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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ever imagined that the courts are unbiased? If so, here is your medicine. Read and be cured!

Kirk here - beam me up Scotty!

Here is an excellent and all too true explanation of the institutional bias at the heart of the new style British judiciary. New Labour gerrymandered so many other things so why would anyone imagine they didn't do so also to the courts?

Ever wondered why our courts have a Leftist bias?

 By Daniel Hannan

Why do we need a quango for barristers?

Judicial activism is a problem in almost every country. Judges have a lamentable, if inevitable, tendency to rule on the basis of what they think the law ought to say rather than what it actually says.

But here’s a puzzle. Why do they always seem to be biased in the same direction? Courts are forever striking down deportation orders, but did you ever hear of them stepping in to order the repatriation of an illegal immigrant whom the Home Office had allowed to stay? The imposition by Parliament of minimum prison tariffs for certain offences was howled down as an assault on judicial independence. But maximum tariffs? No problem there. It’s common for warrants to be served against Augusto Pinochet or Ariel Sharon or George Bush; never against Fidel Castro or Robert Mugabe or Kim Jong-un. A minister rules that a murderer should't be released? Outrageous! A minister rules (in Northern Ireland) that murderers should be released? Quite right.

The US judge Robert Bork wrote a book called Coercing Virtue, which argued that judges were consciously seeking to advance an agenda that had been rejected at the ballot-box. It amounted, Bork averred, to “a coup d’état – slow-moving and genteel, but a coup d’état nonetheless”.

Judges are often open, when speaking extra-judicially, about what they see as their obligation strike down (in Lord Woolf’s phrase) “bad laws”. In one sense, judicial activism is inescapable. Someone, after all, has to be the final arbiter. As Bishop Hoadley of Winchester remarked three centuries ago, “whoever interprets a law may justly be considered the lawgiver, not he who first wrote or spake it”.

Still, why does the judiciary lean Left? Half a century ago, the popular stereotype of a judge was of a stern disciplinarian committed to the absolute defence of property rights. What changed?

Part of the problem is surely the appointments system. Judges used to be chosen by the Lord Chancellor – a system which on paper seemed open to abuse and which, for that very reason, was in practice almost never abused. Successive Lord Chancellors, conscious of their responsibility, would carefully avoid any suspicion of partiality. Then, in 2005, Labour created a Judicial Appointments Commission, which was charged with promoting candidates on the basis, inter alia, of “the need to encourage diversity”. While diversity is certainly desirable (diversity in the fullest sense – of opinion and outlook as well as sex and race), the vagueness of the criterion opened the door to favouritism and partisanship.

Indeed, the prejudice starts further upstream. It’s not easy to be a judge unless you’ve been a QC. The Bar used to be self-regulating, but New Labour changed that, too, creating a quango called QC Appointments. Here, too, one of the criteria is commitment to diversity.

It is vital to stress that this doesn’t mean having more diverse QCs – for which a good case can be made. It means promoting barristers who have a political commitment to “diversity” in the Leftie, public-sector sense of he word. The QCA’s general report, explains that “diversity competence” includes both awareness and action… being aware is not enough: there must be evidence of support for the principle and practice of diversity, or personal action.

For the avoidance of doubt the QCA’s “Approach to the Competencies” report explains:

The Panel sought evidence of a pro-active approach to diversity issues which in outstanding candidates ran like a consistent ‘thread’ through their language and behaviours.

You don’t need to be Richard Littlejohn to see that this is a political test. In the name of diversity, a less diverse cohort of QCs is being created, one whose members are expected to endorse the Left-liberal orthodoxy. Thus can a party that loses office retain power.

It’s worth remembering that the Conservatives were elected on a promise to abolish unelected agencies. Here is an especially superfluous example. Why, after all, should the state have any role in privileging some barristers over others? Couldn’t this be left to the profession itself?
Ministers have scrapped one QCA – the hopeless quango that was supposed to regulate exam boards. Why is the other still hanging around? 


