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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Scottish Government demands all UK State assets in Scotland outright and also a share in all other UK State assets!

Scottish reivers or Border Raiders in action

In a previous Blog article I reported on the submission which I put in on behalf of the English Democrats to the Constitution Committee of the House of Lords. The written submissions to the Committee have now been published on the Committee’s website.

Nichola Sturgeon MSP, for the SNP and the Scottish Government, has put in the Scottish submission. 

Whilst I think it would be sensible to see this document as a negotiating positioning document rather than the SNP’s final view on what they would be willing to accept, I think we can see that they are rapidly moving towards the point when not only will they demand many of the State assets of what is now the United Kingdom, but also will probably refuse to take any of the debt.

Click here to see the details>>>

What however does come out strikingly is the Scottish determination to not only have their own Scottish cake but to eat the English cake too!

Consider the following quotation from the Scottish Government’s submission:-

11. Following a vote for independence, the Scottish Government will negotiate with Westminster to agree a sharing of assets and liabilities that is fair, equitable and reflects Scottish needs and those of the rest of the UK. Assets already used to deliver devolved public services in Scotland, such as schools, hospitals and roads, would remain in Scottish hands. Physical assets located in Scotland and needed to deliver currently reserved services, such as defence bases and equipment, and buildings to support administration of welfare, tax and immigration, will transfer to the Scottish Government.

12. Assets located elsewhere in the UK will also have to be included in negotiations, as Scotland has contributed to their value over a long period of time. For physical assets like these, the equitable outcome may be to provide Scotland with an appropriate cash share of their value.

What we can now see here is that the Scottish position is that any UK State asset that is within Scotland should go to Scotland absolutely. Whereas any asset which is outside of Scotland is to be treated as being partly Scottish. 

Ironically Nicholas Sturgeon MSP says that this will be “a sharing of assets and liabilities that is fair, equitable and reflects Scottish needs…”. 

You have got to laugh!


  1. Unbelievable!

    Well, actually all too believable.

    Tell you what, we'll have a population share of North Sea Oil and Gas then!

  2. I think they might get what they want and we might end up crying. It will however serve to drive a greater wedge between us. The English resentment at the injustice can only grow.

    1. That's the point. They are trying to turn apathy into anger.

  3. Absolutely disgraceful! The Scots want their penny AND their bun AND jam on it AND cream on the jam!!
    By the way, the MSP in question is Nicola (not Nicholas.) It's a bit discourteous to publish her name incorrectly.

  4. And no doubt the current occupiers of Westminster will let the SNP do exactly as they want - regardless of the wishes of the people of England and in spite of anything we might say...

  5. What's there is theirs, what is ours is theirs too!

  6. When one bears in mind that the call is for evidence about the "constitutional implications for the REST OF THE UK of Scottish independence", Nicola Stugeon's response can be seen for the utter Scottish selfishness that it is! Whatever the outcome of their exclusive little referendum, we simply must not tolerate Scots presiding over any of England's affairs.

  7. Selfishness more like contempt for we ENGLISH ! How dare they suggest they are entitled to "anything ". England being milked dry by money grabbing scots unable to provide for themselves, unless they are in a questionably Governmental job .

  8. Scottish Submission: Quote "Following a vote for independence, the Scottish Government will negotiate with Westminster to agree a sharing of assets and liabilities that is fair, equitable and reflects Scottish needs and those of the rest of the UK...........such as defence bases and equipment, ..........Assets located elsewhere in the UK will also have to be included in negotiations, as Scotland has contributed to their value over a long period of time. For physical assets like these, the equitable outcome may be to provide Scotland with an appropriate cash share of their value. UK public services are assets belonging to both Scotland and the rest of the UK. This is because tax payers in both Scotland and the rest of the UK have paid to build and maintain these services. Defence and overseas assets transferred as part of these negotiations will form a basis for Scotland’s defence forces and overseas representation following independence". Unquote

    Answer: So they if they take MOD/Her Majesty Naval Base (HMNB) and the English built Nuclear Submarines, English built Floatila, Diving Units, Missiles & English trained staff from HMS Dolphin; paid predominantly by the English tax payers;

    1) Do they take base and return the submarines, ships, equipment, missiles and staff free of charge and leave the liability with the English?
    2) They just take the base and return the submarines, equipment, missiles and staff to England, we build our own submarine base?
    3) The equitable outcome may be to provide England with an appropriate cash share of their value.

