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Sunday, 14 February 2016



Those who have been long in the Cause of English nationalism will recall a time even to mention that you were English or that you wanted to preserve England or cared for the English Nation was to be accused by Labour of being racist.

That does still occur but now Labour opportunists are beginning to realise that their career structure may be in ruins if they don’t start at least some English patriotic noises!

Before we move onto the present I think it is worth pausing to remember that John Prescott, when he was Labour’s Deputy Prime Minister of the Blair Government, claimed in an official response:- “There is no such nationality as English”.

We all also had to put up with Gordon Brown monotonously referring to the country as “The Nations and Regions of Britain” with England being the "Regions".

I could easily come up with many other quotations that show that Labour simply thought that anybody who dared mention Englishness was even more “bigoted” than the poor ordinary Labour supporter who dared to express a bit of concern about the effects of mass immigration, whom Gordon Brown got recorded as privately calling a “bigoted old woman!”.

Now however we have one of the brightest sparks in Labour, Tristram Hunt, calling for a referendum on an English Parliament. This is an interesting development and deserves a bit of nurturing but on the basis as was recently pointed out to me by a Welsh Professor of Politics; who told me that:-

“You’ll recall that the traditional view in Plaid Cymru was that they should say yes to anything that recognised Wales as a unit as that would lead – inevitably – to more. They weren’t wrong!”

In the circumstances English nationalists can unequivocally approve of calls for an English Parliament being taken up by any part of the British Political Establishment.

However this is how George Eaton of the formerly strongly anti-English New Statesmen magazine put the issue. Here is the article:-

Whatever the solution, Labour can't ignore its English problem

Those who disagree with Tristram Hunt's proposal of an English parliament must suggest alternatives.

Most of the reasons for Labour's general election defeat have been well-rehearsed: its leader wasn't viewed as an alternative prime minister, it wasn't trusted to manage the economy and it was at odds with voters on welfare and immigration. But there is another failing that has received far less scrutiny: the belief that the party was anti-English. The problem was visible as long ago as 2005 when the Conservatives won more votes than Labour in England and has grown consistently worse. As post-election polling by GQR found, 57 per cent said they were were "quite concerned"or "very concerned" that the party "put people from other countries before the interests of England". The rise of Scottish nationalism and the concurrent rise of English nationalism have cast Labour adrift.

Despite this, as former cabinet minister John Denham recently wrote on The Staggers, the Beckett Report on the defeat failed to take account of this new political landscape. Its call for a "vision for Britain", he noted, neglected those "who either don't see their country as Britain or only partly as Britain". Unless it accepts this new reality, voters' alienation from the party will both widen and deepen.

Denham, whose former seat of Southampton Itchen was lost to the Conservatives (leaving Labour with just 12 of the 197 seats south of the Severn-Wash line), has founded the Centre for English Identity and Politics at Winchester University where Tristram Hunt will speak tonight. In his address, the former shadow education secretary will call for a referendum on the adoption of either an English parliament (his preferred option), regional assemblies or English Votes for English Laws ("the jury is still out"). A public vote, he will say, would allow England to "experience the same kind of democratic awakening" as Scotland and Labour should "lead it". The political logic is clear: by advocating a referendum, the party will signal that it trusts voters (having opposed a vote on the EU) and is at ease with the politics of English identity.

At present, he will say: "Our sense of Englishness matters to us more and more, and the Labour Party has fallen on the wrong side of that cultural divide. According to Jon Cruddas’s review into why the Labour Party lost the 2015 General Election, since 2005 voters who are socially conservative are the most likely to have deserted Labour. They value home, family and their country. They feel their cultural identity is under threat. They yearn for a sense of belonging and national renewal. Tradition, rules and social order are important to them. And, tragically, they feel that Labour no longer represents them, or understands their lives. In short, they felt we didn’t value England, and were not on the side of the English."

Most Labour MPs will likely disagree with Hunt on the need for an English parliament ("how very silly" shadow leader of the Commons Chris Bryant told me). Many argue that there is little demand among voters for a new political institution and that England's size makes a separate body incompatible with Westminster. But those who disageee with Hunt's solution must offer their own. The EU referendum, the SNP's hegemony in Scotland and the possibility of a second independence referendum will all raise the salience of the English question. And arithmetic alone dictates that Labour must transform its performance in England. With no sign of a revival in Scotland, almost all of the 106 gains the party will need to make after the boundary changes will be here.

