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Friday, 12 February 2016



We wrote recently to the "Gay" newspaper the Pink News to complain about them calling us "Far Right". This was their typically barbed reply:-

“The English Democrats have been classified as a far-right party in many places, and by a number of independent academic studies - including two cited on your own Wikipedia page. I would suggest you direct complaints on this front to Katherine Tonkiss, author of Migration and Identity in a Post-National World, and Daniele Caramani, author of The Europeanization of Politics, both of whom classified your party as such from an independent academic standpoint. We, of course, assume you are not trying to stifle free expression of academics.”

I therefore wrote to both academics and here is my email to Dr Tonkiss:-

Dear Dr Tonkiss,

It has recently been claimed to us by the "Pink News" that you have claimed that the English Democrats are "Far Right" in your book "Migration and Identity in a Post-National World". Is this correct?

If so why did you make such a claim?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Dr Tonkiss kindly replied:-

Dear Robin,

I can confirm that I do not refer to the English Democrats as ‘far right’ in my book.

I have noticed this morning that on the Wikipedia entry for the English Democrats, my book is listed as a source to support the classification of the party as ‘far right’. I cannot, as you know, control how my work is reported on Wikipedia, but I will be contacting the website today to request that the reference is removed given that this is not something that I state in my book.

With best wishes,

Dr. Katherine Tonkiss
Lecturer in Sociology and Policy
School of Languages and Social Sciences
Aston University

So there we have it! The smear against us is based on a lie.


  1. Brown news more like

  2. Far right is the term used to describe anybody or any organisation which wants to preserve or conserve rather than to change everything without the consent of those involved. This is particularly true of national identity. I recently quoted somebody, whose name now escapes me, who said that the peoples of Europe never chose to surrender their borders, their sovereignty and their national identities to the Marxist multicultural EU. This has been imposed on them by globalist or globalizing elites. I have recently referred to the Real Marigold Hotel and the fact that India has been able to opt out of globalism and retain its national identity in tact. But once a European or white country - and by that I also mean those of European settlement - attempts to do this then those proposing it are immediately described as far right or Neo-nazi. Although neither a fan of Portillo nor America, I have been watching his Great American Railroad Journeys. Yesterday he was in the country of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Although being somebody who prefers living in London, he was obviously attracted by going back in time to somewhere that was homogeneous and pastoral. He compared it to the globalized rat race. We are told that England embraced globalism or globalisation. Most of us never did, we were just forced to accept it by those who have profited from it. Why is it so wrong to impose a minority ideology of international socialists and international capitalists and just preserve the peaceful homogeneous nation that we had? Nobody every chose it in the 1950s and 1960s either here or elsewhere in Europe or in North America and would not choose it now. Mass immigration into both parts of the world were the work of arch capitalists for cheap labour and to force down wages and the naïve no borders Idealists of the Left.

    Donald Tusk has said that the refugee crisis might force the British to leave the EU. Firstly, perhaps he should look at his own country's response and their Russophobia which has fuelled the bloodshed in the Ukraine and in Syria. Had both Russia and the United States been able to sit down and discuss both crises then hundreds of thousands of lives. I can understand how the Poles may feel but wanting to boost NATO against Russia will only lead to further bloodshed. By the way, I remember somebody saying that a Pole had told him that the Poles would never allow what had happened to England to happen to Poland. Neither would the English had they been given the chance.

  3. Do you think you will get an apology from Pink News?

    1. Gay marriage is a difficult subject to have a view on. Obviously, it was wrong that Homosexuality was illegal until the 1960s - it still is in India!! - but many feel that civil partnerships would have given gays all that they needed. I think many are uncomfortable with having gay marriage paraded in front of them and would prefer it is those of such a persuasion just led quietly together as "good friends" the way they used to. Even though the marriage service says that marriage is between a man and a woman to produce children, I am not against gay marriage on religious grounds. I do not believe that Christ would condemn it as a sin, after all if God created us then he also created permutations. Where I do have a problem is with gay adoption as I believe that all children need a father and a mother, an even balance of ying and yang and that boys have a problem if they grow up without a positive male role model. Iben Thranholm referred to the feminisation of western men and their inability to cope with macho Muslims. One commentator has remarked that more and more men are growing beards in reaction to this and the metrosexualisation of men. It is a difficult one, how far towards the female a man can go before he becomes "female" and the same for women.

  4. A Trumpesque response would probably be: 'We may be far right but we're not far wrong'.

    1. As in Europe the middle of the road consensus has been eroded by mass immigration and the machinations of the bankers and big business. I find myself wanting a combination of Trump and Sanders as the next president of the US. This is not unusual for the "far right" and is the sort of combination that Marine Le Pen would agree to. That would give us the old consensus politics that was the norm in Europe in the 1950s and 1960s and in the US. There was full employment here in those decades before globalisation became the creed. I am with Trump for closing the borders and with Sanders for tackling the bankers and big corporations who have opened up the borders in the name of globalisation aided by the no borders idiots of the Left. I see that our junior doctors are now heading for Oz for fewer hours and more money. Doubtless they will be replaced here by Indians. Watching the Real Marigold Hotel we learn how low Indian wages are and £22,000 a year that the doctors earn may seem little but will be a fortune to them. Race replacement will continue apace. I just wonder how many of Asian "heritage" the Aussies will allow in, especially if their origin is from Pakistan or other Muslim countries.

  5. Further to Donald Tusk's as opposed to Trump's (easy to get the names confused ) comments on a Brexit, it now transpires that Eastern European countries, probably led by Poland, have been in the forefront of opposition to Cameron's proposed reforms of the EU. This is because his citizens do not want to do the low paid jobs on offer in their own country but stream in here to earn more even if they are forcing down our wages at the same time. If we do leave the EU then presumably the 1m Poles working here should return home along with all the others of thousands who have been brought here by big business as cheap labour. But can you see that happening?

  6. "I am with Trump for closing the borders and with Sanders for tackling the bankers and big corporations.."

    Spot on - in a parallel universe Trump and Sanders would form a joint ticket to tackle the real enemies of the American people: the media, the multiculturalists, the banksters and the military-industrial complex. People are now tiring of the manicured, centrist, corporatist fare on offer from traditional politicians.