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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Article called “Pale, Male and Stale?” reported to the Police as a Hate Crime.

Article called “Pale, Male and Stale?” reported to the Police as a Hate Crime.

I am setting out below my correspondence with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) over a blog item entitled “Pale, Male and Stale?” by Lisa Hornung.  Having got no satisfaction I then reported both the Organisation and the author to the police.

Here is the correspondence with the NCVO and the police:-

4th May 2018

Society Building
8 All Saints Street
N1 9RL

Dear Sir

Re:  Your Blog article Entitled “Pale, Male and Stale?” - complaint
entitled “Pale, Male and Stale?” 

This is an expression which is both sexist, racist and ageist and insulting, abusive and grossly offensive against older white men.  Lisa Hornung also makes the fundamental error of stating that charities should be run to make “diversity a top priority”.

Anyone involved in running a charity ought to know that “Diversity” is not the primary objective.  The primary objective of a charity is to be run to achieve its charitable purposes.  “Diversity” if it is to be considered to be an objective at all, is certainly no more than a second or third order objective.  Of course what Liza

Hornung means by this comment, which is contrary to the fundamental Laws of Charity here in England, is that charities should, in her Leftist, Internationalist political world view be run in such a way as to conform with her view rather than in accordance with English Law and practice. 

Taken together this article and the relevant tweet on the NCVO’s twitter account which reads as below are anti-White, anti-male, anti-older comments which are grossly offensive, abusive and insulting both within the meaning of Section’s 4A and 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 and contrary to within the meaning of Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

Our researcher @ncvolisa looks at the lack of diversity in volunteering, and how we can address it:

Pale, male and stale?

1.25am – 30 Apr 2018”

I am hereby making a formal complaint against your organisation generally and Ms Hornung in particular.  I shall consider your response and in the light of that make a decision as to whether to report this matter to the police as a “Hate Speech” Crime.

Yours faithfully

Robin Tilbrook

Letter received from National Council for Voluntary Organisations dated Friday, 11th May 2018

Dear Mr Tilbrook

Re:  Complaint reference 4/05/18/1

Your letter of 4 May was referred to me in line with our complaints policy and I have reviewed your concerned.

The phrase you refer to is used as a shorthand for the issue under discussion, as befits the headline of an article.  It is not used in an abusive or insulting manner.  Indeed, the blog post title is deliberately phrased as a question, and the answer that the blog post sets out is that this ‘civic core’ contribute greatly through their volunteering.

You object to the recommendation in the blog post that organisations wishing to address a lack of diversity may wish to make doing so a top priority.  It is NCVO’s firm and long-held view that organisations are made stronger by involving people of all ages and backgrounds and that seeking to enhance the diversity of volunteers is a positive move for any charity.

You may like to note that the Charity Commission is of a similar view:

In conclusion, I am content that NCVO and our staff have acted entirely appropriately and that the blog post raises no credible grounds for complaint.

If you are not satisfied with this response, our complaints policy gives you the opportunity to have it reviewed.  Should you wish to do so, please contact the complaints coordinator, Tracy Kiernan, at this address.


Aidan Warner
External Relations Manager

And my reply: dated 29th May 2018

Mr Aiden Warner
External Relations Manager
Society Building
8 All Saints Street
London  N1 9RL

Dear Sir

Re:  Complaint Reference 4/05/18/1

Thank you for your letter of the 11th May. 
We do not agree with your characterisation of what is clearly a racist, ageist and sexist “Hate Speech” Crime.  In the circumstances we shall be reporting your organisation and Ms Hornung to the police with a view to prosecution. 
On the subject of diversity; what you and the Charity Commission have said is merely a subjective political assertion, as would be the counter assertion that homogeneity gives organisational coherence and strength. 
These are matters of political and philosophical debate and do not negate the laws against “Hate Speech”.
Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

From: Robin Tilbrook
Sent: 30 May 2018 16:10
To: Crime Bureau Essex
Subject: Re: Report of “Hate” Crime/“Hate” incident