But many MPs believe that Jeremy Corbyn, far from answering the English problem, struggles to even recognise it. They lament how often his failure to sing the national anthem is raised by voters and fear that his stances on immigration, Trident and foreign policy are widening the divide between them and the electorate. Corbyn has struck a consciously patriotic note in several speeches, declaring in his Labour conference address: "[It’s] because I love this country, that I want to rid it of injustice – to make it fairer, more decent, more equal." But as Hunt suggests, far more dramatic intervention will be needed to begin to solve the English problem.

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  1. Fair play to John Denham and the work he has been doing at Winchester University. Labour more generally, however, have a lot of work to do to convince us that an interest in Englishness is not a cynical and desperate move on their part. Nationalist sentiment goes against all their traditions of internationalism.

    1. Exactly right; all native peoples in Europe now are the victims of the international socialism of the Left and the international capitalism of the banksters and big business.
      We can all remember Gordon Brown's shock at finding that Cumbria was sickeningly white.

      There was a battle on RT between Katie Hopkins of the Mail on Line and that smarmy imam from Southampton, Mohammed Ansar, over mass immigration and Islamification. Ansar told Hopkins that her column should be shut down. This is what we have had to contend with all my life, all those objecting to mass immigration, especially non-European immigration, must be silenced as they put in jeopardy the one world plan. In Calais they are having to contend with rapes, having their cars smashed and being robbed by the inhabitants of the Jungle so beloved of British no borders protestors. But the British press just covered those frustrated Calais men who have gone into the camp to beat men and "boys" up in retaliation and the "brutality" of the French police. Shops in Calais have had to close and the tourists are avoiding the town, which is now dying.

      But there is a surprising chink of light in the form of Donald Trump. He wants to build a wall along the border with Mexico following on from the example of Victor Orban. On Cos there is uproar because they are having to have a camp for refugees which will further damage their tourism industry. Meanwhile, Netanyahu wants to build a wall all around Israel. This will at least stop further expansion. Simon Schama ended his history of the Jews by saying that they have ended back in the ghetto and this wall is reminiscent of the Jewry walls of European cities, including England, in the Middle Ages.

      But to return to Trump. He wiped the floor with Jed Bush over the War on Terror, praised Russia for their intervention in Syria and wants to work with Russia for world peace. He has had business interests in Russia for years and gets on well with them. Here business with Russia has been slashed by 50% since sanctions. One would have thought that Trump would have been even more hawkish than Obama. But no, he seems to want to stop all this mindless destruction. The Security conference this week-end was ghastly with that weasel Jens Stoltenberg the NATO secretary castigating Russia. But a furious Medvedev gave as good as he got.

      I have mentioned before the meeting of the Pope and the Arch-patriarch of Russian orthodoxy in Cuba and asked where the Protestants were. This is probably because they were too frightened by the elites to go.
      The feisty Iben Thranholm from Denmark who is no doubt one but praised the meeting for an attempt to bring about peace whereas the elites ( in the banksters pay ) are heading towards WW3 in their desperate bid for world power. And, yes, Labour has been in the forefront of multiculturalism for reasons of their flawed ideology of the unworkable whereas the Tories don't care about England just about lining their pockets through cheap labour and a housing shortage. Saw the programme on Henry VII. There is nothing left of the old buildings of the City now just St Paul's and the Tower, all is concrete and glass thanks to their unending greed.

  2. Robin,
    You are obviously having a bit of fun at the expense of the Labour Party. You know full well that neither the Labour Party, nor any other pro-UK party, could possibly agree with there being an English Parliament.
    If Tristram Hunt thinks there can be, he's not that bright. It is more likely that he is trying to appeal to English nationalism, knowing that his party is perceived as the party of immigration.

  3. We are told that Cameron is in the final stages of his renegotiation on the EU before launching his stay in campaign. There is now a possibility that even his "victory" with regard to the payment of benefits is in jeopardy as if Britain gets it with regard to cheap East European labour then other Western European countries may want to follow suit.
    A Pole who works here all his life and then retires back home would only have his pension paid at the Polish rate not get what he would have got here sent out to him. Presumably, the Poles think that is sufficient to retire on in Poland. Of course, this would make a nonsense of working here all his life in the first place so perhaps he should have stayed put instead of creating a labour shortage in his homeland so he can get rich at our expense. Sorry but my sympathy for Poles has now evaporated.

