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Friday, 19 June 2015

The English answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru?

I was recently asked to do a short article on the English Democrats. Here it is:-

The English Democrats were launched in August 2002 in response to Scottish and Welsh national devolution. The English Democrats are the only campaigning English Nationalist Party and we view ourselves very much as the English answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru.

As a political party the English Democrats campaign for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England; and we supported a YES vote for Scottish Independence.

The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include:- in the 2004 EU election we had 130,056 votes; winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in 2009 and also the 2012 mayoralty referendum; in the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000; we won the 2012 referendum which gave Salford City an Elected Mayor; in 2012 we also saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; and in the 2014 EU election we had 126,024 votes for a total campaign spend of about £40,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK!). In the 2015 General Election we had the 8th largest contingent of candidates in England.

The English Democrats are part of a developing “English Movement”. At the social level this Movement was illustrated when the People in England were asked in the 2011 Census whether they thought themselves to be English or British or English and British. Over 32 million, 64% said they were “English Only”; outside London that was generally over 70%!

From an organisational point of view the English Movement includes not only the English Democrats, but also the Campaign for an English Parliament. The CEP is a non-party partisan lobby group, campaigning to get an English Parliament; the Workers of England Union which is a union focussing entirely on workers in England, which given the special rules that apply in England, but not in Scotland and Wales, is increasingly needed. There is also the English Lobby which aims to help people with anti-English discrimination court cases.

I think what is happening is that people in England used to think that the British Establishment authorities would properly look after them, but our people are now starting to realise that that is not going to happen. So people who care about the English Cause and about English interests do need to get involved in campaigning for them.

The results of the 2015 General Election mean that all the Nation’s of the United Kingdom are different electorally and have different parties representing them. 

Although the Conservatives made some noises during the election about interest in the English Question, it is unlikely that they will be anything like as interested in acting on those noises now that they are in power. The English Democrats will of course be campaigning to try to get them to fulfil their promises, but what England really needs is a voice for England, which is at least as strong as the Scottish National Party is now for Scotland. Then and only then will English national interests be properly looked after.


  1. "As a political party the English Democrats campaign for a referendum for Independence for England; [for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem - not important for most people]; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of [England] St George (the Red Cross flag was the flag of England before St George put in an appearance in this country) to be flown on all public buildings in England; and we supported a YES vote for Scottish Independence."

    Compare and contrast:

    "The aim of the Danish People's Party is to assert Denmark's independence, to guarantee the freedom of the Danish people in their own country.

    We are bound by our Danish cultural heritage and our responsibility towards each other as people. For this reason, we wish to strength our country's internal and external security.

    We want a country of free Danish citizens empowered to fend for themselves and decide their own fate. However, the state is also bound to render support to those Danes who are in need, and bring them security and peace of mind.

    The monarchy must be preserved.

    The Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church is the church of the Danish people.

    The Danish People's Party wants the Government to support the National Church. This does not prejudice ordinary religious freedom, of which we are supporters – and protectors.

    Danish independence and freedom are the primary objectives of Danish foreign policy.

    We will not allow Denmark to surrender its sovereignty.

    As a consequence, the Danish People's Party opposes the European Union.

    As an independent and free nation, Denmark should be member of NATO, to which our country should make the necessary contributions. Thus we will work towards a credible and effective national defence with an army, a navy, an air force and a home guard.

    The country is founded on the Danish cultural heritage and therefore, Danish language and culture must be preserved and strengthened.

    The language and culture is crucial to the country's survival as a free and enlightened society. .

    Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been. Thus we will not accept transformation to a multi-ethnic society.

    Denmark belongs to the Danes and its citizens must be able to live in a secure community founded on the rule of law, which develops along the lines of Danish culture.

    Help should be available through an efficient social and healthcare system to all who are in need of it.

    Nursing and care of the elderly and the disabled is a public responsibility. We must ensure that these segments of the public enjoy a dignified and secure life on equal terms throughout the country.

    Health care and the public hospital service must be of the highest standard and should, in principle, be publicly financed through taxation. Preventive healthcare should have a high priority.

    The family is the heart of Danish society.

    The Danish People's Party gives an extremely high priority to teaching, education and research."

