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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tracy Brabin fails to condemn Labour Councillor’s violent attack on English Democrats’ campaign stall in Batley

This is our Press Release on Tracy Brabin’s failure as the Labour Candidate for Batley & Spen to condemn Amanda Stubley’s attack on the English Democrats’ stall on Saturday, 8th October.

Tracy Brabin fails to condemn Labour Councillor’s violent attack on English Democrats’ campaign stall in Batley

The English Democrats Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, wrote to Tracy Brabin’s team on the 11th October asking for the London based EastEnders soap opera starlet and Labour Party candidate for Batley & Spen, and Remainer, to condemn the violent attack by one of her fellow Party members in Batley on the English Democrats’ stall. Despite being politely requested to do so Ms Brabin has failed to respond either appropriately or at all.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “I find it despicable that Ms Brabin has not condemned the appalling behaviour of Councillor Amanda Stubley’s of Batley East who attacked the English Democrats campaign stall on Saturday, 8th October. I assume since it is part of the usual repertoire of Labour dirty tricks in a Labour area when they are challenged that she condones Councillor Stubley’s disgraceful behaviour.”

Robin continued:- “Here is what I wrote to Ms Brabin and her election team:-

Dear Miss Brabin

Re: Conduct of Councillor Amanda Stubley – Batley East Ward – 8th October in Market Place, Batley

The above named Councillor Stubley attacked our campaign stall at about 1.00 p.m. on Saturday and during the attack stated that she supported Jeremy Corbyn’s “anti-Semitic” policies and claimed that Batley is her town. The implication was that no other political parties were allowed in the town. Furthermore she claimed that she was the Batley East Councillor in Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council “for life”. Councillor Stubley claimed that the English Democrats are “Racists” for supporting Leaving the EU and for campaigning for England’s rights.

I respectfully invite you to repudiate the comments and actions of Councillor Stubley and join with me in calling for her to be prosecuted for Breach of the Peace, the Public Order Act offences of using Threatening, Abusive and Offensive language, Criminal Damage and Attempted Criminal Damage together with Electoral Offences in interfering with other candidates during an election and making false statements about them.


  1. Robin, you will have to sue them for damages, the Police will do nothing as Labour think they are above the law.

    I can see a time in the not too distant future when an extreme Nationalist dictatorship will be required to deal with the left. I do not support this position, but I am afraid the left are just too stubborn to change and will need to be removed by force.

    No one wants to see a Hitler II come along but the left have created the conditions for a real Hitler.

    The left are beyond help, hopefully they will just become irrelevant.


  2. I apologise to Ms Brabin for stating that she starred on Coronation Street. Since I avoid any programme that is part of the NWO's bread and circuses diversionary tactics to keep the people happy and unaware that they are being sold into One World economic slavery and European genocide, I did not realise that she starred on the eminently more multicultural Eastenders. Hope she has a large handkerchief to wave the remaining cockneys bye bye as they are ethnically cleansed towards Essex. I do hope that Ms Stubley is in court for stating openly that she is an anti-Semite. The retort should have been, "Oh so you are a Nazi" then. But then of course her "anti-racist" form of Marxism differs little from Hitler's Nazism. That is why I refer to them as the Marxist brownshirts. Next stop throwing stones through the windows of shops selling golliwogs.

    On another point, I was told about the programme last night about detective fiction with Andrew Marr and the subject of Jimmy Saville and paedophilia arose. Somebody said that all working at the Beeb were aware of the paedophile ring there, including child sacrifice, those bodies that keep turning up down the sides of motorways.
    Another judge investigating such activities, a New Zealander, has resigned accused of racism after allegedly saying the bulk of paedophiles were Asian men. I suspect that she was onto the real culprits in Westminster and the BBC and so they smeared her to get her out of the way. I doubt if her successor will fare any better or that if she does she will suddenly find herself bumped off like other paedophile ring whistle blowers before her.

  3. I have been reading an article on the Gates of Vienna website about "unvolkung" that is deconstructing a rave or nation of people. The nazis tried this in Eastern Europe to Germanise Poles and Czechs during WWII. This time the elites are trying to Arabise Europeans through mass immigration and Islamic jihad.


  4. Further to the above, I have just been informed who was at the top of the paedophile ring tree and it is not surprising that nothing ever emerges. It also sheds an interesting light on the death of Princess Diana if she was going to tell all. And this person also was a friend of Jimmy Saville. It is totally appalling but if it all comes out then it would be enough to spark a revolution. So I don't suppose that if ever will.

    1. Princess Di had inside knowledge that would help our cause. Al Fayad believes that she was murdered because the Royals did not want her marrying or procreating with a Muslim. Well that could be true in that the NWO Kalergists don't want Muslim blood within their ranks but it is their fault that the Muslim got close to poisoning their blood lines while encouraging them to poison ours.

      A lot has changed in 19 years, we have info we would never have dreamed of revealing. Goodness knows what the next twenty years will bring but hopefully Trump will win the US Presidential election and the entire multicultural game is brought down in time. The dirty US election mirrors the Brexit vote. Clinton is predicted to win, while Remain were predicted to win.

      No doubt the Dems will not accept the result if Trump wins, likewise Trump has already accused the Dems of rigging the election. Whatever happens major trouble lies ahead.


    2. Francis,

      The person I was talking about was a member of the Royal Family. If Diana was going to tell that then it had nothing to do with the Muslims, except that they also have a tendency towards paedophilia. I am sure the CIA killed her like so many others against the elites.

      As for Trump, I try to believe in the Brexit analogy. Farage spoke of the little man against the elites and this is who Trump is fighting for. They are the people in the Fly-over states. The North of England and the Welsh valleys that voted Brexit are our fly-over states.

      Clinton has just accused Trump of getting his answers direct from Russia, which is an out and out lie. She probably gets hers straight from the Rothschilds. She also said that if he had been on Ellis Island, he would have kept out the undesirables looking for the American dream. Perhaps if he had then America would not be the crime ridden cesspit it is today. He quoted her saying she hates Catholics. This is a surprise as I had her down as one because of the Clintons' Irish roots.
      They are preparing for martial law and civil war in America and have the coffins ready. Max Keiser described Hillary - who I call the Angel of Death because she loves wars - as potentially the most corrupt president ever.

      Our new justice minister of African origin has said that too many of our Judges are old and white. Isn't that a racist/ageist statement? Can you imagine the furore if somebody said that two many of our mps, like him, now are non-white?

      UKIP did not even get a mention from the Beeb regarding the Witney by-election. The Lib Dems took votes from Tories and Labour and their woman thinks that is a mandate to water down Brexit. The Beeb said Witney voted Remain. Well the Witnians didn't but their town has now been obliterated by rich refugees from London and people from all over the world.

      It now seems much too late for the English. I watched the moving programme on Aberfan last night. What lovely people who have had to stick together against the rich and the establishment. A chap had been pinned down by a door and was about to drown when he was rescued. This sums up our struggle, the banker-bribed elites have got us pinned down and about to drown.
      And now I despair as to whether anybody will come and lift the door off us.