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Saturday, 23 September 2017



On Friday the 15th September there was another Islamist terror attack in England on London’s Underground. The home-made bomb partially went off at Parsons Green Tube Station.

When it was first being reported very shortly after it had happened, there were various pictures and clips which had been filmed on people’s mobile phones put up onto the internet in which you could see what was happening, including the above picture of the bomb.

The initial reports were of people who were in the carriage and who heard it go off who said that it wasn’t a bang, it was a sort of “whoomp”. There was a smell, smoke and some flames. People were desperate to get off the tube train and there was a wild panic to get off the station away from the train in which people were injured in the ensuing stampede.

At first the mainstream media were talking up the possibility that this attack could have been done by “Far-Right Extremists”. As their hopes of that faded there was an increasing unwillingness in the mainstream media, whether it be Sky, ITV or BBC, to report on what type of people were thought to be the perpetrators.

Even though it has since become clear that the people who have been arrested so far are young male Muslim “refugees” it is only recently that it has become crystal clear that the principle suspect is one of the Syrian child refugees that so much fuss was made about to bring them over to England. This was regardless of such and with no attempt to vet whether they were dangerous or not. Well now we know of course that at least some of them are going to prove to be dangerous Jihadists! So much for the effectiveness of our British authorities in showing any interest in looking after our own People!

One thing however that was striking on the day as reporting of the news story progressed on Friday was that, by the 6 o’clock BBC Radio 4 news, the BBC was reporting that the bomb had “exploded”, that there had been a “wall of flame” and that “29 people had been injured”, the obvious implication being, to anybody who didn’t know better, that the people were injured by the bomb, rather than as they actually were by the panic and stampede to escape from the station. The bomb of course did not “explode”. The videos at the time showed that there was not a “wall of flame”, at most the flames were a foot high and perhaps only six inches high.

What better example of fake news could you get than this distortion from the BBC?

The question that then arises is why would they do it? But then you have to think what Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has been saying in response to Islamist attacks in London. After the car ramming and knife attack on Westminster Bridge he said:-

"Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days - no reason to be alarmed. One of the things police and all of us need to do is make sure we're as safe as we possibly can be.

"I'm reassured that we are one of the safest global cities in the world, if not the safest global city in the world.

"But we always evolve and review ways to make sure we remain as safe as we possibly can."

After the van rammings and knife attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market he said:-

“Our city is filled with great sorrow and anger tonight but also great resolve and determination because our unity and love for one another will always be stronger than the hate of the extremists.

“This is our city. These are our values and this is our way of life. London will never be broken by terrorism we will step up the fight against extremism and we will defeat the terrorists.”


“I want to reassure all Londoners, and all our visitors, not to be alarmed. Our city remains one of the safest in the world.

“London is the greatest city in the world and we stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life.

“We always have and we always will. Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.”

In stark contrast to these remarks however, after the attack on Muslims near the Finsbury mosque, he said:-

"The Met have deployed extra police to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan."

The moral of these quotations seems to be that, whilst Muslims must be protected whatever the cost to taxpayers, the rest of us must simply get used to being attacked by Islamists.

This agenda is confirmed by what he is reported to have said in New York:-

“Living with terror attacks - like the one that hit New York at the weekend - is 'part and parcel of living in a big city'.

'It is a reality I'm afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things.

'That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities, it means the security services being ready, but also it means exchanging ideas and best practice.”

In short what people like Sadiq Khan want to happen is that the general population accepts the story that these sorts of Jihadi terror attacks are now simply part and parcel of living in a big city, rather than what they obviously actually are, accordingly to common-sense: Which is the consequence of the British Establishment allowing unrestricted immigration by large numbers of unvetted Muslims, often from very troubled parts of the world, who too often bring their wars and their Jihadi mentality with them!

It should also be noted that when Islamists get involved in suicide bombing or other suicidal terrorist activity, their focus is currently being completely misunderstood by the authorities and, in particular being mis-reported by the mainstream media.

What we have to understand is that a Jihadist deciding to undertake such a mission is thinking of it not in terms of a “suicide mission”, but of a “martyrdom operation”. This explains why the London Bridge terrorists were wearing fake suicide vests. The point of doing so was to make sure that the police wouldn’t try to capture them and instead would shoot them dead!

It should be remembered that the point of a "martyrdom operation" is obviously to be martyred and is therefore done in reliance on the statements in the Koran and the Haddith that he who dies in Jihad will automatically go to Paradise and be rewarded by Allah with celestial virgins in a jewelled palace for eternity!

Jihadists truly believe that this is what will happen to them if they die in Jihad. So if their life has not been lived fully accordingly to Muslim law then they are a person who is more likely to feel that a "martyrdom operation" will get him to paradise, despite his sins, than if he had lived a blameless life.

