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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Labour conspiring to break-up England at Cardiff meeting on 29th March 2017

Anti-English conspirator?

Even long-term Labour Party stalwarts now realise that Labour is set on conspiring to break-up England!

Here is what a former MP and minister, who is now a Director of the Centre of English Identity and Politics at the University of Winchester, Prof John Denham wrote on the 30th March 2017:-

“There can be no Labour recovery unless Labour wins England. Labour’s wipe out in Scotland and it’s current third place in the polls there leaves the party in an even weaker position than in England. It will actually be easier to win an English majority than in Britain as a whole.

What Labour says and does about England is critical. Which is why yesterday’s devolution summit looks like such a bad move. The plan is clear. A federal Union of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the regions. These regions – that virtually no one in England wants or recognises – will not have the same powers as Scotland or Wales, but some limited devolution from the UK federal government. I’m in favour of a federal UK based on the four nations. I’m in favour of devolution within England. But it should be the English people who decide how this is to be done.

I must admit that I’m unclear how official this taskforce is, though the presence of Jon Trickett and Jim McMahon give it front bench endorsement. But it is a curious body to decide on the carve up of a nation.

The leaders of Welsh and Scottish Labour are there. As are three English male mayoral candidates who have yet to be elected. The women mayoral candidates were not present. One man represents all of English local government. No one present has an unambiguous brief to represent the interests of England as a whole. And little has been said about consultation within the party, let alone the promised, wider, constitutional convention.

Those involved have been studiously vague about the details of their plans for England, but we can glean quite a lot from Gordon Brown’s recent speech, Jeremy Corbyn’s interviews and other policy statements.

I hope I’m wrong but this seems to be how Labour’s 2020 manifesto for England is shaping up:

England will be divided into regions that few support and were rejected in the North East in 2004
These regions will be under the rule of the UK government (made up of MPs from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as England) and will only get limited powers devolved from it.
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will get new powers as of right. England will get no new powers.
The English regions will not get the same legislative powers as Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland currently enjoy.
No elected body will speak for England as a whole
Laws affecting England will continue to be made by MPs from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. English Votes for English Laws will be repealed.
There will be no executive dedicated to implementing policy for England as a whole.
English regions will be denied control of their own resources.
England will still pay for the Barnett formula and and the use of English resources will be determined by the UK federal government
Scotland will gain new fiscal powers but England will still underwrite the UK’s social security bill.
Scotland will be able to sign international treaties; England will have international treaties signed for it by the UK federal government. 

The dynamic leadership being shown by Labour English councils will be marginalised in favour of new regional assemblies.
English local authorities will not gain any additional powers as of right

It’s clear how this works for Scotland. Much less clear who in England would vote for it. And that is where, in the immediate future, Labour’s recovery must come…. Instead we seem to be drifting towards the dismemberment of England and the undermining of its legitimate interests.”

Here is Labour’s own report on that meeting (or should I say anti-English conspiracy?):-

“Labour say constitution “no longer fit for purpose” as devolution taskforce meets

Labour has said the UK’s constitution is “no longer fit for purpose” as the party’s devolution taskforce meets in Cardiff today (29th March 2017)

The taskforce which will look at how to redistribute powers and resources across all nations and regions after Brexit.

“As leading Labour figures from across the UK, we reject this Whitehall power grab – and call on the UK Government as part of the Brexit negotiations to agree to the transfer of powers over agriculture, fisheries, regional policy and environmental protection to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies.”

The proposals developed through the taskforce with form the basis of a Labour-led Constitutional Convention, which will look at a federal framework of nations and regions.

The taskforce includes former prime minister Gordon Brown, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. Jon Trickett, Labour’s Cabinet Office Spokesperson will be involved in helping draft the plans.

Shadow Welsh Secretary Christina Rees, shadow local government and devolution minister Jim McMahon are also members. As are Andy Burnham, Steve Rotheram and SiĆ“n Simon – the party’s mayoral candidates for Greater Manchester, the Liverpool City Region and the West Midlands.

The ideas that come out of the taskforce will be shared in a nationwide constitutional convention.”

Take note of the role of Andy Burnham, that long-term enemy of England, of Englishness and of English patriotism! Burnham is standing as Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester (against our Stephen Morris).

Here is what he said in a recorded, televised interview of Andy Burnham, uploaded to YouTube on the 21st August 2010 entitled:-

“Andy Burnham not in favour of an ‘English’ Parliament”

This is a verbatim transcript of the whole of that uploaded interview with Andy Burnham. The Interviewer asked Andy Burnham:-

“A recent survey returned 68% of English People in favour of an English Parliament. The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are all benefiting from their own Parliament and Assemblies working in their interests. Isn’t it time the people of England were consulted on an English Parliament working in the interests of the People of England?”

