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Tuesday, 2 June 2015



In the General Election, as I told Russia Today in this interview click here >>>, I think UKIP missed their historic opportunity.

UKIP's leadership should have known, from the work of Professors Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford, in their book “Revolt on the Right”, that UKIP’s best opportunity was to move into being English Nationalists.

I had always thought that, as a result of my discussions with Nigel Farage and other leaders within UKIP, that in fact UKIP would never go for this, as their leadership are too much focussed on being an old fashioned British nationalist party.

I have of course been saying this to anyone that would listen within the system, including some influential people within the Conservative Party. I don’t think that it is any coincidence that the Conservatives had spotted that UKIP’s leaders unwillingness to commit to English nationalism was a potentially serious weakness in UKIP’s position.

In the run up to the General Election the Conservatives had begun to make noises that would please less critical English nationalists, such as commitment to English votes for English laws and Cameron’s comments immediately after the Scottish referendum, they had not gone as far as agreeing to have an England specific manifesto, despite the obvious need for such a specific manifesto in a partially devolved “United” Kingdom. What however did happen was they waited to see what UKIP would do.

In the event UKIP opened themselves up to being triangulated (in the Blairite language i.e. outmanoeuvred) on the English nationalist flank by the mistakes of launching a British manifesto with very few mentions of England in it and then they compounded this mistake by launching a Scotland specific manifesto and a Welsh specific manifesto and a Northern Irish specific manifesto, but none specifically for England.

Once UKIP had done this the Conservatives came out with their specifically English manifesto. Although this was a fairly thin piece of work and its detail would not satisfy committed English nationalists, it wasn’t aimed at us, it was aimed at ordinary English people who are feeling increasingly left out of the devolutionist way in which the United Kingdom is going.

Anecdotally I can say from talking to quite a lot of people it worked brilliantly. One of the best examples being a sub-post master living locally where I live in Essex, who told me that although he and his family were long term trade unionists and Labour voters, even he in the end couldn’t bring himself to vote for Labour and for the first time ever he voted Conservative in order to keep the SNP from having a decisive say over England and being able to get Scotland even more favourable treatment than it has already!

As English nationalists we must of course hope that the habit of voting along national lines will grow!

I do think Scotland’s history suggests it will. After all it was Labour that was riding the Scottish nationalist lion in the 1980s as a way of undermining the Conservatives there. Once people got into the habit of voting along national lines they were far more open to voting for a specifically Scottish nationalist party!


  1. Ukip are latter day 'Empire Loyalists'; they are not even British nationalists, unless you accept the 19th century definition of 'Britain' to mean the British Empire.
    Ukip could easily rename itself and replace the English Democrats, but an independent sovereign England is an anathema as far as Ukip is concerned and flies in the face of everything Ukip stands for.

  2. "As English nationalists we must of course hope that the habit of voting along national lines will grow! "

    You have to do more than hope; you have to have a winning strategy and make it happen

  3. The problem is that England has been so overwhelmed and fragmented by mass immigration from the third world that it no longer has the cohesion of Scotland which is still a relatively homogeneous nation.
    It is almost too late for England and this is why the establishment does not recognise England. England in their eyes is international and a sort of nowhere land and they seem quite happy for England to go. The only hope is the Rising of the North, a sort of second Pilgrimage of Grace in the hope that it is more successful this time. The north and the East and the South West must rise before it is too late and England, as Putin has said, has committed cultural and racial suicide. I was glad to hear that he had said that Russia will never share in the West's multicultural stupidity, neither will Eastern Europe. I have been waiting for him to say this as America and Western Europe crumble into the dust thanks to Marxist insanity and weakness whilst Eurasia rises. We would have stood firm Vladimir but we were felled as Rod Liddle has said by the terrifying shout of that Marxist invention "RACISM".

    1. It must not be too late for England. As you say, the only hope now is the 'Rising of the North' spreading from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, a mass political movement of English nationalists in the North of England and the East Midlands against the policies of the London-centric political elite.

