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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Labour Deserts English Voters!

Labour Deserts English Voters!

It seems highly probable that Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected next week as Leader of Labour and then he and his “Momentum” group will set about the same task as Lenin applied himself to in reconfiguring the Russian Communists. 

Hard Left Momentum want to turn the Labour Party into a hard-Left party in which the Bolsheviks squeeze out the Mensheviks. 

Whether the de-selected Menshevik Blairite MPs will thereafter go on to form a new party or join the Liberal Democrats we cannot be sure at present. 

Leading the Menshevik tendency is Owen Smith who is a leading light in Wales' "Taffocracy" and someone who wants reruns
of the EU referendum until the poor old Demos gives
in and votes 'Remain'. 

Smith also wants England broken up into EU"Regions" and is
an open enemy of the English Nation.

Both candidates are therefore opposed to any pride in England or Englishness. So what does seem clear is that there really is no future in Labour for anyone who takes a pride in England or in being English.

Since those whom Labour has, in recent times, called the “white working class” are very likely to also call themselves “English”
that will amount, in historical terms, to a decision by Labour to cease to be a serious contender for Government (at least through democratic means!). 

Instead the “Momentum Labour” will no doubt seek to use their dominant position to infiltrate all aspects of our society, seeking to be the catalyst for socialist revolutionary change, however much such a change may be against the wishes of the majority of our country. 

For my part I wish them nothing but ill in that endeavour, but by doing so Labour will have given up any serious attempt to lead
the English, just as Labour has already lost any serious claim to lead the Scots! This is a change of historic and constitutional importance.

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  1. Robin, in a way, Owen Smith is worse than Corbyn. The man is a total idiot. The Labour party has been wedded to ideology, be it Blair's neo-liberalism, or Corbyn's Marxism since at least the 1970s when the Marxist students took over. Smith must know that the Welsh Valleys voted for Brexit as did the whole of Wales, so how can he even dare going against the "white working class", the native Welsh, who in large measure helped create the Labour Party. Hopefully, the Welsh Valleys will show their contempt by ditching Labour, as, as you say, the Scots have. Labour have been international socialists, rather than the party for the British working class, for at least 50 years. Pleased to see that an Australian politician on the "far right" wants to take Oz out of the UN as he says that the UN is controlled by the bankers who are using rigged climate change as a way of creating one world UN banker-controlled government. Some of us know that this has been the plan since the War. It is just that more and more are realising what the politicians' narrative really is all about. As for Mr Barnett in the earlier blog, it is nice to see somebody on the Left thinking like the "far right" but since Ken Loach referred to working class fascists, we know that the working classes are very conservative or "far right". It is just that the far left have hoodwinked them into using their votes to carry out their own Marxist agenda.