    I wish to make bloggers aware of a petition that has just been launched online about Obama's wanting to come to speak to our parliament about the need for us to remain in the EU. The petition is there so this can be debated in parliament. No foreign head of state has the right to come here to tell us what to do to, as even Jacob Rees Mogg has said, suit the interests of the New York bankers and the American big corporations rather than the English people. I have heard that this is how the US with even CIA involvement swung the first referendum in the 1970s. I was listening to a Greek politician say that the Greek people have now twigged that the EU is there to serve the bankers rather than the people. This was the plan from the start. At the first meeting of the Bilderbergers where it was all hammered out, former fascists and former communists met with the Rothschilds. The former were there to lend their expertise in totalitarian empires. The Rothschilds said, you can have your Marxist/Fasicist Europe as long as we own it. This combination of the Left with big business goes back in this country to the days of the Fabian socialists.

    Meanwhile, the pathetically weak US Defence Secretary, who is matched in his weasel-likeness only by Jens Stoltenberg of NATO, has said that our failure to renew Trident would damage the special relationship. We are buying the new Trident off them anyhow and they will control it. The special relationship is all about England just being another American/banker client state. And if the nukes fall let them fall on England. And has been pointed out, if NATO are so keen for us to have it then let nuke-free Germany, Denmark and Norway etc chip in to pay for it.

    There was a previous comment about how all roads lead to Jerusalem. This has been underlined by the government's making it illegal for local authorities to boycott Israel because of their breaches of international law with regard to the Palestinian land they stole and continue to steal.
    The minister involved announced this as he head for, guess where?, Israel. Perhaps we are not ruled from Brussels but from Tel Aviv? The Israelis have just done what Putin has been accused of with regard to the Ukraine. Does this mean that it should be illegal for our government to impose sanctions on Russia, the imposition of which they have led for obvious reasons i.e. we are not merely an American but an Israeli client state. Or are the two things not the same?

    The above comment is probably right. Hunt is trying to recover the traditional labour vote. It would now be referred to as the white working class vote. White working class children are continuing to underperform in our schools. The white working classes used to be the English. Do you remember them? And if they are underperforming then perhaps demoralisation and utter despair at having their country taken from them and their jobs has something to do with it. Cue Native Americans and Aborigines.

    1. You make very good points. Remember the 1917 Balfour Declaration towards the end of WWI effectively paving the way for the state of Israel. The area was part of the former Ottoman Empire and as part of the Treaty of Versailles Turkey was forced to give up its empire. The Turks naturally would not be happy but as losers in WWI so instead they carried out the Armenian genocide which was known by the powers at the time. We are told that the Jews are God's chosen people but this is fact a big satanic lie and Jesus warned us of such people. I don't like either far eastern tribe Jews or Muslims and really the Balfour Declaration nearky 100 years set the tone for more wars, bloodshed and genocides in the twentieth century. The Frankfurt School were mostly atheist Jews, as was the EU's architect Coudenhove-Kalergi. Cromwell four years ago was funded by the same people. Its time to remove them

    2. Have been trying to stay cheerful after the Jehovah's Witnesses kept telling me that we are on the verge of Armageddon. However, now I learn that the Saudis have 350,000 troops massing in Turkey together with other Gulf states and Pakistan preparing to invade Syria. Perhaps Pakistanis here would like to go and fight? A spokesperson for the Syrian government said that Turkey kicked off the Civil War. The attack in Ankara was meant to implicate the PKK and given the Turkish government the excuse to carry on its Armenian style genocide of the Kurds. But I suspect Turkish intelligence as doing it so as to implicate the Kurds. I didn't know that Coudenhouve-Kalegi was behind the EU as well. UKIP keep blaming Angela Merkel and the Germans - well she probably is part of the same tribe - but I try to tell them that this goes much further and that the next stage is meant to be political, economic and monetary union with North America. But it is hard to make them believe such a monumental project. Somebody said that Boris Johnson is keeping quiet about the referendum. I suspect that he is hoping that Cameron will have to resign if we manage to avoid all their propaganda and manipulation and vote to leave and that he Boris will then seize the premiership saying that he was really against the EU. They are all liars.

  4. The petition against Obama coming has now reached nearly 14,000 votes. This means that the government must respond. I am sure that will be a load of the usual blandishments. Once it has reached 100,000 then it should trigger a debate so I urge you all to sign. As somebody pointed out, can you imagine any European leader from a time before the EU going to Congress and telling them that the USA, Mexico and Canada must continue to be ruled by an unelected Commission? As for democracy, there isn't any there either of course. Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out that the USA is ruled by the banks and big corporations.