    1. From the Danish People's Party's statement of aims:
      "The [Danish] language and culture is crucial to the country's [Denmark's] survival as a free and enlightened society."

      We English must reject the Norman, and restore the ENGLISH language (purged of French and Latin words) and our ENGLISH saint, St Edmund. .

    2. "Although the Conservatives made some noises during the election about interest in the English Question, it is unlikely that they will be anything like as interested in acting on those noises now that they are in power."
      The Tories are just paying lip-service. They are the party of the British establishment and unionist to the core. They cannot allow England to assert itself without it leading to the break-up of the UK.

    3. "The country [Denmark] is founded on the Danish cultural heritage and therefore, Danish language and culture must be preserved and strengthened.

      The language and culture is crucial to the country's survival as a free and enlightened society."

      "Roger Scruton's 'Elegy for England' describes the legacy of Anglo-Saxon England, a structured society in which all helped one another; permeated by clubs and societies like mediaeval guilds. Feudalism is Germanic in origin from a tribal society where the people did duty to the chief and he protected them in turn. We did our duty to God and the King and they protected us."
      The English are Anglo-Saxons. We need to be kept reminded of that and restore our language and culture as Anglo-Saxon.

    4. Despite all that they keep telling us, England neither is an immigrant country. Before 1948 it had the second most stable population in the world and few immigrants bar some Flemings, Germans and the Huguenots and latterly East European Jews since 1066 as Migration Watch keeps pointing out.

      Daniel Defoe coined the expression the mongrel race but we are no more mongrel than the French, the Spanish ( with their high degree of Arab blood from Moorish days), the Austrians with Celtic, Germanic, Hungarian and Slavic blood; the Belgians with Celtic, Germanic, French and Spanish blood and even the Germans. All Germans do not look alike and they are not all blond and blue eyed, less so than the Danes so that Hitler had to use them to make his propaganda films. The assertion of our Marxist leaders, especially in the Labour Party, that we are nation of immigrants like America or differ from other European countries in that regard is a falsehood. We were the second most stable population because we were on an island unlike our continental cousins as recent dna tests have shown. These were carried out because they knew we were about to disappear as a race.

  2. The only problem is that the SNP and Plaid Cymru say they believe in civic rather than ethnic nationalism. As the Danes are probably finding out, it is easy to absorb other Europeans and maintain a traditional identity viz Gustav Holst here but when you have people who are non-Europeans in very large numbers this becomes very difficult. I am sure that the Scots and Welsh will discover this as they become less and less homogeneous. As Enoch Powell said, people of other races will always be foreigners to a greater or lesser extent, especially if they retain their own cultures and - to Europe - alien religions. Christianity has been the glue holding European societies together even if it is the agnostic variety.
    As Scruton pointed out also, the Anglo-Saxons were rural folk and the English are tied to the soil to where they have retreated. Once that is breached then there will be mayhem.

    Returning to Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, he seems to think that only whites are capable of racism, like Lee Jasper. How can he be sure that blacks and Asians will not be racist to the remaining English or more importantly that blacks and Asians will not be racist to one another - they have a track record of being so. The point is that multi-ethnic pluralism does not work and fractures homogeneity rendering countries weak and to collapse. We are reaching a climax in the history of friction between black and white in America as the browning of America gathers pace. Events in Missouri and the shooting in South Carolina are pointers to the way ahead as Enoch warned us.

    On another tack, the friendship between Russia and Greece is no surprise. There is a history of Eastern Orthodoxy joining forces to fight a common enemy. In the past it was the Ottoman Empire now it is the some say RC EU. Merkel's CDU is basically Catholic, even though she is the daughter of a pastor I believe and the EU is run not from Catholic Rome or Brussels but Frederick the Great's Prussian Protestant Berlin.

    Finally, what was the odious Tony Blair doing at the economic forum in St Petersburg looking more and more like a frightened rabbit ( bad conscience?)? He must be there for Goldman Sachs, especially to keep an eye on the Greeks.

    1. The English Democrats, as I understand it, also describe themselves as civic nationalists. In that the English Democrats do not believe that cultural traits are determined by race itself, as do ethnic nationalists.

      It is not the race itself which determines cultural traits and characteristics, i.e. it is not biology which determines ones culture. It is merely that cultural traits are learned. And to a lesser or greater extent, ones culture, characteristics and identity can be, and are, determined by how strong those learned cultural traits and characteristics are important to a particular race of people.