Andy Burnham replied:-

“What I see around Europe is a trend towards nationalist or even regional based politics and politics based on geography and I must say I don’t like it. It doesn’t speak to me. It’s happening in Belgium, the Belgium’s are becoming very fractured along regional lines. It is happening in the Netherlands. It has obviously happened in Wales and Scotland with the both nationalist parties in those places gaining support and I don’t have that view on politics.”

“Politics for me is about values, not about geography, it is not about defending territory. It is about what kind of person you are and what kind of society you are going to build and what message do you send out about yourself. Are you open to working with other people, other places and not having a narrow nationalist view of politics and no I don’t tend towards an English Parliament.”

“I do want to see more power vested in the English “Regions” and I campaigned for Regional Assemblies to give more democratic power to the “Regions”. I would have a democratically constituted House of Lords, elected House of Lords, where the “Regions” would have their voice drawn from regionalists.”

“The Lords should be a true voice of the “Regions” rather than London. It is a London dominated House of Lords at the moment and I would change it in that way, but no I wouldn’t have an English Parliament. I am born in Liverpool, of Irish ancestry, of Scottish links in the past and close to Wales. I consider myself British and I as Culture Secretary campaigned for a British football team at the Olympics because I consider myself to be British first and foremost. I am proud to be British and I don’t like this trend towards the break-up of the United Kingdom.”

The link to the original uploaded interview can be found here >>>

So there we have it. Now we know why Andy Burnham is one of Labour’s conspirators trying to break up England in collusion with Leaders from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland!

In Burnham's own words:-

“I wouldn’t have an English Parliament." "I am born in Liverpool, of Irish ancestry, of Scottish links in the past and close to Wales. I consider myself British”!


  1. The expression, "nations and regions" was standard parlance in the Brown administration. Under the Coalition, it disappeared for awhile.
    The desire from all the British parties to fragment England never went away, though. George Osborne came up with his "City-Regions" and "Metro-Mayors" nonsense and foisted these, without consultation or referendum (remember, these were a pre-requisite for Scottish and Welsh devolution) upon Liverpool, and Manchester.
    I live in the South-West of England. I have never heard of anyone describing themselves as a "South-Westerner". The English simply do not identify with these Euro-Constituency "regions".
    It is not just the Labour Party that seeks to fragment England but on the evidence of the above, it appears that is they who are the most aggressive.
    ps. This, for Mr Burnham's benefit. I too was born in Liverpool. My Grandfather was Irish. However, both my father and my mother were born in England and regarded themselves as English. I was born in England and have NEVER described myself as "British". I am English, born and bred.

  2. This is the apogee of a barnyard scrap over parochial differences between Whites. Meantime other ethnicities are united against us.

    Burnham's quoted remarks make more sense than a lot of the material appearing here.

  3. What the Labour party thinks at the moment is irrelevant they are as much use to the English working class in their present middle class bourgeois set up as a chocolate fire guard.
    Ultimately a English Parliament will happen because the English NHS is an all England matter & the English people do not want the English NHS carved up into a Greater Manchester NHS West Midlands NHS , West of England NHS or any other form of Regionalisation NHS hated Euro regions or whatever. Not a chance Burnham needs to think before he opens his mouth on regionalisation. The English NHS stays an All England body. In addition once an English Parliament is established a English Social Care system must be established it is a total nonsense putting social care bills on to local council tax payers Social Care has to be administered on an All England level and financed on an All England level by the English equivalent of the current Barnett formula for Scotland. That is without even talking about Education & the Environment which pure common sense means have to be administered at an All England level.
    The Tories are going to have to bit the bullet & have an English Parliament probably by some kind of Lords reform & about time to. Westminster will have to much on its plate post Brexit at UK level will all those areas of Law coming back from the EU.
    Regions are a pipe dream of a bunch of middle class politicos.
    I am not opposed to a certain level of devolution down to say County level on the basis of the historic counties for things like infrastructure spending etc.I was pro Greater Lincolnshire devo but the LA's could not agree on a elected Mayor.
    The English Democrats should be making the case for All England governance in the above areas because English independence is a pipe dream just like Labours artificial English regions.
    I am an old Labour voter Denham is right about the current Labour party it needs to wise up to what the English working class wants & carving up England is playing with fire for the English NHS & probably into the Tories hands.
    But we are in a different world now post Brexit we the ordinary people of England delivered that & we are calling the tune now.
    So its time for Labour to forget about artificial Regions & the English Democrats to forget about independence and "Get with the Programme".
    United Kingdom.