It therefore makes no sense for commentators to talk about the fact that some pf those Jihadists who commit martyrdom operations have not lived strict Muslim lives!

We need to realise that the killing of unbelievers in a "martyrdom operation" is not the goal of the operation; it is merely the goalposts which enable the goal to be scored. That is getting into Paradise by being killed whilst on Jihad.

No wonder the mainstream media do not want people to understand what is going on because if they did then maybe the demand to end Muslim immigration would rise from its current opinion poll rating of about 47% to a pitch where almost everybody who was not a Muslim would be saying no to any further Muslim immigration!


  1. No to any further Muslim immigration? The Saudis would never allow such a thing, he who pays the piper calls the tune?

  2. When are we going to rise up and throw these people out?

  3. Where to begin? The Pakistani surgeon who was stabbed in the neck has now disarmed any further "islamophobia" by saying he forgives his attacker. This immediately gives the impression that Islam is the religion of peace and that there is nothing that Muslims can do about a few errant jihadists and pushing the blame onto the natives who are getting fed up with what is going on. There is an acknowledged islamic process called, I think, Takkiya, which preaches that you say one thing but do another.

    The war against "far right extremism" continues with the arrest of five further members of National Action who were "planning terror attacks". I wonder what the nature of those attacks was and on whom. My suspicion is that, as in Germany, it is against the Marxist Liberal consensus politicians who have and continue to turn Europe into a multicultural hell, totally at odds with human nature. One such was Sigmar Gabriel, the German foreign minister, who greeted those who spoke of German genocide with a one finger salute - charming! Apparently, members of this British group celebrated the murder of Jo Cox. This is unacceptable but I wonder if Antifa members here would be arrested if they cheered at the assassination of Donald Trump? I doubt it.
    On that score, black Labour mp David Lammy has threatend to chain himself to Number 10 if Trump comes here. As usual, my anger is not at Mr Lammy nor at the Muslims but at those who for reasons of flawed ideology or for of political power or financial gain created our "diverse and vibrant" Britain out of a country that most of us felt was our stable and safe and peaceful homogeneous homeland. Enoch, you were just too intelligent for these illogical morons.

    On that topic, the British Marxist Brainwashing Corporation is turning into a parody of itself. I looked forward to the programme last night on the suspected genuine Rubens kept in Glasgow. I would have been quite happy to have just had Mr Sooke endeavouring to prove its authenticity. But no, Dame Diversity had to have her say. Firstly, the programme was not to be about Rubens but more about his subject, Charles Villiers Duke of Buckingham, "one of the world's most famous gay men" and then we had to learn the James 1st was either gay or swung both ways. I wonder if they would have announced it as being about "one of the world's most famous heterosexual men".

    But most mysterious of all was that the black Irish presenter uncovered that the owners of the building where the painting had been found were the Stirling family who had two plantations in Jamaica and so we veered off with this black lady into the history of the Scots and their slave owning past. I still don't know why except for anti-white brainwashing purposes. But it was ironic that the Scots who blame the English for the ills of Empire owned 2/3rds of the plantations on Jamaica. Famous West Indian immigrants such as Moira Stuart and Trevor MacDonald bear witness to the fact that many British West Indians have Scottish surnames!

  4. On a more distant but related topic, an opinion columnist in our local paper recently tackled the subject of transracial casting in films, on television and the theatre. All this was because of the recent stepping-down of a white Hollywood actor from playing a character of "Asian heritage" as he realised with horror what he was about to do. He did of course apologise. It was alright in the 1970s when the black and white minstrels entertained us and Michael Bates played the punkawhalla ( hope that's correct ) in "It ain't half hot". But we have progressed now but not if you are black and Asian apparently. The writer asked why equality only works one way and not the other. The bleedingly obvious thing is that it can't as it is like a tug of war with one side claiming discrimination with regard to the other all the time. That is why it is unworkable as we know. But say it a million times and it won't change the opinion of the dictatorial Marxist Liberal political elites.

    The writer spoke of how he had attended two all black performances of Shakespeare, one being of Hamlet, at the RSC. Where were the screams that no white actors were included he asked? This is of course "positive discrimination" so that's alright. For the last 20 plus years we have been expected to silently watch Asian and black actors play Europeans in Dickens and Shakespeare productions and willingly suspend our disbelief for fear of being accused of racism. As Paul Nielsen has said Europeans now are suffering from cognitive dissodance as their brains struggle to cope with finding the unnatural natural and thus fighting against their own human nature.