    2. Culture may be acquired and the question of certain innate qualities in those whose roots like in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the southern is still open to debate. It does seem, however, that the ability to survive and thrive in the northern hemisphere is much easier for Europeans than for those who have settled in European majority countries.
      Why is Africa still the way it is and less successful than it was in the old European colonial days? It is not all down to exploitation by the North. There must be another explanation.
      Europeans have managed to turn Australia on a par with Europe but Africans have not done the same for Africa but seem to feel the need to live on the fringes of European society. The same goes for East Asians. There must be a deeper reason, although I could be wrong.

    3. I just get the impression that you sometimes post as if you are writing on behalf of the English Democrats and that they would automatically share your opinion. The English Democrats are a party open to a broad spectrum of ideas. However, regarding the civic v ethnic nationalism argument, I believe the English Democrats firmly describe themselves as civic nationalists. When you appear to suggest that civic nationalism is a problem and appear to imply that the English Democrats are ethnic nationalists then what you appear to imply should be brought into question.

      You proffer the suggestion that ones race could have some bearing on ones chances of success. However as civic nationalists the English Democrats would surely be oposed to the idea that race was a factor or determinant to outcomes of success.

      In any case, it would be political suicide for the English Democrats to ascribe to ethnic nationalism and party's which have done so such as the BNP have failed because like it or not the English are not accepting of it.

    4. As regards the ethnic English, personally I think they have a right to recognition and representation to the level that other ethnic groups are afforded. I also believe that the ethnic English have a right to remain a majority in their own country, their own spiritual homelands. The term 'ethnic nationalism' generally seems to be accepting of the idea that one race can be superior to another. I do not agree with that and therefore I am not an 'ethnic nationalist' and nor are the English Democrats.

      As for the English, as you say, they do seem completely delusional as to the change which continues unabated in this country due to the high levels of immigration. They voted for the mess which the country now finds itself in and no doubt they will continue to do so. Anyway keep up the good work Anonymous. Your recognisable posts are intelligent, prolific in number and are a breath of fresh air to the mind numbing guff which the mainstream media propagates.

    5. The BNP is a British racialist party not an English ethnic party.
      If the English Democrats do subscribe to civic "nationalism", why are they described as a far right party by Wikipedia? "Far right" is usually a pejorative substitute for "ethnic".
      The Danish People's Party, Jobbik in Hungary, the Front National in France, the Swedish Democrats, and the True Finns' Party are all ethnic nationalist parties and they seem to be doing just fine in their respective countries.

    6. I believe the Front National now ascribe to civic nationalism under Marine Le Pen, hence their recent level of electoral success.

  3. In the war between Red Ukip (representing the North) and Blue Ukip (representing the South), one of the senior UKIP figures who was forced to resign after in-fighting in the party following the general election has returned to his job as party secretary.

    Matt Richardson (in the Blue corner) has been reinstated to the role after UKIP's national executive committee approved it.

    The move is likely to be greeted with criticism from Red Ukip who attacked him and a circle of advisers around Nigel Farage.

    Mr Richardson was one of two key advisers who left in May.

    Nigel Farage has since replaced a prominent Red Ukip figure from the election campaign, Suzanne Evans, as UKIP policy chief. The former MP Mark Reckless is now in that role.

    In reaction to Red Ukip, Ukip council stalwarts across Southern England have been resigning in droves.

    Farage in moving back towards Blue Ukip would appear to be responding to that haemorrhage of support, and the failure of the party to win seats.

  4. Why on earth should a party attempting to represent the people and interests of one nation with a population of 53 million (and rising) and an economy to match, be compared to a party attempting to represent another nation with a population of 5.6 million etc? Is it yet another attempt to divert attention from English Democrats policies and England's interests?

    1. You are right that the EDs do seem to have an obsession with Scotland. The Danish People's Party does seem to have its priorities right.

    2. Perhaps it is because our Danish cousins have the same interest as we remaining English have, the survival of an indigenous population, culture and religion. I don't quite understand why size matters at all; it is the principle, which is to put a stop to genocide by the oligarchic maniacs bent on ruling the world. I am sure that the Danish population is rocketing through immigration as well.