    Poland is one of four countries in Eastern Europe refusing to take a quota of "refugees". What good Europeans they are! As regards the boycott of Israel question, I was interested to see that the Scottish parliament has overruled this and said that local authorities have the right to boycott Israel if they wish. This indicates who controls Westminster i.e. the Friends of Israel who have such a large lobby group amongst the Tories. But it also shows that the Scottish parliament is much more democratic than Westminster - not hard to achieve - and its proceedings are conducted in a civilised manner. The only people in Europe who behave worse in parliament that the Westminster mps are the Ukrainians who have continuous punch-ups. And I see that Speaker Bercow has been fiddling his expenses massively as well. It would be hoped that when we get an English parliament it will be as democratic and as well-behaved as that of Scotland. But if the same English mps who are in Westminster end up there then that is probably a vain hope. The whole lot need clearing out and we need a fresh start.

    On the matter of the EU, Martin Schulz, the leader of the European Parliament, has now said that Cameron's "reforms" should be put to the European Parliament. Isn't it amazing how the EU can be democratic if it chooses.

  5. I tuned in briefly to the new Midsomer Murders and was not surprised to see that "ethnic minorities" are now more to the fore, with Meera Syall having a starring role, after the furore when the previous writer said that he wanted to reflect an England that viewers overseas wanted to see; and then, of course, had to resign as the greatest crime now in the "liberal" West is not murder but perceived racism by indigenous Europeans vis a vis non-European immigrants. As for viewers overseas, the way things are going what used to be white only or white large majority countries in the anglosphere will all be white minority countries at which stage will any of them care about England as she had been for at least 1500 years? I was told 30 years ago that the browning of white countries was their plan but assumed that somebody would see sense before it was too late but such has their been their massive manipulation, brainwashing and intimidation campaign that things are now looking pretty hopeless. Kitty Little told me 30 years ago that a combination of white, Asian and black blood produced a high level of mental retardation, excellent if you want to create a world of slaves or robots. And I know of a white lady's daughter who married an Asian doctor in Birmingham and whose daughter had a child by a man who was half black and half Chinese. This, presumably, is the racial combination that they wish to achieve for the whole hitherto white world.
    A friend has told me that there is a great problem getting organ donors for mixed race peoples because of the matching of blood type and dna, something which never occurred to me. Watching Michael Portillo in Washington and Virginia last night, the whole programme was given over to segregation and slavery. I think at one point Portillo said that the Americans realised that the importation of black slaves from Africa was a grave mistake but one that the great and the good or the great and the bad seem to want to replicate in Europe with all the tensions and misery it will cause. I was interested to hear Alex Salmond say last night with regard to the EU that the vast majority of immigrants in Britain had come from outside the EU. We are very well aware of this and the fear is that they will continue to come even if we leave the EU.

    On that front, they have now come up with a poll of polls merging all previous polls which shows 51% to 49% in favour of staying in. On previous poll had a large majority in favour of coming out so this is probably all being doctored. Eastern European countries are trying to block any move regarding the receipt of benefits here by their nationals.

    Time is running out not only for the English but for all Europeans as the ultimate goal of European genocide gets close to fruition. There will suddenly be an explosion but where it will come from and how is at present uncertain. Meanwhile a Jehovah's Witness I know seems to be looking forward to the Armageddon which he believes is just around the corner. I refuse to believe it but cling to the hope and belief that right will finally prevail over their evil plans for one world government by a financial elite and the eradication of the European race and its culture.

  6. So Donald Trump is deemed by the Pope not to be Christian or a Christian because of his opposition to further mass Latino immigration into the United States. It would seem that Europe's religious divide is going to become more and more prominent in the United States. The Pope seems to want to push more and more Roman Catholics into North America and further eradicate the WASP identity.
    Have just checked out Trump. With a father of German descent and a mother with Scottish, I wasn't sure whether he was Lutheran or Presbyterian. It turns out he is the latter in a big way. So we are back in Northern Ireland.

    As regards, the Pope's comment, can I suggest that he goes and repeats his comment to the Catholic countries of Eastern Europe, chiefly of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Austria has now refused to take any more "refugees" and the big four, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary the same on the grounds, in the case of Poland, that the refugees are mainly Muslims. Doubtless, the Pope will be distraught as he is attempting to forge links between Catholics and Muslims. The Pope is of immigrant blood himself, his ancestors being Italian immigrants to Argentina like those of the infamous General Galtieri of Falklands fame.
    But then of course, Argentia is overwhelmingly a country of immigrants or colonisers just like the United States. There are very few indigenous peoples left and no African slaves.