  9. I am beginning to wonder whether Scotland would have felt itself so empowered without the possibility of substituting the EU - more correctly the Germans - for the English. The thought of not actually being a member of the EU does not seem to worry them as they are probably pretty sure they will be in it alone somehow. I caught a bit of a cosy exchange on this subject between the Scots and some members of the government of the Irish Republic the other day explaining how to do it; even thought the euro hasn't exactly done them any favours. Here we are back to the Austro-Hungarian empire's love child. The EU is leading to the fragmentation of countries such as Great Britain and Spain - just those two so far - because those seeking independence think that Germany will come to their aid if it all goes horribly wrong.

    Meanwhile Mr Barroso has promised the Ukraine 15b euros of EU money, despite the fact that his own countrymen are on their uppers and in hock to the satanic bankers because of his beloved EU totalitarian empire. Those interviewed, including an Englishwoman, were mystified as to why this is happening when the Uraine is not even in the EU. People elsewhere in the EU empire just mutter discontentedly as they know they are now simply powerless to change anything. I spoke to a neighbour the other day who said he had not voted to join the then EEC but was resigned to the fact that we will never get out. It is getting to sound more and more like communism. The greatest enemy of action is apathy which is growing as the years go by.

    As for the Ukaine, it seems that the American financial-industrial complex and their EU lackeys are doing another Iraq, lies, lies and more lies and it worries not a jot that the people they are doing business with are those they denounce in any EU country. It is all very depressing as we seem to be utterly powerless against this evil oligarchy. Interested to hear a Russian journalist inform us that Britain is now 5 trillion pounds in debt and kept afloat by Russian, Chinese and Indian oligarchs laundering their money in the London property market - how true.
    However, I have a suspicion that there are those in the EU, especially the parliament, who are aware about the ever-growing empire and will speak up against it in time. UKIP have just informed me that the US is hoping to nuzzle in on the Russian gas supply to Europe with liquified gas brought by tanker. This is undoubtedly playing a role, along with Chevron's aim to get into the Ukraine and frack.

    I watched a programme on Yuri Gagarin last night. When he was up in space he looked down and hoped that one day we could all live in peace. Most of us want to but the oligarchic 3% who are getting it richer and richer and determined that it should be otherwise for their own ends.

  10. The White Dragon11 March 2014 at 08:27

    The problem is; who will defend the English position? Can we trust the UK government to defend our interests? Is there anyone speaking for England? How Can we trust Cameron? What is going on behind closed doors?
    Will England be sacrificed again on the altar of Unionism, and can any Unionist be trusted?

    1. Of course Scotland is not only being blackmailed but also being bribed to stay in the Union by those with financial and political interests. Meanwhile the English will just be forced to pay more and more protection money by the canny Scots so they will end up even better off even if there is a no vote.

      As for the English, the cosmopolitan financier and part-Scottish Cameron hardly acknowledges they exist except as a milch cow for whoever wants to bleed us dry. Anyone standing up for them is just a sour little Englander. But the way things are going the English will be a footnote in history anyhow. On Homes under the Hammer today we saw an Albanian married to a Lithuanian, the former's family all here running a restaurant. When did Albania become a member of the EU?

      Don't you just love the new pluralism and wasn't old England such a bore?! B and Q are having to install "Turkish" squatting toilets for their Romanian staff who prefer to squat rather than sit and so smash up the normal variety. Ever thought of sacking them or getting them to pay? Probably not as they are probably working for below the minimum wage. And the MP for Pendle wants the limiting of postal votes because the system is being fraudulently abused by Labour-voting Asians. And I have just read that the police are failing to get on top of "racist" chanting at football matches against blacks and muslims. But the country is so much better for it. By the way, clueless cosmopolitan Nick Clegg sees no problem with the free movement of labour within the EU. Good his party is sliding in the polls - I wonder why?

      Meanwhile the EU and the Ukraine is probably not the problem. Most Europeans want peace with Russia (except perhaps in some former Soviet block countries) and the realisation is beginning to dawn in some quarters of the EU that they have been a bit silly. But American-dominated NATO is determined to carry on its war against Russia. We learn that the plan is to draw NATO's boundary half-way across the Ukraine.

      More worrying is America's renewed attack on Iran - our being forced to implement their sanctions is not enough. Is it a coincidence that the Daily Telegraph tells us that the Lockerbie bombers were Syrian-based Iranians at the same time that those responsible for the loss of the Peking-bound airliner may have been Iranians. It seems like another CIA set-up to me.
      The Ukrainian business is probably all connected with the renewed attack on Iran, to weaken Russia. These people are wholly insane as they bring us to the brink of nuclear war.

      I am reading David Dimbleby's book on Russia. He has met a veteran in Murmansk who remembers the old convoy days and expresses his gratitude to the British. He said that the people do not want war, the leaders do. The problem is that the leaders are on the whole ten times more likely to have psychopathic tendencies than the rest of us and are drunk on power, financial and political and care little if they take us all down with them.

