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Wednesday, 22 March 2017



Over the last week or so we have been entertained by the spat over the Scottish Referendum between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May. Andrew Marr's programme had it commented that it was “handbags at dawn”! 

Nicola Sturgeon has been saying that she wants to call another Scottish referendum before Brexit is complete, i.e. in about 18 months. Theresa May has been saying that she does not want it called for at least 6 years!

The process is that the Scottish Parliament will vote on the issue this week. Given the political balance in the Scottish Parliament of SNP and the Scottish Greens, it is inevitable that the resolution will be passed.

The resolution will then be formally submitted to the British Government, in accordance with the legislation which was passed by Westminster when it was agreed between David Cameron and Alex Salmond on holding the first referendum.

An interesting and real question will be whether Theresa May actually has legal power to refuse or delay a resolution made by the Scottish Parliament which fully complies with the legislation?

It may therefore be that in the drumroll of press releases one of them will be an Application by the Scottish Government for Judicial Review! If Theresa May loses such a Judicial Review,
after her fiasco over the BREXIT case, she, and the British Government, will be utterly humiliated.

Whereas if Nicola Sturgeon were to lose the Judicial Review it could be useful to her as part of the case for the Scottish Parliament to go ahead and hold its own referendum (as an act of non-violent civil disobedience), unregulated by the British State. This would be in opposition to the British State, on much the same footing as Catalonia has held a referendum in which there was a majority for Catalonian independence, but which the Spanish State has sought to quash.

Unlike Spain, Britain no longer has a sizeable army that could be deployed to crush a rebellious civilian population and consequently there will be nothing practical to stop a Scottish Government, which having won an unofficial referendum then declare a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (“UDI”)!

Indeed from the Scottish Nationalist point of view I can see very good reasons to do so which will gel nationalists support into an even harder block of determined supporters than it currently has in Scotland, with Scottish nationalists being literally ready to fight in order to protect Scottish independence.

Much the same process occurred in the early 20th Century in Southern Ireland but then the British State had the whole might of the imperial British army to try to hold down the population of Ireland against its Will. Even so this proved to be an utterly futile and bloody exercise.


  1. I do agree that there is really nothing in international law the UK government can do to block the timing of a second Scottish independence referendum. It looks like NI will have a Border Poll too now that the unionists have lost their majority in Stormont.

    No doubt the NWO agents are trying to stir up trouble in these islands but the reality has to be faced. Does Scotland want remain as part of the UK or not? Does NI want to remain part of the UK or join in a Union with the ROI? The next question, does England want to be in Union with Scotland and NI? When are they going to ask for our opinion?


    1. And what about Wales?

    2. What a lot of childish nonsense , has it passed you by that we in Scotland already had a democratic Vote and Voted No ? Since when did the minority tell the majority what to do ?

    3. A lesson on UDI here

    4. What about Wales? Wales has been part of England since 1536. Unlike Scotland which is in a union with England, Wales is an integral part of England. Scotland has every right in law to leave the UK, Wales does not. The SNP government could simply remove the from the UK and it would have to be supported by the international community. The same goes for England, if the English ever elect a nationalist government.

  2. Go on and declare UDI and over 2.1 million UK loyal Scots will kick your bony butt into the sea, no need for the troops being sent in is there, as we will do the job ourselves.

    What a moron you are.

    1. My friend, you cannot simply say what you have just said and then call someone a moron. You have been taken for a mug if you believe those figures, you are in the minority! Where was the counter protest when thousands of yes supporters marched through Glasgow on the 3rd of June? You have sold yourself to the devil, you are weak, wobbly and an embarrassment.

  3. The thinking now is that, given the choice, the Scots will choose the United Kingdom over the European Union and Nicola Sturgeon et al will have to go and get proper jobs. Much will depend on the result of the French presidential election next month. The NWO is trying desperately to ensure that Marine Le Pen does not win and that their puppet, Macron, does. But should she win then this will signal the collapse of the EU as it crumbles from West to East, although Poles and Hungarians are falling out of love with it as well.

    As for Ireland, I thought it was just the DUP who had lost the majority in the assembly and not the Unionists per se. Today we have the spectacle of Bill Clinton going back to his Irish roots and taking part in the first steps in the canonisation of Martin McGuinness. I am hoping that Trump will make something of this, especially as terrorism from another source is so much in the news. As has been pointed out, St Martin never apologised for his part in slaughtering people and would not reveal where their remains were so they could be reburied with dignity. The Liberal Left, in the form of John Snow of Channel 4 News et al have been inconsolable at his passing.

    Trump's son re-tweeted Sadiq Khan's, he who is rumoured to have been pally with islamic radicals, comments about Londoners having to live with terror in their global city. And Theresa May tells us that we must protect our freedom and democracy. Such an irony as we see George Dixon replaced by robocops on London's streets. The fact is, Theresa, had the English been given the chance then they would have rejected globalism in 1968 and all the horrors that it has brought to our shores. The fact that they were not goes to show that all talk of freedom and democracy is a charade. Do they really think that the England and the London of today is better than the English nation of the 1950s?

    And there is a further irony, Enoch Powell, who was sacked by the globalist Heath, who knew exactly what was planned for England, came from the city from which the attacker of West Indian "heritage" stemmed and warned about what would happen to his city and to England as a whole. In that city, the attacker met Pakistani radical Muslims and this has been the result. I am sure Powell died knowing he would be proved right in the end. The question is, will he be further villified next year on the 50th anniversary of "Rivers of Blood" or will they finally admit he was right? As for Heath, possibly blackmailed by the NWO because of his "alernative lifestyle", a report on this has just been published but no doubt with be rapidly buried as its ramifications could lead, we hear, to who was behind the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

    We hear today that children in thousands of primary schools are self-segregating along ethnic and religious lines. So they demand more effort at integration, rather than admitting that their Marxist ideology, shared by May herself, is utterly flawed. But how much more blood, English and immigrant will have to flow before they will or before the English, like that Dutchman, say "we want our country back, enough is enough".