  1. Thank God , somebody putting into words what I have thought for a long time. The question now is "What do we do about it"

  2. Daniel Hannan should be member of the English Democrats, but he won't be because he still believes in the UK

  3. david cunningham17 March 2014 at 11:08

    very interesting article..But it doesnot stop there.Left wing liberalism,
    which defines itself as being anti the reactionary bigot majority,
    has infiltrated our school,universities which with the exception of a few elite ones like Oxbridge are just left wing indoctrination centres, and the media.Watch a BBC drama and it's also peddling a's not that a message of racial harmony or whatever is wrong just that it is constantly being peddled.
    We are the most brain washed people on earth!
    As a result BBC drama is unmoving and shallow compared say to better American drama which tries to tell the more complex truth.

  4. Daniel Hannan would not dare say so, who knows if he thinks it or not, namely that diversity may not be so desirable as the great and the good have been telling it is for the last 60 years. To question its desirability is enough to be branded a "racist", a marxist invention along with political correctness, rather than a racialist, that is somebody who believes that nature has made us with an overwhelming survival instinct that makes most of us want to cleave to our own and that is the best way for society to be organised in the name of peace and stability. The Marxist liberal elite - strange it is liberal whilst it is wholly illiberal - will not allow any challenging of either the desiribility or workability of their grand diversity plan. Funnily enough, there is now increasing nostalgia, even among the young, for the 1950s, the last great peaceful homogenous age for England.

    There are those who will argue that this is because this is a new thing in Europe and that we will get used to it in time. After all, we all now know that Peter Sutherland, the UN commissioner for immigration, has told us that Europe needs much more third world immigration in order to destroy its homogeneous nation states in order to make the EU work.
    As the UN is reputed to be the seat of the final one world government then we must assume that it has been tasked with diversifying the globe, although this may just be diversifying white countries in order to ensure that Europeans, as is their wont, do not gang together to put a spanner in the works. I look forward to seeing their attempts at diversifying non-white countries, such as India, China and those of black Africa.

    Interestingly, in recent coverage on Russia Today about the unrest in Venezuela, probably fomented there too by the CIA so as to ensure America's hand on Venezuela's oil weath, it came out that there is tension between the races. This despite the fact that there must have been peope of African origin in South America, as in North America, for three to four hundred years. And yet diversity and pluralism are still plugged as being the only truly desirable ways of organising society.

    Meanwhile, self-determination is in the air at the moment because of the wish of the Crimean people to return to Russia after 60 years. They were never given the choice of being in the Ukraine but were just dumped there by Kruschev. But their vote is of course to be ignored by the financial-industrial elite and their brainchild the Marxist EU because it does not accord with their grand plans.

    It was OK for the Falklands to vote to stay British - there is oil there you know; and for Scotland to vote for independence. The latter is according to Mr Cameron who is however trying everything to bribe or bully them into voting no; and as a Scotsman said on RT, he will punish them economically if they dare to vote yes. But there is oil there as well, as there is in the Ukraine. And now the neocons and their chums are hoping that the Right Sector of Neo-nazis will blow up the Russian oil and gas pipeline to Europe for them. This will leave the Ukraine as well without energy as well until the American oil giants can step into the breach. Funnily the EU never worked out that if you back a load of violent thugs you might find many Germans and others dying of the cold.

    Anyhow, if self-determination is the buzz world then what about England? Time to raise that one Robin. We have not had self-determination since 1066. If Messrs Cameron and Obama and others think it is so right for Kosovo and the Falklands then bring it on for England please.

  5. Further evidence of the long march reaching it's destination.

    1. I think I know what you are aiming at but could you explain, please? The ultimate consequence of the multiculturalisation of European countries and the probable aim is the eradication of Europeans from the planet or their reduction to small beleaguered minorities like the Afrikaaners - there is chapter and verse on that one but it will probably be dismissed as an nasty forgery. Gradually more and more people are waking up to that realisation but haven't a clue how to call a halt. Russia now has just about the same white population as America had in the 1950s, the doubling of America's population since has been down to the growth largely of the non-white population and mass non-white immigration so that whites will be in a minority by 2040. Perhaps this is another reason for the targeting of Russia which by now must be obvious to all.
      China next, is the missing plane being hidden away before doing a 9/11 on Peking?