  7. Robin, Labour like the Tories will say anything to wrong foot us and this act by Hunt is just another deceptive con trick.

    BTW I have done the arithmetic for the EU referendum. The indigenous English will have at 65% Out just to secure Brexit. 65% of Scotland, 55% Wales and 75% NI supports In. With 20% of England's electorate being non indigenous the odds are longer than we think.

    In my win, but the indigenous English will vote Out and that will cause major problems for the elites.

  8. Further to the comment above, I have now looked up an article on the Coudehove-Kalergi plan and the comments following it. There is a comment that UKIP might have been set up to confuse, which I have always suspected. Watching Cross Talk on the refugee crisis I was interested to hear the comments of Indian born Sukant Chandan on the invasion of the global south into "imperialist and exploitative" white countries. He said that the global south had a right to do this in retribution for the treatment of the south by the north and that they would be coming in millions to, as Ghaddafi predicted, turn Europe black. Reading the Plan it would seem that this was the intent, to provide a race of mixed race cheap labour robots for the New World Order. Chandan goes on about the global south being used as cheap labour but is happy for millions more to come north just as that. Coudehove-Kalergi himself was half Japanese and seemed to think we should all be mixed race like him. And yes, there was a Zionist connection. It makes you wonder whether the destruction of a fairly stable Muslim world through the Arab Spring was all part of the realisation of the Plan. The EU has a Coudehove-Kalergi prize which was presented to Van Rumpoy when he stood down.
    I have always suspected that Merkel's actions were governed partly by the cheap labour angle.
    As somebody pointed out, Iceland manages to do it all without the need for third world cheap labour.
    This was just a bluff to carry out the Plan. And after the War, England had an excess of labour not a labour shortage. They have used the former colonies of European nations to bring in non-Europeans purportedly for cheap labour but really as part of the Plan.

    The first blow against the Plan must be the collapse of the EU - although one commentator said that the brown race might not happen just the fragmentation of Europe into apartheid-style statelets. Cameron is about to name the referendum day as 23rd June. He will then sack any opposition in his cabinet and bamboozle the people telling them they will lose their cheap holiday flights, which is probably all they care about. Democracy has long gone in the EU but that probably worries them little.

    As regards Cameron's "victories" Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group said that the block to further integration for the UK must be triggered by a treaty in the future. That treaty may never come as there will be others on the Continent opposed so it will all be done by stealth. Oulds said the benefits business would not stop East European immigration and financial regulation is controlled by bodies above the EU not by the EU itself so that is a red herring. In any case, Martin Schulz is saying it must be agreed by the European Parliament. This will happen after the referendum and if we opt to come out they will block it. The East Europeans and Southern Europeans will vote against and other nations will vote against it as it may bring about the collapse of the EU and they will loose their cushy, well-paid jobs in Brussels. Neil Kinnock is on a pension of about £70,000 per year.

    The browning of America will be followed by the browning of Europe. Chandan said it was down to our demographics and not having enough children. But my generation was told that we should moderate our birth rate as the world was overpopulated. But they directed no such message at the third world, deliberately. And using Islam to eradicate or downgrade Christianity is probably a major tack. All those strong young lone male refugees will be looking for wives who will have to convert and their children will be Muslim.

    1. I apologise to the gentleman. His name was Coudenhove-Kalergi and I have been missing the n out.

  9. Regarding the above, it would seem that the Plan is to turn the northern hemisphere into a mirror image of the global south. Perhaps they should first look at why the north was so successful compared to the south before they engage in white genocide. I have already mentioned Kitty Little's comments about the question of mental retardation caused by a mixture of brown, black and white. She was also on the trail of Common Purpose who are meant to have signed up to the plan. And I believe that Merkel, too, has received the prize. If there is something genetic that has made the north more successful then the world is doomed. After all, the Zionists has said that when the plan is fulfilled then they with their high iq will be in overall charge. And if whites are the most inventive then who is going to come up with the inventions to carry the world forward. Of course, musing on the likely outcome in this way is now taboo as all discussions of differing iq levels between the races is impossible.