    1. Independence is the only way. No UK government would allow an English parliament. Forget the United Kingdom - ENGLAND, a nation once again.

    2. Independence is the only way. No UK government would allow an English parliament. Forget the United Kingdom - ENGLAND, a nation once again.

    3. I agree with you about city regions. If England is to be a democratic country, city regions are the way to go, NOT the meaningless regions being promoted by Labour which are designed to be ant-democratic.
      The traditional counties were the city regions of their day, Oxfordshire, the city region of Oxford, Yorkshire, the city region of York, Hampshire, the city region of Southampton, etc.. The counties were set up in the days of horses and carts, today's city regions need to reflect the age of the car. Thus the city region of Oxford needs to be somewhat bigger than the county. Similarly, the modern city region of Southampton will need to be somewhat bigger than Hamp(ton)shire.
      England can accommodate city regions, and needs to accommodate cit regions, it cannot accommodate Labour's regions and still be England.

    4. Reinstate the Heptarchy overseen by an English Parliament!

  4. There is plenty of scope for decentralisation within England but it must be under the control of a restored English Parliament. The trouble is that Unionists, both Labour and Conservative, and particularly those who aspire to become PM, cannot bear the thought of having to choose between becoming First Minister of England or Prime Minister of Great Britain.

    1. The is ONLY one possible choice; It is between being the PRIME minister of INDEPENDENT England or prime minister of BRITAIN, i.e., the United Kingdom (of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland).
      The whole point of being a nationalist is to seek independence and sovereignty for your country - for the English, that means ENGLAND.

  5. We must never let this happen. It was rejected in 2004 and should be rejected again. Belgium has a problem in being an artificial nation created in 1830 and combining the French speaking Wallons with the Dutch speaking Flemish so there is always a problem holding it together. No such problem in England, except for the fact of the Celtic speaking Cornish. But mass immigration, as I have said before and multiculturalism, have so fractured England's homogeneity, racial and cultural that some of us suspect that the plan all along was to enable the creation of a fractured country all in line with the EU's Europe of the regions which, in itself, is part of the UN's Agenda 21 for racial and cultural fusion and a world of the regions, along the lines of divide and rule or just completely remove the white race as being an irritant to the NWO. First stop an English parliament.

    Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has placed sanctions on UKIP because some of its meps went on a fact finding tour in the Crimea and discovered that things were wholly different from the NWO's Biased Broadcasting Corporations has made out. Outraged by the way the BBC is talking about Russia's veto of the UN Syria resolution which assumes that the US strike was legitimate because of what Assad is assumed to have done in Idlib. A US weapons expert has spotted the remains of a pipe bomb in the crater which probably contained toxic gas and was detonated to coincide with the Syrian strike. Not sarin as the white helmets would themselves have died touching the bodies of the "victims"; unles it is another of the fictional films for which they were awarded an oscar by Hollywood's airheads.

    Meanwhile, dissolutionment is setting in with Trump who seemed to have wanted to bring the world together in peace in contrast to mad evil Hillary.
    A clip has just been shown of how Ivanaka's tears had so moved him that, after a slice of beautiful chocolate cake, he decided to launch the strike on Iraq ( the interviewer reminded him it was Syria ) and kill 14 more. Some now suspect the malign influence of son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose office has the street number 666 or that the CIA has Trump in an armlock. Or perhaps he just had us all fooled all along.

    But don't worry, I am told that the Bible predicted a great shout for peace ( correct from Trump ) followed by all hell breaking loose and then ultimately world peace. So hold on tight and Christ is meant to call the nations unto Him at that point. But first we need all the nations back as they were and and end to one borderless, monoculturalised world that Jared's other 666ers are planning.

    1. How many in Cornwall speak Cornish? One in a thousand. Of those a mere handful were raised speaking it.
      It is a great shame that the English no longer have their own language, but use an international mishmash. We began to lose our tongue nigh on a thousand years ago.
      If we spoke English today, instead of the mishmash, immigration would not be the problem it is.

  6. We are now witnessing the last days of humanity. Trump has turned out to be a NWO shill, a cunning too. He was the outsider the so called left wing branches of the NWO hated with passion. So all those former Trump haters and refused to accept the Presidential result only a fee months ago are now siding with Trump and singing his praises.