      However, Crimea is not the only part of Europe that has been voting for self-determination this week, as viewers of Russia Today will know. There has certainly been no mention, as far as I am aware, on the BBC of the referendum which is taking place in the Veneto region of Italy. This is the region with Venice at its heart and is the richest region in Italy, with a population about twice that of the Crimea. Venetians are being invited to break away from Italy - they may never have been in Italy originally as I think they were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - the EU and leave the euro. Opinion polls have shown 65% in favour. Should the Venetians vote to leave then the reaction of the EU will show us what would happen if England tried to leave. I have no doubt that the EU would do everything possible to punish them, as Cameron will punish the Scots. However, this is a good sign as, as Angela Merkel, Barroso and others try to push the EU into encircling Russia, along with the army of the American financial-industrial complex which is NATO (Ronnie Reagan promised Gorbachev that it NATO would stop at the border of a re-united Germany; but then nice but dim Ronnie was just a puppet), the EU is probably going to fragment into a myriad of tiny states like the Czech Republic reversing the major continental unifications of the late 19th century. Perhaps during my lifetime still I will see the horrendous one world plans on behalf of a small plutocratic, kleptocratic oligarchy come crashing down and I will wake up one day to find it is still 1952 and the whole thing has been a terrible nightmare.

  6. Opinions may differ on what has happened in the Ukraine or in Crimea depending on whether you are agreeing with the line put out by the Washington-dominated European media or the alternative version put out by Moscow. However, whatever you choose to believe, one thing is certain, you can never fault the Russians for their love of their motherland and their determination over the centuries to fight to the death to defend it. I was watching some of the Greatest Storms on Earth last night about the defeat of Hitler's invading forces, not by so much by the Russians alone but by the Russian winter. A German machine gunner positioned in a church tower was amazed to see the Russians just keep coming as he mowed them down. And their is no faulting German courage either.

    Time was before the multicultural experiment was launched when I could have expected the same courage from the English. But now so diluted and fragmented and rendered incohesive, powerless and apathetic, most people dread to think what would happened if we were faced with the arrival of the forces of the Third Reich today. I should imagine the same would be true of North America and many countries on the Continent. The policy of divide and rule, the destruction of communities, including the homogeneous nation state based on common blood, culture and history, has left us wide open to collapse.

    The Russians are a people of extremes, warm and hospitable to foreigners, courageus, strong, inventive and aristically creative with a deep-seated spirituality. On the downside there is dourness, alcoholism and cruelty in many respects. In many ways they recall the Celtic fringe here with whom they may share common blood as, according to Bede the original inhabitants of Britain were of Scythian origin from the Russian Steppes. This may not be the whole picture but may explain why in many respects those of the Celtic fringe differ in many respects from the English.

  7. In a strange way, events in the Ukraine may help the EDs' cause. The EU has been like a train pushed from behind by the US which has just hit the buffers in Kiev. According to a Mr Stadler, an Austrian euro-mp speaking on Russia Today the EU is under tremendous pressure from the neocons in Washington to do their bidding. Whether this is down to economic or military pressure is unclear. However, countries such as the UK, France and Germany have to toe the neoncons' line and the American and European media seem to be under the same kind of pressure to follow suit.

    However, according to Mr Stadler, the EU, who cannot back up any overtures towards the Ukraine with financial support, has been terrified by the referendum in the Crimea. The word referendum is as frightening to the totalitarian, Marxist, utopianist and non-democratic EU as water was to the Wicked Witch of the West. Hence, they have ignored or circumvented by treaties popular votes in Holland, France and Ireland on the Maastricht Treaty. Referendums on self-determination would reveal the bridge between the EU elites and the peoples of Europe.
    A yes vote in the Veneto could lead Scotland, Catalonia and even Brittany or the South Tyrol ( removed from the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War 1 and given to Italy even though German-speaking) to follow suit. Please let us not leave England out of that. These movements for self-determination should embolden the English to demand an English parliament and self-determination. As the momentum gathers pace elsewhere perhaps it is time to start demands for a referendum here. In a strange way when the train hit the Russian buffers in the Crimea, a shock wave travelled back along that train westwards through Europe and across the Atlantic. We know that the insane neocons wish to crush any move by Russia and China to re-assert themselves. This was brought out by another interesting interview with former Australian pm Malcolm Fraser who said that the US also has Australia doing their bidding by containing China. Mr Fraser spoke very wisely and very well. He wishes the world to live in peace not on the brink of war. One comment was that the Americans always want their enemies to be pushed as far away from them in possible as they did with the native Americans. Isolated as they are, they do not realise that in Europe we have to learn to get on with our neighbours. Hence I feel that if Scotland does break free then its relationship with England would be much heathier. The only ones who are opposed are those who wish to profit either in terms of political or financial power. European nations in the true sense of the word, i.e. homogenous peoples working together is the ideal as for Europe as for the world. Only those who wish to control us all through herding us together would disagree.

