Aditya Chakrabortty

    1. If England is to become a province of Switzerland then perhaps London could be hived off as part of New York to which it now belongs. I am told that most of the bankers' antics eminate from the City of London though and not just Wall Street.How appropriate that the house of God which is St Paul's and which used to dominate is now overshadowed by the glittering towers of evil. My heart bleeds when I read the name of the author of this piece. Who ever gave permission for the cockney sparrows to be booted out and replaced by the third world et al. We now hear that the Muslim Brotherhood HQ is probably in London and has been for 40 years whilst Cameron is having to play nasty with them to keep his Saudi masters happy. This makes me so angry.Why has the capital of England for 1500 years been stolen from the English and all opposition silenced with cries of racism? This is genocide and ex-propriation and must be against international law, although the New World Order sets the agenda there as we know.

      Interestingly, Enoch Powell, although an arch-Conservative thought the the United States was the aggressive power in the world. Perhaps we should rename that the American financial-industrial and military empire, destined to be the largest the world has ever known. Powell saw Russia as our natural ally as England and Russia being the gates of Europe have defeated French and German expansionism over the last two centuries. As other speakers have pointed out recently Powell felt that Russia had to occupy Eastern Europe as a buffer to another round of German expansion. Sadly as a consequence of buffer politics much of the anti-Russian sentiment driving Washington's policy is coming from Warsaw. The Russians even talk of the Continent as Europe rather than mainland Europe as many here do. Look at the Continent from Moscow and you will understand the unease they share with us.

      Meanwhile Max Keiser has told us that American food prices have gone up 19% this year already. Undoubtedly ours have done the same as the Empire seeks to grind us down in multicultural poverty and starvation. Max also told us that in the days before September 11th there was insider futures trading in the shares of the American airlines that had been targeted. This means that somebody knew what was going to happen. His interlocutor said that it could have begun with the terrorists and others then picked up on it joining in as they thought that somebody had inside knowledge. However, this was done through a firm of brokers the head of which subsequently became the head of the CIA. Max smelled a rat and so do I. Just think how the American armaments industry - and ours - have benefited from the War on Terror which has lead to the deaths of millions.

      Finally, I have discovered another hero, the US Secretary to the Treasury in 1981-1982 Paul Craig Roberts who said that if the Ukraine is corrupt then so is the EU with its 100b euros of fraud. As for the US he said that it is the most corrupt and the economy is geared for the benefit of a few big banks. Not just theirs but Europe's by extension. This reminds me of the Medicis who were bankers who made themselves the Dukes of Florence - quite a usual process according to the speaker. From Dukes of Florence to Emperors of a One World Empire. In the end Cosimo Medici had to hide away for fear of assasination. Let us hope that the new Medicis are having to do the same but that one day somebody will track them down when the world erupts in a backlash against their evil machinations.