Dear Sir
Re:  Report of “Hate” Crime/“Hate” incident

I wish to report both the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and also Ms Lisa Hornung, the author, for her blog item on the NCVO’s website found here >>>  >>> ;entitled “Pale, Male and Stale?”  Such a remark is anti-white, racist, anti-man, sexist, anti-older people and ageist.  It was also put out on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
We have made a complaint to NCVO and set out below the contents of our letter which explains my reasoning.  This offending article and the supporting Facebook and Twitter postings were publicised, inter alia, in Essex.
Yours sincerely

R C W Tilbrook
English Lobby
“Protecting English Culture and Values”
A not for profit lobbying organization

From: Crime Bureau Essex
To: Robin Tilbrook
Sent: Thu, 31 May 2018 14:23
Subject: RE: Report of “Hate” Crime/“Hate” incident 
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email, if you wish to report a hate incident then I’m afraid that you will either need to call into Essex Police on 101 and press the option to report a crime please be aware our phone lines are very busy and there is usually a wait or if you have access to the internet please report it on line on the below link.

Kind Regards

Essex Police
Crime Bureau

From: Robin Tilbrook
To: Crime.bureau
Sent: Fri, 1 Jun 2018 17:47
Subject: Re: Report of “Hate” Crime/“Hate” incident 
Dear Sir

RE:  Report of “Hate Crime” incident

Thank you for your email. 

I have reported Hate Crimes to you via email before.  What is different about this one?

Yours faithfully

Robin Tilbrook
English Lobby
“Protecting English Culture and Values”
A not for profit lobbying organization

Quires Green, Walls Green

Date: 01/06/2018
Crime Ref: 42/76534/18

Dear Mr Tilbrook,

I am writing about the crime you reported to us on 30/05/2018.
The details of this offence have been recorded and allocated Crime Reference Number: 42/76534/18.
Crime can be both emotionally and physically traumatic for victims, resulting in a considerable amount of distress. If you feel the need for confidential support or assistance, please contact Victim Support on 0808 1689111.
We are carrying out further investigations and we may be in contact with you if we need to obtain any additional information.
Should you require any further advice or have any additional information regarding this investigation please telephone the police non-emergency number 101. Please quote your crime reference number in all correspondence.

Yours sincerely

PSE 76567 James Swatton
Essex Police
Code of Practice for Victims of Crime

The code of Practice for Victims of Crime sets out the services to be provided to victims of criminal conduct by criminal justice organisations in England and Wales.

Enhanced entitlements are provided to victims of the most serious crime, persistently targeted victims and vulnerable or intimidated victims.
You can find out more about the Victims code of Practice at:

  • Read the full Victims Code of Practice

  • Download the leaflet for ‘Information for Victims of Crime’

  • Making a Victim Personal Statement

  • More Information on Crime, Justice & the Law

  • Get support as a Victim of Crime


  1. Hard to know what to do. Give the snowflakes a taste of their own medicine and tie up the police in complaints over "hate incidents" and "hate crimes" (which police have to investigate in priority over other, "ordinary" crimes); or bite one's lip and let the ceaseless anti-White rhetoric and downright abuse over the media continue (but with the option of recording same for deferred action at some future time) thereby freeing the police to investigate the rampage of predominantly "ethnic minority" violence that has hit the UK's streets. Here's what Janice Atkinson MEP has just published:

  2. We are in a situation we have never been in before. We have never witnessed treason on such a scale from people we perceive to be of us. In the past traitors were easily identified and rightly executed, now they are in positions of influence and authority and act with impunity.

    The public sector, large organisations and charities are the worst affected.

    Diversity of political and or philosophical opinions is strictly forbidden, but racial and religious diversity should be embraced?

    This is satan's asymmetric war against God Almighty. How could satan with little or now power possibly win against God Almighty? Well satan relies upon God playing by the rules set by God, while satan can cherry pick, distort, deceive, trick, lie and cheat his way to victory.

    The left and the globalists are satanists whether they know it or not.

    If so called equality and diversity cannot be consistently applied, then we should stop complying with them.

    Satan has little or no power, the sooner we realise that the diversity brigade are the same the better for us all.

    And yes, resident minorities are NOT the problem, the left and globalists ARE.