    On another tack, a recent ITV programme on the cost of food revealed that India grows more than enough food to feed its own people and is letting the surplus rot. So why the aid and the charity? Plus, in view of the fact that mass immigration since the War has left England unable to do the same i.e be self-sufficient in food then perhaps it is the time for shifting people to where they can grow their own food; apparently the developing world can whereas we can not. So the UN should be concentrating on the developing world staying put or returning home so that we can feed ourselves as an optimum population of 30m instead of the double that caused through immigration would allow. Of course none of this would be welcomed by those who have used mass immigration to achieve political or financial advantage here in the face of all common sense and logic.

  8. English needs möney like ðis tö develop 'True English' as ðe nasjonal tung of England. -
    As reported by ðe BBC:
    "A Cornish charity is set to receive £120,000 of government funding to help "keep the Cornish language alive".

    The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced in Exeter that the Cornish Language Partnership is set to receive £120,000 next month.

    The aim of the funding is to promote and develop the Cornish language.

    Mr Clegg said: "It's a priceless part of Cornwall's heritage and right we have played our part to keep the Cornish language alive.

    "Cornish is central to Cornwall's heritage and a living and growing language is what makes the region distinct.

    "The funding will help the Cornish Language Partnership use the language to encourage more visitors to the area by promoting this unique identity."

    The Cornish Language Partnership's Jennifer Lowe said the funding would "certainly help".

    "The use of the language has grown considerably. People are very interested, it's not just the people in Cornwall, it's the level of interest of visitors to Cornwall as well.

    "As that grows we're reacting to a lot more interest and a lot more work," she said.

    Plans for the funding include working with businesses on the use of Cornish in branding and marketing Cornish products, and working with schools to increase the knowledge and use of the language.

    1. "A Cornish charity is set to receive £120,000 of government funding to help "keep the Cornish language alive".

      The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced in Exeter that the Cornish Language Partnership is set to receive £120,000 next month.

      The aim of the funding is to promote and develop the Cornish language.

      Mr Clegg said: "It's a priceless part of Cornwall's heritage and right we have played our part to keep the Cornish language alive.

      There is no one in goverment saying, "English is a priceless part of England's heritage", or giving any funding to keep it alive (actually, to revive it).
      Even the English Democrats have nothing to say, which as THE English nationalist party they should have. Check out Steadfast Trust's website

  9. "Martin Amis' England" - BBC 4 television Sunday March 23rd, 9.0 pm

    1. He showed he did not know the difference between English and British. The programme was littered with this confusion

    2. It would be a kindness to put him straight about the difference between English and British. He could be a good ally for the EDs. At least he has the ear of the media, and he is one of he few people speaking about what it is to be English.

  10. Maybe those committed to "diversity" in the leftie, public sector sense of the word will be happy now we are to have Sharia law and British law running alongside each other. Two completely different legal systems operating in one country. Equality of rights for all is trumped by the doctrine of "diversity". Only the lefties will fail to notice the contradiction in their faux liberal ideology.

    1. Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and, one would have presumed, a champion of English Christian values, predicted (almost gleefully,) that Sharia law would operate alongside English law. His prophesy has been fulfilled! But we don't have "lefties" in government, at present! So it has nothing to do with Left v. Right. It has all to do with "politically correct" and don't "offend" the Muslims.
      My local rag once published a letter I wrote to it, in which I stated that " it is a principle of immigration, that the person seeking to make England his home should adapt to the local customs and not expect the locals to adapt to his".
      Nice idea in theory, it seems, but when you're ruled over by a bunch of Politically Correct, English-hating Brits, it doesn't work, in practice!