      On that tack, we learn that Potty Poroshenko in the Ukraine has invited Mad Mitch John McCain - a totally psychopathic lunatic - and that b......... Blair to join his government along with Sakashvilli of Georgia as "advisors". Blair is also unbalanced; people have mention extreme narcissism in the psychological sense or schizophrenia. Personally, I think that this is good news as I suggest that Poroshenko sends them to the Dombass to negotiate with the separatists where hopefully they will come back in body bags after being felled by a sniper's bullet. Meanwhile as the normal people of the world - bar Blair - gathered at the economic forum in St Petersburg, the madmen in NATO are mounting a blockade around Russia's borders as Russia brings forward nuclear missiles to defend herself.
      If only the world could overthrow these hegemonic loonies the ordinary people could work together in a spirit of trade and peaceful co-operation. But - Kerry apart - the neocons in Washington and London - don't seem to want a peaceful solution to the crisis. I noticed a placard at the anti-austerity rally in London read "Westmonster Bankers sponsored by Rothschilds". I have known people who have insisted that the whole blessed one world Marxist multicultural nightmare is sponsored by Rothschilds and their investment arm Goldman Sachs. The only difference between the left and the "far right" is that of mass immigration and border control. Otherwise both seem to have found out what is really going on.

      Meanwhile, now that the old Duke of Marlborough is dead, those handling affairs for the wastrel Jamie Blandford, his son, seem to want to build houses all over Blenheim lands. The news this morning is that Woodstock is to double in size. Churchill buried at Bladon would be incandescent but then he, who wanted to preserve England's traditional identity against mass non-white immigration would not be able to believe what has happened to the country of his birth. Of course wherever there is protest against such mass housebuilding nobody dares mention the obvious that is mass immigration for fear of arrest and imprisonment on the grounds of "racism"!!

    3. Why is the SNP's Scottish nationalism okay, but the English Democrats' English nationalism is "far right"?
      (See the Wikipedia entry for the English Democrats)

    4. You could be right that the most important consideration "we remaining English have is the survival of our indigenous population, culture and religion. I don't quite understand why size matters at all; it is the principle, which is to put a stop to genocide."
      We perhaps will have to consider a managed retreat from un-England, principally from Londonistan, with population exchanges between England and un-England, as happened between Greece and Turkey in the 1920s.

    5. I've edited the Wikipedia entry for the English Democrats to replace references to "Far-Right" with "Nationalist". (That's until some miscreant edits it back again!)


    The Lib Dems are engulfed by scandal. The Police have been notified that former Lib Dem minister Norman Lamb's team 'breached the data protection rules' in leadership contest.

    Ukip has a 'gaping hole' in its finances after 'losing control' during the election campaign. Ukip is in serious financial difficulties. It has a £500,000 funding gap. If it fails to find the cash by July 6, it could be fined £20,000.

    1. I've seen plenty of criticism of Ukip in these blogs, but none of the Lib Dems. I wonder why.

    2. That might be because the Lib Dems are at least honest enough to admit they are INTERNATIONALISTS and don't try and con people into believing they stand-up for Britain and the British people like the TORY FRAUDSTERS of UKIP do. WHEN, are the politically naive and plain stupid in this country going to realise that if TORY GLOBALIST UKIP is NO answer to Britain's multiple problems, ESPECIALLY the immigration one which FAR MORE IMPORTANT than UKIP's pet obession of the EU? Let's face facts here, UKIP only despise the EU because they are Tory economic globalist at heart and therefore hate the EU and want to get out of it because the EU enforces certain workers' rights on this country which the Tories and UKIP want to get rid of in order to make some more money.Money is the Tory Party's god and it is the same with UKIP!