  4. Today's report of a discovery of a vast oil-field off the west coast of Scotland could give Nikki's campaign fresh impetus.

    1. No it doesn't , North Sea Oil is making losses for Scottish Government , why not just stay out of Scotlands business that you don't understand and know nothing about ?

    2. Trouble is, Jock, as part of the UK, Scotland's business is our business. In case you were unaware, the English Democrats (so that includes me,) support Scottish independence.
      I merely suggested that the new oil discovery COULD provide fresh impetus to Miss Sturgeon's campaign.
      Both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon used to assert that independence for Scotland would mean independence for England. They don't use the "E" word any more but their original assertion remains true.
      The UK Government panders to the Scots because they believe in their "precious" Union. Like you, I suspect, I don't.

  5. Article 50 now officially triggered. Taken nine months but still done but now the real fight starts. First revoke the European Communities Act 1972 FOLLOWED by revoking the Local Government Act 1972 which started off the partitioning off England into regions.


    1. Francis, the battle to preserve anything of an English identity, going back to our Anglo-Saxon roots, is now getting desperate. And those who engage in trying to preserve it and with an interst in those roots are accused of being politically motivated and racist. Would Alfred the Great or even Winston Churchill ever have believed that it would come to this? Scottish policians speak glibly of the regionalisation of England as per Agenda 21 and I can see the day when the name England will vanish and we will be left with Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and South-west and South-east Britain and South central and North Central Britain.

      Meanwhile, the Trudeaus' Canada is destined to have a Eurocanadian minority within a few decades. Pierre Trudeau embarked on the multiculturalisation of Canada in order to break the British Canadian stranglehold, so resented by French Canadians. His son has appointed a Muslim immigration minister and has just told us that he views Islam as superior to Christianity as it is a religion of peace. I am assuming that Trudeau is a Catholic and that would fit in with the current pope's desire to see a fusion of Catholicism and Islam. The previous pope's opposition to such a move or even his fight against Vatican corruption may be the reason he suddenly felt the urge to retire, the first pope ever to do so; but better than being found dead in his bed.

      As regards Canada, the Canadian correspondent on RT told us that it desperately needs immigrants to fuel the expansion of its economy. This is the great flaw in capitalism which seems to have to expand constantly and suck in cheap labour.

      But Canada will not be alone, the whole of North America will have a white minority by the end of the century as will many countries in Western Europe, including England.

      Oxford University is to put up more portraits of women and ethnic minorities or preferably both in the case of Rita Chakabrati whose portrait is destined to grace its walls. The thinking of the liberal globalist zealots is that there are too many of dead white males. But the lady behind such a statement need not worry, the way things are going all white males will be dead ones. And I hope this lady will then be happy as Europeans and their civilisation are confined to the history books to be replaced by a non-white or mixed race population amongst whom Islam will be the dominant religion. President Erdogan is preparing for a holy war against Europe. You have been warned.

      As for the London attacker, it now transpires that he was a wonderful man who taught English in Saudi Arabia in Luton - has the language already completely disappeared from there? English teacher may have been the occupation shown on his passport but I would hazard a guess that he was involved in more nefarious actitivites when not teaching, even though the police are baffled as to why he undertook the attack!!

      As regards Article 50, don't fret, Donald Tusk says he is missing us already - or rather our 10b euro a year contribution to the EU and hopes will will return some sunny day. The Germans are getting edgy as it will be they who will have to plug the financial hole left by our departure in order to keep Eastern and Southern Europe afloat.

  6. Following the English Democrats' success in Batley and Spen, the party will no doubt be looking to repeat that in the Gorton by election in Manchester.

  7. As I have already said, we are approaching crunch- time as regards the survival of our national identity along with other Western European nations and those of North America. The term white nationalism is already current as Europeans fight back against liberal globalism and multiculturalism.

    This came to the fore with the recent National Trust Cadbury's egg hunt fiasco. I am no admirer of Theresa May as I do not trust the woman on Brexit. Did you note that she is thinking of extending free movement of labour into Britain beyond our departure from the EU in two years? However, I do thank her for making mention of our Christian heritage and calling the NT's actions - now reversed as they have included the word Easter - ridiculous.

    I heard a gent from a Christian organisation - I did not catch the name - talking about this and he said what is at play is the gross commercialisation of what are Christian festivals as elsewhere with such things as the Emirates stadium; coupled with Middle Class multicultural angst. This latter description is interesting as it gets it in a nutshell. England is at the mercy of globalist banking and corporate interests coupled with the woolly "liberal" thinking of purportedly educated middle class graduates. The problem is that such people, like Tim nice but dim Farron who wants to let all the refugees in, are not very intelligent or rather have little practical common sense, unlike the working man, but lord it over him. They are destroying England and the West with their pie in the sky liberal globalism. In the 2011 census 70% still described themselves as Christian. The destruction of England has been inflicted on us by those who wanted to make a fast buck or were seeking political power coupled with these stupid people who are ridden with post imperial guilt. In fact, in many ways, as a South African mp has just been censured for saying, the third world was better off under colonialism. Certainly, they would have stayed put if Europeans had still been there.

    Populism is the sign of the rebellion of ordinary common sense citizens against all these flawed ideologies, neo-liberalism and liberal globalism; but as Trump is showing, the battle to drain their swamp is massive and they are determined not to give up without a fight.

    Meanwhile, re May, do not trust the vicious Tories. It seems that Mark Reckless was just another Tory plant in UKIP and having been booted out now claims to be an independent because he is too scared of UKIP's revenge to return to May's fold.