    Trump is sweeping the board for the Republicans in the US Primaries. Jed Bush has now stood down as Trump ridiculed the foreign policy forays of his brother in the name of the War or Terror. A Canadian radio show host has said that all Americans wishing to emigrate if Trump becomes president will be welcome in Canada as well as all those Muslims who want to follow them or whose entry into the US is barred. Canada, he said, welcomes Muslims. However, I am aware that this is not welcomed by all Canadians. The mayor of somewhere assumed to be overwhelmingly white like Calgary is/was a Muslim. And if they increase at their usual rate of 6 to 8 children each then Canada is going to find itself in the same position of "liberal" Sweden within a few decades. By the way, Sukant Chandan said that America will have a white minority by 2035 and Britain will be 20% non-white by 2050. I believe the prediction is for a third. He seemed to think that this would create better countries for the remaining whites. Would he consider that that would be the case for his native India I wonder if the roles were reversed? I think the backlash will start in Germany and Eastern Europe and the come to the West. After all, France is due to have a non-white majority by 2050.

    As for the EU, Cameron has said we are richer inside it, despite the fact that the four remaining nations of EFTA, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein have some of the highest standards of living in the world.

  10. One other point, I see that the chairperson of Hope not Hate has been accused of Islamophobia by the National Union of Students. Does anybody have chapter and verse? Seems like a case of being hoist by his own petard!!

    1. We can laugh all we want but he won't change his beliefs and see reality. I've given up trying to alert lefties.

  11. Can Sukant Chandan be done for anti-white racism, Robin? Oh, of course not, that does not exist as if it did it would be only the reaction to the "racism" of whites!

    1. In theory yes, but in practice no because our police forces have to ask for permission from the Muslim community to arrest any Muslim suspect. It is all here if you read

      Tony Shell has carried out much research into this matter

    2. That Sukant person clearly fails to see what is going on. These people need to look at who controls us, not blame us. I hadn't realised how easy it was to misdirect a non white. We really are superior to them and I say that without hesitation. We have to understand them but they don't have to understand our needs.

    3. Crispin Blunt of the Foreign Affairs Committee lashed out at Turkey's role in the Syrian Civil War. Philip Hammond replied that it was concerning that the Kurds were forming an alliance with the Syrian Government and the Russians. This indicates that our government is now a Saudi pawn and is so errified of losing those weapons contracts that they are prepared to let another Turkish/Armenian genocide happen in the case of the Kurds. Even the Americans have praised the Kurds for fighting ISIL and condemned the Turks.
      I suspect that Hammond has been promised a seat on the board of BEA systems when he stands down from parliament. I think Blunt was astounded. And the same probably goes for the treatment of Muslims here. This government is probably happy for the Saudis to create a Sunni salafist majority here as long as we keep selling them weapons to use in the Yemen or pass to ISIS, al Nusra and Al Qaeda in Syria.
      Even Kerry has praised the Russian role in the cease fire, unless he was being duplicitous again. But Western Media are doubting it will hold thus opening the door to those who don't want it to do so. And if there are elections on 13th April and Assad wins then will 450,000 lives have been lost for nothing, as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Still think of a local girl soldier who was killed in Afghan and her father said she died for nothing. These psychotics of the New World Order count human life as nothing. In fact, they are as inhuman as the fanatics of ISIL.

      I was thinking again about my friend Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Hitler seems to have stopped the plan temporarily by adopting the same plan but in reverse. Whereas Coudenhove-Kalergi saw the Jews as the master race who would bring world peace once the white race has been bred out, Hitler saw Europeans as the master race over a world of Untermenschen. The difference is that we are the future Untermenschen. And then I thought how many hundreds of millions of European and other lives this Plan has already cost the world and wonder how many more are due to follow.

      As for non-Europeans, I am wondering if they are suddenly going to twig that they have been used to bring the plan about and that they are as much the victims of these idealistic or megalomaniacal but utterly misguided elites as Europeans are. Perhaps this is the answer, to get the message out to all races as to what the intended outcome is.

      Finally, a member of the Vlaams Belang the "right wing" Flemish party, was speaking about the rape by a 16-year-old refugee of an asylum centre worker weeks after he had been on a respect women course. The Vlaams Belang spokesman, Philip Claeys, said that Belgium cannot take any more and we need to make it safe for these people to stay in their homelands. This is what Powell said 60 years ago. But that did not fit in with the Plan. As Peter Sutherland of the UN said, we need more mass immigration to destroy the homogeneous nations of Europe. He almost quoted the wording of the Plan as set out by dear old Dickie.