  6. So! The English Democrats send out an invite for people who love England to join and help.I am sure the various African nationalities currently on their way to England from nothern/Norman France will eventually take your invite up?
    Let's look at the stark irrefutable TRUTH regarding "England" and "Englishness" and being and becoming English i.e--ENGLISH IDENTITY.
    As a result of my many encounters with a broad spectrum of the English community. I have reached the disturbing conclusion that England is'nt loved 'enough' by the supposed actual/factual English (you know who you are)but rather instead loved more by the millions of immigrants already here who will eventually replace the English proper in 50/80 years time, a demographic fact!
    From the hundreds of interviews I have seen on TV coming out of Nornan/Calais( OH! THE IRONY!) which shows the new determined Kamikaze migrants intimidating and thumping English lorry drivers (also others) to get to their much loved England.So much so may I add they are willing to risk their lives in the the process. In stark contrast as England is at a point of no return the question is begged as to how many English men/women are willing to risk their lives to keep them out? We all know the answer don't we? NONE!!
    Having scrutinised recent articles and comments on this site.I have come to the shocking conclusion that the ENGLISH JUST DON'T GET IT!! Having an exstensive list, I will at this time will restrict myself to 3/4 examples of the Indigenous English not 'getting it'!
    1)The English by in large are in denial to the obvious fact that they lack both the courage and fortitude to demonstrate how serious they are and the extent they may be willing go, to protect what was once a sovereign sanctuary,a fully legitimate homeland-England.
    2)The English are in denial to the fact that they know exactly who the as yet unchallenged persons are, who have carefully planned and carried out thus far, with much success,their total downfall as a people! Why is it that the huge lethal Elephants in the English room have not been fully exposed and taken on? WHY?
    3)The English don't get the fact that the migrants in Calais love England more than the" English!" Why do I suggest this as a truism at the very least? Simple,because the Calais based migrants have displayed an understanding of what England is, that when examined is vastly superior to the English who have taken the hard won gift of a very special homeland, TOO MUCH FOR GRANTED! Catastrophically so!
    Compared to the migrants,the English carry on living England in their heads, in contrast the now landless migrants want only one thing,England under there feet!
    Like one commentator responding to the article 'English Democrats and Veritas to merge' said and I qoute "The most potent symbol of nationhood is language" unqoute,followed with a hard sell on the book-Hastings 1066 and so on- -!
    NO!! NO!! Language is most definitly not the most potent symbol(just ask the kurds) of nationhood.What! Do you think the migrants in Calais are risking their lives to get into England to get a copy of this potent book? NO! They just want ONE THING and ONLY ONE THING to get their feet across the channel onto 'ENGLISH TERRITORY! ' ENGLAND per se! What comes first and foremost is living an England that is by necessity under their feet, then and only then living England in their heads If only the English had this same indispensable territorial inperitive,we may not be in this irreversible hell we are heading towards.
    Fools and "their" (money) country are soon parted. Bye, bye physical England!! I wonder where I left that book?
    Essex boy-William Kearney-Author of Project 1c 'Why the British Realm Loves Foreigners over and and Above the Indigenous English(also Irish, Scotch, Welsh,Cornish and Manx for that matter)

    1. "One commentator responding to the article 'English Democrats and Veritas to merge' said and I quote "The most potent symbol of nationhood is language" unquote, followed with a hard sell on the book-Hastings 1066 and so on- -!
      NO!! NO!! Language is most definitely not the most potent symbol (just ask the Kurds) of nationhood."

      Language IS the most potent SYMBOL of nationality. If it wasn't for the Kurdish language, the Kurds would be Arabs.

    2. The immigrants don't LOVE England. They LOVE their own countries, but life there is not as good as it is here. They are desperate to live here for economic reasons, and because they are escaping life threatening or unbearable conditions in their own countries. They want a better life and they are convinced that they can find it in England. They are desperate people chasing a dream. Part of that dream is the Global un-English language. Global un-English is part of the reason why they want to come here rather than France or Germany.

    3. "1)The English by and large are in denial to the obvious fact that they lack both the courage and fortitude to demonstrate how serious they are and the extent they may be willing go, to protect what was once a sovereign sanctuary, a fully legitimate homeland-England."

      The English had the "courage and fortitude" in WW2. So what is the difference between now and 75 years ago?
      It is the lack of leadership.
      In 1940, the English had leaders determined to stop the takeover of England by foreigners. Today we have leaders who are conspiring to destroy the English nation. It was Churchill's appeal to nationalism which defeated the Germans in the early 1940s.

    4. The English are like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. They can see the future but don't know where to go or what to do and can't understand why this is being done to them by their own government and who is behind it so they keep their heads down. The tension is now palpable both in Europe and North America and the fuse is lit as the NSA and GCHQ know. Eventually our own police may be told to turn on us.