    Of course those who believed Trump and supported him rightly feel aggrieved.

    The Trump U turns, siding with ISIS against Assad and Russia, and now bombing deserted tunnels in Afghanistan using the largest bombs available but without tackling the ideology that drives ISIS and jihadists is just a continuation of the policies of Bush.

    The US is not our friend and never has been. The EU supports Trump through and through now that he has revealed his true colours.

    You cannot declare war on terror, only on nations. Terrorism can only be stopped or at least prevented when the ideology that drives it it crushed, and that means tackling islamic supremacism. Not all Muslims follow those supremacist doctrines but those who do whether by stealth deception or other means need to stripped of all their rights. Nothing else works. Call their bluff, otherwise millions on people will continue to die because of political correctness.


  7. Back in December a Ukip councillor defected to the English Democrats. Why aren't Ukip members in that most English of counties Lincolnshire going to the English Democrats in droves? For years they've been kicked in the teeth by Ukip top command.

  8. Your candidate standing against Andy Burnham needs to make the point that if Mr Burnham believes in breaking England up into regions it means breaking the National English NHS into regions something which Labour voters like myself will not tolerate & is seen as betrayal by Labour. Remember it is the English National Health Service not the UK National Health Service all four constituent parts of the UK have their own NHS. England needs an All England Government administration separate from Westminster.
    Your candidate has a open goal when Labour talk about breaking England into Regions. All your candidate has to say to Mr Burnham is "So you want to divide the English National Health Service into regions Mr Burnham"
    A open goal for your party or any other. You need traction with voters on their concerns before you start talking about independence fears of a regionalised NHS would do that for you.

  9. Will the English Democrats be caught on the hop by May's snap General Election call?

  10. Labour's Alan Johnson is standing down in Hull. That is surely an English Democrats' target seat.

  11. There is an interesting development in France. Marine Le Pen is receiving a boost in support from the LBGT ( did I get that right? ) community, which is meant to be one in ten in France - higher than the norm of 1 in 20 and is equal to the Muslim community of around 6m. The reason given, according to UKIP's Mr Cockburn on RT, is that the Far Right will halt or reduce immigration from Muslims countries whose faith is 100% islamophobic. A recent poll by an English tabloid showed that Muslims here almost 100% are anti-gay.

    This just shows the folly of the Left's belief that all races, religions and sexual orientations can live together. It will put Labour and the Lib Dems with their call for a mass influx of refugees from Muslim countries - all those healthy and presumably homophobic young men - into a bit of a bind. Le Pen refused to be interviewed next to the EU flag, whose proponents have " done immense harm to France" and has called for an end to all immigration into her country.

    The collapse of the EU is nigh as plans for the North American Union, backed by George Soros, were being initiated. And don't believe a word that Theresa May says. I am no fan of Yvette Cooper but she said something similar in parliament yesterday. It takes a woman to silence a woman, as evidenced by Ruth Davison's telling Nicola Sturgeon to sit down in the Scottish parliament.
    According to UKIP, May has said that immigration must continue at its current levels for the next ten years and she is getting soft on the recovery of our fishing waters. The Danes are saying they have an historic right to fish there. Does that date from the time when they were raping and pillaging here, or they telling Danish Bacon porkies?

    Mrs May, as Farage said of the EU, is just working for big business and big banks. Going back to Trump, either he lied or he tried. Either way the American Empire has struck back and the deep state has him by the short and......... As Brian Becker of Stop the War said, he is now surrounded by the military industrial complex and the neocons with Mr Petrol Head, Tillerson, breathing down his neck sensing oil opportunities in Syria or even Iran.
    Becker said that Trump is now just their spokesman, an actor playing a role. Perhaps that is true of all of our political establishment. Many now do not want to go to the polls again, mostly sensing that none of the three main parties are really interested in the English people. May is for the bankers, Labour for the immigrants and the Lib Dems want to go against the democratic will of the people by reversing Brexit. A plague on all their houses!

  12. Whatever you all *think* we need, imo what we *do* need in UK is a WHITE ETHNOSTATE.

    Or maybe you really are pretending to yourselves that all this talk of 'English Sovereignty' will somehow get traction among the Asians, Afghanis, Iraqis, Africans, West Indians et al. who are slowly and surely on the way wiping you into demographic oblivion.

  13. In the imminent General Election, the English Democrats should be looking to stand candidates in North West Durham, where Pat Glass is standing down, in Hull West and Hessle, where Alan Johnson is standing down, and in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, where Tom Blenkinsop is standing down.