    What occurred to me, however, was to ask why Non-europeans want to play Europeans and not themselves? Why do not blacks research the legends and history of their ancestral homelands and write their own plays to perform. Aparently this is happening now in South Africa amongst the Zulus - who incidentally were quite happy with Apartheid apparently. The fact that they do not but choose to play Europeans suggests that they find their own culture and history inferior, something that they accuse Euroepans of doing. Non-europeans have obviously now accepted European culture and cvilisation as being superior to their own. But by so doing, they wish to become Europeans and are destroying European identity and the civilisation they appear to admire and detest at the same time. It is not only Europeans that Marxism has forced into cognitive dissodance. When slavery was abolished in the US, Abraham Lincoln then expected blacks to return to Africa. Why didn't they? The trouble is that some of us are just too logical for Marxism. Marxism is an emotional ideology and not a rational one. In short, it relies on an emotional and knee-jerk and dog whistle response to succeed. Common sense dictates that it is just plain stupid as it denies human nature but those who espouse it claim they are more educated and superior to those who employ common sense. As one of Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables said, "That's kinda arrogant isn' it?".

    1. Sorry it is cognitive dissonance not dissodance. Surprise none of our enemies failed to spot that one.

  5. On another related but distant topic, the writer of an opinion column in our local paper asked why it is no longer acceptable for Europeans to play non-europeans by "whitewashing" but perfectly acceptable for non-europeans to play Europeans. For the last 20 plus years we have been expected to see blacks and Asians playing Europeans and to willingly suspend disbelief for fear of being accused of racism if we protest.

    He said he had been to two all black productions of Shakespeare at the RSC. Where were the protestors against anti-white discrimination he asked. Of course, it is ok as it is all about positive discrimination so that's alright.

    However, my logical brain asked, why do non-europeans want to play Europeans and by so doing are they not suggesting that European culture and civilisation are superior to their own? Why do they not research the history and legends of their ancestral homelands and write their own plays and operas to perform. This is happening amongst the Zulus in South Africa apparently but then they were quite happy with apartheid.

    Paul Nielsen has said that Europeans are now struggling with cognitive dissodance as Marxists expect them to find the unnatural natural. The same must be true for non-europeans as they want to play Europeans and detest them for what they have done to their own kind as well; and to some continue to do so. Apparently Abraham Lincolon, after the American Civil War said that African Americans should return to Africa. But they chose not to do so but to remain and become like Europeans whilst not being accepted as Europeans and complaining about it.

    The trouble with the Marxist revolution that is being forced on Europeans is that it is wholly unnatural and irrational and depends on an emotional, knee jerk and dog whistle response to "white racism" rather than an acceptance that Marxist multiculturalism is an unworkable and unnatural ideology as was communism. But those who espouse it consider themselves better educated and superior to those who oppose it. Witness German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel's giving to those bearing placards protesting against German genocide a one finger salute - very educated! Some of us went to the finest universities in the land but still end up in Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables. As one American deplorable lady said of these oh so superior Marists,"That's kinda arrogant aint't it?" Exactly, they think they are superior but lack one essential quality, common sense. Those who possess it are waiting patiently for Marxism's collapse so it can return.

    1. I thought that my first attempt at this comment had failed so sent it again. I thought that somebody would weed out the duplication but perhaps it is all done mechanically.

  6. All the jihadists have to do to bring our nations down is send an EMP bomb into the National Grid. Such a bomb would destroy all the Circuit Breakers etc that it would take months if not years to put right. Many people would die of cold, starvation and hunger and yet the jihadists would have nothing to lose. If they can kill the majority of the "kuffar" its Victory for them. OK our government would probably then reverse its pro PC diversity policies and start a programme of full scale expulsion of muslims from the UK.

    Wouldn't it be just better to deal with the problem now rather than wait for an EMP attack?

    Already Brexit has stalled and certain minorities are trying anything to block our right to national self determination.

    Brexit is the cryptonite for the NWO, now Germany has a strong AfD ready to lead them out of the EU.

    I hoped France would be the next to leave but I really think it will be Germany or Austria.


    1. The suspicion is that it will not be the Muslims but those behind the NWO who will use one of these bombs in another false flag attack. I suggest you read Solving 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn and learn who was behind it and all false flag attacks for their plans for the Middle East and other Muslim lands. RT this morning had an item about a Texas cop who is suing the FBI for collusion in an attack on the gallery there housing pictures of Mohammed. He has evidence that the FBI staged it and the cop ended up being shot. As for Las Vegas, there have been cheers from the Left as the victims were all horrible white racists. The shooter could not have done it with the weapon he had and Antifa literature has been found in his house, probably planted. The aim is Civil War in the US and Europe to bring about the end of Christian Europeans and eliminate the white scourged so that those behind the NWO can rule unhindered.