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Saturday, 7 December 2019




Our Broxtowe candidate, whose social medial handle is “Based Amy” (full name:- Amy Beth Dalla Mura) has, outrageously, been banned from going into the Broxtowe Constituency because she had dared to call the wretched Anna Soubry a “Traitor”.  Although I would ask what better term is there to describe someone who not only betrayed our country by negotiating and liaising with the “Foreign Powers” within the EU against the interests of our country in the Brexit negotiations, but also betrayed the Leave voters in her constituency, when, at the last General Election, she promised to honour the referendum result?  Last, but least important, she also betrayed the Conservative Party which gave her the opportunity of a political career and platform as an MP to spew her bile against all those who voted for Leave for the last three years!

Some of our generous members and supporters have already contributed to enable us to fund Amy making a bail application to move the outrageous restriction of her being in the constituency in which she is standing.  This is not only offensive in terms of Amy’s civil liberty, but is offensive in terms of all the electors of Broxtowe’s civil liberties since they ought to be entitled to a free and fair election, unhindered by Remain supporting judges making it impossible to campaign properly.

For anyone who would be willing to give us some time to hand out leaflets in Broxtowe or otherwise support Amy please do make contact with the Party.  You can use the link beside this article to go to the Party website, which is

We do also need to raise the funds that will enable Amy to challenge the outrageous conviction against her which is based on such flimsy grounds that her experienced barrister made an Application to dismiss the case on the grounds of No Case to Answer at the end of the prosecution’s presentation of their case.  Such an Application is not made by any professional barrister unless the prosecution case is very weak. 

Amy’s legal team take the view that the case was not dealt with fairly by the highly partisan District Judge, Lady Artbuthnot. Also that the District Judge failed to properly understand or apply the law on Harassment, Hate Crime, etc., which has not yet been properly challenged in the higher courts because most of those who were previously charged with it have given in at the first opportunity. 

Amy on the other hand is a fighter.  She is willing to carry on and get a ruling on the proper meaning of these statutorily invented offences which we should all hope will restrict their future use by Internationalist minded Social Justice Warriors - like the wretched Anna Soubry. 

If you can help with this appeal please do give generously so that we can try to at least achieve justice in Amy’s case.


  1. I agree with Amy Soubry is a traitor to her country

  2. Just vote out the traitor. A simple electoral message

  3. What about all the other 300 Tory constituencies which have NO ONE TO VOTE FOR who will deliver a real Brexit? The whole election is a sham, and our entire government and legal system is infested with the satanic Illuminati Mafia who call themselves "elite".


    16th December 2019 - is she going to appeal? A month's jail on presumably a first offence for something not involving actual violence looks like political gagging - Arbuthnot in the chair again....

    Soubry looks like she's another that invokes the victimhood narrative when her actions find her out. I for one should like to know Soubry's approximate physical stature -vs- that of the defendant.