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Friday, 16 September 2016

Electoral Commission QUANGO says:- “England Worth Fighting For” is “OFFENSIVE”!


Electoral Commission claims that saying “English Democrats – England Worth Fighting For!” is “offensive”

The English Democrats Party has just received a letter from the lavishly Taxpayer funded 'Electoral Commission' in which they claim that saying that “England is Worth Fighting For” is offensive!

Here is an extract of what their letter says:-

“The following registered party description is in the opinion of the (Electoral) Commission OFFENSIVE:

“English Democrats – England Worth Fighting For!”

The (Electoral) Commission has removed the above description from the register of political parties for Great Britain.”

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats, and a Solicitor, said:-

“It appears that the Electoral Commission has gone rogue again! I wonder whether the English Democrats did the right thing in not clipping your wings in our previously listed Judicial Review?

For the record the English Democrats do not accept that the Electoral Commission has the legal right to remove existing registered Descriptions. Also this decision is manifestly absurd and unreasonable and also will be repugnantly offensive to any patriotic English people.

It is a good thing that they and their ilk were not in charge of anything in the early 1940’s or we would now all be marching to very different tunes!”

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats


  1. Robin just sue them for unfavourable treatment is direct discrimination. Failing that invoke the UNs rules concerning indigenous peoples

    Enough is enough


    1. Better still Robin,

      Surely this is "harassment" under the Equality Act?

      Now that lightweight Diane James is new UKIP leader, she can surely soak up the Labour voters who refuse to back nationalism, but for every vote she attracks from Labour/Lib Dems she will repel another voter to nationalism.


  2. Diane James is the new leader of anti-English UKIP.
    The Daily Telegraph says, "Just as the SNP thrived by taking the quality of "Scottishness" as its own, Ukip must do the same in England. This means being unashamedly patriotic and populist, which should allow it to make inroads into Labour territories.

    The political scientist John Denham has written about the rising power of English identity in British politics. Arguably the 2015 election – which hinged on fears that Ed Miliband would be dominated by the SNP – and the EU referendum – in which English scepticism towards the EU overrode Scottish enthusiasm – are expressions of that trend. Ukip can exploit this."
    The question is whether UKIP can hold together after all the infighting and the contradiction of being both a pro-British, anti-English party and an English nationalist party, and Lisa Duffy is unlikely to go quietly. The English Democrats need to be ready to sweep up the pieces.

    1. At least Lisa Duffy came second. She would have been preferable to Diane James, although it could have been worse. She has pledged to defend the English and our armed forces. The problem is that Scottish UKIP chap, Cockburn, who is very good but does seem to want to keep the Union together. UKIP did very well in Wales and that is another problem. But surely if Wales can have its national assembly then England should have its own parliament.

      "Hate crime" is at an all time high after Brexit with another recent assault on a Pole.
      But what do they expect as the let mass immigration push us into the fringes of our country and out in exile, to France or Scotland.

      I sat down to watch a programme on BBC4 about 60 years of sitcoms, hoping to see some which I remember from the early 60s. But there was no mention of those, instead the programme homed in on those which were aimed at poking fun at English reaction to mass immigration and non-white immigration to boot. The programme was explaining how those old racist attitudes had been overcome and had black and Asian comedians saying they used to enjoy seeing those "racists" humiliated. Well, humiliated we have been. But as I have said before, we must not blame those who have been invited to settle here by those aiming at one world government of a predominately non-white world and have silenced any opposition.

      It is the 950th anniversary of the Norman Conquest which established the ruling non-English establishment. It would be nice if next month the English could make it plain that they have had enough and are just not going to take anymore. I was amused to see at the EU summit in Slovakia how the Eurofanatics distanced themselves from Viktor Orban whom they regard as a pariah but who has told them that the writing is on the wall. As I said whilst in France, the problem of Calais is that England cannot take any more. The motorways are clogged up with traffic grinding to halt after halt and in the South they want to build houses everywhere. We are like laboratory rats. It was remarked that the world is overpopulated. It is but it is non-Europeans who refuse to curb their populations who are overflowing and being encouraged to do so by the UN and Goldman Sachs. George Soros et al, into formerly nearly exclusively white countries.

  3. Here's who you need to write to:

    Commissioners... or ***Commissars***???

  4. Could also complain to the Local Government Ombudsman as they deal with entire public sector including care homes.

    Don't let this traitor get away with it.


  5. "Stronger for Scotland" - not offensive

    "England worth fighting for" - offensive

    Well quite frankly, fuck Scotland.

  6. The time has come when any person or organisation accusing us of racism or inciting hate speech is forced to substantiate their claims. Should they fail, then we should start defamation proceedings.

    We should demand justification and/or evidence from those who make accusations against us, otherwise the lies and propaganda will continue with us being continually abused.