    5. The present Marxist totalitarian multicultural oligarchy has been described as fascist. Those who oppose it are like the resistant fighters in occupied Europe watched by GCHQ/the NSA. Only the very brave, as then, dare fight. The rest get on with their lives hoping for the best and dare not rock any boats. We may well be liberated finally not from the west but from the east as Russia and Eastern Europe are opposed to the Wall Street bankers behind it.

    6. I'd say England has been usurped, but it was usurped almost a thousand years ago. It was always going to come to what we see around us today. All I see is foreigners, at work, MSM, etc, talking across me, about my country. The English, as a conquered people, are now surplus to requirements. Colonialism is dead; globalism is the new Zeitgeist for our sociopathic elite class. Globalism provides them with new opportunities to maintain their hegemonic positions. It always amazes me how much trust and faith the English put into the British establishment - they are not our friends; they could not care less about us, as has been shown recently with the Rotherham... abomination. The English have to find a backbone from somewhere and make some big decisions regarding their future. I fear we have been defeated once again, though, because all I see around me is weak sycophancy - it's no wonder we receive no respect; nobody respects weakness.

    7. Roger Scruton has given the reason for our lack of fight. In 1968 when Enoch spoke he had the whole country behind him so they removed him and legislated us into a fearful silence. Scruton describes it as a guilt-ridden silence. This is what they have done to Europeans to win. Those who did not have empires are accused of anti-Semitism. No matter that other races have been as bad, even the Jews with the Arabs. Other races will not be browbeaten. Unless we say the past is the past and refuse to take any more Europeans will all their gifts will be gone and their genocide complete.

  7. Despite Obama's order for it to be torn down, the confederate flag is, as far as I know, still flying above the state legislature building in Charleston, South Carolina. There is a move for the flag now to be banned now and Obama is calling again for weapons to be taken off people. America seems to be approaching another civil war as the "cosmopolitan" cities of the East and West Coasts come up against the Deep South and Mid-west which are still largely European in complexion. This is the sort of apartheid that the above blogger says will be the lot of England in decades to come. I heard Brian Becker on Russia Today. I normally have time for him as he is opposed to American -or banker - world hegemony. But the other day he spoke of the rising tide of racism in the US and in Europe. He seems quite bright but like most on the Left hasn't quite grasped that this is what happens when you squeeze the majority into a minority within a few decades. They begin to fight a rearguard action. Neither the Americans nor Europeans ever chose mass non-white immigration. It was partly the work of the left for reasons of flawed ideology and partly the work of big business for cheap labour and to force down wages - as the chairman of the CBI has just said is a good thing for the economy!! ( and the money grubbers). By big business we really mean big banks as, as Paul Craig Roberts has said with regard to the US, they are at the top of the tree, big business below them and the working and middle classes are coalescing as the new poor, trampled underfoot by the bankers and big corporations.

    Reading further Roger Scruton's elegy for England, he has been talking about the City of London where once a man's word was his bond and there was regulation and probity ( Robin would know more ). That disappeared under Thatcher and Blair when Nick Leeson brought down Baring's Bank and all honesty vanished. Scruton said that at the same time the solid classical buildings like Lloyd's were torn down to be replaced by glass, concrete and steel as the City became indistinguishable from New York, Shanghaii or Frakfurt, just another international centre for corrupt mega money making. Scruton also says that England is now ruled by elites, mostly based abroad. We all know this. We, the English, have lost total control of our own country and the so-called democracy we have is just a charade. Westminster is just a bear pit and a talking shop as none of our mp's really control England's fate any more.

    Finally a prayer for the people of Greece as they raid the banks for their cash to stuff under the matrass knowing that total financial collapse is just around the corner. I saw a banner in the anti-austerity demo in Athens reading oxi ston euro, no to the euro. Time to bite on the bullet and sending the bankers packing. It can't be any worse than what they have got already.

    1. If the Bank of England was doing its job, we wouldn't need "bankers".
      Money should be a means of exchange; not something to gamble with.
      In 1987, the Tories took the brakes off casino/turbo banking leading to the 2008 global economic crisis. Osborne intends to "free" the bankers after a period of constraint. Here we go again.