    2. I wonder whether beheading homosexuals as well as rabid mysogeny would be fine for the Left here provided it is done in the name of Islam also. A Saudi homosexual diplomat in Los Angeles faces deportation to Saudi and certain death but America, which accuses Russia of being homophobic, is doing nothing to stop his extradition for fear of offending their great ally in the destruction of Syria and Iran and probably Russia and China through jihad, Saudi Arabia.

      Along with sharia law, we now hear that the Sunnis (80% of the 3m muslims in this country, probably an underestimate) and the Shias (20%) are hurling abuse and threats at one another and bringing the north south divide in the Middle East to our shores. Perhaps soon they too will be fighting one another here too. There is a suspicion that the Sunni/Shia confrontation is being stirred up to reduce the muslim population so perhaps we will have fewer muslims here in the future, which the Left would greatly regret. Only Christianity is to be marginalised. This is why the Left probably hate Russia, too, now as she is post-Marxist and very devout. They, like the self-confessed Leftie, Jonathan Dimbleby, in his book on Russia, would describe Russia as crypto-fascist, being nationalistic and determined to preserve its racial and cultural identity. This is anathema for the Left who despise European monochrome. European countries must be rainbow nations only to make them happy; but not the indigenous Europeans by any stretch of the imagination.

      Meanwhile, gun gangs of African origin are running rampage in our cities, murdering one another and gang raping girls, many indigenous English ( no different than with the muslims in Scandinavia then). As we descend into third world savagery we are powerless to do anything against it for fear of being called racist.

      But the the oligarchs who wish to rule the world wish to do so by creating chaos. They have just done the same to the Ukraine having had great success in the Middle East and North Africa.
      Not only is the prime minister of the Ukraine a bankster, as he was called last night but he is surrounded by a coterie of anti-Russian neo-nazis and oligarchs, the latter being put into positions of power; no change for the ordinary Ukrainians then.
      One of those oligarchs and one of the hardest, the blond bombshell, Yulia Timoshenko has just threatened Russia with nuclear weapons which the Ukraine is anxious to get hold of.

      Do not just blame the Left, they are merely the useful idiots who have been used to brainwash the young and threaten the rest of us into silence. There is only one ideology permissible and it is that which began its enslevement of the English people post-war.

      But we must not lose hope, the "far right" we hear are on the rise all over Europe. This is just a self-correction mechanism as the people try to reverse the machinations of the Left and their puppet masters which has been taking place since the War. UKIP is on 38% in the opinion polls and ahead of the rest for the euro-elections. The National Front have just done well in France. They say that if the "far right" get more than 30% in the euro-elections than that will be a problem for the EU. I am not sure why 30% and not 50%; but it looks as if it might just happen in May. This coupled with the move for self-determination which is moving across Europe westwards from the Crimea will gradually erode and bring down the EU, that creation of the American financial-industrial oligarchy. Their only answer will be to pile on more austerity - now programmed for the Ukraine - and make us so poor and demoralised and probably hungry that we no longer have the will to resist. If this reminds you of communism then they are all the product of the same mindset and probably with the same backers if we did but know it.

  11. I was surprised yesterday to find a fellow church member aghast at the fact that we are letting in a population each month large enough to fill a city the size of Coventry; plus the fact that our children are taught about hinduism and islam but not about Christianity. He sadly thought that we had reached the end of times. I do not share his pessimism, I think Europe is about to escape by the skin of its teeth as it did after the last Dark Ages. People have described current events as a new Dark Ages.

    There are reasons for my optimism. Now that the EU and the New World Order have foundered in the Ukraine, despite the misinformation put out by Cameron and the BBC - I had to tell my interlocutor to try tuning in to the alternative and that the land grabbing is not by Russia but vice versa - we learn ( but never on the New World Order's media organs here) that the people of the Venice Region have voted by 89% to leave Italy and the EU. Their spokesman said that the people or now fed up with the American New World Order - or the bankers one world order - and are tired of paying their taxes for the bankers' austerity plan (60% of measures still due here). In Spain ( not on the Beeb) people have marched to Madrid in protest against four more years of austerity. Their spokesman said it was the bankers' debt not theirs and they should not have to pay taxes to save the bankers. It was all a bankers' con all along. By the way Max Keiser tells us that Russia and China have bought all the gold and will soon be in a position to ditch the dollar and lead to its collapse. Another reason for the Russian bogeyman. The Venetians have been emboldened by the vote in the Crimea as we must be by their result. Self-determination will bring down their New World Order.

