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Monday, 23 October 2017



The Conservative Home Secretary declared:-

"I am going to curtail alien immigration and deport undesirables; we do not want to flood England with the alien refuse of the world. I regard aliens who live in their own communities, marry within them, and speak their own language, as unsuitable to be British residents.".

You might think that was a startling change from the usual mealy mouthed multi-culturalism and political correctness of our Home Secretary, but then that is a direct quotation from a predecessor of hers:- the Conservative Home Secretary, Sir William Joynson-Hicks, Bt. Conservative Home Secretary, 1924)!

Of course in those days Conservative Home Secretaries were proper Conservatives and were also patriots who would be revolted by the current Home Secretary’s unpatriotic support for foreigners ruling over us through the EU!

Sir William Joynson-Hicks would also undoubtedly be revolted by the current Government’s recent announcements about the racial divide to which you can find here >>> Prime Minister orders government audit to tackle racial disparities in public service outcomes - GOV.UK

This has been done with the intention, no doubt, of enforcing yet more vigorously the failing UK State policy of multi-culturalism.

Our inept Prime Minister claims to be a Conservative. This is however the woman who told the House of Commons on its introduction by Labour’s Harriet Harman, that she welcomed the Equality Act but thought that bad thing about the Equality Act is that it didn’t go further!

Mrs May said:- “The Government I lead will stand up for you and your family against injustice and inequality. Today I am launching an audit to look into racial disparities in our public services that stretches right across government. This audit will reveal difficult truths, but we should not be apologetic about shining a light on injustices as never before.”

Such is the lack of “joined up thinking” within her Government that Theresa May and her Community’s Minister, Savid Javid may have missed the fact that they have destroyed the oft repeated multi-culturalist claim that “mass immigration boosts the economy”.

What her Government has released now is incontrovertable evidence that, far from boosting the economy, mass immigration has given rise to a vast additional swathe of claimants on our benefits system which the rest of us are required to work to pay for.

As a result of these claims all our benefits from the welfare system including the right to claim a pension must be reduced to free the necessary reserves of money to pay for indigent immigrants!

Are you happy about this?


  1. This will be a token jesture of perhaps a few hundred, they are breeding faster than that

  2. Well i think all those that come here should not get a penny. All those that came should be deported but law is againt us . How can we trust them ? . And all that came in under the eu that do not want to work should be kicked out as well .

  3. That's the way, otherwise the English way of life will come to an end!!well done!

  4. Inspite of voting for Brexit last year, we are still lagging behind our continental cousins in nationalism.

    The luciferians who control us will not relinquish any control whatsoever, they will eventually have to be removed by force.

    Luciferians have controlled the UK since at least the mid nineteenth century possibly earlier. Their first victims were the Irish using the famine as a cover to extermine them and then blame the "Brits" to divert attention away from themselves.

    History repeats itself, this time using multiculturalism in place of a famine. Ireland was a dry run for the globalists.

    We better find ways to beat the globalists before they wipe us out.


  5. Well, you can't fault May or Rudd for not adhering to their own multicult policy - May being married to a Jewish financier and Rudd reportedly "in a relationship with fellow Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng" (Wikipedia).

    Shame they don't like the indigenous population so well.

  6. Actions speak louder than words. So far their actions have followed unwanted multicultural diktak.


  7. The British Marxist Brainwashing Corporation is at it again. Yesterday we learnt that we are on target for Britain to achieve a population of 70m by 2029, two years later than the 2027 previously predicted. Many suspect that that figure was really reached long ago. Perhaps the delay is because some of those from Eastern Europe are planning to head home.

    The BBC covered this by blaming the native Caucasian population for living too long and suggesting that it is they, too, who are breeding too much by showing only white babies.

    This week we also heard that the new Dr Who is not only a woman but a bissexual one to boot who has an affair with another woman. Perhaps next time she will have one with a man. Somebody remarked that children would be watching this so I fished out my list of the aims of the Frankfurt School of Marxism of 1928, dominated, as has been said with regard to the Russian Revolution by Putin, by a certain ethnnic group. These were as follows:

    1. Creation of racial offences.

    2. Total control of the media.

    3. Teach sex and homosexuality to children ( Belgium, the European hub of paedophilia, is proposing teaching sex in all its perversions to six-year-olds.)

    4. Undermining of schools and teachers' authority.

    5. Huge immigration to destroy Caucasian national identities.

    6. Promotion of excessive drinking.

    7. Dependency on state benefits.

    8. Empty the churches.

    9. Unreliable legal system with a bias against the victim.

    10. Encourage the breakdown of the family.

    Didn't they do well!! As Russia fights the Satanic West - Putin has told Trump to arrest all prominent Western paedophiles - too late for the likes of Heath and Cyril Smith - it is obvious the way that things are heading. With moves to silence RT and other alternative news media, total media control is now not far away.

    But as you say, do not believe the main political parties who, like their counterparts on the Continent are all wedded to Cultural Marxism. I was interested to see in a debate on RT about the demand by Cambridge students for black writers to replace white ones on literature reading lists - they call it decolonialisation even they it is the third world that is colonising Europe - a speaker actually use the term Cultural Marxism. Perhaps we now know how people felt trapped in communism; except that, as has been said, once it was over, they were, like Eastern Europe, able to regain their cultural and religious heritage. No such chance with Cultural Marxism with its aim of the browning of the West for the sake of the chosen few.

    I am looking forward to hearing what Putin has to say on 7th November about who was really behind the Russian Revolution. Lenin seized power on 25th October 1917 but due to a later change in the calendar the actual day is now 7th November. If you read Christopher Bollyn's "Solving 9/11" you will know that America carried out excercises about coping with such an attack on that day to confuse the emergency services. There is talk of a similar exercise about coping with a cyber or other attack on the national grid taking place in the US on 4th November. Perhaps the aim is to shut down access to alternative news sources up to and including 7th November when Putin speaks. It would not surprise me! Hopefully, St Michael will soon wrestle with these Satanists and cast them back down into the fiery pit where they belong!!

  8. The so-called Cultural Marxism and inversion of reality currently under way in UK is all too reminiscent of prior phases in the pulse of the revolutionary spirit.
    You get some idea of the outrageous ideas and plans of destabilisation in works such as volume 2 of Cecile Tormay's Outlaw's Diary, concenring Hungary's short-lived 1919 Communist Republic and the outrages perpetrated under Bela Kun.

    Other examples might include the "Goddesses of Reason" and the perverted saturnalia during the French Revolution.

    The common man is often heard describing these similar events today as "insane" because in the simplicity of his ignorance he cannot comprehend that for those seeking their desired outcome there is no obstacle to be placed in their way. One is reminded of the quotation from Lord Acton (Essays on the French Revolution) cited by Douglas Reed: "The appalling thing. . . is not the tumult but the design".