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Tuesday, 5 September 2017



Kezia Dugdale, the Labour Scottish Leader, has just resigned with immediate effect after only serving a two year period since 15th August 2015.

On the face of it as, under her leadership the Party has gone from one MP to seven, you would have thought she might have been considered a success and be wanting to stay on. But she has resigned with all sorts of rumours as to why she has done so now floating around.

I wonder if the answer might be quite simple?

Ms Dugdale has invested a lot of time and effort in trying to move Labour towards a “Federal” system, whereby the different nations of the United Kingdom would have separate powers defined as against the powers of the centre (i.e. more like the United States of America), than was the case before the devolution process started under Blair.

She seemed to be having some success in terms of the newspaper headlines with it being announced only last week that Labour was going to move to a Federal system. 

Here is a link to an article about this >>> Jeremy Corbyn puts federal government 'on the table' if Labour win power | The Independent

It then came out that the supposed “Federal System” was one in which England wasn’t going to get any representation, but instead the English “Regions” were going to get some sort of limited representation.

But what must have finished it off for her was Jeremy Corbyn’s remarkably stupid remark in answer to a question at a well-publicised Question and Answer session at the Edinburgh Festival in which he said:-

“We are thinking very hard about what forms devolution would take in the future. Devolution in Scotland has gone a long way.

“We are looking at the way we bring about genuine devolution and particularly economic devolution. Could you have a separate economic and legal system in different parts of the UK?

“I think that becomes difficult and very problematic. I want a Labour government that is going to legislate better working conditions for everybody across the UK.”

Here is a link to an article about this >>> Jeremy Corbyn mocked for saying 'problematic' for Scotland to have own legal system - even though it does already | PoliticsHo

The fact that Mr Corbyn could say that about Scotland, which has always had a separate legal system not only shows that the man is profoundly ignorant of the basic constitutional structure of the United Kingdom, but also it gives an insight into his real views. What he said is just like a “spoonerism” where you mis-say a word which gives away your real views.

This comment is a political spoonerism where Jeremy Corby has given away the fact that he generally is not interested in any sort of a Federal system, since of course all Federal systems have to some extent different legal and economic arrangements in the different states!

If YOU had been working on trying to make Labour Federal and then your Leader had come up to Edinburgh and at a high profile event made such a stupid remark which gave away his true opposition to everything you had been working on, wouldn’t you resign too?

I wonder whether we will next hear that Kezie Dugdale has joined her new girlfriend the SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament, Jenny Gilrath in the Scottish National Party?


  1. The fragmenation of the United Kingdom is a direct result of the creation of the EU as a first step towards a borderless world of the regions based at the UN in New York. Doubtless, Blair's devolution bill was just part of this process to lead to the Europe of the Regions. Similar things are now happening on the Continent with Bavaria wanting independence from Berlin and to close its borders and Catalonia vowing to have another independence vote on 1st October with Madrid vowing to block it.

    In the United States, as I have said, the current turmoil is down to the approach of white minority stateless as the European settlers face being outnumbered in what they thought was their country.

    I discussed this with a left-leaning lady yesterday and she said that Japan and China seem much more cohesive. The trouble with the left is that they seem to lack all logic and she did not realise that those countries were still almost 100% homogeneous. And as those Labour mps said to Attlee in 1948 mass non-european immigration will destroy the strengh and cohesion of the country and nobody will be happy. Spot on!!

    I am watching events in Germany leading up to the 24th September vote with interest. Yesterday the emotionless Markel was pelted with tomatoes by members of the Alternative for Germany party whose placard read that they were the only party that looked after Germany's own people. Another chillingly spoke of German genocide. These are views that many here have secretly held for 50 to 70 years but have lacked the German hutzpah to voice them.

    And now four members of a proscribed "far right" party from the army face prison. The same thing is happening in Germany but when they shouted at the foreign minister that he was a Cultural Marxist he vowed to round them up and imprison them. Adolf would have been proud. Police and secret services all over the West and now to be run ragged coping with jihadists and the backlash against those whose aim is to destroy national identities to bring about the one world dream of which a United States of Europe was designed to be the first step.
    As a German mep said, Britain is to be punished for threatening this even though it is contrary to the wishes of European peoples.

    Of the arrests here, a Pakistani gent on RT said that both those arrested and jihadists were the same and fed of one another. I don't think the army chaps were of murderous intent. He said that we must sort it out in our country. The fact that he and all those who have been allowed to settle here since the War think of England as their country is why those arrests were made. The whole of the West is turning into a Marxist prison camp. Where it will end, God only knows.

  2. I was amused to see the oily Sir (now) Vince Cable march with his thousands on their Exit from Brexit march. Some seem to have strayed into the Last Night of the Proms afterwards where a large clique were waying their rings of stars. A mere 20 years ago the last night was a celebration of British culture and patriotism. Then gradually those from other countries thought they had the right to turn up and wave their flags as well. And now the union flags or even St George's flags will sink away under their wavers being accused of "racism and xenophobia".

    Just as with Gina Miller who was due to spout anti-Brexit bile on RT the other evening, these people will bleat on about democracy but when it is exercised in its true fashion in the form of the direct democracy of a referendum they will fight tooth and nail because it does not suit them or their ideology. Viscount St David's is probably angry like probably the majority in England who resent the way that English national identity through mass immigration and the one world EU has been obliterated without their consent. Unfortunately, he expressed that anger in a way that may have been tongue in cheek but ensured that he got 12 weeks in clink. It has been said time and time again that the Brexit vote was primarily one against the mass immigration of the last 70 years.

    As for Sir Vince, he wants proportional representation because he views the present first past the post system as undemocratic. And he fights for us to return into the fold of what is an authoritarian and dictatorial and undemocratic EU and yet when genuine democracy is exercised he is opposed to the result. It seems that one man's democracy is another man's mob rule. He sneeringly dismisses "populism" because this ivory tower economist has never had to live the lives of the mass of the ordinary people of this country and see their ancestral homes stolen from them and be forced to live in enclaves of foreign countries which no longer resemble England.