    Other reasons to be cheerful, the new Ukrainian prime minister - a former employee of the JP Morgan bank ( this is the bank that said last year that democracy must be removed to make austerity work i.e. so they can bleed us dry) has flip flopped over letting NATO in ( now seen as the bankers' private army) despite the 6b dollars that the New World Order threw at bringing about the Ukrainian coup. He thinks it might be a trifle dangerous. The National Front is doing well in the elections in France - against M Hollande according to the Beeb but really against the New World Order and their EU and the bankers' austerity.

    I did watch Martin Amis. He was on very dangeous ground. He said that multiculturalism had been permitted to assuage imperial guilt. Most of us know or suspect it was all part of the UN/New World Order plan; but although to be American you could be any colour, culture or faith as it was a nation of immigrants ( the natives having been massacred or marginalised) to be English you had to be white. This is no different from having to be yellow to be Chinese or brown to be Indian, national identities established over thousands of years. He also berated the further Americanisation of England in terms of lowest common denominator culture in terms of speech and behaviour and the American-style obsession with money which has replaced the class system. This is all the Americanisation of England, so beloved of Brown and Blair, in line with the One world plan. For most English there were more important things than the lust for money; which seems to be an obsession of the Asian population.

    As regards the future, as our population, some say already 70m in Britain, continues to surge along with artificially manipulated food prices then we will be starved into submission. In any case inter-racial anarchy will soon arrive here in line with most of the rest of Europe and the anarchy of arab countries, all engineered as a means of control by, as we learn from an Arab professor on RT, the New World Order/US. Chaotic countries are easier to control. We always knew that the Arab spring was never spontaneous.

  12. Martin Amis' England has been criticised for "racism", because he expressed the view that "English" infers white.
    There has been a backlash to PC in France, where Marine Le Pen's Front National has made sweeping gains at the expense of the established parties.
    The English Democrats need to learn from Le Pen's party.

    1. I watched Martin Amis' England too. It seemed typical of the sort of confused conclusions and negative anti English bias which seems to prevail whenever matters of Englishness are discussed on these sort of programmes.

      The programme started by specifically referring to England and the English whilst at the same time showing rows of people waving the British union flag? Only when an English flag was shown it was a negative image, 'typical EDL lout' inference.
      The programme seemed to continue to repeatedly make negative inferences pertaining to the English only, whereas any neutral or positive inference was a trait of Britishness and 'the British'. Amis said that the English had a culture of drunkenness, that it was specifically the English who were racked with guilt and shame with regard to the alleged wrongdoings which took place under the British Empire rule. Maybe so, but who bestows that guilt complex on the English but the left/liberal consensus itself. It's amazing that although it was the British empire supposedly to blame for the alleged wrongdoings, only the English are held responsible by the consensus of opinion formers. The programme never mentioned that drinking oneself to oblivion is also a trait of the Scots, Welsh, Irish, who presumably drink to excess due to their hatred of the nasty English and the terrible way they perceive the ruling English elite treats them.

      Amis said that the national character of a countries people can be defined by the type of weather it gets. Since there was no negative inference with regard to this comment the term the 'British national character' was used.

      Amis inferred that it was uniquely a trait of the English to be uncomfortable and somewhat unaccepting of incumbent cultures and traditions of people's who may differ from that of the indigenous culture of the English. Amis said that America was more accepting and comfortable with 'diversity' and of other cultures as a result of their more liberal laisse fare tradition. But in contrast to England, American homogenous liberal culture has yet to be challenged or compromised in its cities by any particular majority monoculture of peoples whose cultural identity and ideology is completely different and at odds with that very liberal tradition.

  13. Sheffield (with its growing Roma population) is on the front line in the EU project. Sheffield should be prime territory for the English Democrats.

  14. I wonder how many watched the meeting of Obama and the EU elite in Brussels this week. I would have happily renamed it not a summit but a re-run of the Muppet Show. It is becoming more and more obvious that Obama is just a not very bright puppet of the American financial-Industrial complex. He is much like Blair, a narcissist and a brilliant actor. This was shown in spectacular fashion this week when he did not even know that there was never ever a referendum for self-determination in Kosovo, something his speech writer was ignorant of as well. This just shows how dim these neocons are. Then he said that what the Russians did in the Crimea was worse than the American-led war in Iraq which has killed a millions, is killing more each day and has given Al Qaeda a safe haven. It is just a farce.