  8. 'From the Danish People's Party's statement of aims:
    "The [Danish] language and culture is crucial to the country's [Denmark's] survival as a free and enlightened society."

    We English must reject the Norman, and restore the ENGLISH language (purged of French and Latin words) and our ENGLISH saint, St Edmund'

    DAVID DOYLE wrote in his letter in the Daily Mail of June 25:

    "THE reason why the UK is a universally popular destination for migrants, and why our relationship with EU countries is unique, is because English [un-English] has for various reasons, become the second language for many other nations.
    Language imbalance means that the population of 27 EU countries [and the world] have large number of people (particularly younger ones) able to seek work here because they know some English [un-English].
    Many of them also welcome the opportunity to improve their English [un-English] as this is recognised as a most useful accomplishment.
    It seems clear that if everyone wants to come to Britain because they gain not just a job but fluency in a universal language, then our shores won't be able to contain them."

    1. The Greeks have intimated as to who is behind their EU oppressors - the bankers. A gent talking of the EU referendum said they people will vote to stay in or big business will pull out.
      This is exactly what they said in 1975, you will all lose your jobs.
      But Austria is building a wall along its borders against the immigrants and we have a wall at Calais and Cameron is talking of closing off the Channel Tunnel. UKIP is urging Greece to leave the EU. They must and it and the oligarchs' one world empire will be brought down.

    2. Put New-English in the stead of un-English. New-English brings back words which English has lost since 1066, see David Cowley's book - "How We'd Talk, if the English had won in 1066", and his "Hastings 1066, Words We'd Wield if We'd Won".
      The webstow ,"Anglish", has many words set over into New-English

  9. As my latest comments have not yet made it to the blog, I can't remember if I spoke of Roger Scruton's description of England as being now Nowhere. This is something I have said myself with relation to the South East of England. And the people living here are fast becoming nobodies with no tie to the land beneath their feet, the history and the culture going back some 11,000 years. Scruton is keen to point out that the English were bound to their countryside more than to their cities with a love full of longing and melancholy. The Anglo-Saxons were a rural people. This is no different from other ethnic nations but perhaps more so as being on an island we seemed to cling to the land for fear of somehow falling off it into the sea. We are now being reduced to just members of a population which is being increasingly urbanised and lost among seas of people from all over the world. We now have the highest house rents in Europe and so the House Building Federation is calling for thousands more homes to be built to ease the housing shortage. There will soon be little of that soil left and that is perhaps the plan. When England, especially the South East, looks like Greater Tokyo or Singapore or Hong Kong with millions upon millions crammed into a tiny space then they will have extinguished that blood and soil bond and they know that we will then be finished.

    But there is hope, the people of Greece are to be given the chance to vote against the latest bail-out package from the EU in a referendum.
    They will doubtless reject it. Eventually, it will dawn on the Greeks that their great hope will be to reject the one world multicultural banker ruled totalitarian state and re-establish the democracy that they gave to Europe and ultimately to the world.

    As for recent events with regard to Islamic terrorism, France is on a high state of alert not only against further attacks but also in case of retaliation. There have been threats of attacks today for Armed Forces Day here. Of course, the likes of Cameron, Obama and Szarkozy knew exactly what would happen if they removed Khaddafi and I secretly suspect that the CIA and our and the French's intelligence services are in Africa encouraging the migrants to come. The French have now admitted that they, along with the CIA and British intelligence, were behind the creation of ISIS to bring down Assad. Europe is crumbling before our very eyes. As for England, we had our chance in 1968 but once Powell was removed the English sank down into a "guilt-ridden silence" and the fear of 14 years in jail for racially aggravated crimes.
    I have no doubt that in three years' time on the 50th anniversary of Powell's removal the Marxist establishment will go into overdrive denigrating his memory. As Kitty Little, who was on the tail of Common Purpose, told me the Marxists and those behind them studied the fall of Rome with a view to emulating it in Europe and beyond. Whether this is true of European Christendom, the result seems to be the same.

    1. The smuggling of illegal immigrants into the UK is being organised and run from the UK by British criminal gangs employing British smugglers using family cars. Many of the smugglers are serving time in French jails.

