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Wednesday, 4 October 2017



Many of us have now seen the results of the dramatic intervention of the Spanish Prime Minister who ordered the heavily armed Guardia Civil to storm the Catalonian Government Buildings and to arrest ringleaders of the Catalonian Government, who were saying they intended to go ahead with an Independence referendum for Catalonia (since they have been repeatedly democratically elected to hold one!). 

 The Spanish Prime Minster and the State system are claiming that holding an Independence Referendum is illegal, which of course merely goes to show that the Spanish constitution itself is undemocratic.

Memories of the Guardia Civil’s actions when Barcelona was captured by Franco's Spanish Fascists are regularly reawakened by the discovery of more pits of the remains of executed Republicans and Catalonian nationalists.

Now there has been a violent police attempt to suppress the referendum with injuries to about 900 people. Just as telling has been the anti-nationalist and authoritarian statist reaction of the EU which is supporting the Spanish State in suppressing the democratic nationalism of the Catalans.

Meanwhile in the Middle East a further consequence of the Iraq war is played out with the Kurds holding a referendum on independence from Iraq.

The Kurds were one of the victims of the post First World War settlement in the Middle East, since a just settlement would have given them their own Nation State since they were and remain self-evidently a Nation. Since that time they have suffered horribly from being divided partly into the post 1919 countries of Iraq, partly into Iran, partly into Syria and partly into Turkey.

Any nationalist who believes that the natural state of a nation is to rule itself must wish both the Kurds and the Catalonians well in their struggle to become free and independent Nation States.

Here is an article drawn to my attention by a patriot:-


Our patriotic supporter rightly asks me:-

“Why is independence wonderful for Kurdistan, a country in excess of 74,000 square miles, but England is too big at just over 50,000 square miles?”

And so now what was that about England and the English Nation? What about our own Nation State?

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  1. It looks like somebody from the Left or her Tory enemies got into yesterday's conference and played mayhem with May. As for the cough, it is possible that her water was doctored. The same trick was played on Bill Clinton once.

    However, perhaps the most revolting thing yesterday was said by Alan Duncan, the country's first openly gay minister. Of Brexit he said that it was a tantrum thrown by blue collar workers about mass immigration. What an arrogant and pompous and patronising moron. It has not been he, probably living in some rich white enclave in London, who has suffered the effects of mass immigration but the poor English working classes, seeing their homelands stolen from them and their jobs and fighting for education and healthcare with the millions allowed in since the War. Absolutely sickening. My advice to Mr Duncan is that he and his partner/husband should go and live in a terraced house in Bradford or one of the other Muslim cities of the North and see how long they last there as an openly gay couple. They might be some of the first to swing from the lamp posts. But as May tries to maintain that the Tories do care about ordinary people, it is obvious that he doesn't give a monkey's.

    There are interesting developments with UKIP's leadership. Anti-Islam Anne Marie Waters nearly got there but I suspect the results were doctored since Farage threatened to split the party if she won. However, winner Henry Bolton - sad that he is probably a Russophobe in a party that has not been due to the membership of Count Tolstoy - has said that British (English) culture is being swamped by multiculturalism. Thus hoping to include Waters' supporters whislt stating the obvious. You would never have heard this from Farage. It is now plain that camel's back is about to break as the NWO aim for Civil War in the US and Europe to remove Europeans and their civilisation gets ever closer.

    As for the EU, I see that Farage told Viktor Orban to follow us out as Eastern Europe fights to preserve our European heritage against the Marxists and their banker backers. Multiculturalism may be partly the work of the Left but they are, as many of us know, just the useful idiots for those who have been planning to rule the world for at least 200 years and have manipulated Europeans at every turn to achieve their ends. The EU will now, quite rightly, struggle to survive as human nature re-asserts itself. The one world multicultural borderless, whiteless, plan to place financial elites at the head of worldwide hegemony is facing its Waterloo. We are, however, at one minute to midnight. By the way, as regards Kurdistan, has anybody noticed that it is being supported in its independence bid only by the Zionist state of Israel. I wonder why?