  12. China is dumping US Treasuries along with Russia, Italy and some other countries. This risks bringing about total economic collapse in the US. China has held this trump card for years but has now decided that enough is enough. If this happens then there will be chaos across the Atlantic. But I wonder if they will try to delay it for as long as they can and until Trump or Sanders is elected before plunging America into upheaval and bloodshed and imposing martial law and then blaming one of those two of course.

    Interesting comment about the police and Muslims, Francis. This is no doubt because of their perceived islamophobia and their view that they are being treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany.
    I read about the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan on a site called Western Spring which I got by googling the surname. Somebody has now referred me to Wikipedia about said gent. Much to my surprise Wikipedia quotes him in full about interbreeding whites out of existence and letting Zionists ruled the world. Of course, it may have been his plan but our noble leaders would never let it happen would they? It always amuses me when preachers pray for our leaders to be given wisdom. They are mostly stupid that is true but wisdom would not stopping them from being corrupt. Richard Sakwa talking about the West and Russia said that the problem now is that our leaders are stupid and ill-educated - he di not say downright corrupt - and unable to view the world from Russia's perspective or know anything of their history.

    On that point, Ian Hislop and Paul Murton had the measure of Boris Johnson when they dismissed him on Have I Got News for You as a total buffoon. It is frightening that so many want him as prime minister. It has been openly said that this is his aim by backing a Brexit. But to hedge his bets the intellectually deprived Boris has now said he is only doing this to get the EU to reform. If we come out he will say that he was for a Brexit all along and can he please be pm and if we stay in he will only say that he backed a Brexit so that he would have more leverage forcing the EU to reform - and can he now be pm? The EU is an empire, the first stage in the One World Empire and nothing will change. The only hope is that other countries will demand favours and the whole thing will collapse after we leave. A stupid Tory councillor on RT said that in 1975 we voted to join EFTA. No, clown, we were already in EFTA and voted to join the EEC which we thought was going to stay like EFTA but Heath already knew it was all to do with One World Government by the elites. We want to be back in EFTA with our fellow bolshy northerners, the Norwegians and the Icelanders. And if TTIP goes through and we stay in and then there is union with the US they will have won. They are now saying that if TTIP goes through then Corbyn will never be able to remove private companies from the NHS as they will sue the government so we are stuck with creeping privatisation.

    1. Thanks anan

      Tony Shell exposed the Police and CPS collusion with the Pakistani Muslim community and it was disproportionate influence that caused Rotherham, Rochdale and other grooming atrocities. Muslim impunity is the core problem. I realise that attacking the Muslim community itself is counter productive. Pres Putin knows this and that is he gets things done. The BNP and others fall into the trap and get arrested physically attacked etc. We need to focus on the combined forces of Jihad and cultural Marxism. Attacking jihad does not anger the Muslims anywhere near as much as attacking their religion.

      I have now looked at the Equality Act Section 10 and realised that wr can actually deny jihadists,communists,anglophobes and others access to protection under this act. I just don't know why solicitors firms like Martin Day fail to act on behalf of the Rotherham victims.

      The other day I called a leftist a jihadist....... Their brain short circuited in a quick temper then the person unexpected calmed down and told me it pains me to say this but you are right about Islam. Thank you for helping me come to my senses. I have been deceived for years. BTW I didn't even mention Islam but there it is calling a leftist a jihadist is the ultimate insult to them. This double negative created a positive. We are now seeing the Remain lies being spread ... Nissan will leave the UK etc

  13. Francis. It is time to come back as these people as you have. I have a very logical brain which causes me a lot of trouble in coping with the Plan.
    But it occurred to me that Coudenhove-Kalergi was the real Hitler with his Marxist/Facist plan of making Zionists the master race and Hitler himself only responded to him fighting fire with fire. He speaks of his Jewish replacement aristocracy being born of the French Revolution and these people started out then with creating "democracies" so they could become the new aristocratic elite. They were undoubtedly behind the Russian Revolution as Putin and Solshenitsyn have said but that was what Hitler said as well. This Zionist aristocracy are the real Nazis as they want the genocide of all races bar theirs so that they can rule over an inferior mixed race world. Time to accuse them of that but the best of luck as they will counter with anti-Semitism. I see that Israel via their Tory friends have managed to get pro-Palestinian posters taken down in tube stations; so who is running this country?

    Meanwhile, my great hero, Viktor Orban, the only man left in Europe is at it again. He has called a referendum over EU refugee quotas and the probability is that he will win so that Hungary can decide for itself how many to take. He said that he did not want to see Hungary fragment ethnically, culturally and on religious grounds.
    If only the peoples of Western Europe had been offered such referenda post War then they would not now be on their way to ethnic, cultural and religious extinction.