    However, back to the Mummet Show. The likes of Barroso, Van Rumpoy and especially Catherine Ashton seems equally dim. So here they all were, discussing the America-EU free trade deal on our behalf which is meant to allow Amerian big corporations to have free play in Europe. I hope you all felt reassured by this collection of the high intelligentsia.

    Coupled with the article today written by George Osborne and the German finance minister on those in and out of the eurozone, I am now getting the feeling that these people, wedded still to the New World Order, are so out of touch that it is as if they were moving the deckchairs around on the deck of Titanic and are totally unaware of the icebergs on the horizon.

    Like him or loathe him Farage gave nice but dim Nick Clegg a good pasting on LBC the other night and probably boosted even further the vote in the euro-elections of the "far right". The best bit was when he told Clegg that he had never done a proper job - I think he did I think he worked at EU hq under the lovely Leon Britten for a while. But then there is no need for him to work when, like the rest, he is a multi-millionaire.

    Another iceberg has just popped up being the decision to follow the Veneto region of Italy into independence with the hope of becoming a far-flung provice of Switzerland. Personally I wish that England could do the same. Switzerland is the most democratic county in the world where everybody, whether working or not, is now guaranteed an income.
    What say you Robin?

    Meanwhile as we await the 60% more austerity measures we are due here, spare a thought for the people of the Ukraine with the agreement with the IMF cobbled together by their JP Morgan banker. The pensioners are to have their pensions halved and to pay 50% more for gas. I am not sure if this is before the Russians remove their subsidy.
    Teachers, doctors and others will have their salaries cut by 70% and inflation will increase by 14% so the pensioners will probably starve and freeze to death just like so many others in the EU. And all the repayments will probably go straight into JP Morgan's coffers. They would have been better off with the money that Russia was going to give them but that was scotched by America, the EU and all the other players of the New World Order. These measures are worse than those in Spain which have prompted the recent March for Dignity, which, as Max Keiser on RT has said, received no coverage in the European mainstream media. Funny that. Still th EU worthies had better look out from their elitist bubble, get their telescopes out as the sea is now littered with icebergs.

  15. Lord Tebbit criticises western policy towards Russia. And, how over the last quarter of a century, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU and Nato have alienated Russia. He states that “it must look to a Russian that this is a rather aggressive posture being taken by the European state.”

    John Redwood MP explains that “the EU has not behaved responsibly or sensibly.” And that “the EU seems to be flexing its words in a way that Russia finds worrying and provokes Russia into flexing its military muscles.”

    Peter Bone MP calls on William Hague to implement a British foreign policy. Peter Bone argued that the EU is trying to entice Ukraine, this has worried Russia. He outlines how the way the EU has behaved has not been helpful. Peter argues that it is wrong that there is an EU foreign policy and an EU foreign minister and that “we do not want escalating sanctions.”

    Bernard Jenkin MP describes those who want action against Russia as Euro-neo-cons. They are spreading instability within Eastern Europe and that the EU’s actions are “on the way to causing a civil war” in Ukraine. Bernard also argues that the EU should not be “fermenting divisions in order to bring Ukraine into the European orbit.”

    Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group, says “the EU has blundered its way into a crisis. The EU is damaging relations with Russia which are too important to be left to the inexperienced Baroness Catherine Ashton and her European External Action Service.”

    The leading pro-EU campaigner John Stevens reveals that the ultimate goal of the EU's foreign policy and its Eastern 'Partnership' is to not only absorb Ukraine but also Belarus and promote regime change in Russia.

    Senior Oxford academic, Dr Martin Holmes, and author of European Integration: Scope and Limits predicts that as a result of the instability that the EU encouraged within Ukraine the country will need to be partitioned. He describes sanctions as "economically stupid.”

    Why do these conservative MPs still trust the Tories?

    1. Thanks very much for posting all that. Regime change in China is meant to follow that in Russia. You have saved me from despairing. The truth is out there after all. But not with Dave Cameron and Willie Hague.