    2. What do you mean by British? I would be surprised if they are indigenous people; but who knows these days.

  10. Robin,
    Having scrutinised your article, I consider it reasonable and moderate and as such, worthy of respecful acknowledgement by a paranoid and increasingly hostile establishment.
    Every component part of your article is worthy of attention, however, one paragraph stands out as exceptional and pivotal to empowering the English Democrats going forward. The paragraphic in question contains the English Democrats anxieties about the British establishment's authorities and their total lack of real genuine concern for the English, their cause and interests.
    I consider the content of that particular paragraph timely, if not overdue. As such, I consider the declaration therein as a potential positive turning point for the ED movement. No more expecting, or better depending on the powers that be, rather instead, from this point on a chance to mobilise and organise to empower ourselves with a sense of urgency.
    Having read all of the comments to your interesting recent articles, I have recognised one common theme arising. Namely, the increasing sense of disillusionment from this US/EU/UN governed government in London. A 'British' government, themselves governed by a shadowy elite have clearly shown themselves in a very public fashion, to be shamelessly prejudiced and hostile to all things indigenous within these islands (particularly but not specifically, the English in this instance).
    Previous (certainly, since 1948), governed 'British' governments as a product of the Milner/Rothschild/Rockeffeller/FABIAN conspiracy (for a basic intro, Google "free britain now" and see article, THE FABIAN SOCIETY; The Masters of Subversion Unmasked) have been, as a consequence, all too keen to implement and apply through prejudicial legislation, primarily, US sourced Fabian/Marxist based actionable terms of reference regarding all matters relevant to race, place and ethnicity within these islands.
    This blatant pro-immigrant, anti-indigenous legislation is periodically updated and made more Draconian relative to the ever-increasing immigrant population. Chatham House and the Fabian associates (academics like Goodwin), are as major contributors to the manufacture of legislation highly detrimental to English interests.
    Unapologetic of my indigenous status, I consider US/EU/UN governed 'government' as an extremely dangerous liability and threat to my existence. It is time to organise/mobilise!
    William Kearney

    1. David Cameron speaking on the Today programme 29/06/15 said that he wants a multi-racial Britain.

    2. William, you will recall that I have already pointed out that Roger Scruton in 2000 already knew what was going on when he referred to our being governed by conspiratorial elites, most of them based abroad. As I understand it, Wall Street governs both Washington and the UN and the EU is largely their creation and they control Europe as well. As for Marxism and Fabianism and Common Purpose, we now hear that children in nursery schools have to be observed for signs of homophobia. This follows on the ruling on gay marriage in America which strikes me as wholly undemocratic. How can judges who are appointed by the ruling administration on a political basis overturn the votes of the various democratically elected state legislatures against gay marriage? The Americans seem to want to force their version of democracy on the world at the point of a gun but don't have a democracy themselves anymore.
      As has been pointed out, the constitution of the founding fathers is now blatantly ignored by those same financial political elites.
      However, I hear that their national guard and armed forces are now being mobilised to cope with the anticipated "conservative" i.e. anti-Marxist backlash.

  11. Eritrean Jonah was not fingerprinted or registered on landing in Italy. From Ventimiglia across the border to Menton; from Menton to Nice; by high-speed train to Paris; train to Calais.
    He doesn't want to stay in France or Italy because of the difficulty of speaking French or Italian compared to English (un-English).
    English (un-English) is a draw factor for illegal immigration into the UK.

  12. What has happened in Tunisia is the result of the bankers' policies.
    Cameron has the victims' blood on his hands. William above has identified those behind it all and the Ukraine who will soon need a Goldman Sachs bail-out and become the Greece of Eastern Europe. The aim is to get the arabs to fight to the death and to use them to bring down Europe as well as the aim is European genocide through mass third world immigration. Greece gave Europe democracy and civilisation and hopefully will soon give it back to us. Soon there will be bloodshed all over Europe as the worm turns.

  13. William. I have now read the article on the Fabians in Free Britain Now.
    This underlines what most of us already know but it is not confined to the Labour Party as Mr Cameron's comments above show. All three main parties are Marxist one worlders. And we long suspected that Islamisation is a deliberate policy as well. The showdown will come when there are no more parts of the country that are "sickeningly white". At least the Fabians realise that the natives are opposed to what is, as has been pointed out, pure genocide.