  4. Yes! English nationalism has to be a movement.

  5. Robin says it was a missed opportunity for UKIP not to move into being English nationalists. But UKIP don't appear to want to be English nationalists and there are millions who still wish to vote for a British nationalist party. It seems such people are only interested in Britain or they do not want to distinguish between England and Britain. So I think it would not have been in UKIP's, or its voters interests to come out as specifically English nationalist party. It would probably have put some of its 'British interest' voters off voting for UKIP. As we know a party focussed specifically on English interests can sadly still be seen as xenophobic and reactionary by people who have had a lifetime of anti English bias thrown at them by the media. So If UKIP are not interested in being English nationalists it would surely have been a mistake for them to become an English nationalist party. 3.9 million people voted for UKIP in the General Election which surely was a resounding and overwhelming success for them. The reason UKIP only returned one MP was not through a lack of support or lack of an English manifesto but as a result of the rediculous first past the post electoral system. You say that the Consevative's English manifesto was not aimed at the committed English nationalist but it was "aimed at ordinary English people who are feeling increasingly left out of the devolutionist way in which the United Kingdom is going." Hello!! it is precicely those ordinary English people who the English Democrats should be creating strategies to attract. One wonders who is triangulating the English Democrats or whether they are triangulating themselves.
    As for Matthew Goodwin his book may be of interest but that man has made it his life's work to denigrate the Indiginous peoples of the British Isles and I can't understand why this blog gives him the time of day. Goodwin has seemingly denied that the indigenous English exist. He has seemingly denied that the indigenous English should have a right or wish to preserve its culture and heritage and he has seemingly denied that the indigenous English should be able to propagate ideas aimed at their own self interest. This of course not to say that the English Democrats are in any way solely concerned with the rights of the Indigenous English. The English Democrats are of course interested in the rights of all English people but believe the indigenous English have rights also.

    1. Yes, why does this blog give Matthew Goodwin any room on here? The man is an utterly vile PC leftist who clearly has no time for indigenous Britons. He is no doubt connected to Brit-hating Labour front groups like Hope Not Hate.

      Yes, UKIP achieved a lot of votes but they have only on MP solely due to Britain's disgracefully undemocratic First Past The Post electoral system. Unless this is changed, I can't see any party other than Labour or Tory getting anywhere near to power. I would advise all English Democrats to join groups like the Electoral Reform Society: and unlock democracy:

      I would especially ask you to join the Electoral Reform Society as it is unfortunately dominated by PC lefties and this is the reason they favour the Single Transferable Vote method of PR which would help centrist and left-wing parties most and still help to 'shut-out' 'Right-wing' and 'nationalist' parties like yours from gaining seats. We need to join them and try and get them to change their policy to supporting the much more proportional Additional Member System (AMS) version of PR like Germany has:

    2. I agree with your comments about Matthew Goodwin.
      Re; electoral reform, if the AMS version of PR would be more beneficial to 'identitarian' / 'nationalist' / 'radical right' parties then I agree that English Democrats etc should encourage the Electoral Reform Society to favour that method.
      It seems interesting that the Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens favours the current first past the post system because in his opinion a government can be kicked out at any opportunity. But then he admits that he hasn't voted for years? But just how bad does this country have to get before people vote for change?
      Robin's example of a lifetime Labour voter who changed to vote Conservative in the last election specifically for the purposes of keeping out the SNP, highlights the problem with first past the post system to a tee. First past the post influences voter behaviour and sustains the two party, Conservative/Labour hierarchy which at the moment at least seems impenetrable.

  6. "Lynton Crosby, Cameron's election guru, revealed his shock at an election campaign, which he said was dominated by “stunts”*.
    He also predicted that Ukip will “decline” and “drift away” in the wake of the in-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union."

    * Who gives a flying f--k about Monmouth and Berwick on Tweed or St George and his effing dragon. We care about the flag and England and immigration. It's time you lot got real and addressed normal people's concerns like jobs and getting a doctor's appointment.

    1. I agree. The best way to beat UKIP for ANY 'nationalist' party (whether that be English nationalist like the EDs or British ones like the BNP or British Democrats) is to focus on the 'bread and butter' issues like the health service, the economy ect. This is not just proper politics but essential when dealing with a party like UKIP who are really just anti-EU Thatcherite Tories on steroids and therefore have some very damaging economic policies.

    2. Ukip is a globalist party following in Thatcher's footsteps , although it might prefer to export English jobs to India rather than to China.