      I have just read a piece by the Get Britain Out campaign decrying the EU's intervention in the Ukraine; the fact is that the bigger the political grouping or "state" the more damage it can do. I don't see the problem with being a Little Englander or Little England, especially in the light of the foregoing. Small is beautiful, big is unwieldy and uncontrollable with constant stresses and friction.

  11. Ukip is managing to persuade the northern working class that Ukip is the party for them. That represents a failure of the English Democrats.
    When the EDs announced that Kent and the SE was the first of its target seats in the EU elections in May it showed that the EDs still haven't a clue. Strategically, the EDs must tactically abandon the south to Ukip and concentrate on securing the northern working class vote. Don't let money and men be expended in the unwinnable south.

  12. The Scottish National Party keeps banging on about how Scotland is "a net contributor" to the U.K. treasury. The figure they use is £800+ per head per annum above the U.K. average. This seems implausible to me.
    Is there a way to verify or de-bunk these claims?

    1. The latest GERS report lists Scottish total public sector revenue for 2012-13 as 9.1% of total UK revenue.

      See Table E.1: Total Current Revenue: Scotland 2008-09 To 2012-13 - 'Executive Summary'.

      The 9.1% figure assumes an illustrative geographical share of North Sea revenue.
      From 9.1% subtract 8.4% (Scotland's percentage of UK population) = 0.7%.
      Find 0.7% of total UK revenue (£586.925bn) = £4.1bn.
      Divide £4.1bn by 5.3m (Scotland's population) = £775.

      The £775 is purportedly a contribution by every man, woman and child in Scotland, rather than the consequence of Government levies, paid for ultimately by the end consumer.

      (By the same assumptions, for an illustrative per capita share of North Sea revenue, the result would be a deficit of £221 per head).

  13. I have just discovered that UKIP are pro-fracking. This seems a tiny bit unwise as many of their potential voters are in places like Balcombe who do not want in their backyard. This would be one issue where the EDs could have the edge over them in the south, especially now that some of the charities those in the home counties adhere to, like nature charities and the National Trust have just come out against fracking.
    I suggest that a bore hole be drilled near Churchill in Oxfordshire where Mr Cameron has his constituency home. On another tack, David Milliband has been more honest than Cameron by saying that he would not entertain the idea of a referendum on the EU. We know that Cameron will either get out of it by "renegociation" or swing a referendum anyhow. This is one to use in trying to wean the northern labour voters off their red dummy. One of the greatest anti-EU proponents in the Labour movement has just gone to meet his maker at the early age of 52. Are there any others left?

    Meawhile the psychopaths bent on world domination are bringing us closer to nuclear war. Worryingly Kerry has said that Russia's "invasion" of the Ukraine might jeapardize peace talks over Syria and the removal of Syria's chemical weapons. Is the aim now to blacken Russia and remove her Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol, all as a precursor to an attack on Assad and the luring in of Iran so that Israel/America can launch that strike on Iran. The weakening/removal of Russia, China and Iran is essential for total domination of the Northern Hemisphere and the world per se. China is afraid of openly supporting Russia for fear of being the next target. It is possible that trouble in China is being deliberately fomented and China is surrounded by American bases. The final aim is "regime" change in these three remaining major powers.
    The people behind all this are totally insane, drunk on financial and political power. We learn that the new illegal prime minister of the Ukraine is a Goldman Sachs former employee presumably tasked with reducing the Ukraine to the status of Greece whose indebted penury was engineered by that evil insititution.

    The position of Angela Merkel is a bit of a mystery. I can only assume that she is still wedded to globalist Marxism and is another one tripping on ultimate power. But the German people are 80% behind Russia's right to defend its own interests and she was lambasted in the Bundestag for her Drang nach Osten.

    As regards the looney left, one of the greatest, Tony Benn has finally gone to meet his maker. We must all be sad that he never saw his dream of breeding out the indigenous English ( no such thing according to Cameron) with alien races. Another lunatic wedded to ideology and uncaring as to what the people of England think. This was Lenin's line. He said that the people did not matter, all that did was his Marxist ideology. The same goes for the Marxists and the mad Neocons and their European backers. Fortunately, the people are beginning to unite worldwide against those who for centuries and centuries in Europe have led them to their doom. The neocons are an insane power elite and there are Americans who think differently. I suggest logging on to the Ron Paul Institue for Peace and Prosperity to discover that not all Americans are as loony as they are.

  14. Lord Freud - Sam Cam's father believes that fracking should take place in the blighted north