    As for the referendum here I am now beginning to think it will be a close run thing. The sheeple have been lured into a non-democratic, totalitarian, oligarchic empire but this does not seem to worry many of them; or it is all too hard for them to get their little brains around. I despair!!

    1. I try not to fall into the anti semitism trap so instead I call them Marxist jihadist which is really what they are. I would say that at least five million English have been genocides by abortion alone since 1968.

      I do agree with you on all other points. We are going to have to sue our way out of this one.

    2. Thanks anon. Yes Coudenhove-Kalergi was a supremacist much worse than Hitler. Communism is also suprrmacist as it denies basic rights to white Europeans. The current Islamic Hijrah into Europe has been financed by atheist George Soros the biggest supremacist ever and traitor to his own.

      Google Equal Opportunities For Slow Learners written by me. I have exposed the weakness in the equality scam and how to get round it. The duplicity is its weakness.

    3. Many people on the left and the right know that George Soros was behind the "refugee" crisis. And George has said that Russia is the biggest threat to us all. That's no surprise. The Protocols has been dismissed as a forgery by the Tsarist police. But was it or did they just stumble on it? In St Matthew's Gospel it is written that before the second coming people will not know what is truth and what isn't. That is the problem. If this is the truth then it is countered by reverse propaganda until nobody knows who is telling the truth. The reason I said that Orban and probably Putin are the only men left is that all our Western politicians seem to be weak little weasels presumably in the pay of the new aristocracy. By the way, I prefer the term Marxist to Communist. Communism is just a form of Marxism first tried out by these people but failed. Marxism confuses people as they cannot understand that Marxism can share a bed with extreme capitalism. Marxism provides the framework for extreme capitalism to flourish by such things as no borders, anti-racism and political correctness thus destroying racial and national cohesion which make it more difficult for extreme globalised capital to operate.

    4. To anon above I do agree with you about the left and right knowing Soros's support for the current Islamic Hijrah into Europe.

      I agree that there is a lot of confusion created and as you say it is deliberate. A formed member of our intelligence services once told me how intelligence worked. They do two things. Firstly they will give away the truth to their enemies using one spy and then a contradicting and false information for another spy to release. This means that we have take all pieces of information together and then determine the truth. Israel has now admitted that six million Jews were not murdered by the Nazis during WWII. Are they wrong footing us or misleading us again? We really don't know and don't care now as that war is long gone but what is annoying to me was the treatment of many so called holocaust deniers, David Irving being one of them. Why criminalise them for their opinions? I never listened to Irving until he was imprisoned in Austria. We are also beginning to hear that many pictures seen of concentration camps were in fact run by Soviets and not the Nazis.

      The Marxists are experts of misdirection and displacement of blame onto others.

      If I return back to David Irving's libel lawsuit against s certain jewess which he 'lost', an examination of the case suggests that he ran out of money to take the case further while the Jewess was funded by the publishers legal insurance. Mr Irving did in fact have expert evidence to back up his case so he had reasonable grounds to start libel proceefings. He has already gone through the correct preaction protocols and it must be noted that the Jewess did not provide any real evidence to substantiate a defence until the proceedings got to an advanced stage. The defence evidence appeared to be manufactured in answer to his evidence, this evidence was compiled by Cambridge University and all paid for by Penguin Books legal insurance. It that stage of the proceedings Mr Irving was now on the back foot. The defence filed an application to the Court requiring Mr Irving to do a payments into court order. The defence application argued that Mr Irving case had little merit and he should pay their costs if he wished to continue his action. The court accepted the defendants application and Mr Irving was ordered to pay their costs into court by a certain date. Unfortunately for Me Irving he did not have the funds to pay into court so his case was struck out. The defence filed the costs order and he ordered to pay £2 million costs to the defendants insurance. Shortly afterwards Mr Irving was declared bankrupt. His case never got to full trial, and he was defeated by procedural chicanery. Had the defence not succeeded in their application Mr Irving would have probably won.

      We have to learn that our opponents will use every trick possible to stop us. It is do frustrating.

      Jesus did in fact tell us that the jews were of Satan and not God Almighty. We can only fight battles that must be won. Getting out of the EU is not going to be easy, but even if Remain wins which the bookies favour will be a poison challice because the margin of victory will be small.