  7. UKIP missed their historic opportunity!?
    Only the opportunity to turn themselves as a party into a political oxymoron, with the emphasis on moron for having taken the advice of two Information Operations Academics both practitioners in the art of creating ' Cognitive Dissonance in any and all political entities on the right!
    The English Democrats need to get up to speed fast on the Dominant State Instrument for determining the Publics behaviour!
    If UKIP had accepted the premise suggested by these two Fabian Socialists the would be faced with having to change the name (Acronym) from UKIP to EIP ie;-'The English Independence Party' qualified by the sub title ' Independance from BOTH the UK/GB and EU!

    Unlike the comment from John who suggests ED not give Goodwin the time of day, I take the opposite view. I would argue the case for ED taking these treacherous extreme left destroyers of legitimate Nationalism head on with our own counter Information/Education Strategy?
    Here is some basic info on Doctor Matthew Goodwin.
    On his Nottingham University page he offers a curriculum vitae which includes working for the Institute for Community Cohesion, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission,the Fabian Society and THE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANISATION in GB namely Hope not Hate! I know this from being on the receiving end of their vicious anti ALL Nationalisms! Dr Goodwin, on his facebook page,once described his politics in the following way " Left,way way left.No more left!"
    Finally know this! The Modus Operandi of these facist Guild Socialists and their Marxist and other GB-EU-US State partners,Corporations included is- ABSOLUTE-and- ALL ENCOMPASSING EXTREME PREJUDICE regarding every Indigenous Ethnic group that belong to these Islands,not least the English!!

    1. Surely, not all its members share Ukip's globalist vision. There must be nationalists among them who belong in an English nationalist party like the English Democrats.

    2. Spot on about Goodwin and Ford anonymous. You said it better than I did.
      I don't get the idea that UKIP's decision not to become 'English Nationalist' was a mistake. It seems obvious to me that UKIP did not have an English manifesto for tactical purposes. UKIP don't particularly want its English voters to distinguish between England and Britain and the first past the post electoral system being what it is they didn't want to become a
      niche party with less chance of getting MP's elected. Surely electoral reform should be the niche-English Democrats main focus for them to have a chance of success.

  8. Here is something of what you are up against. Caleb Maupin on RT said that the G7 leaders gathered in Bavaria were merely actors, puppets whose strings were pulled by a small group of bankers in New York and London. Now, despite apparent unwillingness by Merkel and Hollande, they are being pointed by said bankers in the direction of Russia. Once they push through TTIP they will have total non-democratic control of nearly all Europe and North America. Russia and China are their last hurdles against total world financial domination. Just as Cameron will have all the cash and resources for an EU referendum so they can buy governments. The only hope is a revolt spreading rom Greece. Indigenous Europeans of all nations have been earmarked for the metaphorical gas chamber. Max Keiser last night said the September the 11th attack was the work of Saudi Arabia and the bankers. He left out the Israel connection but I was told that Israeli office workers were told to stay at home that day. Both SA and Israel seem to want to destroy the rest of the Arab World through the War on Terror.

    And of those bankers, one of their chief envoys seems to be the odious Tony Blair, uniformly detested in his Sedgefield constituency. He is an "advisor" to Goldman Sachs and in his eight years in the Middle East seems to have been working for Israel in backing wars Mossad probably fomented to bring down every strong Arab leader.

    But now he has a new job. I have long felt that if there is to be one then he would be my choice for the Anti-Christ and the Tories thought that way, too, as when young and handsome he wept for the "people's princess". He probably now has his sights on nationalist "far right" parties like this one in his new role where he is to counter "extremism", holocaust deniers and hate speech. This puts him in a cleft stick as many, perhaps the majority of Muslims, deny the holocaust; don't attack them with a "hate speech" Tony. So do half the new Ukrainian government. And then there is Pegida. I wait to see you speak to them in Dresden. Following your form in the Middle East you will probably not even dare go anywhere dangerous. And then there is Mark Duggan and the police attack on black gun crime now itself under attack: everything that Enoch warned us about. There was a good film on the other night about the 1948 Olympics and our rowing team. Nothing should have changed from that day forward. I have also read that in 1914 trade was flying around the world without an EU which, like centralised ancient China seems to have brought Europe to a standstill. Europe's strength lay in separate nation states in competition. This is how she advanced, provided war could be avoided. But then there is a question mark over the First World and thus the Second World Wars. Just a way of reducing the European population is one suggestion I have heard.